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Description I'm an electro/glitch/bmore/breaks DJ and long-time avid gamer from Hong Kong. BitTorrent is another one of my hobbies, and I've been an active part of the community since early 2003.
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Signed On Nov 22, 2003, 10:24
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News Comments > Op Ed
14. Re: Op Ed Feb 27, 2011, 02:14 Evil Timmy
Cutter wrote on Feb 26, 2011, 19:19:
Why not just cut out the middlemen like Steam entirely and deliver content themselves? I can imagine that's what'll happen before too long.

Have you tried the rest of the DDL services? There's a reason Steam's so successful. It took them years to actually make it a positive mark rather than something you just put up with, but it's stable, sleek, and unobtrusive enough that it's a non-issue for the majority of gamers.

EA and others, in comparison, make it so painful that they wanted you to pay extra to be able to redownload the game, but even that was only available for a limited time. You'd also need a DDL client for each publisher, and even with a modern 4-6GB of RAM, I don't want half a dozen tray icons all scanning my HD and checking the 'Net for updates. It's also another expense to code, maintain, and support.

In any case, I'm sure publishers gave due consideration before releasing their catalogs on Steam. For the higher-ups, their jobs are at the mercy of the board, who represents the shareholders, so I doubt they lightly gave a competitor a 20-30% cut of their PC sales. However, with a huge bulk of their sales coming from consoles, maybe it's just not important enough to them given the technical and financial hurdles of getting such a system in place.
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News Comments > Interstellar Marines Stock Offer
2. Re: Interstellar Marines Stock Offer Feb 26, 2011, 16:38 Evil Timmy
Yeah, but I think this one is more out there than usual. Ten support medals at $5 a pop means a $50 additional outlay to buy any piece of the company, and they'd already have to have $100 for the first twenty. While maybe not unusual for private companies, asking gamers for $150+ of support means you've gotta really justify it with what you're giving to your fans, throughout the development process. And with the rise of Steam/DDL sales and great, cheap indie titles, it's a tougher market. I'm glad they're doing something new, but I think it's gonna take a lot more failures before we really figure this out.  
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News Comments > Post-Release Bulletstorm PC Demo Planned
4. Re: Post-Release Bulletstorm PC Demo Planned Feb 19, 2011, 16:51 Evil Timmy
Mark Rein and CliffyB have this good cop/bad cop (or console bro/PC apologist) thing down pretty well. Stop lying, guys: WHEN WILL WE GET JAZZ JACKRABBIT 3?!  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > A Valley Without Wind Trailer
1. Re: A Valley Without Wind Trailer Feb 18, 2011, 22:29 Evil Timmy
This looks like another promising seriously-alpha game with good communication lines to/from the developer and rapid updates. As much as I love Minecraft, I love even more that it seems to have inspired a number of small developers to release their games to the public earlier. Then, rather than needing PR firms and the say-so of a publisher, they can experiment in public and take input from fans, and use word of mouth to steadily fund their progess, instead of needing to sell 90% of their lifetime sales in the two months after release to have a hope of getting out of the red. If that's where game development is heading, with small teams working in tandem with people who aren't buyers so much as patrons, and unique ideas being tested monthly with an audience, well then...bring on the future.  
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News Comments > Modern Warfare 2: Security Patch Plans, No More DLC
3. Re: Modern Warfare 2: Security Patch Plans, No More DLC Feb 16, 2011, 14:44 Evil Timmy
As have the massive number of cheaters, on all platforms. It's always fun to get killed by the same person six times in a match, and for five of those, they stay locked on through multiple walls before putting a few rounds right in your skull. But, fixing goatse-size gaping holes isn't profitable, DLC is!  
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News Comments > Paging Rogue Game Server Admins
8. Re: Paging Rogue Game Server Admins Feb 14, 2011, 15:33 Evil Timmy
<Ben174> : If they only realized 90% of the overtime they pay me is only cause i like staying here playing with Kazaa when the bandwidth picks up after hours.
<ChrisLMB> : If any of my employees did that they'd be fired instantly.
<Ben174> : Where u work?
<ChrisLMB> : I'm the CTO at
*** Ben174 ( Quit (Leaving)

Courtesy of
Bash: You'll never see a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

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News Comments > Direct2Drive Game Rentals
2. Re: Direct2Drive Game Rentals Jan 22, 2011, 15:27 Evil Timmy
That...actually doesn't sound too insane. Five dollars is cheap enough to make it a spur-of-the-moment purchase, and five hours is certainly enough time to get a good feel for a game. However, I suspect the games for rental and games on steep discounts are and will remain mutually exclusive categories. Also, is that five hours of gameplay, or simply a rental for the next five hour period? I'd hate to be the support department that has to deal with all the "My wife got sick so I had to pick up the kids" excuses, legitimate or otherwise, for people demanding their five dollars back. On the flipside, I'd also hate to be the developer with a five-to-seven hour campaign, or a certain powergamer demographic might be blasting through a lot of new shiny titles in just a hair under five hours, for a single Lincoln.  
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News Comments > EA's Campaign for PC Gaming?
11. Re: EA's Campaign for PC Gaming? Jan 20, 2011, 15:55 Evil Timmy
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > No Dynamic Difficulty in Deus Ex: Human Revolution
49. Re: No Dynamic Difficulty in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Jan 18, 2011, 18:08 Evil Timmy
Wow, Dr. D, I was reading this thread thinking of my response and you pretty much nailed it. The tech for the first game didn't exist in 2000 to pull off some of the cool things characters can do in HR, and I'm sure they would have liked to be able to do such things.

As far as in-game, Gunther and Anna were portrayed as, and in combat were, supremely badass, far surpassing your abilities. They were also supposed to be some of the earliest and most eager users of implants, and had severe side effects because of it. Combined with the obvious social issues, nanotech would be preferred except in the most extreme combat situations with devoted soldiers. So DxHr's level of tech, while maybe not an exacting fit to the lore, isn't as insane as some are making it out to be. I'll reserve final judgment until the game's released, but so far my impressions have been fairly good.

And for people that have apparently been under attack for more than a decade, we PC gamers sure can be a thin-skinned bunch with a persecution complex. Some of you sound like Glenn Beck or televangelists, needing a 'wartime' situation to justify your extreme viewpoints. You've got the man's choice of platform, man up and tone down the whining.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Bulletstorm Trailers
7. Re: Bulletstorm Trailers Jan 16, 2011, 18:12 Evil Timmy
Err, seriously, I know we're all supposed to only support old-school RPGs, exacting military sims, and turn-based tactical games here on this bastion of PC-ness, but this looks to me like something in the vein of Serious Sam rather than CoD, which I can only see as a good thing. I'm tired of cower shooters (yes, cower, cause that's all you do), and this looks like a refreshingly frenetic change of pace. Yes, CliffyB needs to keep his smug oh-so-punchable mug to himself, but look past the hair gel and stubble and realize that the dev who popularized the cover shooter is taking a step beyond them. I'd rather have badass weapons and usable environments than grey-brown-tan worlds filled with a suspicious number of waist-height barricades, aka the new 'room filled with crates' of the shooter world.

And...since when have FPSes had good lead characters? Deus Ex and Duke Nukem, who is composed of Ash's one-liners said by Guile from SF2. And, uhh....

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News Comments > Op Ed
16. Re: Irreversible Consequences Jan 13, 2011, 19:41 Evil Timmy
The GameFront article reminded me of another post (which also references Louis CK) from TechDirt. Read the full thing here, but the important TL;DR point is this:
I believe, quite strongly, that you cannot stop innovation -- but you absolutely can hinder it. So any "anger" that people feel, which may give them a sense of frustration and pessimism is my frustration about the roadblocks and barriers and hurdles that people throw in the way of this innovation -- either due to a misunderstanding of innovation, or through laziness and an unwillingness to change to take advantage of those new opportunities.

So much of what we deal with on an everyday basis is truly fantastic. I'm glad I'm just old enough (25) to really appreciate how far computers and technology have come, from being rare, shaky, isolated, expensive, and slow, to, well, the opposite. I also think that this pace of innovation is what makes the frustrating, backwards holdouts that much more apparent. This is at the heart of most of the complaints gamers bring up.

* Graphics keep getting better and more outstanding, and that's enough to enchant newer gamers, but the only real innovation in FPSes since Half-Life is the ability to cower (aka shields/regen and cover).
* Dedicated servers allow each gamer to connect to the fastest server available to them, with no advantage given to a "host".
* Over-use of scripting and set-pieces means lessened replayability or emergent gameplay/storytelling, coupled with shorter gametimes.
* Overblown (and entirely ineffectual) fear of piracy means that SP fans have fewer options that aren't just a warm-up for oft-repetitive MP.

So, we do get plenty of new little trinkets, but it can feel like the focus on cool frenetic trailer fodder robs the game of subtle touches that we already know about or that are yet to be discovered, which actually add to the gameplay experience. To use an analogy near and dear to my stomach, it's like we've given up on great home-cooked food (which does require more effort) for TV dinners that look great on the outside but lack substance when it comes down to real nutritional (entertainment) value.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > New Natural Selection 2 Beta
1. Re: New Natural Selection 2 Beta Jan 12, 2011, 17:22 Evil Timmy
I'm happy to be supporting the further development of this game, but...I went on a couple nights ago, and there was one solitary server that had more than a single person on it, and it had an unplayable 275ms ping. I hope that doesn't reflect poorly on how well supported this game will be by the community at large.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > JoWooD Insolvent
12. Re: JoWooD Insolvent Jan 7, 2011, 18:52 Evil Timmy
JoWood is one of those companies that I wanted to like, but who kept up a strong, proud tradition of rushing out games just as they started to coalesce then cutting post-release support almost completely. It's a shame so many good developers had to suffer through their mis-management over the years, and that so many diamonds were left in way too much rough.  
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News Comments > DICE: PC Battlefield 3 Getting "Special Effort"
62. Re: DICE: PC Battlefield 3 Getting Jan 6, 2011, 04:58 Evil Timmy
Despite the somewhat awkward phrasing at a few points, this article does a good job at describing exactly where TV resolutions make a difference. To quote their conclusion (based on standards of 20/20 vision)...

In other words, you would not enjoy any benefit from the higher pixel count associated with a 1080p HDTV if you were to sit further away than 1.8 times the TV screen width; your 1080p HDTV and a cheaper 720p TV of the same screen size will both appear just the same!

What that means is, for 1080p, if you have a 42" screen, sitting further away than 42"x1.8=75.6", your vision is no longer good enough to differentiate an individual pixel, and the screen's resolution starts to be wasted on you. The multiplier for 720p is 2.7, and SD is 5.37.
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News Comments > Quote of the Day
5. Re: Quote of the Day Jan 5, 2011, 21:32 Evil Timmy
Quboid wrote on Jan 5, 2011, 21:26:
[VG]Reagle wrote on Jan 5, 2011, 21:16:

Seriously, WTF GABE?

Amen, sirs. Amen.

Gabe...stop selling out for long enough to put out Ep3. kthx
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News Comments > PC Leading BC2: Vietnam Battle for Hastings
31. Re: PC Leading BC2: Vietnam Battle for Hastings Dec 29, 2010, 20:52 Evil Timmy
SpectralMeat: Watch, and be informed. (Whole sketch on Hulu.)

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News Comments > Windows 8 and Gaming
23. Re: Windows 8 and Gaming Dec 23, 2010, 01:07 Evil Timmy
Well, if developers want to keep pushing the new shiny, they're really running out of headroom to do so on consoles. Microsoft has said that the 360 will have a roughly ten-year lifespan, Win8 is supposed to be out in 2012, so that's three years for them to pretend they give half a squirt about PC before their new hardware comes out and make their money that way.

They're closer to the Wii than the PS3 in lifetime sales and trending well, so all they have to do is follow not far behind Wii price drops till they hit $99. Which, coincidentally, will likely be around the time Windows 8 is out. Capable gaming PCs keep getting cheaper and staying viable longer, so they switch their revenue stream to the $300-400 omniboxes that some smart PC maker will sell as the "Hey, your TV should do more!" solution with wireless m+k, and far more potent hardware than the aging consoles. Big OEM buys of Windows 8 infuse hundreds of millions in their R+D department just as they need it to really begin work on the Xbox 720.

Not announced yet, but yes, I will be taking Ballmer's place next year.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Alganon Interview
6. Re: Alganon Interview Dec 21, 2010, 22:14 Evil Timmy
Derek Smart, in the article wrote:
a largely incomplete and shoddy mish-mash of features with no discernable cohesion or direction

Hmm, I could have sworn I've heard this phrase used to describe some other games in the past...can't put my finger on which ones in specific, though. A series, maybe? Oh well, it'll come to me eventually.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Patched
1. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Patched Dec 13, 2010, 21:11 Evil Timmy huge of a fan I am of the Fallout series (1+2 more than 3 or FO:T), I also know Obsidian. I think the earliest I'll pick up New Vegas is at the Christmas sale, and even then, I'm prepared for a rocky experience. I get the feeling that they could use an experienced project lead from some other company, have them come in and observe one game's development cycle then step in on the next one and keep Obsidian on track. Their games are some of my favorites, but I hate having to dig through so much rough to get to the diamond, especially when they seem to screw up the same way every time.  
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced
34. Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced Dec 12, 2010, 20:36 Evil Timmy
osage no onna wrote on Dec 12, 2010, 19:53:
start breeding cliffracers?

Oh please god no. I hated those cliffracers in Morrowind so very, very much. What they can take from Morrowind is the sense of adventure and discovery that I felt was a bit missing from Oblivion. I loved wandering around and finding unique dungeons and villages that I never would have spotted otherwise, that feeling of wondering what's over the next hill, and then being rewarded for finding out. The insane levels of repetition and too-rubberbanded scaling made me feel like it didn't matter where I went, it was all the same. The Oblivion gates suffered from the same felt like I was running the same gate from a dozen different angles. The main reason I like single-player RPGs is the sense of open-ended choice and player agency, like I'm battling my way through someone else's dream, and that certainly shouldn't be repetitious and grindy.
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