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Description I'm an electro/glitch/bmore/breaks DJ and long-time avid gamer from Hong Kong. BitTorrent is another one of my hobbies, and I've been an active part of the community since early 2003.
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Signed On Nov 22, 2003, 10:24
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News Comments > Painkiller Patch
18. Console piracy Apr 15, 2004, 00:15 Evil Timmy
The consoles aren't safe from piracy, they just require a bit more equipment and expertise to deal with. And, in the case of the Xbox, you can't play many games on Live, but that's like most PC games with MP. Once you're set up, however, it's almost easier to pirate console games. With a modchip (and the Dashboard for the Xbox), a DVD burner, and appropriate software, you can copy whatever you want, or download it from one of the release groups.

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News Comments > Painkiller Patch
13. Re: pffft Apr 14, 2004, 22:50 Evil Timmy
"Nobody is twisting your arm to buy or even play Painkiller. Don't like the requirements or limitations, then don't buy it and stop your whining over something you havent even payed for."

With software like Alcohol 120%, you can make a perfect rip of a disc, then use the image without needing a no-cd crack (or, of course, the actual disc). This is especially useful for games that have many updates; the warez groups have to recheck, recrack, and rerelease the updated game files, and will only keep up with new patches for so long. Trying to keep up with that is missing the point of making your gaming experience hassle-free.

You're also missing the point that these people are making. They're trying to make their opinion heard, that stupid copy protection measures like this are frustrating and can scare people away from the game, people who may have bought it in the first place. Anyone determined to pirate it will, but for those sitting on the fence between warezing and purchasing, or those unsure about the game period may be pushed away by features like this.

I've been using virtual drives in Windows for a long time, because I do a lot of VCD/DVD authoring, and a virtual drive allows me to rather easily test how it turned out, without burning to physical media. And these game companies are telling me I have to disable it for a game I've purchased legitimately? To be perfectly honest, that's a load of crap and unacceptable policy.

(Edit: Clarified some wording)
This comment was edited on Apr 14, 22:54.
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News Comments > Painkiller CD Woes
90. Copy Protection is EVIL Apr 10, 2004, 09:52 Evil Timmy
Mirsky: Keygens have been out for ages, but the fact that there are billions of possible keys (that the game will accept) that aren't listed in the database of actually sold keys (of which there are a few million) means that it's hard to actually get a working online key for it and many other games. This works because the server can require verification and can kick you off if you're not authenticated, and is why many games have tacked-on multiplayer: to some extent, it reduces piracy.

Jereco: This has happened, with the warez release of XIII. Multiple checks with TAGES protection meant it was over a week before a fully cracked proper version was released, when they're usually available online before you can get them in stores. There was a CD check partway through the game, which meant that the initial cracks failed to work, and a crackfix was necessary.

Personally, I find these CD checks to be stupid. Most 'casual' pirates will get a more experienced friend to burn the game for them, and maybe even install it, and that friend will likely have the warez group release. I've found this true in secondary school, in college, and even later in life. So what's the point? Well, the people behind these copy protections keep making money, and the publishers get a false sense of security, while the customers and developers get more headaches for their trouble.

Which brings me to another point: the publisher is nearly always the one to insert the copy protection, and that's after the game has gone gold. If you consider the limited time they have between the announcement of going gold and the time they have in stores, it'd be a fair bit of effort (and certainly cost) to test it on a large number of drives.

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News Comments > Lineage II Open Beta
10. Reduces pressure to animal parts? Yes Mar 24, 2004, 22:07 Evil Timmy
If I really wanted to do something this boring, repetitive, and stupid, I'd just stay at work. Graphics are good, but the characters are quite generic-looking. The level treadmill is in full force in L2. The PvP is unique in the sheer annoyance factor; walking out of town can be deadly, especially if you're at all lagged. What's even worse is you lose experience (and potentially levels) when you get PKed, and it can happen rather rapidly. Quests are boring and generic. I feel they should have paid me for enduring their horrid beta. It's really nothing new, and without any shiny new features, they'll likely have trouble attracting much of a crowd. I'd advise you not waste your money, as this one's headed for the bin.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Far Cry Patch Plans
22. Re: Hmmmm Mar 23, 2004, 23:37 Evil Timmy
The biggest problem with Far Cry's AI is that it seems to be very sound-based. This means that you can snipe someone from a long-enough range that they can't hear it, and their buddy will more or less ignore it. If they'd have a better reaction to corpses or their buddies taking damage, it'd be a much better game and be more interesting.

For example, if they got sniped but couldn't see/hear the shooter, they'd crouch immediately and find cover, and peek around corners cautiously for the next few minutes. Or, if they came upon a corpse, they'd have increased perception of motion and sound (from the adrenal response). And, as mentioned by Teddy, they should have an incremental system, so that if they notice an odd sound once or twice, they'll ignore it, but they'll explore over larger areas and stay alert longer as more odd things start happening.

In response to his ship example, maybe there should have been a sort of 'squad commander' unit, who has the power to radio other units and alert them to your presence, instead of just calling a general alarm. This means a more intelligent, realistic response, but also gives you a priority target when taking down a number of troops.
This comment was edited on Mar 23, 23:39.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: UT2004
66. Re: No subject Mar 17, 2004, 01:38 Evil Timmy
Downloaded from BitTorrent already, waiting for the DVD SE to be delivered. Thankfully, Torlan wasn't representative of most ONS- maps. Even against bots, this is a lot of fun. Can't wait for the community in Hong Kong to pick up.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: Worms 3D US
13. Stupid, stupid delay Mar 11, 2004, 21:31 Evil Timmy
Okay, so this game was out before Halloween last year, which is when most interested people in the States went and downloaded it to check it out. It was already in English, along with a number of other languages, so what took so long? Most people I know found it entertaining for a bit but really not worthy of their time after a short while, so there's very little chance they'll buy it now, four months after it first became 'available' and three and a half months after they got bored with it.

Personally, while I think it's a decent game, it isn't nearly as fun as Worms Armageddon. The simplicity, and at the same time skill required, were what made it so much fun; the 3d aspects make for another level of complexity that's rather unnecessary.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Consolidation - GTA San Andreas Official
5. Re: Anyone remember ... Mar 1, 2004, 11:17 Evil Timmy
GTA: VC was released for PS2 on October 22nd, 2002, and for PC on May 11th, 2003. Hopefully, however, they've got more of a base to work from using experience gained with GTA3/VC, and can either improve the visuals even further or release it at a better time. I certainly wouldn't mind having the PC version in my stocking this Christmas...

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > DOOM 3 April 15?
53. The engine is what matters Feb 26, 2004, 18:59 Evil Timmy
I'm more excited about having the engine available than I am about Doom 3. As mentioned above, even recent games like Call of Duty are still using the Quake 3 engine to great effect, and the Doom 3 engine will likely be longer-lived than it is. If more games end up looking like Doom 3 (in terms of quality, not style), I'll certainly be happy. Real-time lighting, shading, and detailed physics all add quite a lot to the visuals of a game, and in turn add to your immersion and enjoyment.

But, of course, I'm not too worried about release dates and delays. I've got a job and friends that occupy plenty of my time already, and lots of other enjoyable things to do. It'll come out when it's ready (which is better than before it's ready), and I'll have a new toy to play with in my spare time, nothing more.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo
132. Re: Game just needs new engine Feb 12, 2004, 01:42 Evil Timmy
This really is a lot of fun...the CTF is certainly closer to what I remember from the original UT, the Assault is so much more fun with larger and more complex (not to mention prettier) maps, and Onslaught is a nice addition, especially with the vehicles. The sniper weapons are great, and don't have the camp-and-abuse tendencies from other *cough*CS*cough* games. It's pure fun, where teamwork is required and strategies are made up basically as you go along.

Framerates are a fairly steady 70+ with detail options set to defaults at 1024x768x32 4xAA/8xAF on an Athlon XP 2800+/Asus A7N8X/512MB Corsair/R9700 Pro.
This comment was edited on Feb 12, 01:46.
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News Comments > Black Isle, Fallout 3 Dead
29. No subject Dec 8, 2003, 22:56 Evil Timmy
I'm reminded of the image at the end of Fallout 1, with the Vault Dweller and Dogmeat walking off into the sunset. After a lot of good times, the adventure was over. Thank you, Black Isle, for all the incredible games you created over the years, and all the enjoyment you brought. And best of luck to all the employees now looking for jobs; I hope you can find something as good as BIS in their glory days.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
38. omg teh yag Nov 22, 2003, 05:24 Evil Timmy
Wow...I was sincerely disappointed by this demo. I've got a quite good (Athlon XP 2800+, 1GB Corsair DCDDR, R9700 Pro) gaming machine, but even dropping the detail at 1024x768 didn't result in a playable framerate. The HL2 leak looked and played a lot better than this, and it's months from being finished, and this is the demo they're choosing to release to help sales of DX2? The console feel is pervasive; I had hoped they'd make a good PC version and dumb it down for consoles, but instead they're taking the poor-quality console version and selling it to PC users with little improvement.

The stun prod annoyed me; in Deus Ex (still one of my favorite games of all time, and I replayed it a few weeks ago and was surprised by how well it had aged) two charges were enough to take someone down, but now I have enough time to drink a can of soda while I wait for the guy to drop. It doesn't work like that in reality, and it's annoying in the game world. The pistol was horribly underpowered in the same way. I don't care how tough you are, a pistol round at point blank right in your unprotected eye will kill you, not just make you go 'ouch', reel back for a second, and then continue fighting.

Maybe it can be blamed on piracy; it's easy to get warez for the PC, but consoles are significantly more difficult to use copies on and everyone's got the same hardware, so tech support is much easier also. I really hope this isn't a trend, and I'm certainly not buying the game and supporting Ion Storm when they're putting out steaming piles of s..oftware like this.
This comment was edited on Nov 22, 05:26.
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