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News Comments > On Mass Effect & Spore Copy Protection
133. Missing something May 6, 2008, 19:28 Ludomancer
Decisions like this aren't about copy protection in the end, they're about hooking you into EA's network permanently.
It's the same as Xbox live on the 360, and Steam. They will monitor your gameplay, maybe other things as well, and use it for marketting and research purposes. In a game like Spore it makes a little sense, because the game was essentially an anonymous MMO (connecting to the network to acquire new content from the vast amount of players), but I personally can't accept it with Mass Effect. Even though I beat my rented copy on the 360, I was planning on buying Mass Effect on the PC to support a great game and protest the consoles' unnecessary $60 price tags, but now it looks like they won't get their money from me after all.
I can't blame Bioware, but I feel bad for them, because this is obviously an EA decision through and through. Fuck them.

EDIT - @Darkhand - "I'm not buying GTAIV until it hits bargain prices because of in game ads." I don't recall any in-game ads from this game, actually. If there are, they are few and far between. I hold Rockstar in the highest regard for GTA4 specifically because they passed up on so many chances to use in-game ads, and instead opted for their tried-and-true lampooning of our consumerist culture. Every billboard and display I saw in the game boasted a parody of real-life, so I give them props for that.

This comment was edited on May 6, 19:31.
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News Comments > Exodus From The Earth Announced
3. Re: No subject Apr 28, 2008, 17:30 Ludomancer
The company page says they're a "self funded development company based in the USA with the development team in russia". Weird.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Presales
15. Re: No subject Apr 16, 2008, 21:46 Ludomancer
"I am excited for this game, it may suck but it may not. Most or all MMO's launch with bugs and missing features..."

That's just complacent consumerism, man. If gamers actually punished companies for releasing unfinished products by not buying into them, we might actually see a rise in quality of entertainment, and MMO's that were actually *not* shit when they came out.

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News Comments > Gothic 3 Expansion Announced
10. Re: G3 Apr 14, 2008, 15:19 Ludomancer
I wonder what kind of differences it would make if every fan of a series who complained in a forum actually took time to send the complaints t the company responsible? Do you guys ever write jowood directly? I read your comments, and feel like they should really be seeing every one of them. Otherwise how will they know how their fanbase sees them?
But regardless, yeah, Jowood is a shitty publisher, and this stuff just makes me sad.

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News Comments > BioShock, Civ MMOGs?
7. Re: Please.... Mar 26, 2008, 19:52 Ludomancer
A civilization online game would be phenomenal if done right. The only thing Bioshock ever had going for it though was it's art direction and atmosphere. There is really nothing there aside from that. It's funny to see these publishers hemming and hawing about everyone wanting the same old thing, and then when one unique looking product does get released they want to spread it across every genre solely based on it's appearance! The people running this industry, do not understand this industry.

(edit - bioshock is a great game, but it's nothing new, that's all I meant. An online adaptation of system shock would be the exact same thing)

This comment was edited on Mar 26, 19:53.
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News Comments > PC Assassin's Creed Extra Content
4. Re: Ooh Feb 6, 2008, 14:37 Ludomancer
As far as I know, the game's planned as a trilogy, each one taking place in a different era. The writing on the walls and floor at the end of the game is just supposed to tie them all together ahead of time because it's all references to myths and legends from different cultures around the world.

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News Comments > Into the Black
2. Re: G/J Jan 31, 2008, 21:15 Ludomancer
"Cool, but gib is pronounced jib."

It depends on where you're from. I have had this conversation with countless other people, so I suspect there are differences in dialect that people aren't aware of.
Regardless, "gib" is short for "giblets", as in giblets and gravy. In California it's a hard "G" sound, and is reflected in the dictionary. When I look at an online dictionary, it contradicts this, so in the end it's up to where you're from and what you were raised with I guess.

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News Comments > Just Cause 2 Announcement
3. Re: Just Cause 2 Jan 30, 2008, 21:49 Ludomancer
Console gaming won't exactly take over. PC's will always exist to some extent (at least for a few decades to come). Consoles are definitely taking the larger portion of games currently, but I think this means that games ont he PC will kind of return to their roots in a large sense (more risky, experimental type games, less mainstream bullshit).

At least,.... that's the direction I see, and hope, for it to go.

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News Comments > The Return of the Prince
8. Re: No subject Jan 24, 2008, 03:40 Ludomancer
Sands of Time was one of my all-time favorite games. I played the demo for the followup, and it scarred me so badly (they completely missed the point, it was obvious Ubisoft big-wig-idiots got their hands on the creative direction) that I never touched the sequels after. Really a pity.

Assassin's Creed is a whole different ballgame that all of the above though. It's a flawed masterpiece in the truest sense.

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News Comments > DNF Teaser Video Tomorrow
65. Re: Best of luck to 3DR Dec 19, 2007, 01:45 Ludomancer
Wow, the Quake Engine has come a LOOOONG way, hasn't it?

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News Comments > Gothic 4 Announced
21. Re: No subject May 23, 2007, 12:30 Ludomancer
I woudln't put any serious blame on the eeveloper (Pluto-13/PiranaBytes). Usually situations like the one we've seen with G3's release is entirely the fault of a publisher rushing the developer to release a game early.
JoWood is not a very good publisher to begin with, and this isn't the first time they strong-armed a studio into shutting down because they weren't happy with the fact that games take time to make properly.

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News Comments > Perpetual Layoffs, Gods & Heroes Delay
18. No subject Dec 15, 2006, 21:59 Ludomancer
Really, just fuck any studio that lays people off and considers it normal and acceptable practice. Anytime a company says that they're just trying to save face for their product and lack of funds.
If it were ever a fair deal to the employees, the employees would have a solid schedule in their contract and know exactly what date their employment would terminate. You know what? That's acceptable because everyone sees it coming.
It's not acceptable to lay people off mid-project because you're management and development can't pull the product together. If you get a contract to work a project, you shouldn't find yourself jobless halfway through.

Fuck Perpetual.

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News Comments > EA and Crytek?
25. Re: No subject Aug 26, 2006, 22:01 Ludomancer
I wonder how this will affect EA's choice of engines for development. They just purchased Renderware to expand as their main engine. It failed to meet their expectations , (or their engineers failed to make good use of it) so they decided to go with the Unreal 3 Engine. Now there's talk of them acquiring Crytek, who owe their popularity to their flexible and impressive engine. Too funny.

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News Comments > Sword of the Stars Demo
13. 4x Jul 25, 2006, 19:16 Ludomancer
I only recently started hearing this "4X" moniker. Where does that come from and when did it start defining this genre of games? I don't understand the reference.


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News Comments > Help Wanted
4. Re: No subject Jul 9, 2006, 14:28 Ludomancer
Yeah, even if his media outbursts are annoying, it's kind of fun to have people like John Romero working in the industry, in about the same way it's fun to have projects like Duke Nukem Forever. I get giddy just thinking about what kind of amusing results these people/projects will produce in the end.

Either way, the guy's harmless. If you've had to work with him at one point, maybe your entitled to a different opinion, but it's not really cool to say someone should die in the first place.

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News Comments > Gothic III Drops StarForce
17. Gothic 2 Jul 6, 2006, 12:51 Ludomancer
Did Gothic 2 use Star Force?

Glad they droppped it either way. Must be my favorite RPG series on the PC, and would have had to pass it up if they shipped it with this crap.

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News Comments > Dungeon Runners Beta
23. Re: art Apr 17, 2006, 02:28 Ludomancer
Agreed. The only reason people think art matters the most is because there is progression. Just because there is progression doesn't mean it's a requirement. First and foremost games are about the gameplay. The art is fantastic and can grab a hold of you for longer if it's interesting to look at, but I continually play the old games as far back as the 2600, DOS, NES, SNES Sega, etc. Pretty much a little of everything just because there are many games that remain simple and fun to play. Right now I'm going back and forth between Oblivion and Bards Tale 1 and 2. I would never be so naive to look at an old game and say it looked bad. Games come out today that look terrible, but the difference is simply bad art, not progression in technology (the AD&D Gold Box games blew us all away when they were first released, but I'm sure most Art-centric brainwashed folks would have a hard time looking at them now).
And for the record, black and white film is still made today, though entirely as an artistic preference, there are certain aesthetics that can only be acheived with severe limitations in media.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
20. Re: StarForce? Mar 21, 2006, 14:55 Ludomancer
No Starforce in Oblivion, thankfullly.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
8. Bay Area? Mar 21, 2006, 14:30 Ludomancer
Bay Area Fry's has this on sale for 37.99 when it comes in. Does anyone know if any of the Fry's in this area have it in stock right now?

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News Comments > OZ Down on Getting Up
2. Re: No subject Feb 15, 2006, 13:41 Ludomancer
how awesome would it be if they just started banning games because they were terrible?

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