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Signed On Oct 31, 2003, 19:46
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Re: death to PC gaming! Dec 16, 2003, 14:15 4D-Boxing
"As far as I'm concerned, you only really need a PC for RTS and FPS games, since those games such without a mouse."

That line is to funny! I would also add that to play simulatiors or play online with more than 16 players you need a PC, that applies to FPS, sports game, racing games etc... So the only thing you need a console for is to play fighting games, 3rd person games like devil may cry and platformers like mario sunshine. Everything else has to be downgraded to playable on a console. By downgraded i do not mean less quality i mean less players online, lower rez, smaller maps etc...

You see that kind of logic does not get very far in here! Despite what i just said i still think console gaming is as good as pc gaming just 2 different worlds with different games.

You should just have put that you prefer ps2 gaming cause of the lack of QA on the pc that would have made more sense at least to me.

I smell another 100+ post thread, time for some X2 before i get an urge to educate all those kids.

This comment was edited on Dec 16, 14:19.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
20. Re: Skewed data Dec 16, 2003, 13:43 4D-Boxing
One thing that i find odd, everytime i go to that eb website it's a pc game on top of the best seller list. EB is only one franchise, but i thought they where one of the more popular ones since they get games early.

I doubt that EB put that stat up so people like me can use it to determeine the stat of the industry so i imagine it's not 100% accurate.

"That quote couldn't categorize you any more accurately than if you had a tatoo on your forehead that said 'NOOB'"

Well said Islander, such blatant stupidity must be an attempt to start a flame war. Everytime a story like that comes out someone like Jerry become a memeber just to post BS.

This comment was edited on Dec 16, 13:53.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Screenshots
35. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2003, 17:26 4D-Boxing
"Link, please."

Dude, you actually thought i was being serious? Sorry about that i should have added the sarcasme symbole, i just meant that by the time that whole fisaco of the pc is resolved the Xbox version is probably going to be ready.
I really did not think anyone took those HL2 press releases seriously anymore.

This comment was edited on Dec 15, 17:27.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Screenshots
10. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2003, 15:32 4D-Boxing
"So like.. when are they gonna release it!"

Sadly, when the X-BOX version is done!

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
22. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 14, 2003, 12:50 4D-Boxing
Despite all the games that where set back to 2004, 2003 turned out to be anincediblr year for PC gaming. Someone added Tron 2.0 that should be considered as a candidate also... now that i think about it it migh pick up Tron but so i doubt i'll ave time to play it.

When is the next recall? Dantastic for Governor !!!!!

This comment was edited on Dec 14, 12:51.
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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
17. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 14, 2003, 01:42 4D-Boxing
I can't beleive i did not mention kotor... that is capital crime in here! Yes KOTOR is a candidate for goty.

"they may be CANDIDATES but KOTOR is the clear choice for winner"

LOL that's good man we need more people with your passion for games ... what happened with BF942 i thought that was the best thing according the Dantastic institute of Technology

KOTOR is just aimed at a younger crowd than the games i named. My selection would be for gamers 30 and over aka senior citizen gamers like myself.

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
11. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 13, 2003, 19:47 4D-Boxing
This was my first rts, i was amazed at how easy it was to finish. I can't comment on the lack of innovation since iy was my first rts but I have to admit that the game got a bit tedious at first with all the racing arround to build a fleet before the next mission.

I traded the game in for X2 but if they release an expansion i might just get a used copy! Along with MP2 and X2 i believe this is a candidate for GOTY. I just wish more games had that level of polish with the feel of being in truely epic game!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
4. Re: X2 review Dec 12, 2003, 12:54 4D-Boxing
Weird review maybe from an amateur reviewer!
I think the guy that did the review bever bothered to read the manual. IF you follow the tips they give you, your progress through the game game will be fast and easy but keep in mind that this is a huge open game in a huge unuverse. NPCs give you all the info you need to progree and as long as you have a basic understanding of economics (buy low sell high) it should be easy sailing.

The guy complains about the save?!?! Well the game was designed to simulate space, instead of respawning where you died you need insurance just like in real life if you are not you loose your investement if you run into trouble. It takes no time be able to save anywhere since making cash trading is a breeze!

The guy says:" Also, the game isn't very well balanced in the beginning. You are allowed to push forward into areas even when lacking the ship needed to survive their denizens."
LOL either the guy $ucks or thinks he can just pick any mission point click and all the enemies are a gonna go away! This is not Freelancer click fest wnere there is no real dog fighting. IF you can't dogfight forget it!

To resume my opinion of X2, the game is everything freelancer and other space sims wanted to achieve it's more ambitious than battlecruiser was but it's done right!
The only down side, you need a good pc, but since this game will stay on your hard drive for years it will only look and play better with every upgrade!

Check out the bleus archives there have been a few reviews of this game and all have been positive. Some do not realise that you can save anywhere and take of points but the only bad things are the system requirement and cut scenes. I do not care about cut scenes and have a good pc so the game is flawless for me.

PS. i've had the game for a week now and to me it's the best game i've played in years! Don't forget everything in the universe can be purchased and upgraded from space stations to mines.

X2 review:

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News Comments > Site Seeing - Unreal Tournament
13. Re: welcome to society Dec 11, 2003, 15:57 4D-Boxing
"Well, Halo made futuristic vehicular combat "cool" and "popular". And just like in high school - everyone wants to be cool and popular."

I always thought that battlezone made futuristic vehicular combat "cool" & "popular" and that hidden and dangerous was the first game after that to try the formula etc...

One could also say that wolfenstein made fps "cool" and "popular" and now everyone wants to be "cool" and "popular"

I know i should not pay attention to such an obvious attempt to start a flame war but, it's a slow day at work.

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News Comments > Far Cry Beta Sign-ups
28. Re: OMG Dec 8, 2003, 17:19 4D-Boxing
"Unless companies compensated HUNDREDS of testers there's no way to have this done with paid testers. Thinking so is a bit unreasonable."

Ask Nintendo how many beta testers they have on staff? LOL yeah really unreasonable! Unless the testers are grade school kids you won't need 100 for a single game! One pro beta tester is worth 50 online sign-ups.

" Played the beta, loved the beta, but never bought the full version because two weeks of beta testing was enough to fill me on the game."

Man i will buy a McDonald fanchise and hire you and your biddies and give you free burgers, when ever we get a special like the bacon mushroom melt you'll get to eat some weeks before erveryone else and i'll get rich!!!!

Time is money, But i also understand that as long as their are people willing to do half a$$ job for free that is the way companies will go!

This comment was edited on Dec 8, 17:19.
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News Comments > Far Cry Beta Sign-ups
20. Re: OMG Dec 8, 2003, 16:46 4D-Boxing
You have the right to have that opinion, but expect most PC games to keep coming out with bugs and patches being released with the games until most beta testers get compensated. If you are beta testing a patch thenok no pay but a full product come on.

Like you said you get to play the game in advance, once you have what motivates you to help the dev tram improve the product? Unless they are communist money will be the only way to motivate them. It's like expecting people to do the registration and send in the bugs they find in a game. I've never heard of anybody doing that!

That is why console have QA departements and beta testing departements!! It just makes good business sense to make sure your product is good. Look at the way console games sell!!

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News Comments > FireStarter Demo
74. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2003, 16:17 4D-Boxing
Once service pack1 was released for XP it became as stable as 98se if not more. Prior to that, i had more crashes, reboots, and blue screens with XP then 98se. I had a gig of ram so that was not the cause of my problems, i just think when it comes to certain OS it's best to wait for the 1st service pack to come out before even thinking of waisting money on it. Even on the speed side it's only after service pack one that i managed to beat my old bench score.

I think so many people stil run 98 because with all the patchs ans packs it's almost as stable & as fast as xp and it does not cost of the xp upgrade (150$ can) or full version at $300 can! At that price you can get a new video card or 2 SATA drives running raid0 or even a new cpu!

Bottom line XP is way to expensive for the performance improvements it brings! If you get it with a nes PC then no need to go back to 98.

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News Comments > Far Cry Beta Sign-ups
14. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2003, 16:01 4D-Boxing
YEah beta testers should be paid, i'm just azmazed that ubisoft uses beta testers. Raven shield sure had good beta testers:| I wonder if this has anything to do with the success of the XMP demo.

I've seen on tv rooms full of beta testers and QA guys at nintendo, they're even use it to make sure 3rd party games live up to their standard. Those guys are paid minimum wage but it's alot better than nothing.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Shots
42. Re: J.C. is god Dec 6, 2003, 12:12 4D-Boxing
"Doom 3 is my last hope for a decent sequel."

X2 has already taken care of that! All I can say damn! I don't know what the guys complaining about the graphics are talking about, the ships and environments are simply amazing, the character models might not be the best but that is to be expected. It's like a complaining about how blocky the pit crew is in a racing sim when the cars and environment are flawless.

Yes some ships are asymmetric, i don't get what is the big fuss about that. I imagine some forget that is a space sim, and that aliens might not see things the same way humans do. Even cheesy sci-fi shows like star trek had ships like those. ( i beleive it was the Breen but i no trek fan but know the ships where on the show)

At least alien ships look alien in this game so i'm not complaining. As for the frame rate issues some had, well maybe your PC is getting old or you enabled AA in your display properties. IF you use the in game AA your frame rate will be smooth and then you can max everything out as long as you stay at 1024x768.

I run a p4 2.53 @2.75 with a 9700pro@344/324 and 1gig of crusty pc800 RDRAM. Testing with the bench included in the game gives me an average of 62.35 FPS.

PS. on EB in the game description it says this "Absolute state of the art graphics engine utilising all the latest Direct X capabilities." That comment should have been enough to make people understand that this game required fast machine but i guess i did not

Anyways i know this is a Doom3 thread so that's it for now!

This comment was edited on Dec 6, 12:19.
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News Comments > Raven Shield Patch Plans
5. Re: Will it be enough? Dec 6, 2003, 02:52 4D-Boxing
"Why do all my sqad mates leave cover and walk towards me when I switch players, even though I'd issued a "HOLD" command? "

God that was the most annoying thing for me! You hit hold so your team stays in place switch to your sniper and then you realize that your entire squad just followed you, walked into the line of fire and that they are all gone!
At that point I decided to trade in the game before it made me throw my PC out the window!

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News Comments > Raven Shield Patch Plans
1. To late! Dec 5, 2003, 19:45 4D-Boxing
Very nice UBIsoft very nice, destroy the game and release the SDK after people gave up on the game!

This comment was edited on Dec 5, 19:46.
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News Comments > etc.
1. Eve Dec 5, 2003, 12:09 4D-Boxing

How's Eve online doing? Any players left? have they consolidated their servers yet? Space sims such as "wing commander, X2 etc.. are my favorite games but i never thought the genre was popular enough to justify making a MMO game. I even predicted that the game would flop like motor city online (even though i used to be a major nfs 1&2 fan) anyways any player arround that could give me the latest scooop on this one.

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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - X: The Threat
97. Re: X2: The Thread Dec 5, 2003, 12:00 4D-Boxing
"If it had freelancer's graphics then i'd be sold."

You can bring the resolution down a bit or turn down the texture graphics to bring the graphics down to the level of freelancer, i doubt that is what you want! I Think you meant to say if it had the same art direction as freelancer or the same style you'd be sold!

On a personal Note i do like the graphics, at least in this game some alien ship do look alien!!!!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
15. Re: IGN Dec 2, 2003, 16:16 4D-Boxing
IGN reviews are hard to juge since you can't really complain about someones taste in games but i have serous doubts about that sites review section!

I use to go there 5 years ago until i started looking at the console reviews. I noticed that certain PC games got 9/10 scores but the console port got 9.5/10 . When you read the review they complain that the graphics are not as good as the pc version and that the title lacks online support but otherwise it's identical to the pc version. Well if it's the same game and one lacks a few thngs that the other one had how can it get a higher score?! IGN Logic at work!

Anyways, DX:IW review is a mess! One thing i can't figure out is why Ion Storm did this? It's been understood for at least decade that PC gaming and console gaming where 2 different worlds. PC gamers and Console gamers are different animals! Japanese devs understand this, they don't try to sell Japanese style console games in North america and they sure don't impose it! American Gamers don't want those games so devs sell american style games here so why sell console style games to PC gamers?! We don't like the same games! Consoles sell way more games than the PC jsut like certain hardcore Japanese games sell more units than certain north american console games but the Japanese don't assume that everybody wants that and try to sell those here!

Just Wake Up Ion Storm it's 2003!

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News Comments > DX: Invisible War Wednesday
29. Re: Just Because... Dec 1, 2003, 23:35 4D-Boxing

Try the shtup mod and the rebirth mod together! They are far from done but better than DX:IW will ever be!

Based on my experience with the DX:IW demo i will just play System Shock 2 using these two mods! One adds new moddels the other one new textures. There is talk of the 2 modders getting together and the 2 mods might become the one mod that will bring SS2 back to life!

PS. the link leads to one of the 2 mods but there should be a link to the other one.

Here are the file names just in case:

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