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Signed On Oct 31, 2003, 19:46
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News Comments > DOOM 3 Benchmarks Follow-up
89. Re: Jul 24, 2004, 22:19 4D-Boxing
"Shit, what the hell does any of it matter, as long as ATI keeps releasing drivers full of graphical glitches? It happens -EVERY SINGLE TIME-. "

Ignorance is bliss! I bet this guy does not even own an ATI card and he dares say B.S. like this. I've had a 9700pro since 5 months after it was released and I've never even had a single graphical glitch or any glitch what so ever. Anyways if you cant set up a PC correctly by an X-BOX but don't spread B.S. about bad drivers. That story died years ago. It's like saying you can't play FPS on a console cause they only use gamepads, everybody knows that's BS cause you can buy a mouse and keyboard for most consoles. Anyways I'll let this MyRealName Troll get back to hunting for forums to spread his ignorance.

These guys talk like Nvidia is their god and that somehow by spreading the Nvidia gospal they'll get a job or freebies lol! All these Box vs Ps2 ATI vs Nvidia or PC vs Consoles is a waist of time. Just enjoy the hardware and the price drops that result from stiff competion. Learn to govern your passions and you wont end up like Matt Burris from 3DGPU, the guy went crazy in his own forum after the geforce FX came out!

This comment was edited on Jul 24, 22:20.
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News Comments > Crytek and EA
27. Re: Re UBI SOFT Jul 23, 2004, 13:10 4D-Boxing
Raven shield came out perfect to lol! I guess things are going from bad to worst. I can't remeber the last good thing to come out of EA. Probably BF1942 after the patching was done. The last 2 NFS with the handfull of tracks was not my cup of tea, love NFS but need tracks and not just mixing up a few tracks like was done in HP2 and underground. Bottom line I agree with those who say don't get your hopes up when it comes to futur cryteck games unless you own an x-box or a ps2 wich is not a bad thing if you're a console guy!

With the story about the guys trying to leave UBI for EA and now this maybe UBI will wake up and listen to the community. I doubt it, and that's why we've seen so many companies fold these past few years. I can see UBI not showing much growth for the next few years and being bought out by MS!

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch
35. Re: PS 3/0 Jul 21, 2004, 15:02 4D-Boxing
well said Protoz. The only way PS3 will be needed is if the engine used to make far cry becomes widely used by games devs. With HL2 and Doom3 taking all the hype I doubt it will happen.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch
29. Re: PS 3/0 Jul 21, 2004, 14:21 4D-Boxing
directX 9.0c can be downloaded with the beta version of service pack 2. File name xpsp2_2162_IANAG

Got this on the 18th.

To UBI...don't pull off another raven shield, release an SDK or kill the idea so people can move on.

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News Comments > Joint Ops Patch
13. Re: No subject Jul 16, 2004, 12:57 4D-Boxing
I think that was one of their features, then again I'm on my way to pick up the game. I figure this where all the DC players migrated to. I can see how the physics or lack of physics could be a problem for someone who been into team based vehucular wafare for a long time. I saw a review on TV where they showed a guy landing a chopper upside down on top of a tank lol! I just switched from deathmatch to DC an never really bother with the vehicules, in other words for a FPS newbie like myself it should be perfect!

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch News
24. Re: Who cares? Jul 16, 2004, 07:29 4D-Boxing
With UBI i think it should be expected. They are making big bucks on the console side so the pc side is pretty much dead. I think people are still waiting for their Raven sheild SDK!! Now the rest of the world can see why people from UBI montreal are running to the new EA Montreal offices! From this point on I think it's safe to assume that UBI is an X-Box game developer.

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News Comments > Derek Smart and Freespace 3?
79. Re: US Constitution Jul 15, 2004, 23:41 4D-Boxing
I'm not to worried about Freespace3, Smart can have it! After Freespace2 I don't care anymore. No joystick no love... even with the patch...

R.I.P. Wing commander series!!!

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News Comments > French WBC3 Patch
2. Re: What did they add? Jul 12, 2004, 12:24 4D-Boxing
No that option was added to the new BF mod! The one based in west Africa ...where the US marines are stationed on a carrier a few miles of the coast and they watch the locals get killed then they go to shore hit the US embassy get the employees out and watch the locals pile dead bodies at the gates of the embassy. And then the Marines turn tail and run!

Despite the fact that French civilians in an entire town put their lives in danger and hide 5000 Jews while their town was occupied the French are still depicted as cowards. That is based on incidents during WW2 but my little story is based on stories that happened after 2000!!!!!

If you are going to make fun of France do it right! Make fun of the fact that they are racist state with racist laws not BS about courage! Yeah I Do not like France, I've seen first hand how minorities are treated over there!

Anyways that's enough for today’s class, I'll let you kids absorb the knowledge.

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News Comments > Universal Combat Expansion
54. Re: No subject Jul 8, 2004, 16:06 4D-Boxing
"Ah yes, a typical news day at the [hog] farm for 'tards."

No wonder this title went straight to the bargain bin! Now that's marketing. This is the kind of developers all publishers dream of having. Why a grown man would post such nonsense is beyond me. This is what you call professionalism. His behavior explains why he had to pretend to have a PHD. If as a business man and a developer he post stuff like this it's safe to assume he could never make it through a PHD program.

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News Comments > Joint Operations Patch
13. Re: Bleh. Jul 7, 2004, 18:29 4D-Boxing
" I don't understand the question... what camping?"
Like I said I donot own the game, in other words this is all based on ehat people have said in here and in reviews.

"The last-but-not-least element that keeps the game from breaking through to something consistently fun is, ironically, the way vehicles are set up. In addition to having no tanks or planes, only the attack chopper lets you operate the vehicle and shoot things at the same time. Everything else is like driving an extremely death-prone bus. And the Stinger and AT4 launchers are so powerful that the passenger vehicles become killboxes if you dare stay inside for more than a minute.............Nerf the snipers and add some attack vehicles, and it could be a real barn stormer. " from one review.

Some people complained about camping so I brought it up. As to the question of hoe a vehicule could help, simple a fast moving jeep with a gun mounted on it could help someone get to a sniper while being to fast to hit. Thisis just an example.

As for your other questions. "Not sure what you are looking for in regards to fixes"

From another review: "With that said, Joint Operations is already a great game with still more potential for improvement. When it really gets going, it's an exhilarating game of modern combat, albeit one that's also weighed down with some bugs and gameplay issues. For what it's worth, the same was true of Battlefield 1942 when it shipped, though that game's growing pains seem long forgotten by now."
Most reviews i've read have a comment similar to this one.

Since you've had a great experience with the game I assume that th earlier pathes helped and that the game is worth buying.

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News Comments > Joint Operations Patch
11. Re: Bleh. Jul 7, 2004, 14:48 4D-Boxing
I thought the last patch fixed te router insues. At least that was what pepole where saying in here after testing the last patch. How much gameplay isues does this fix? Any sign of new vehicules to offset the camping? I don't own the game I just want to know how much has been fix, I decided to wait before buying like i did with BF... once BF was patched good I bought the game same should happen with JO if they do a good job.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Movies
32. Re: Jul 6, 2004, 16:46 4D-Boxing
Don't worry about those guys, they will be the ones standing in line with their mom or big brother to buy the game cause of it's rating!

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News Comments > Joint Operations Patch
2. Re: Another one? Jul 5, 2004, 17:25 4D-Boxing
last patch destroyed ATI rendering this one fixes it. At leat that"s what I've heard. Yeah new patch.

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News Comments > Windows XP Game Advisor
13. Re: Unwarranted Bottlenecking Jun 29, 2004, 23:33 4D-Boxing
Well Said!
This comment was edited on Jun 29, 23:40.
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News Comments > VU Games Cuts
16. Re: Will computer games rise again? Jun 21, 2004, 18:12 4D-Boxing
It'a all about gameplay and polish! So many compamies complain about sales but how many release games with the type of polish we've seen in titles such as UT2k4? I've seen ps2 games that where considered not good enough to be published on consoles be published on the PC. If Sony realized that the game sucked and that it had to many bugs why would you waist money packaging it and putting it on the shelves. Maybe they like getting horrible reviews that make people avoid their products... I'm not saying that ut2k4 is perfect game but at least it did not ship like BF:V.

PC gaming will be arround for a long time just cause it offers a different experience.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 18:27.
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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
35. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 17:27 4D-Boxing
Dread lol! Trying to start a war in here? " I can't help but think PC gaming is taking it's final ride into the sunset. "

Yeah that's what people where saying on CNN and online in 1998 when the Dreamcast came out! What happened to the dreamcast? Anyways bottom line is that all platforms will survive (pc and consoles) just because they are different beasts. I'm 31 and grew up playing PC games. I've tried console games but never found them to be any fun. Console gamers feel the same way about PC gaming, they've never found pc games to be much fun. The only way one platform or the other can die is if all gamers become a homogenized mass with the exact same tastes. In other words dream on! As a PC gamer I would never dare comment on the stat of console gaming like you did, just because I do not have all the info and you should follow the same strategy. Do not comment on stuff you know nothing about.

Shows like E3 should be open to the public that way people can have a clear picture of the state the industry is in.

time to let the 15 year old kids take over the discussion, 5:30 EST the all the kids should be home and loging on!

PS. We've all seen what happened in Afghanistan, fanatics never prevail. Think before you post and do a little research and you won't advertise your ignorance to the entire world.

This comment was edited on May 27, 17:34.
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News Comments > Site Seeing - NFS: Underground 2
34. Re: I enjoyed the game May 18, 2004, 19:06 4D-Boxing
I also enjoyed the game but not for long. The game is not a sim so did not expect realism, but it would be nice to have a simulation option along with the arcade mode. I've been playing NFS since the first one, I wish they woould take al the tracks from the previous NFS games and bundle them in the next game. The first Underground had the same problem as Hot pursuit 2.... not enough tracks. Despite the variation all tracks felt almost the same. From what I've read in the past people did not like the tracks in the first NFS but i loved the variety offered by the segmented tracks like Alpine. I've played so many NFS games in the past that i finished HP2 and Underground in a day. At this point the the AI is weak for me in those games so i have to play online for some challenge, but EA has serious cheating problems with their NFS games.

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News Comments > Morning Previews
2. Re: Wowzers May 13, 2004, 15:32 4D-Boxing
I know this is off topic but between UT2k4 and BFV wich game has the most players and are both games getting at least 8000 players a night?

As for BF2, i'm looking forward to that game! With a properly supported SDK BF2 could become a cult classic a la CS.

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News Comments > ATI/Counter-Strike 2 Bundle?
5. Re: LOL May 10, 2004, 11:12 4D-Boxing
After reading how Steam killed a CPL event on the day it was to start I thought everybody learned their lesson! HL2 was supposed to ship with the 9600/9800 XT now the X800 and x800 xt will come out and HL2 will not be ready! CS2 will probably use HL2 tech so don't hold your breath on this one.

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News Comments > BF1942 for Mac
13. Re: Don't listen to these naysayers. Mar 25, 2004, 21:51 4D-Boxing

Thanks for educating EJ! Some people just never learn poor EJ

This comment was edited on Mar 25, 21:51.
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