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Signed On Oct 31, 2003, 19:46
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News Comments > etc.
9. Re: No subject Jan 8, 2004, 16:10 4D-Boxing
Percolator Fish

You'll be the first to start the whinning when it's your people being affected so shut up and grow up!

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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: rvr? Jan 8, 2004, 14:04 4D-Boxing
I really don't know what to make of this one, On one hand it's definitly tastless but on the other the russians have been conducting genocide in Chechnya. THeir are no almost no men aged under 35 left in Chechnya and the boys that are born now have fallen pray to a weird illness!
I guess a life is a life and i'll sign the petition.

People should know that because Russia has been cunducting ethnic cleansing in Chechnya and nobody stood up to stop them, the region has become an Taliban safe haven armed to the teeth (many say Osama is hidding in that region which is close to the afghan/ pakistani boarder).

Definitly a bad choice for an add campaign!

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News Comments > NFS: Underground Patch
12. Re: No details Jan 8, 2004, 13:47 4D-Boxing
YEah yeah they had a patch for HP2 but almost nobody installed it! When i installed the hp2 patch i had nobody to race against in the game menu, probably cause most players loved to use the cheats and same i going to happen with this game. I used to love racing game like these but it's usless to play online.

I used to buy all the NFs games but HP2 cheat fisco just made me never whant to buy another nfs game.

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News Comments > Federal GTA Lawsuit
102. Re: Moog Operator Jan 3, 2004, 02:23 4D-Boxing
"the ONLY technological advantage the Europeans had was gunpowder and, in most cases, metalsmithing."

And Asia was more advanced in both technologies! North Africans where performing eye surgery before any europeen even new the anatomy of the human body! Native amerians developed birth control before europeens even new the earth was round.

"Remember the winners of any conflict are always the ones who write the history."

That's why so many of you talk shit and don't even know or take the time to learn the few facts i just posted.

So sad to see so much ignorance in 2004, no wonder Redneck like Lou Dobbs are crying & bitching on CNN in shows like exporting America lol!

Ignorance is bliss and it will accelerate your own demise if not kept in check!
"Of course, in this case, the Indians didn't have written language..."
Wow now their is one major piece of non-sense, just because you and your history books say they did not have a written language you think that is the case! Next you'll say the Egyptians did not have written language lol!

Why do i waist time with this comment section i should just let you all self destruct (like Baby Bush is doing) and enjoy the show! Funny to see how an ignorant fool like Bush took a great country and turned it into the laughing stock of the planet and gave all the redneck the courage to post crap like this!

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News Comments > Federal GTA Lawsuit
21. Re: At first I was sympathetic Jan 1, 2004, 15:31 4D-Boxing
"But they apologized, removed the line, and that should be that. A moment of poor judgment that's now in the past. The Haitian community's only making themsleves look bad now, and probably boosting sales for GTA while they're at it. "

No no no, no mercy for the rednecks, the time of turning the other cheek is over kids! Thre US had 30 years to evolve and it didn't now accept the consequences of your actions! Newtons second law, for every action their is an equal and oposite reaction.

Even baby Bush was running for office usising words like accountability but i guess in the US accountability does not apply to everybody!

Time to accept the consequences of your actions and stop crying when people get pissed and fight back!

Anyways this is agaming web site, most people in here probably dont even shave yet so i don't expect anybody to understand. I guess all you guys whant the Haitians to turn the other cheeks not do anything and bottle things up until you guys have another ones of those nice riots!!!

Gettin my brick ready right now lol!!! LEts see who is gonna get face lift this time!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
1. No subject Dec 25, 2003, 15:54 4D-Boxing
'although the execution of X2 still leaves you wanting for the simple control of Microsoft’s title. '

God what is this obsession with mouse controls in all games even space sims. It,s like all these reviewers started gaming in 1995 with quake2!

There are other peripherals than the mouse out there!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: 1Up Dec 22, 2003, 00:56 4D-Boxing
At least i'm not the only one that feels this about that review. I can't believe he dares call himself a harcore fan of the genre his review sounds like it was made by someone who was forced to play a genre he hates on a platform he hates. Don't get me wrong the game is not perfect but it's d@mn good. He wishes the game was more like freelancer but as a fan of the genre who's been gaming since the days of the vic20 the freelancer mouse interface is the main reason i can't stand the game. Joysticks are 10$ now come on people... to me it does not make sense to take points away because the reviewer does not have enough commen sense to realize that a space sim is best played with a stick.

"He always judges games on what he wants them to be, not on what they are. His reviews are very unreliable because of that."

That seems to be the trend with many of the new gaming sites or new reviewers. Some reviews i have seen on this game where so bad that it was obvious they never even opened the manual and had no clue how to play the game.

I wish sites could afford to hire guys for each type and each platform instead of having to read comments from pc gamers that hate consoles games or console gamers that hate pc games and end up posting ureliable reviews.

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News Comments > X² U.K. Gold
9. Re: not that bad Dec 19, 2003, 17:24 4D-Boxing
"And where is the fast paced combat? For a game that touts FIGHT as one of the main playstyles it seems as if you're fighting the game to kill something rather than fighting opponents."

Did you upgrade your ship? Do you use a joystick?

I Imagine that you took the time to buy the upgrades that will make your ship handle better. I just hope you are not one of those people who tries to play games like this with a mouse and keyboard! Since you talked about Lock-On you must own some kind of gaming peripheral.

I imagine this game will never be your cup of tea since it does not have the same style of physics as IW or a flight sim.

From what i've read on boards and reviews, this game is more of a wing commader privateer clone but it takes a long time to upgrade you ship so it handles like the ones in wing commander. It takes a long time to earn $ to buy the good upgrades.

This comment was edited on Dec 19, 17:34.
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News Comments > Universal Combat Delayed
78. Re: Great Marketing Dec 18, 2003, 19:59 4D-Boxing
"Now STFU, siddown and consider yourself 0wned "

It’s hard to believe that it's really a game dev writing all this stuff. The guy just spent god knows how many hours arguing on video game site message board and he feels proud of what he did. To my knowledge videogame are mainly played buy people 18 and under and one would assume that they are the one who constitute the bulk of the memberships. In other words he argues with kids then goes around acting like a big man who's done something special.

If that was really D. Smart, well he's just a sad little man!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Re: death to PC gaming! Dec 16, 2003, 14:15 4D-Boxing
"As far as I'm concerned, you only really need a PC for RTS and FPS games, since those games such without a mouse."

That line is to funny! I would also add that to play simulatiors or play online with more than 16 players you need a PC, that applies to FPS, sports game, racing games etc... So the only thing you need a console for is to play fighting games, 3rd person games like devil may cry and platformers like mario sunshine. Everything else has to be downgraded to playable on a console. By downgraded i do not mean less quality i mean less players online, lower rez, smaller maps etc...

You see that kind of logic does not get very far in here! Despite what i just said i still think console gaming is as good as pc gaming just 2 different worlds with different games.

You should just have put that you prefer ps2 gaming cause of the lack of QA on the pc that would have made more sense at least to me.

I smell another 100+ post thread, time for some X2 before i get an urge to educate all those kids.

This comment was edited on Dec 16, 14:19.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
20. Re: Skewed data Dec 16, 2003, 13:43 4D-Boxing
One thing that i find odd, everytime i go to that eb website it's a pc game on top of the best seller list. EB is only one franchise, but i thought they where one of the more popular ones since they get games early.

I doubt that EB put that stat up so people like me can use it to determeine the stat of the industry so i imagine it's not 100% accurate.

"That quote couldn't categorize you any more accurately than if you had a tatoo on your forehead that said 'NOOB'"

Well said Islander, such blatant stupidity must be an attempt to start a flame war. Everytime a story like that comes out someone like Jerry become a memeber just to post BS.

This comment was edited on Dec 16, 13:53.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Screenshots
35. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2003, 17:26 4D-Boxing
"Link, please."

Dude, you actually thought i was being serious? Sorry about that i should have added the sarcasme symbole, i just meant that by the time that whole fisaco of the pc is resolved the Xbox version is probably going to be ready.
I really did not think anyone took those HL2 press releases seriously anymore.

This comment was edited on Dec 15, 17:27.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Screenshots
10. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2003, 15:32 4D-Boxing
"So like.. when are they gonna release it!"

Sadly, when the X-BOX version is done!

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
22. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 14, 2003, 12:50 4D-Boxing
Despite all the games that where set back to 2004, 2003 turned out to be anincediblr year for PC gaming. Someone added Tron 2.0 that should be considered as a candidate also... now that i think about it it migh pick up Tron but so i doubt i'll ave time to play it.

When is the next recall? Dantastic for Governor !!!!!

This comment was edited on Dec 14, 12:51.
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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
17. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 14, 2003, 01:42 4D-Boxing
I can't beleive i did not mention kotor... that is capital crime in here! Yes KOTOR is a candidate for goty.

"they may be CANDIDATES but KOTOR is the clear choice for winner"

LOL that's good man we need more people with your passion for games ... what happened with BF942 i thought that was the best thing according the Dantastic institute of Technology

KOTOR is just aimed at a younger crowd than the games i named. My selection would be for gamers 30 and over aka senior citizen gamers like myself.

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News Comments > Homeworld 2 Postmortem
11. Re: Real Moral of the Story Dec 13, 2003, 19:47 4D-Boxing
This was my first rts, i was amazed at how easy it was to finish. I can't comment on the lack of innovation since iy was my first rts but I have to admit that the game got a bit tedious at first with all the racing arround to build a fleet before the next mission.

I traded the game in for X2 but if they release an expansion i might just get a used copy! Along with MP2 and X2 i believe this is a candidate for GOTY. I just wish more games had that level of polish with the feel of being in truely epic game!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
4. Re: X2 review Dec 12, 2003, 12:54 4D-Boxing
Weird review maybe from an amateur reviewer!
I think the guy that did the review bever bothered to read the manual. IF you follow the tips they give you, your progress through the game game will be fast and easy but keep in mind that this is a huge open game in a huge unuverse. NPCs give you all the info you need to progree and as long as you have a basic understanding of economics (buy low sell high) it should be easy sailing.

The guy complains about the save?!?! Well the game was designed to simulate space, instead of respawning where you died you need insurance just like in real life if you are not you loose your investement if you run into trouble. It takes no time be able to save anywhere since making cash trading is a breeze!

The guy says:" Also, the game isn't very well balanced in the beginning. You are allowed to push forward into areas even when lacking the ship needed to survive their denizens."
LOL either the guy $ucks or thinks he can just pick any mission point click and all the enemies are a gonna go away! This is not Freelancer click fest wnere there is no real dog fighting. IF you can't dogfight forget it!

To resume my opinion of X2, the game is everything freelancer and other space sims wanted to achieve it's more ambitious than battlecruiser was but it's done right!
The only down side, you need a good pc, but since this game will stay on your hard drive for years it will only look and play better with every upgrade!

Check out the bleus archives there have been a few reviews of this game and all have been positive. Some do not realise that you can save anywhere and take of points but the only bad things are the system requirement and cut scenes. I do not care about cut scenes and have a good pc so the game is flawless for me.

PS. i've had the game for a week now and to me it's the best game i've played in years! Don't forget everything in the universe can be purchased and upgraded from space stations to mines.

X2 review:

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News Comments > Site Seeing - Unreal Tournament
13. Re: welcome to society Dec 11, 2003, 15:57 4D-Boxing
"Well, Halo made futuristic vehicular combat "cool" and "popular". And just like in high school - everyone wants to be cool and popular."

I always thought that battlezone made futuristic vehicular combat "cool" & "popular" and that hidden and dangerous was the first game after that to try the formula etc...

One could also say that wolfenstein made fps "cool" and "popular" and now everyone wants to be "cool" and "popular"

I know i should not pay attention to such an obvious attempt to start a flame war but, it's a slow day at work.

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News Comments > Far Cry Beta Sign-ups
28. Re: OMG Dec 8, 2003, 17:19 4D-Boxing
"Unless companies compensated HUNDREDS of testers there's no way to have this done with paid testers. Thinking so is a bit unreasonable."

Ask Nintendo how many beta testers they have on staff? LOL yeah really unreasonable! Unless the testers are grade school kids you won't need 100 for a single game! One pro beta tester is worth 50 online sign-ups.

" Played the beta, loved the beta, but never bought the full version because two weeks of beta testing was enough to fill me on the game."

Man i will buy a McDonald fanchise and hire you and your biddies and give you free burgers, when ever we get a special like the bacon mushroom melt you'll get to eat some weeks before erveryone else and i'll get rich!!!!

Time is money, But i also understand that as long as their are people willing to do half a$$ job for free that is the way companies will go!

This comment was edited on Dec 8, 17:19.
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News Comments > Far Cry Beta Sign-ups
20. Re: OMG Dec 8, 2003, 16:46 4D-Boxing
You have the right to have that opinion, but expect most PC games to keep coming out with bugs and patches being released with the games until most beta testers get compensated. If you are beta testing a patch thenok no pay but a full product come on.

Like you said you get to play the game in advance, once you have what motivates you to help the dev tram improve the product? Unless they are communist money will be the only way to motivate them. It's like expecting people to do the registration and send in the bugs they find in a game. I've never heard of anybody doing that!

That is why console have QA departements and beta testing departements!! It just makes good business sense to make sure your product is good. Look at the way console games sell!!

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