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News Comments > Morning Q&As
3. Re: RG Feb 8, 2008, 16:00 Bucky
Speaking of Sins, if anyone wants to get together for a match, look me up through Xfire. I'd prefer a Co-op match (a few humans VS AI) since I tend to suck at RTS games and I'm still learning Sins.  
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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire Patch Plans
33. Re: So far so good Feb 7, 2008, 18:40 Bucky
Amazing, Surf. You created a post that sounded like it was written by a 13 year old with an impulse control problem while simultaneously referring to yourself as 'evolved'.

I'd ask if you see the flaw in your reasoning there, but given some of your other posts it is already quite clear that reason is not something you're comfortable with.

Back on Topic:

I'm glad they're lowering the Siege Frigate HP, and I'm really glad they've upped the Pirate timer, though I saw a post by one of the IronClad guys (Blair, I think) in which he was making the argument that the Pirates should be made a touch more powerful to compensate for the frequency reduction, which I agree with. I'm a bit of an economic turtle, so Pirates are a great way for me to get back at those annoying AIs that think they can demand money from me just because I don't have the biggest standing army.

This comment was edited on Feb 7, 18:42.
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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire Patch Plans
19. Re: No subject Feb 7, 2008, 16:33 Bucky
Not to get off topic though, I'm heavily debating on whether or not to get Sins. I'm waiting on a few more official reviews before I make that decision.

Official Review: Teh Awesome.

Seriously, even if you don't like the game it worth supporting a great developer and an absolutely fantastic publisher/developer (Stardock).

I'm having a blast, though I haven't had much time to put into it yet (I've only managed to squeak in 8 hours or so). I love the fact that not only is it a 4X type game, but it's an RTS that finally stresses strategy instead of how quickly you can build shit. That was always my biggest gripe with regular RTSes, it was all about 3 or 4 different strategies and the race to get there. Oh, and the level of micro in Sins is minimal (and can be reduced even further if you wish) to the point where all you have to do is form a fleet and point it at the bad guys while you work on an entirely different side of things. Of you can hop into the battle and micro it to get a bit of benefit, though the AI usually does a good job of taking care of itself.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Sins of a Solar Empire
32. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 23:35 Bucky
it is worse that their fan-base steals from them.

Please don't include people like Surf in your definition of 'fan base'. It's insulting to the rest of us, especially when everything that was said boils down to 'I pirate because I can't wait.'

Ugh. I shouldn't even have responded.

Back on topic.

Can anyone give me a quick breakdown of the three races? For example, one's defensive minded and economic, etc. I'm sure I'll get a feel for 'em all eventually, but I'd like to learn with the one that'll best fit my play style.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Sins of a Solar Empire
19. Re: Woot... Feb 4, 2008, 22:25 Bucky
IIRC they plan on a demo, about a month from now. I believe their first order of business was getting the game out, then they'll work on the demo. Edit: That's just what I picked up lurking the Sins forums, so take all of that with a large grain of salt. I already have the full game, so my level of interest in a demo isn't very high.

Re: The tutorials. They seem a bit sparse to me (all 4 of them taken together) but I think it's just the sheer volume of information that is provided at a glance that is the really overwhelming part. Fortunately a single player game with no one except pirates and neutrals is a great way to settle in, and the tooltips (esp. the info cards) are a huge help.

Now that I've started to get a feel for the game it's coming easier, and having all the info available is damn handy.

Congrats to Ironclad on a game very, very well done. This is one that's gonna consume my life.

This comment was edited on Feb 4, 22:27.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Sins of a Solar Empire
9. Re: Woot... Feb 4, 2008, 20:51 Bucky
err.. where can i find info on how you can outfit your ships? That's something I am really interested in.

It's only with specific things, either through research provided abilities (for instance, some scouts can drop sensor pods onto planets) or through veteran upgrades in the capital ships which are a set of choices based on the ship and race; things like mass driver upgrades or shield upgrades, for instance. From my limited experience the cap ship upgrades tend to be pretty powerful, but are limited by anti-matter quantities (or are weaker if it is a passive always-on effect).

As for the where, I'd assume a wiki will be popping up for this game soon enough. If you have the game you can find it in the manual, either the paper version or the .pdf buried inside the game directory.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Sins of a Solar Empire
6. Re: Woot... Feb 4, 2008, 20:16 Bucky
Thankfully you can start single player games just by yourself. I think I forgot to turn off neutral players so the other planets are defended, but it's a good way to get a feel for the game. Unfortunately when it's just you there no other target for pirate attacks...

I'm enjoying it so far, even if I really don't have much of an idea about what I'm doing. The empire tree really does make controlling things a lot easier, and watching my units do things the smart way (no micro!) is a freakin' dream come true.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
31. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 18:19 Bucky
Heh, just playing through the tutorials I can already tell that they barely scratch the surface. It's probably going to take me a few games against an easy AI just to get settled in.

Oh the horror of it all.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
28. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 17:57 Bucky
My Sins folder is 1.5 GB.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
26. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 17:19 Bucky
And what's ICO?

IronClad Online. It's their game lobby. It does not share your normal Stardock account, it's entirely seperate (and in a strange bit of oversight by Stardock it doesn't just pull in the CD Key from SDC).

Back to the tutorial. I had to quit (I would not recommend beginning your siege when it tells you to--wait until after you've taken out that annoying gauss cannon.)
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 16:46 Bucky
Let me know if you can play, or if we have to wait until tomorrow...

Just had it running. I just popped back out to grab the CD Key off of my email so that I can create an ICO account, then it's off to the tutorials.

If you've got a good rig, check the effects settings as they are a bit tame by default.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2008, 15:48 Bucky
Got my Stardock serials! WHOOOOOOOOO!

Just got home, and Sins is up on SDC. Downloading now. Go faster! Edit: That isn't to say that I'm getting crappy speeds; it's actually got my 5MBit cable maxed.

This comment was edited on Feb 4, 15:49.
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News Comments > New Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Beta
8. Re: GCII... Feb 2, 2008, 16:10 Bucky
One of the things that has impressed me most about Stardock is their post-release support. It's enough just in terms of bug fixing and tweaks, but what's more impressive is that they actually budget time and money for post-release updates like new content and features.

Ironclad is doing the same thing with Sins, with a 0-day 'patch' coming out that will add new stuff.

I have to fight the urge to install Sins beta 4 though; I really want to play it. I guesss I'll fire up the TA beta to keep me quiet.
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News Comments > New Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Beta
2. Re: No subject Feb 2, 2008, 12:38 Bucky
You shouldn't even need the keys, just fire up Stardock Central (or refresh it if it's already running) and download to your hearts content. At least, that's what I did. I don't think I ever did get keys for either. Edit2: Apparently I did get the keys in my email, I just didn't pay attention to it since SDC updated with them. I'd try that first, and if SDC isn't showing the games as available fire off an email to Stardock.

You can get into the GC2:TA beta right away. The Sins beta is still listed in SDC but is unavailable, though Sins should show up in your purchased games listing. I take that back, I just fired opened up SDC and the Sins beta is downloading, though I'm not going to bother playing it seeing as how the final is two days away (Current digital ETA is late Monday).

Edit: As for the when, I pre-ordered about 10 days ago.

This comment was edited on Feb 2, 12:42.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
27. Re: No subject Feb 1, 2008, 16:41 Bucky
Anyone remember when Microsoft was running their Windows Feedback program promo a few months ago? Basically if you let MS track your usage for 3 months they'd give you a free copy of Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate or a couple of other pretty good deals. They actually ended it early because word got out and a ton of people were signing up for it.

I just got an email telling me that I made it in before the cutoff date. Now that I've already picked up Vista Home Premium is it worth getting tracked for 3 months?

List of available stuff:
Vista Ultimate
Office Ultimate 07
Money Plus Premium
Student with Encarta Premium 08
Streets and Trips 08
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News Comments > Gold - Sins of a Solar Empire
13. Re: No subject Jan 29, 2008, 21:02 Bucky
where can i find gameplay videos? i dont see any on the site. I see pics.. but no vids

Look at the news posts. There are several; a dev video blog being the latest along with a clip from X-Play when Brad showed the game a bit further down the page. I'm pretty sure there are several floating around the forums as well, but those are from older betas of the game. Your best bet would be the latest news posts.

Anything Stardock made/published should be insta-buy, even without knowing what it's supposed to be. Great community support and interaction, great games, high levels of polish, phenomenal post-release support (both patches and new content), online updating and delivery, NO DRM, very relaxed license (you own it, stick it on any computer you own, such as a laptop and a desktop).

Yeah, I'm a Stardock fanboy. Damn proud of it, too.
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News Comments > Gold - Sins of a Solar Empire
4. Re: Sins of a Solar Empire... Jan 29, 2008, 17:48 Bucky
I literally just finished watching the Gamespot video blog that Brad did for the game....and damn, I want it. It's already pre-ordered, but I want it now.

We're gonna need to get some huge 10 player FFA match going.
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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Update - New CTF Map
1. Woah Jan 25, 2008, 20:33 Bucky
Haven't played TF2 in weeks, but I'm gonna fire it up right now.

Meh, it isn't that much different from cp_well. The biggest difference I've noticed is that they created an entry point to the upper battlements right inside the sliding doors inside each base.

This comment was edited on Jan 25, 20:41.
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News Comments > Into the Black
1. No subject Jan 25, 2008, 20:30 Bucky
So, for the first time since the buyout way back when I tuned into G4tv to check out X-Play, specifically for their hands-on with Sins of a Solar Empire with Brad Wardell showing it off.

I haven't quite stopped drooling yet. I've also now pre-ordered it, along with GCII: Twilight of the Arnor. And while I was at it I picked up Object Desktop and ObjectDock Plus. Stardock owns me...

It was nice to see them take some shots at Fox as well, and even make some good points, even if they were the same thing everyone else has been saying. You'd think the sheer volume of intelligent protest would get Fox to retract the story, but then again that would require brains and integrity, neither of which seems to be in great supply there.

Edit(s): Too excited about Sins. I can't type tonight.

This comment was edited on Jan 25, 20:32.
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News Comments > Gold - NA SunAge
4. Re: No subject Jan 24, 2008, 16:44 Bucky
Thats pretty piss poor reporting imho. But as Rodney Dangerfield used to say, "No Offense".

Searches, both via Blue's or Google yield surprisingly relevant know, things like the website, screenshots, and about a zillion delay announcement. Instead of bitching, do a search. It would have been faster and easier.

I gotta admit though, article tags would be a godsend. Click on say, the 'SunAge' tag and have all those articles appear. I would imagine that this would require some work on the site, and it would be a nightmare when it came to tagging the archives.
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