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Nickname 4D-Boxing
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Signed On Oct 31, 2003, 19:46
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News Comments > Windows XP Game Advisor
13. Re: Unwarranted Bottlenecking Jun 29, 2004, 23:33 4D-Boxing
Well Said!
This comment was edited on Jun 29, 23:40.
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News Comments > VU Games Cuts
16. Re: Will computer games rise again? Jun 21, 2004, 18:12 4D-Boxing
It'a all about gameplay and polish! So many compamies complain about sales but how many release games with the type of polish we've seen in titles such as UT2k4? I've seen ps2 games that where considered not good enough to be published on consoles be published on the PC. If Sony realized that the game sucked and that it had to many bugs why would you waist money packaging it and putting it on the shelves. Maybe they like getting horrible reviews that make people avoid their products... I'm not saying that ut2k4 is perfect game but at least it did not ship like BF:V.

PC gaming will be arround for a long time just cause it offers a different experience.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 18:27.
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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
35. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 17:27 4D-Boxing
Dread lol! Trying to start a war in here? " I can't help but think PC gaming is taking it's final ride into the sunset. "

Yeah that's what people where saying on CNN and online in 1998 when the Dreamcast came out! What happened to the dreamcast? Anyways bottom line is that all platforms will survive (pc and consoles) just because they are different beasts. I'm 31 and grew up playing PC games. I've tried console games but never found them to be any fun. Console gamers feel the same way about PC gaming, they've never found pc games to be much fun. The only way one platform or the other can die is if all gamers become a homogenized mass with the exact same tastes. In other words dream on! As a PC gamer I would never dare comment on the stat of console gaming like you did, just because I do not have all the info and you should follow the same strategy. Do not comment on stuff you know nothing about.

Shows like E3 should be open to the public that way people can have a clear picture of the state the industry is in.

time to let the 15 year old kids take over the discussion, 5:30 EST the all the kids should be home and loging on!

PS. We've all seen what happened in Afghanistan, fanatics never prevail. Think before you post and do a little research and you won't advertise your ignorance to the entire world.

This comment was edited on May 27, 17:34.
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News Comments > Site Seeing - NFS: Underground 2
34. Re: I enjoyed the game May 18, 2004, 19:06 4D-Boxing
I also enjoyed the game but not for long. The game is not a sim so did not expect realism, but it would be nice to have a simulation option along with the arcade mode. I've been playing NFS since the first one, I wish they woould take al the tracks from the previous NFS games and bundle them in the next game. The first Underground had the same problem as Hot pursuit 2.... not enough tracks. Despite the variation all tracks felt almost the same. From what I've read in the past people did not like the tracks in the first NFS but i loved the variety offered by the segmented tracks like Alpine. I've played so many NFS games in the past that i finished HP2 and Underground in a day. At this point the the AI is weak for me in those games so i have to play online for some challenge, but EA has serious cheating problems with their NFS games.

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News Comments > Morning Previews
2. Re: Wowzers May 13, 2004, 15:32 4D-Boxing
I know this is off topic but between UT2k4 and BFV wich game has the most players and are both games getting at least 8000 players a night?

As for BF2, i'm looking forward to that game! With a properly supported SDK BF2 could become a cult classic a la CS.

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News Comments > ATI/Counter-Strike 2 Bundle?
5. Re: LOL May 10, 2004, 11:12 4D-Boxing
After reading how Steam killed a CPL event on the day it was to start I thought everybody learned their lesson! HL2 was supposed to ship with the 9600/9800 XT now the X800 and x800 xt will come out and HL2 will not be ready! CS2 will probably use HL2 tech so don't hold your breath on this one.

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News Comments > BF1942 for Mac
13. Re: Don't listen to these naysayers. Mar 25, 2004, 21:51 4D-Boxing

Thanks for educating EJ! Some people just never learn poor EJ

This comment was edited on Mar 25, 21:51.
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News Comments > Rag Doll Kung Fu Revealed
12. Re: No subject Mar 24, 2004, 18:51 4D-Boxing
Just wondering why they didn't just make it gamepad controlled... Now days you can buy gamepad for 20$. I guess they want to make something different not just your old fashion tekken type game. From the video trailer i can tell someone at Lionhead has been hittin' the old bleu micro-dot.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: Athena Sword
9. Re: SDK Mar 10, 2004, 20:06 4D-Boxing
No SDK + ati fsaa bugs + having to join UBI funk to get online = trade in at EB for BF vietnam.

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News Comments > Origin Closure Official
20. Re: whelp.... Feb 26, 2004, 23:49 4D-Boxing
..yeah i still have my old WC boot disc! MAn the Good old days, out numbered out gunned.... with only one gun left and after burners fighting of 15 Kilrathi ships in an asteroid field just to get back to the concordia thinking the mission was over and face a surprise kilrathi attack! THat's the only game i've played for 12 hours straight without even realizing it... used to stop when the sun came up.. ah the good old days!


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News Comments > Far Cry Movie
12. Re: *whew* Feb 25, 2004, 01:14 4D-Boxing
EricTheMad Thanks for correcting me on that one!

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News Comments > Far Cry Movie
6. Re: *whew* Feb 24, 2004, 19:53 4D-Boxing
25 million wow...I remember when wing commander 4 i think it was made the cover of pc gamer cause it had a 12 million dollar budget making it the most expensive game ever made for it's time. Ah Ginger Ginger Ginger lol!

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News Comments > R.I.P. Origin?
32. Re: No subject Feb 24, 2004, 16:35 4D-Boxing
The most fun i've ever had playing video games was with the wing commander series. At 30 almost 31 years of age it's sad to see wing commander die in the hands of EA. I don't know if EA got so big that they lost the ability to innovate or their just stupid but their is so much that could have been done with the WC franchise. After loosing WC, system shock and mech worrior i'm starting to worry about the PC gaming industry, it's almost like publishers are trying to sabotage PC gaming. Now we are going to get a wave of vietnam games, copy cats are going to release their versions and cry that PC games can't sell instead of trying to innovate.
IT's almost like publishers are clueless, i mean so many people cry out for SS3 and nothing. I know their are some issues about who owns the rights to System shock but with demand being so great their is a way to big bucks with the game and keep everybody happy so i feel their is a lack of effort. Fallout3, Grim Fandango2 would also be very good sellers but their does not seem to be any sign of them being made.
I really don't get what's going on in the industry, it's almost like the people who make mods are the keeping pc gaming alive cause they actually listen to what pc gamers want! One could just come in the blue's forums and listen to people start a gaming company and make a killing if they had the money!

Sorry for the long erratic rant but it's heart breaking to see PC gaming fall apart!

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo
174. Re: Impressions Feb 12, 2004, 19:30 4D-Boxing
Well i have to sy i like the game but i'm not crazy about the weapons. I remeber playing some cool mutators for 2k3 that had awsome weapons to bad epic did not add those to the game. Anyways i downloaded some file that make it possible to benchmark the demo... sorry but i lost the link and i'll do my best to post it if can ever find it. the file name is ut2004_benchmarks it's zip.

here are some results:

23.249989 / 55.476536 / 116.346390 fps
Score = 55.561737

14.712203 / 34.024139 / 63.221336 fps
Score = 34.067547

7.401999 / 52.030266 / 84.513458 fps
Score = 52.117577

18.886776 / 71.126160 / 147.276764 fps
Score = 71.192108

22.608229 / 73.440186 / 167.051559 fps
Score = 73.550560

26.967857 / 54.276047 / 113.440262 fps
Score = 54.343727

14.943078 / 33.967804 / 63.579632 fps
Score = 34.010757

7.358844 / 52.431168 / 89.700851 fps
Score = 52.500813

18.380022 / 70.491859 / 133.496582 fps
Score = 70.549942

22.905825 / 74.193497 / 160.032303 fps
Score = 74.298218

that's on a p4 2.53@ 2.75
512mb pc800 rdram and
9700pro @ 344/324

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News Comments > Thief: Deadly Shadows Website
14. Re: Mainstream doesn't always equal good Feb 12, 2004, 18:57 4D-Boxing
@Xenos Overdrive

I understand what your saying. I believe people are reacting this way because of the news update that mentioned adding 3rd person perspective to the game. With what happened to DX:IW the 3rd person stuff just reinforces the fears that PC gamers have about their games being converted into console games or becoming console friendly. I'm trying to keep an open mind about the game until I play a demo but i have to admit i'm not feeling optimist. I have nothing against consoles, but their has been a trend in the gaming industry where games are being made to be please to all platforms in order maximize the return on investment.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo
167. Re: File Planet rockin ass Feb 12, 2004, 15:19 4D-Boxing
"24 minutes to download a 209 meg file at 142 KBS

I guess paying a small amount has its advantages you fags"

LOL i got the same performance downloading from the atari site for free. Some people are just sad!

Anyways the game is better than i expected. I have to play a bit more to get a solid opinion but it's looking good up to now.

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News Comments > Stargate Game Plans
31. Re: No subject Feb 5, 2004, 17:10 4D-Boxing
This could be great if done well. I can see a FPS like system shock 2. They could give us the option to play Ine of the 4 characters from the show each with a different syle of play Jack all arround, Carter hacker, Jackson or Jonah as the stealth guy, and Teal'k as the Run and gun. All or some characters would join up and work together in certain sections in others you go alone.

I almost forgot, with the Gliders and other vehicules this could be awsome online.... MP5's, P90s, Zats, staffs, Even the big staff taken from the GLider( like in one of the episodes) plus all the current real world guns & explosives they've had on the show.
This comment was edited on Feb 5, 17:19.
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News Comments > TRIBES Departure
21. Re: ... Feb 4, 2004, 14:26 4D-Boxing
Grow up kid! If Marweas was as good as some claim and did his job he would still be there! With a comment that starts with" HW2 homogays stfu." lol i guess you're still in junior high! If Marweas did not know what to expect when dealing with gamers through forums well, that says alot about him. Anyways Marweas is out wich is good for all the gaming communities.

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News Comments > TRIBES Departure
3. Re: The Man of HW2 Infamy? Feb 3, 2004, 23:35 4D-Boxing
That guy wont be missed by any community! I dont get how someone with so little common sense was hired as a community liaison. I hope the new guy listens to the community and relays their feedback. IF Marweas had done that maybe TRIBES Vengeance would have kept the 64player support that was present in the previous version and people would not complain.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 in Summer at Soonest
71. Re: No subject Feb 3, 2004, 14:45 4D-Boxing
I read this a few months ago, some site had said fall release maybe summer. Valve knows it dropped the ball on this one and now they have to release the xbox version at the same time as the pc version just to break even. Well that's just my theory for the insane delay!

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