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News Comments > Shadowrun Returns DRM Clarified
67. Re: Shadowrun Returns DRM Clarified Apr 14, 2013, 10:41 Krovven
Kajetan wrote on Apr 14, 2013, 10:21:
Where did it say that DRM free was only for backers? Please enlighten me, oh wise one!

From the FAQ on their Kickstarter page.

How will the game be distributed when it's released to the public? What about DRM-free?
For mobile tablets, Shadowrun Returns will be available via iTunes, Android Marketplace, and the Amazon Android marketplace. For PC/Mac/Linux, the game will be available DRM-free from our website. We are also looking into a Steam release (and potentially Humble Bundle as well).

Last updated: Monday Apr 23, 6:39pm EDT

What type of account system/DRM can we expect?
While the details are still being worked out, we hate draconian DRM as much as the next guy. We expect there will be an account system but it would be primarily used to enable the social elements of the game like mission and character sharing--not to restrict access to the game itself.

Last updated: Monday Apr 23, 6:38pm EDT

At no point did they say the game would be completely DRM free forever either. They quite explicitly stated there would be at the very least an account based system. Note the dates on their FAQ answers, that's 2012. They hid nothing, they lied about nothing.

As usual this amounts to idiots that can't read and are complaining for the sake of complaining.
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Origins Revealed
25. Re: Batman: Arkham Origins Revealed Apr 9, 2013, 20:28 Krovven
Overon wrote on Apr 9, 2013, 20:10:
I suspect, based on nothing concrete, that taking the new batman out of rocksteady's hands was more to do with lowest bidder winning the development bid.

Right...that's why the rumor has it that Rocksteady is working on another game for Warner. Another Batman game, possibly even a Justice League game, possibly to tie in with the JC movie they are working on.

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News Comments > Torment Kickstarter Concludes
17. Re: Torment Kickstarter Concludes Apr 6, 2013, 00:54 Krovven
Ahh that makes more sense. In their comments on the Kickstarter page, they were leaving out the record was limited to the video game category.

Looking forward to Torment, especially now that they have shown us just a taste. Now I really need to finish Planescape Torment before this comes out. I have so many unfinished RPG's.

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News Comments > Torment Kickstarter Concludes
4. Re: Torment Kickstarter Concludes Apr 5, 2013, 22:09 Krovven
A record that will be broken in 7 days.  
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News Comments > Red Orchestra OS X Edition & Maps Released; Free RO2 Weekend Underway
10. Re: Red Orchestra 2 OS X Edition & Maps Released; Free Weekend Underway Apr 5, 2013, 18:10 Krovven
SpectralMeat wrote on Apr 5, 2013, 08:18:
I am still having the this issue with RO2, that I have no idea who is on my team and who is the enemy? I am sure I am a n00b but man last night I got into a game and kept aiming at people and not shooting them because I wasn't sure if they are on my team or not.
I usually just see where my team mates run when I spawn and shoot in the general direction where they shoot
I should probably play this more often and I would know better.

I had the same problem in the small amount of time I've played RO2. Just look at your teammates when you spawn, so you know what they look like. Once you get an idea on where they are coming from during the game, what buildings are being attacked, should be able to figure it out.
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News Comments > SEGA Scolded Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers?
30. Re: SEGA Scolded Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers? Apr 3, 2013, 18:25 Krovven
There is more than one video out there with major gameplay differences, showing the labs and other story stuff.

I'd still like to know the whole story and the truth about what happened and by who. Doubt we'll ever get it though. But from what I can piece together, Gearbox had done some work, passed it over to TimeGate and they fucked it all up. Multiplayer (and Bug Hunt) was done by Nerve and is quite good. The post-release patch work Gearbox has done, has also been good.

After the 4gig patch a couple weeks ago, the game looks a lot better and closer to that of these videos.

Bug Hunt is a blast, and would recommend people give it a shot if the game (and DLC) hits a price point they are comfortable with. Bug Hunt is basically the gameplay of Nazi Zombies from the CoD games.

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News Comments > Borderlands 2 DLC and Patch Released
22. Re: Borderlands 2 DLC and Patch Released Apr 3, 2013, 18:10 Krovven
Mad Max RW wrote on Apr 3, 2013, 11:16:
If Gearbox was a restaurant or ice cream shop or whatever place that sells food as rotten as A:CM they'd be closed by the health department. There's the analogy you're looking for.

So is this a person that bought and played ACM, has played it post patch, has played Bug Hunt with friends? Do you have any hands-on experience with the game? I highly doubt it.

As with most people that continue to talk about how bad ACM is, they have never even played it, or have not played it post patch. The games visuals and Ai that everyone ripped to shit, are far better than they were at launch. While the campaign story is weak and doesn't make a lot of sense, it's still a solid jaunt coop shooter best played with other people on the hardest difficulty.

Bug Hunt, is the first DLC released and it's excellent. 3 of us that took the chance on ACM, only to be largely be disappointed, have sunk many hours into the game playing Bug Hunt. Multiplayer is also solid, Aliens control well, but sadly the Matchmaking system sucks balls and even at launch when there were people playing, it was impossible to find a game.

AvP2010 averages 66 on Metacritic. ACM averages 44. AvP2010 was fucking awful, unplayable in many ways, the campaigns were worse than ACM and was abandoned after release. Swap the score averages and things will be a bit more accurate. With Bug Hunt, I'd even bump ACM's score over the 70 mark.

With Gearbox still committed to supporting ACM post release, the game has already improved greatly. I just hope maybe some free multiplayer weekends with sales, some more people will give the coop and multiplayer a shot.

I bought BL2 at launch, skipped the DLC...and while it was better than Borderlands in many ways...I still find it quite dull and have only put 8 hours more into BL2 than I have ACM. And quite frankly, I have more fun in ACM coop than I do BL2 coop.

This comment was edited on Apr 3, 2013, 18:16.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite
80. Re: Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite Mar 27, 2013, 07:34 Krovven
Verno wrote on Mar 27, 2013, 07:22:

I don't know that 30 minutes of gameplay and a few minor quibbles would cause me to drastically lower my opinion of an otherwise great product but you can make that...claim if you like. The "irony" is thats the kind of thing you stomp your feet and wail at other people about doing here. If you actually read the posts in the threads here, you'll find the majority are positive but have listed specific complaints, I don't see any hypocrisy going on. For example people have cited aspects about the gameplay, the save system, technical issues, etc.

The BoosNews stuff is just LOL. Stop bein so durned positive guys!!

Shocker, Verno trying to antagonize me again.

They were initial impressions. I stated as such. My comments on the lack of graphical features, was to point out that nobody had even mentioned them yet. Which I found to be rather amusing considering how many folks around here rip into everything because they don't have those features.

Would you care to contradict that the game has no dynamic lighting, no physics, no volumetric smoke, no mirror reflections, horrible breaking glass? Good luck, cus you can't. They were just observations. I play plenty of games that don't have those features. But considering the love this game is getting, and nobody had mentioned was worth mentioning.

I'm not hating on the game because of the lack of graphical features. I've even said to friends recently, I don't care if games have pre-baked lighting if they make good use of it and the game is good. Which this game does make good use of it. I also stated I could not comment too much on the gameplay as I had only played for 30min. But there are things obviously lacking. You have a problem with me posting initial impressions, that people asked for? Too fucking bad.

So far, I still don't think it's a 95% game. As I play more that may go up from my thoughts on it being an 80% game. I also don't think the original Bioshock was a 95% game either.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, I didn't think Aliens Colonial Marines was a 30% game, especially when compared to the last AvP game which averaged 65% and I found to be a far far worse (and more importantly un-fun) game than ACM.

This comment was edited on Mar 27, 2013, 07:43.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite
79. Re: Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite Mar 27, 2013, 07:24 Krovven
I've played some more and I have to admit the game is getting better. Still not a fan of the whole religious theme.

Equipable gear with bonus effects (new), Vigors (spells) have a primary and alt ability (new). The alt ability so far is just a trap form of the primary attack. There are upgrades in the vending machines. As someone mentioned already though, there doesn't seem to be weapon upgrades.

Control on the rails is solid. I was a little worried about this.

Lots of little things to praise, but also lots of little things to complain about too. Lack of modern graphical features aside, the game looks great. The artists did an amazing job.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite
77. Re: Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite Mar 27, 2013, 05:41 Krovven
Dev wrote on Mar 27, 2013, 04:41:
Well, when you are designing for the lowest common denominator with 500 megs of ram and obsolete graphics and CPU, that kinda thing happens.

These graphics features have also been around for YEARS now and there are console games that DO have all or some of these graphics features.

And my point was more about the love this game is getting from PC players, when it's missing many graphical features compared to other games while using an engine that is capable of those features, has dumbed down game mechanics from Bioshock (some folks here said the mechanics in Bioshock were dumbed down)...yet people still singing it's praises.

I haven't played far enough yet to get a sense of the game as a whole, I haven't even got to Elizabeth yet. These are all things I noticed within the first 30 minutes of play. My initial perception of the game is more of an 80% game than a 95% game. I'm not saying the game is bad by any stretch. I'm merely pointing out the irony and hypocrisy that is so prevalent around here.

This comment was edited on Mar 27, 2013, 05:58.
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News Comments > Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping
25. Re: Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping Mar 27, 2013, 05:22 Krovven
Dev wrote on Mar 27, 2013, 03:31:
Does the fact that Kevin used mostly social engineering for his exploits mean that people don't call him a hacker?

Assuming you are talking about Mitnick, he was a hacker. He hacked into networks, stole personal information, exploited it and profited from it to the detriment of thousands of people. He continued to do it while running from the law. He was tried and convicted for hacking into a network and stealing software, not for social engineering.

People that cheat in games don't goto jail. People that hack servers to steal credit card and personal information, goto jail.

As for the rollback policy, it's the same for WoW, difference is that WoW's items are Bind on Equip. This isn't a situation where people are duping items at will and bringing thousands upon thousands of duplicate items into the game. A small number of people are submitting for compromised account restoration multiple times and abusing Blizzards policy.

But the point is, the online only requirement for D3 HAS stopped hacks and cheats. I've never seen anyone with duped items, god mode, etc. but I've seen them in just about every single other game I play online. As far as the effectiveness of the system, the account restoration problem is a minor issue that has little impact on the game, certainly nowhere near the scale of D2 duping and won't at all anymore.

My only issue with the change to make these items BoA on account restoration is that legit claims are hurt by it. I'd rather see Blizzard investigate on their end first, users with repeated claims.

Maybe allow one full account restoration. If they make the claim a second time within say 3-6 months, lock the account until they attach an Authenticator to the account. If they keep making the compromised account claim even with an Authenticator...ban them.

Dev wrote on Mar 27, 2013, 03:31:
They did!
For consoles

I've even considered D3 for my PS3...but two things are going to prevent me from buying it for PS3. They aren't using Bnet, so I can't use my existing characters and the shared, non-instanced loot. I've had mostly great experiences playing with random people on Bnet...that would be gone instantly if loot drops were shared.

This comment was edited on Mar 27, 2013, 05:37.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite
73. Re: Ships Ahoy - BioShock Infinite Mar 27, 2013, 04:37 Krovven
The Art Direction and presentation saves the games graphics.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned any of the following things considering how much people pan other games for the same things.

No volumetric smoke (they are static 2d animated sprites and desaturates the colour to make it look like you are in smoke even though there is no smoke), no dynamic lighting, no physics (objects are fixed, dont break or move), mirrors are grey slabs with no reflection. Breaking glass is pathetic, no cracks, no bullet holes, the whole pane just disappears into a few grey particles that instantly fade away.

Considering this is using the U3 engine that can handle all of these things...kinda sad.

Fion covered most of the things wrong with gameplay. A couple things I'll add is that you can no longer loot individual items from containers. It's loot all or none. And the melee executions are awesome...but doing so often sends the body flying over the edge that is out of your control and you don't get to loot.

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News Comments > Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping
8. Re: Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping Mar 26, 2013, 22:05 Krovven
Denthor wrote on Mar 26, 2013, 21:39:
It's no different from any other exploits which later get patched out. Those that exploit early and often generally reap the rewards of doing so.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

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News Comments > Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping
7. Re: Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping Mar 26, 2013, 21:51 Krovven
I've always said I hope they add in offline for those that wanted it. Online required for D3 has never bothered me and hasn't been an issue for me since the first few hours of release. I've also always seen Diablo as a coop game first and a single player game second.

But why would you want shared loot? Ranged classes would get screwed on picking up loot in public games. Borderlands is a perfect example of how not to do loot distribution. Instanced loot when playing coop is one of the best things about Diablo 3.

I also get peoples grievances about the RMAH (just don't use it), but the GAH was needed after the mess that D2 was for trading and buying items. And you can play to at least Inferno without using the GAH at all. After that you will need to spend more time farming gear to progress if you want to avoid the GAH.

I've got 2 characters in Inferno MP5 and have no problem getting Legendary drops (I even screenshot each one in Steam). I'm not currently playing, but as was always intended, it's the kind of game I'll keep going back to now and then.

This comment was edited on Mar 26, 2013, 21:56.
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News Comments > Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping
5. Re: Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping Mar 26, 2013, 21:38 Krovven
Yea, giving the players the benefit of the doubt and even allowing rollbacks on compromised accounts is just fucking horrible of them.

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News Comments > Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping
2. Re: Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Item Duping Mar 26, 2013, 21:30 Krovven
Troll bait headline by Blue. Way to go!

This isn't item duping by way of cheating or using hacks. This is assholes abusing Blizzards account rollback policy for compromised accounts.

Reading comprehension is hard.

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News Comments > CONSORTIUM Kickstarter Redux
10. Re: CONSORTIUM Kickstarter Redux Mar 23, 2013, 20:15 Krovven
jdreyer wrote on Mar 23, 2013, 20:00:
I wish them luck but if you start your pitch by name dropping gamings greatest hits you're not going to get my money. It's just too cheezy.

Did you even look at the Kickstarter page, or the video? I'm guessing no.

Those games are only mentioned on the Steam Greenlight page, not the Kickstarter page. So they didn't start their pitch that way at all. Blue chose to post what was on Steam Greenlight and not on the Kickstarter site.

Basing your opinion of this game on one sentence is just plain ignorant.

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News Comments > CONSORTIUM Kickstarter Redux
9. Re: CONSORTIUM Kickstarter Redux Mar 23, 2013, 20:02 Krovven
I will probably pick this up when it is complete and on Steam down the road. Can't afford to go in on another Kickstarter right now. The 1 key thing that has me most interested in the success of this game...

Gregory Macmartin "...wrote the original game design treatment for Relic’s “Homeworld.”"

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News Comments > Dead Island Riptide Trailer
4. Re: Dead Island Riptide Trailer Mar 22, 2013, 05:10 Krovven
netnerd85 wrote on Mar 22, 2013, 01:47:
we'll see the price.

$32 on GMG right now.

Acleacius wrote on Mar 22, 2013, 03:18:
Too bad there are coming out, next to Bioshock Infinite.

They are coming out a month apart. One shouldn't effect the other much.
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