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News Comments > Dragon Age II Beta Patch
13. Re: Dragon Age II Beta Patch Mar 13, 2011, 19:03 Teddy
space captain wrote on Mar 13, 2011, 18:44:
Teddy wrote on Mar 13, 2011, 18:25:
Pure idiocy.

yep this summarizes your entire perspective


When you have something to actually add to the conversation, feel free to try again. Insults from people whose opinion I care nothing for mean less than nothing. If you can rub your brain cells together for a proper argument, then I'm all ears.
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News Comments > Dragon Age II Beta Patch
9. Re: Dragon Age II Beta Patch Mar 13, 2011, 18:25 Teddy
It's also well known in the industry that gamers behave like children who will post metacritic reviews having never played the game. Better still are the idiots who post reviews that they LOVE the game top to bottom and give it a 1 because they can't figure out the website.

Regardless of what the whiners say, the game is good. It's not as good as the original in my opinion, but that doesn't automatically make it a 2/10 game. That's the true idiocy of gamers today, if it doesn't live up to what THEY expected from the game, all of a sudden it's the worst game of all time. If they'd had no expectation and it was a new IP that they tried, they'd give it a 7 or 8 instead.

Pure idiocy. A game sequel isn't scored according to how much you liked the original more, or what you were expecting from it. It's scored based on what it is. That's what gamers never seem to grasp about reviews and that's why official review scores typically vary so much from anonymous gamer review scores, particularly when involving a sequel.
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News Comments > Official EA Dragon Age 2 Follow-ups
9. Re: Official EA Dragon Age 2 Follow-ups Mar 13, 2011, 18:12 Teddy
D4rkKnight wrote on Mar 13, 2011, 17:16:
Gamers are losing control of the products they purchase, this was not about a bug, its about the company stance. EA and Bioware defended this position, to them this is entirely expected and normal. Arguing with them is not going to change that, hurting their reputation and damaging their sales will.

I don't dispute any of that, nor is your comment even related to my post aside from your claim to know factually that this was not a bug.

My point is very simple. The same people who decry EA for their poor testing are the same people who refuse to believe it could possibly be a bug. They're not interested in what actually happened, one way or the other. All these people are interested in is demonizing the company and they'll choose whatever argument makes EA look worse regardless of whether or not it's entirely contradictory to previous arguments they've made against the same company.

That slashdot post that someone posted is an interesting tidbit that I'd not seen before, which may make the claim more believable, but again it's still largely speculation and assumption backed up by a questionable statement made two and a half years ago. I'm quite certain that more than one person has been banned from EA forums in the last couple years and this is the first I've heard of anyone actually being unable to access a game as a result. Looking past the venom of the gamers, that sounds like an isolated incident to me, and thus more likely a bug than some villanous intent that they only decided to try and secretly enforce now.
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News Comments > Official EA Dragon Age 2 Follow-ups
5. Re: Official EA Dragon Age 2 Follow-ups Mar 13, 2011, 17:04 Teddy
Irony is such an interesting thing.

If there are bugs in an EA released game, gamers will say "Of course there's bugs, EA can't release a game without bugs. They don't quality test worth a damn!"

Yet when EA says their website software had a bug in it, all of a sudden to these same gamers, it's inconcievable that EA's programmers could have made a mistake, or that the positively thorough testing that EA puts their software through didn't catch it.

Yes, it must be EA lying to hide their nefarious plots and couldn't possibly be related to ineptitude or lack of Design or QA attention.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
8. Re: Game Reviews Mar 9, 2011, 15:38 Teddy
LittleMe wrote on Mar 9, 2011, 14:49:
I'm thinking it's the economy and people now are doing things they wouldn't normally do to survive. I can't completely blame PC gamer for doing what they feel they have to do - sell out.

It's a decent game. There are some high production values and nice aspects to the game. Some will like it. Many will feel insulted and betrayed when comparing it to DA:O.

Funny, I'm thinking it has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with gamers today being whiny little brats who actively look for everything to complain about and take anything good about a game for granted.

People also have this strange rosy view of what DA:O was too, behaving as though it were perfection. It wasn't. I laughed my ass off when I saw people complaining about the 'narrow corridor maps that funnel you in a single direction'. DA:O did that ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Nothing has changed in that respect.

The graphics are nicer this time around (played with the Hi-res pack, haven't tried without). The gameplay is smooth and assuming you're not playing on the easier difficulty levels, it's every bit as "tactical" as DA:O was. The gameplay in combat is almost identical, save for the fact that they reduced the cooldowns on abilities and somehow that's an insult beyond all bearing to people.

The camera is certainly not ideal, but that's hardly a deal breaker for me. It does a passable job, but nothing more. The story, voice acting and openness of quest system (allowing you to choose what order you do quests in, and whether or not you choose to do or even to accept non-storyline quests) are just as involved and high quality, though I wish the world were as expansive as in DA:O. There's plenty of little locations that quests take you in, but thus far, it's all within a very small portion of the world. More variety in terrain would be nice, but without the larger world of Ferelden, I doubt I'll see much else.

The skills system took a hit in depth, particularly the crafting where you now just show up at a vendor with the pieces and have things crafted rather than train people to do it. That's the only part that I find myself thinking has been very negatively "streamlined". Taking skills out of the players hands and making it something you can use regardless of who you have in your party makes it far less important who you bring so long as you've got a healer and a tank, and that's never a good thing.

Regardless, the game is very well done and deserving of the scores it's getting. I'd give it around an 80% myself. If you feel "insulted and betrayed" by a good game simply because it's not a great game, then you have some serious mental issues that you should have looked into.

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News Comments > On PC Bulletstorm
60. Re: On PC Bulletstorm Feb 24, 2011, 13:43 Teddy
Verno wrote on Feb 24, 2011, 13:17:
You're taking my comment out of context with a partial quote. I outgrew the gameplay style of Doom, it was in reference of not being able to jump. As in that style of FPS that restricts movement and freedom unnecessarily. It has nothing to do with the story or humor. It's an FPS game, I'm not expecting much in that department in the first place, it's not why you play them.

Quote sniping then calling someone else immature is not particularly mature behavior Cowboy

Have a nice day.

Your comments were not remotely taken out of context. You don't "outgrow" not being able to jump in a shooter. It's not a matter of maturity, age or any other context that you'd like to put it in. The quote was clipped to make the post smaller, thus easier to read.

The use of the term "outgrown" at all, carries not only the implication that you believe the game to be beneath you, but that it would appeal to younger people, be it age or maturity level. Attempting to disguise underhanded insults doesn't change the fact that they are insults. If you honestly didn't mean it that way, then you chose the wrong word. I didn't misinterpret it, nor did I misrepresent what you said in any way.

I happen to agree that the removal of the ability to jump was a bad choice and only detracts from my enjoyment of the game.

For the record, the story itself isn't entirely bad, but the dialog and the voice acting are atrocious in my opinion (particularly Ishii). Doesn't change the fact that I find the game fun. It has a level of absurd epicness that's presented knowing full well that it's absurd. It's chaotic and it's fun for me. Simple as that.

I don't begrudge people for liking or disliking it, but I certainly do those that insult and judge others based on whether someone likes something that they don't.
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News Comments > On PC Bulletstorm
58. Re: On PC Bulletstorm Feb 24, 2011, 11:58 Teddy
Verno wrote on Feb 24, 2011, 10:25:
I outgrew Doom a long time ago.
"What else is new" is uncalled for.

But suggesting that people who like the game simply haven't grown up enough is called for?

Calling people immature because they enjoy something you don't, is not particularly mature behavior.

Have a nice day.
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News Comments > Blizzard "Struggling" With Marketplace
3. Re: Blizzard Feb 21, 2011, 23:29 Teddy
It's statements like this that keep me not only as a fan of Blizzard, but an admirer. There's a level of humility in that statement that just doesn't seem to be there in other companies, and they maintain that even knowing the behemoth they are in the gaming marketplace.  
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News Comments > Medal of Honor Sequel Announced
13. Re: Medal of Honor Sequel Announced Feb 20, 2011, 00:13 Teddy
While I expect the usual amount of venom from all the jaded blues posters, I really question some of the hate for this game.

The single player was pathetically short and yes, it suffered from being heavily scripted, but that said; it had a FAR better story than either BC2, or Black Ops. No absurd near mythical ultimate weapons existed, no "one man saves the world" BS. For the most part, it involved things that could actually happen (with a couple notable exceptions).

Sadly, they decided to go with the status quo and have regenerating health, magic ammo pools and hordes of enemies vs your small squad at pretty much all times.

As for the MP, man they screwed that one up and how. Releasing with 8 maps, 3 of which are only playable on 1 game mode, a handful of weapons, all of which handled like exact copies of the other team's counterpart. The levelling system was a decent idea, but poorly implemented with largely useless rewards that were all far too easy to get anyways. Then there's the "let's add weapons to the game that only people who bought it from specific retailers will be able to use". What idiot came up with that? Spending time creating and balancing weapons for the game that only a tiny fraction of the playerbase can use?

I have to admit, I enjoyed the lethality of the game in MP. There were so few situations where I was spotted without cover and survived that I can count them on one hand after months of play. I lost count of similar situations in my first sitting in Black Ops.

The final straw for me was selling a map pack 3 or 4 weeks from the release of the game when the principal complaint was that it didnt' have enough content to justify the price tag. Asking for more money from the gamers so early in the life of a game was beyond absurd, and scheduled a handful of days before the release of Black Ops in the desperate hopes of cashing in before they got completely obliterated in the marketplace. Something they clearly knew was coming.

That's not even taking into account the aboniation of a "skill matching" system that had no ability to scale for player-count and thus left people who had acquired a certain amount of skill completely unable to find a single MP match with anyone else in it...

Ranting aside, I hope they learn from their mistakes and make something better, but you can damn-well bet that I won't be spending a dime on it unless this thing gets 5 stars from every review and wins every freaking award known to man.
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News Comments > Japanese Homefront Censorship
2. Re: Japanese Homefront Censorship Feb 5, 2011, 19:42 Teddy
But... it's an invasion of the United States in the game, and now it's an invasion by "a certain country to the north".

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News Comments > Steam 2010 Revenue Nearly $1 Billion?
14. Re: Steam 2010 Revenue Nearly $1 Billion Feb 3, 2011, 11:09 Teddy
To be fair, 21 million bucks is ~ 420.000 copies sold at 50 bucks each. Those aren't the kind of numbers that are going to make anyone sit up and take notice.

Keep in mind, these are also sales THROUGH steam only. Brick and Mortar sales of games that use steam are not included.
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News Comments > On Sale
23. Re: On Sale Dec 25, 2010, 08:50 Teddy
PHJF wrote on Dec 24, 2010, 23:56:
Bought Bad Company 2 the other day. 9/10 games I join I get disconnected within 120 seconds.

Thanks, EA Games.

Pretty much guaranteed it's punkbuster acting up if you're getting DC'd shortly after joining a server. Go there, download pbsetup and run it to update PB out of the game and it should fix the problem.
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News Comments > On Sale
13. Re: On Sale Dec 24, 2010, 23:24 Teddy
LittleMe wrote on Dec 24, 2010, 17:33:
PHJF wrote on Dec 24, 2010, 15:14:
Is ARMA II, like, playable now?

Yes. I got the $12.50 bundle on amazon last night and played it for about four hours. Had a blast. Great game even though it's PvE against often brain dead bots.

I suggest you have a 1GB vid card. Well, on my 4870/512 the game performed badly no matter what I did but on my 5870 it's good. You'll need to download the patch for each game if you get it on amazon.

It's still debatable whether it's "playable" depending on your definition. It still has bugs, gamebreaking ones at that. I couldn't finish the basic training because I kept getting instructors stuck in a loop. Particularly, the shooting range, I didn't even get a chance to fire a round before he declared that I'd failed, then he'd ask if I wanted to try again, then he'd declare that I failed before I even responded. Over and over until I just quit the training and started a mission instead.

That said, the mission worked fine. The feel of the game is still sorely lacking and the 'training' I did manage to get working was a terrible experience that explained NOTHING. Why even bother having a tutorial if the player needs to keep looking up keyboard commands in a manual or in the configuration just to complete said tutorials?

BI certainly know the subject matter, and they know how to make a powerful sandbox engine, but they don't know squat about how to make a 'game'.

Eventually I may take the time to teach myself how to play this game, but right now there's so much else out there from companies that actually have their shit together that this can sit on the shelf and wait. Kind of disappointed I even spent $10 on it.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
2. Re: Steam Top 10 Dec 19, 2010, 14:38 Teddy
$65? Bad Company 2 is $20, and it's not even on sale.  
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News Comments > World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Stuff
39. Re: I made a poll about WoW. :P Dec 7, 2010, 08:37 Teddy
Blizzard online store wasn't up for Wrath if I remember right. I'd put money down that most people bought it over that rather than getting a boxed copy. Seeing as how it's an online only game, it seemed pointless to me to worry about having an actual disc.  
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News Comments > World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Stuff
35. Re: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Stuff Dec 6, 2010, 22:10 Teddy
If all the games are registered within your Bnet account, you can just download the client from battle net. There's a link to download it in your account page.

Granted, it's like 16GB or so nowadays, but that's all I did. No idea about installing from the purchased DVD though.
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News Comments > Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Bonus Map Plans
10. Re: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Bonus Map Plans Dec 3, 2010, 22:09 Teddy
Bard wrote on Dec 3, 2010, 10:46:
To a staggering 5!!!


Since when is 5 maps Staggering++ .

Maybe I'm just too old of a gamer, with money to spend on games and I expect better.

Not exactly staggering, but then consider this is an expansion for $15 and not a full priced game. Also have to contemplate the fact that Battlefield maps are large enough to incorporate the vehicles involved and as such each map is significantly larger than maps from most other shooters.

Considering people paid the same price for Modern Warfare's map packs that included 5 maps each a quarter of the size of a battlefield map. And Vietnam also offers 6 new vehicles and 15 new weapons, it's a safe bet to say it's far more deserving of the money than MW2's map packs were.

That may not make it worthwhile enough for you, but what expansions can you recall that offer more? Especially considering expansions used to generally cost $20-30 and this one is only $15.
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News Comments > Stuart Black's City Interactive Shooter
3. Reverence and Historical Accuracy Dec 1, 2010, 12:20 Teddy
I have to wonder what games he's speaking of when he suggests WW2 games have become bogged down in reverence and historical accuracy.

A "story-driven WWII shooter that will emphasize high adventure..." sounds exactly like every recent WW2 shooter to date, CoD 1&2, both story driven, cinematic titles with big explosions and tons of epicness for the sake of epicness. MoH series was much the same, albeit a bit more of a muted storyline, not at contingent on explosions and 'OMG you almost died!' moments like CoD.

What other WW2 games were released? BF1942? That certainly wasn't about historical accuracy. Mortyr? An alternate history based game. RtCW had freaking zombies in it. The original Wolfenstein had Hitler's head on a giant mechanized body for jebus' sake.

I can't actually think of ANY WW2 shooters that were about historical accuracy. The MoH series probably came the closest but it was a longshot from actually achieving it.

The only thing I can think of that HASN'T been done yet is to make a game that's set in WWII where the story isn't actually about the war or some specific set of engagements. Show me a GTA style free roam game set in WWII, or a heist game where I'm part of a group trying to steal something expensive from the Nazi's for my own profit rather than some secret allied mission to save the world. Show me ANYTHING but another WW2 shooter that's fixated on a single allied soldier in WW2 who somehow makes the difference between winning and losing the war.

Really, that's all this sounds like to me. Another arcade WW2 shoot-em up with lots of explosions and an (EPIC x infinity) storyline where you singlehandedly save the world.

Edit: Apologies, forgot about Red Orchestra (not sure how). That could certainly be categorized as a reverent and historically accurate portrayal (or attempt thereof) of WW2 in shooter format.
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News Comments > Elder Scrolls 5 Rumor
20. Re: Elder Scrolls 5 Rumor Nov 23, 2010, 13:27 Teddy
PHJF wrote on Nov 23, 2010, 13:21:
You're all missing the most important question of all...

How much armor will my horse come equipped with?

Clearly none, that costs extra.
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News Comments > World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Plans
2. Re: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Plans Nov 22, 2010, 23:22 Teddy
Outside of the 12 million active accounts?  
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