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News Comments > More BF2 1.2 Details
14. Re: No subject Jan 18, 2006, 22:07 Jow
What the fuck? Shoot the UAV's down? What the hell's the sense in that? That's unbelievable. If that ends up coming to pass, I've definitely played my last BF2.

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News Comments > Take Two Gets Irrational
14. Re: No subject Jan 9, 2006, 15:17 Jow
You think after the Tribes: V debacle Irrational would want to have ANYTHING to do with VU again?

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News Comments > Take Two Gets Irrational
12. Re: Hahah Jan 9, 2006, 15:15 Jow
subĚjecĚtivĚiĚty [s¨b jek tÝvv&#601;tee]
1. personal interpretation: interpretation based on personal opinions or feelings rather than on external facts or evidence

All this pissed-off vitriol over SUBJECTIVITY is pretty fuckin' ridiculous.

Personal opinion:

I thought Tribes Vengeance was actually quite the game. I never got the opportunity to play large-scale multiplayer, but horsing around with it with a friend online was pretty fun. I also enjoyed the hell out of the single player, playing all the way through. It wasn't the best thing since sliced bread, but it didn't deserve the fall it took.

The original Freedom Force is still in my top 3 of the most enjoyable games I've played in the last 5 years. Don't think I need to say much more there.

Purely subjective, I thought Irrational was one of the few consistently high-quality indie development houses remaining, and I'm disappointed they've been sold.

This comment was edited on Jan 9, 15:17.
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News Comments > BF2 Patch Plans
17. Oh hell yeah. Dec 13, 2005, 19:37 Jow
THIS looks like the patch I've been waiting for all along. The biggest joy will be seeing people who rely on the grenade launchers have to launch them from flat on the ground. WOOP.

Other stuff:

Support kit has GOT to have seen an accuracy increase, considering how bad it is now, even prone and firing in bursts (except for the PKM most of the time).

The medic gun (L8A51 or whatever) is actually pretty damn good in one capacity: medium to long-range single shot or 2-3 round burst fire. Utilized in such a fashion the thing is damn near sniper quality. Otherwise, I've had very little luck with it with automatic fire and/or close range.

I believe prone spamming is that business where you see people spazzing out in midair, going from the ground to midair and back again while prone in order to avoid being hit.

Interesting that they improved the G3 (assuming that's what they mean by this) as, aside of some difficulty with the small clip size, I've been really pleased with its performance. Wonder what they've done to it.

Been playing the game since launch and I have no idea what the M134 is. Anyone?

Only drawback to all this goodness is that this patch is probably gonna be out in April or so... 2007.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2/Special Forces Patch, Linux Server
9. Re: Oh no! Not again!!! Nov 22, 2005, 16:41 Jow
Had that same problem. If I engage "not full" and "occupied" at the same time, I get zero servers found. The only way I can get it to work without having to refresh 3000 servers every update is to choose "occupied" by itself as the vast majority of the servers out there are empty.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2/Special Forces Patch, Linux Server
3. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2005, 15:08 Jow
Do you really need to ask that, cia? My prediction: "hell no."

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BF2: Special Forces
19. Re: Don't waste your Money Nov 22, 2005, 11:46 Jow
See the little bit I edited at the end of my last post to respond to the server choice post you posted below. Also, I don't necessarily just wanna play city maps all the time - occasionally I do like to fly or feel like a change of pace from the city stuff (which can tend to be a bit spastic and random after a while).

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BF2: Special Forces
16. Re: Don't waste your Money Nov 22, 2005, 11:37 Jow
To the guy that mentioned EA servers, I don't play on them, ever. I usually try to choose one of the Comcast ones (really low ping) and if I can't find one of those, I search for a 32-player server that's got a decent ping and that's at least 3/4 full. For the last two weeks I've been playing I honestly can't remember one server where I didn't experience some kinda BS in one form or another. If it's not any of the stuff I mentioned in my last post, it's the teams being so lopsided in terms of skill that one side has all the cap points within 5 minutes of the round starting and the rest of the round is just a campfest extraordinaire.

And the experience you'er talking about CrimsonPaw is exactly why I get so utterly furious and frustrated with this game. Every so often I have an experience like you mentioned above, where the games are really competitive and well-fought, people actually try to help each other out, and people don't mind doing the less glamorous things to help out their squads (manning AA stations, etc). It's just enough to remind me how freaking cool this game CAN be, and then it's over and it's back to the usual BS.

Incidentally, Himmy, I'm not blaming the developers at all and hopefully what I just said above makes that clear. It's such a well put-together game with a ton of potential for tactics and teamwork, a potential that's rarely realized because of the mentality of the people playing it.

If you have servers that have consistently good administration, please share em, 'cus it's been a long time since I've found one. Hell, I was just on a server the other day where the owner/admin (PC_Judge or something like that, keep an eye out for him) was pulling stupid shit like standing in front of the US Jet on Kubra while it was taking off and then punishing for the resultant tk's because he wanted the jet.

Sorry about the length.
This comment was edited on Nov 22, 11:43.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BF2: Special Forces
11. Re: Don't waste your Money Nov 22, 2005, 11:06 Jow
Speaking of that bunnyhopping thing, it seems like it's more prevalent now than it ever was, in any Battlefield game. Seems like almost every firefight I get into the guy I'm going up against is jumping up and down or doing some crazy contortionist shit just to avoid getting hit. Pisses me off.

I had to talk myself into buying BF2 after shitty teamplay experiences with the older games, telling myself it'd be better, it'd be better... it hasn't. Between the bunnyhopping, your own teammates tk'ing you so they can whore the vehicles, near complete lack of teamwork, and just general dumb-asshattery, I really feel like I wasted my time buying this game.

Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere near the expansion.
This comment was edited on Nov 22, 11:07.
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News Comments > Age of Empires 4 and 5?
8. Re: No subject Oct 20, 2005, 22:24 Jow
Two MORE Age of games? Aieeeeeee, make it stop.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Age of Empires III
2. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2005, 14:47 Jow
It is... It came out, oh, 10+ years ago?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
56. No subject Oct 4, 2005, 15:54 Jow
Are the stats servers taking a while to process? I just played a round on a ranked server, got 3 promotions, but now none of it's actually reflecting in the stats. Bah. I wanna check out the unlocks.

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News Comments > BF2 Patch News
79. Re: Just My Opinion... Sep 30, 2005, 23:38 Jow
There are definitely issues with the netcode, but it's leaps and bounds better than it was in 1942. So much so, that despite accuracy difficulties on my own part I'm not complaining at all. The stuff that's bothered me enough to quit playing for a while: commander artillery teamkills, lack of teamwork, and other commander difficulties in general (getting people to actually follow orders, getting people to join squads, etc).

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News Comments > BF2 Patch News
64. Re: wtf Sep 30, 2005, 20:08 Jow
That shit used to happen to me in BF1942 frequently, often when it was much more debilitating. I'd be sitting in one of those two-seater artillery vehicles, having spawned as a scout specifically to spot for myself, banging away at a target when some idiot would just hop in the vehicle and often drive it right into the middle of a firefight. The only way I knew what was going on was that suddenly the aiming arrows were way screwy and my artillery salvos were hitting the middle of nowhere.

I've had it happen far less often in BF2, but it has happened, generally in Hummers when I'm sitting on top trying to provide suppressive fire. I figure a good general rule to follow is this: if you see someone using a vehicle halfway intelligently (if you're even bright enough to make that decision), leave them the hell alone and go do something else.

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News Comments > Gold - Age of Empires III
17. Re: No subject Sep 23, 2005, 15:31 Jow
I'm in the "meh" camp. I tried AoE, tried AoE2, and tried AoM (someone who doesn't know my gaming tastes very well bought me the Collector's Edition, which has since sat on my shelf)...

I got the feeling from playing each of those games that they were trying to do some different things with each title but the actual gameplay felt exactly the same to me all the way through. I don't think they're "bad" games... they're just more RTE (real-time economy) games to me than RTS's.

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News Comments > Dawn of War: Winter Assault & GotY Ship
17. Re: YES!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 21, 2005, 14:38 Jow
I just called Gamestop, who apparently got it in today. Their last copy has my name on it and I'm out the door after typing this to check it out.

Woop, sayeth I.

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News Comments > Dawn of War: Winter Assault & GotY Ship
9. Re: YES FUCKDAMMIT!!!!! Sep 21, 2005, 13:27 Jow
I'm really hoping this shows up in my area today - I get out of work at 2 and have tomorrow off.

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Details
8. Re: SWAT 4 Sep 20, 2005, 13:28 Jow
I guess I was one of the few that thought Tribes: V was a stylish and fun game that I thought Irrational did a fantastic job on. It's not the first (and won't be the last) well-produced, interesting game that had miserable sales figures.

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News Comments > Warcraft III Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne Patches
1. Whoa. Sep 19, 2005, 21:36 Jow
Balance changes, now? Is anyone actually still playing this?

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Notes?
33. Re: weird.... Sep 11, 2005, 22:30 Jow
So many maps are going to be so much more enjoyable with the Chopper cap point nerf. Mashtuur City USED to be one of my favorite maps cus I dig urban/infantry combat, but once the chopper whoring started in force it became one of my least faves.

I didn't notice anything about changing the teamkill logic. I hope they're doing more than just changing how much damage infantry take from vehicles brushing up against them, cus two things are CRYING out for fixes:

1. People running over friendly mines and punishing. I've gotten kickbanned from servers for that shit.

2. They need to do SOMETHING with the commander artillery tk logic. I estimate that 80-90% of the 300-400 teamkills I've accrued thus far have been due to ignorant people not paying attention to the red arty symbol on the map or me sending them repeated warnings through the menu. To boot, I've probably been auto-kickbanned from servers 5 or 6 times since the game released due to teamkills from arty alone.

Right now the ONLY real score benefit you get as cmdr is the 2x bonus if you win. Because the commander can't get points from kills or teamwork but still loses teamwork points for teamkills, a commander generally ALWAYS has a negative score for teamwork by the end of the round.

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