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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: Holiday season games... Oct 9, 2009, 16:29 Bucky
T-shirts? Mailbag? Na, those'll never happen.

Games on my list (PC only)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Pre-Order)
Borderlands (Pre-order)
Defense Grid: The Awakening (Today)
Dragon Age CE (Pre-Order, will get DLC day one)
Torchlight (maybe, wait for reviews)
I'm not going to list anything outside of a 2009 release date, and there are a few that I'll only grab if a great sale rolls around.

Still to Play
Kings Bounty: The Legend

Need to Finish
World of Goo
Plants vs Zombies (well, I don't have everything yet)
Obviously, I love casual games. They also get played with that style in mind

Red Faction: Guerilla
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

I'll pick up a game here and there when they go on sale, but for the most part I didn't purchase anything all spring and summer. Now I'll overload myself and spend all winter working through the backlog (and yet I'll still buy on day one...) Until now there hasn't been much in the way of major releases this year that have really grabbed my attention

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2009, 16:31.
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News Comments > On Sale
4. Re: On Sale Oct 8, 2009, 22:56 Bucky
Awesome game. I might like it even more than Plants vs Zombies.

That sells me. I love Plants vs Zombies. Thanks.
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Oct 8, 2009, 20:01 Bucky
Current Steam Cart:
Left 4 Dead 2
Defense Grid: The Awakening

I'm still working on justifying all of those at once, though it shouldn't be hard. I added Defense Grid mostly because of positive things said, of all places, on the Blue's Forums (*GASP!*). Should I leave it in there?
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Origins Day One DLC Plans
36. Re: Dragon Age: Origins Day One DLC Plans Oct 7, 2009, 22:00 Bucky
My initial reflex is to write a long, outraged post. I'm one of those old-school PC gamers who hasn't quite adjusted to the new economics. There are those that will say I shouldn't, but it's a simple choice really--do I want the game (and DLC) or not? Bioware has yet to let me down, so yeah, I'll be buying this on day one along with the DLC.

CrushBug, thanks for being active in here. Just do yourself a favor, only wander in for limited amounts of time. These forums can break the strongest and most resilient among us.
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News Comments > Stardock/UPS Follow-up
16. Re: Stardock/UPS Follow-up Sep 28, 2009, 22:21 Bucky
Wow. People get this wound up over something this stupid--and it's video game news.

I'm not sure if I should be happy that people are actually getting engaged in things or appalled by the fact that they chose this moment to get out the torches and pitchforks.

Fortunately I'm a simple man. If Stardock keeps making games I like, I'll keep buying them.
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News Comments > Stardock Boycotting UPS? [Updated]
30. Re: Stardock Boycotting UPS? Sep 28, 2009, 19:17 Bucky
Oy. Blue, can we get some clarification in the story since Brad has already posted about it?  
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News Comments > Elemental Interview
5. Re: Elemental Interview Sep 23, 2009, 21:45 Bucky
why the fuck are you paying for a game that isnt supposed to be out until the middle of next year?

Ah, the eloquence. Stardock gives anyone who pre-orders access to the beta program, though this is usually only available for a small window of time during the development of the game. I believe they had mentioned opening it up again later on, though I haven't been keeping close tabs on the game.
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News Comments > Elemental Interview
2. Re: Elemental Interview Sep 23, 2009, 19:56 Bucky
To be fair, the graphics are a work in progress. I believe the first round of beta testers didn't even get a graphics engine, they just played on a so-called 'cloth map' in order to test the gameplay and reinforce the notion of true beta testing instead of the 'early demo' mentality that dominates these days.

Also, remember GalCiv2. Stardock went back and overhauled their graphics engine, making everything better looking while simultaneously improving performance. I have no doubt they'll do the same with Elemental.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
10. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 23, 2009, 19:53 Bucky
Nope, everything runs fine. If I had to guess I'd say that it's the fact that being Vista I'm probably running on a DX10 path while you're running DX9. There's isn't any option in-game to force one or the other. *shrug*. It looks good and plays good at my settings, so I'm not really worried. If a few other games start to tax the card in the same way then I'll start shopping for a new card, but I'd rather wait until nVidia releases their next gen cards before I decide.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
8. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 23, 2009, 18:56 Bucky
Seriously? What are you running it at? On my 8800GT, I've got it running at 1680x1050, everything max, 4xFSAA, and it runs SILKY SMOOTH. In 20 hours of play, I've seen exactly one moment of framerate dip, when I had an absolutely ridiculous amount of explosions going on, where six buildings got shredded at the same time. Other than that, it's been smooth all the way.

Are you sure you're not just seeing delays because of your CPU? It seems odd that a 4870 couldn't run the game well whereas I'm running it flawlessly on a card that's a generation older.

That is odd. I'm definitely not CPU bound, I'm running an i7 920 with 6GB of DDR3-1333. I'm pulling a higher resolution at 1920*1080 and with everything maxed I'm only seeing 25-30 fps and that's before I start blowing shit up. I've had to knock a few settings back, shadows being the main killer for me. Maybe I need to start poking around in my system, maybe I'm getting a conflict or have a shitty driver somewhere in there.

Edit: 2x AA, Soft Shadows off, Shadow detail medium, ambient occlusions off, everything else maxed. This is giving me 35-60 fps depending.

This comment was edited on Sep 23, 2009, 19:07.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 23, 2009, 17:01 Bucky
I'm running a 4870 right now and I haven't had any issues, but Red Faction: Guerrilla has finally humbled it. Granted, there are other games out there that would have earlier but this is the first one that I've played where I've had to make noticeable changes to detail settings.

I'm gonna watch Newegg for the next few days. If I can find a 5870 at list price ($380) and a game bundle I'll probably jump on it.
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News Comments > On Sale
4. Re: On Sale Sep 21, 2009, 20:06 Bucky
The Titan Quest bundle is a steal at $5. Just be sure to pick up the community patch.  
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News Comments > Jedi Knight Games Rereleased
10. Re: Jedi Knight Games Rereleased Sep 16, 2009, 17:28 Bucky
Damn. I had expected the bundle to be fairly expensive and therefor didn't even click the Steam link. Then I wander in here and find out that the whole bundle is only $20. I don't think I can pass that up.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Red Faction: Guerrilla
19. Re: Red Faction: Guerrilla Ships Sep 15, 2009, 20:39 Bucky
I picked it up via Impulse. It installed GFWL, (which was installed anyway) so no big deal there. I'm having a freakin' blast right now, and I haven't seen any issues at all. FRAPS is reporting 30-40 FPS on my rig, at 1920*1080 everything maxed 2xAA (yeah, I'll probably have to tweak a few things down a touch)

Relevant System Specs:

Core i7 920 LGA 1366
Asus P6T Deluxe V2, X58 Chipset
6GB OCZ DDR3-1333
MSI ATI 4870
Asus Xonar DX
Vista 64 SP2
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News Comments > Into the Black
6. Re: MNF Sep 14, 2009, 22:52 Bucky
How 'bout them Patriots! That was one wild fourth quarter.

I can't even count how many times I flipped out while watching that game. I was actually holding my TV shouting "Hit Him!" during the final play.

I love Football season.

Side note: Loved how everyone was rocking the old school gear. I still think the Patriots helmets were the best, but I'm biased.
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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Sep 13, 2009, 13:45 Bucky
I for one love the sales feature. It saves me the trouble of scouring the net for the sales of the week.

Agreed. I love this section. It seems to be remaining at a manageable size, though much larger and I'd start to consider a new presentation method. I still vote for a link to a sub-page for the 'Still On Sale' section with only new additions being listed on the main page--with the link to the sub page included each time.

Anyway, back to watching the Eagles and Panthers race to the new false start record.
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News Comments > Borderlands Trailer
9. Re: Borderlands Trailer Sep 12, 2009, 08:56 Bucky
The way I've understood it is that it's a shooter with loot drops. This is probably over-simplifying the game, but to be honest, that's all it took to sell me. I guess I'm just easily entertained.  
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News Comments > On Sale
7. Re: On Sale Sep 6, 2009, 16:33 Bucky
OK, seriously, there's gotta be a better way to do this section...

I called it. Seriously, I did. Don't expect me to propose any worthwhile solutions, though.
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News Comments > GPU Flocking Movie
5. Re: GPU AI Movie Sep 3, 2009, 21:19 Bucky
I'd take this tech and apply it to Serious Sam. Just imagining vast hordes that could act as a group while I mow them's probably too much to ask for, though.  
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Interview
7. Re: Guild Wars 2 Interview Sep 3, 2009, 16:07 Bucky
Yeah, it's funny. I played GW on and off for 2 years, yet when I think back on my time, it's mostly the negatives that spring to mind...

I feel a bit the same way, but it's probably because I played the game so much. Spending that much time with a game will make it's flaws apparent--I think there's more to be said by the fact that I played for so long (right around 1000 hours IIRC).

I know I'll be pre-ordering GW2 the minute I can.
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