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News Comments > New America's Army
5. Re: I would buy this game.... Sep 14, 2006, 17:00 Teddy
At $0.02 per person per year, yes.

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News Comments > Sunday Mobilization
2. Re: Rainbow Six Vegas Sep 11, 2006, 20:41 Teddy
Did they have a choice? There is absolutely zero precident for banning a location from any form of artistic endeavor, be it game, film or text. Arguing it in court, especially in the united states where freedom of expression is supposedly paramount, would be a costly and pointless venture. Add to that, the fact that it would have to be payed for by the people's taxes and I bet they'd get pretty pissy over having their money used by their own government to argue against the constitution.

The Mayor is a half-retarded fucknut anyways who just thought he saw some of that sweet political goodness that comes from bashing video games out of one side of his mouth and ignoring his own hypocrisy in supporting violent films, tv shows and books out of the other side of his mouth.

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News Comments > America's Army SitReps
2. Re: No subject Sep 11, 2006, 17:13 Teddy
I haven't been excited about an AA release in quite some time. This one certainly has me on the edge of my seat.

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News Comments > Green Monster Looms
15. Re: No subject Sep 6, 2006, 22:01 Teddy
Salvatore is a 'decent' writer yes, but I wouldn't call him a great one. He writes good stuff for children, but there's not a whole lot of depth to any of it.

Good fantasy writers are people like R.R. Martin and Terry Goodkind (in my personal opinion, of course).

Besides, didn't Salvatore already write for a game? Demon Stone, or somesuch? That didn't turn out all that fantastic. It seemed like pretty generic fantasy fare with not a whole lot to it. Perhaps though with one game under his belt, he'll have learned how to better relate a story within a game for the next one.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: Aug 31, 2006, 20:31 Teddy
Er... did those "performance figures" report a negative ping on games? Way to lend credibility to their product. Yeesh.

So... I send a packet to a WoW server and get it back 33.5 seconds before I sent it? They should market this thing as a time machine.

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News Comments > Call of Juarez MP Demo
14. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2006, 20:35 Teddy
Loading times ARE rediculous, especially for how small the levels are.

As for the servers... I can see them and got into a few. Had a couple that just sat "authorizing", but it seems to work. Has to be some port/firewall issue for those that aren't seeing any.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: BFG Aug 29, 2006, 15:51 Teddy
Where did the bio shit come from?

The DOOM movie. They were too afraid of the ratings people to give the weapon it's real name so they came up with "Bio Force Gun" as a replacement.

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News Comments > Dark Messiah Beta Tomorrow
16. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2006, 11:08 Teddy
And again... that site reports 5,000 spots while the announcement reports 100,000.

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News Comments > Dark Messiah Beta Tomorrow
13. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2006, 10:39 Teddy
If you’re one of the first 5,000 eligible Total Access members to sign up, you’ll get full access to the beta version of the game absolutely free.

Note that in that same site, Gamespot says they have 5,000 keys to give to subscribers, whilst the beta announcement states 100,000 spots are available.

Gamespot just secured a small amount of keys to hand out to their members. It's not a gamespot exclusive beta.

This comment was edited on Aug 29, 10:40.
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News Comments > UT2007 Demo Plans
12. Re: wtf Aug 29, 2006, 10:30 Teddy
Who cares about how many maps they are going to ship ...

After buying GRAW that had a total of 5 (yes, five) multiplayer maps... I care.

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News Comments > On Armed Assault's Delay
7. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2006, 00:07 Teddy
I do not support games from communist countries. Sorry, but unlike most people here I stand by my beliefs.

Glad to hear you stand by your beliefs. The next step is to actually do some fucking research and ensure that your beliefs are based upon fact.

BIS is based in the Czech Republic. According to the CIA, the Czech Republic is a Parliamentary Democracy.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
5. Re: Hey, Jack Thompson... Aug 18, 2006, 22:47 Teddy
I think he should be killed by a disturbed GTA fan. It'd be a nice bit of irony, plus he could die happy as a martyr...

That's not irony.

Irony would be Jack Thompson being carjacked, beaten and shot by someone that has never played a video game in their life the day after he'd finally won his crusade and gotten the world to acknowledge that video games are evil and had them abolished.

This comment was edited on Aug 18, 22:49.
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News Comments > F.E.A.R. Combat Released
39. Re: torrent location Aug 17, 2006, 20:26 Teddy
Wonder if the FEAR SDK will be able to alter anything in FEAR Combat....

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News Comments > Gold - Joint Task Force
6. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2006, 21:53 Teddy
No, gold announcements do not mean within two weeks. It means the gold master has been created, sent to the producers and shipped to the printing companies. How much time it takes after that to get to stores is largely the result of how organized the producer is and how much money they're willing to spend.

Typically it means a month or less. Titles that are expected to be top sellers are generally pushed through in two weeks or so, though.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Guitar Tabs Aug 15, 2006, 13:22 Teddy
This is most certainly a tragic thing for young and learning musicians. As the article says, while I can understand the frustration the situation may cause for sheet music companies, how do you regulate, much less enforce things like this?

I went to college for Jazz Performance years ago and they actually gave classes on how to lift music from recordings. Were they then infringing on someone's rights? Was I when I lifted the music and shared it with a friend?

Sheet music companies focus only on the most popular titles and ensure that everything is 100% correct. Lifted music is not always correct, though it's usually very similar. They should keep their sights on the market they -do- have instead of the one they think they -should- have. These companies ARE NOT going bankrupt, despite the pleas and complaints by the music industry.

The problem is, they have no way to regulate or control ANY of this other than to hit large public websites. All that means is that the stuff will go underground where it will proliferate just as easily. I'm sure in the next six months you'll be able to look forward to torrent releases of tab and lyric archives.

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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - DarkStar One
4. Re: No subject Aug 14, 2006, 16:03 Teddy
WTF is right, but rather the question is WTF are you talking about? The game HAS joystick support. What are you babbling about?

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News Comments > New WoW: Burning Crusade Details
14. Re: No subject Aug 12, 2006, 20:14 Teddy
From what I've heard, the addon allows you to set the difficulty of an instance for your group (assuming you're the leader). The higher a difficulty you set, the better the loot, the lower you set, the worse the loot.

Taking that into consideration, you SHOULD be able to set up an existing dungeon on a high difficulty level and run through a real challenge with your small group. If there's anything about the expansion that I'm looking forward to it's that concept.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
4. Re: Hmmmm Aug 9, 2006, 15:02 Teddy

Likeness has nothing to do with the issue at hand. At current, all Major League sports have signed exclusivity agreements with EA Sports for ALL aspects, not just likenesses of players.

At current, no game company other than EA is permitted to use player or team names or stats, which as far as I'm concerned are FAR more important than whether or not the character on screen looks exactly like the player or not.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Hmmmm Aug 9, 2006, 11:10 Teddy
I wonder what effect this MLB ruling is going to have on the EA sports monopoly on the use of official player names/stats.

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News Comments > Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Demo
78. Re: Words Aug 8, 2006, 22:58 Teddy
The only reason to prevent 2K users from installing games is if your publisher is being "influenced" by Microsoft.

Not necessarily the ONLY reason. One of the standard things done to get around securom protection on games when using cloned images is to have xp emulate win2k. There's more to it than that of course, but I needn't go into detail about the rest.

There's an argument to be made that it's potentially a move to make piracy more difficult. It's not a very good argument, but they've used that argument to create even greater inconveniences in the name of anti-piracy in the past.

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