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News Comments > Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Event
5. Re: Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Event Apr 16, 2010, 19:48 Bucky
nin wrote on Apr 16, 2010, 13:54:
Did they ever get an auction house????????

Not that I know of.

The weird thing is that Guild Wars is the only MMO-like game that's ever held my attention for any length of time; I've never been able to get into true MMOs and I've tried. *shrug*

That's bound to change with either The Old Republic or GW2. Maybe both.
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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Apr 16, 2010, 05:19 Bucky
Prez wrote on Apr 16, 2010, 01:07:
Force Unleashed for $15. Worth it?

I second that question. I'm a sucker for most things with lightsabers, but I don't recall hearing many good things about the game.
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News Comments > Plain Sight and Steam Client Patched
1. Plain Sight Apr 16, 2010, 04:53 Bucky
I'm still having a blast playing Plain Sight. It's the best $10 I've spent on gaming in awhile, and we're already getting more content.

I just hope they'll balance the perks a little bit since there are a few that just don't seem to be worth the points.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
2. Re: Evening Metaverse Apr 12, 2010, 21:02 Bucky
It's good to see Opera doing well. It's become my primary browser again, which wasn't an easy thing to do.  
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News Comments > Bulletstorm Announced
14. Re: Bulletstorm Announced Apr 12, 2010, 18:55 Bucky
People Can Fly made Painkiller.

Where do I pre-order?
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News Comments > Steam Top-Sellers
1. Re: Steam Top-Sellers Apr 11, 2010, 15:10 Bucky
I'll wait for Just Cause 2 to go on sale--I've spent some time with the demo and while I'm impressed I can see myself getting bored.

Plain Sight keeps stealing hours at a time on me, though.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Apr 9, 2010, 16:07 Bucky
I'd argue the opposite: it's right on almost all counts in my experience. I'd only argue with point #10; while performance is generally better driver support often holds a system back.

With that said, I don't run Linux anymore. I use my computer primarily for gaming. While I like Linux better than Windows, I hated booting back and forth when switching from desktop use to gaming. It got even worse when casual indie games started getting good.
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General Discussion > To-do^W Done List
2. Re: To-do^W Done List Apr 7, 2010, 21:08 Bucky
It's been easy to see the effort to grow the community, and I'm certainly grateful for it. So thank you to both you and Blue and ---- hey! There's a TrackMania box on the site now. Sorry, I just noticed it and got distracted. Inquisitive

Anyways, thanks guys!
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PC Gaming > Plain Sight
1. Plain Sight Apr 7, 2010, 21:01 Bucky
I picked up Plain Sight yesterday on a whim, and I've gotta say it's $10 well spent. The gameplay is stupid amounts of crazy, hectic, vertigo-inducing fun. Combined with a well balanced risk/reward system it makes for a game that's easy to laugh about with other players, while also helping you make life long blood enemies. Just wait until someone wipes you out as you're trying to go nuclear.... Bomb

Honestly, if you've got $10 to spare, give it a chance. Keep in mind it is an Indie game, so you can expect some varied production values. It's multiplayer only (the bots are only to help you learn the game) and there are a few quirky bugs on occasion. Fortunately Beatnik has already pushed out a couple of quick patches and I've heard word about more maps in the works, so I think this game will get a lot of love and support from the devs.

I've had minute long duels around a cube floating in space and loved it.
Ars Review
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PC Gaming > TrackMania Server
7. Re: TrackMania Server Apr 5, 2010, 17:16 Bucky
Xymph wrote on Apr 5, 2010, 10:36:
The highlights of the retail United edition are outlined through the Discover United button on the main menu. Bulb

But in a nutshell: six times more content (besides Stadium there are six other environments each with its own unique physics model that you may or may never get used to ); three additional modes (Puzzle, Platform and Stunts to go along with Race mode); hundreds more Nadeo tracks are included for these envs and modes, and nearly half a million user-built tracks are available from TMX; the ability to use custom skins and models for your car; an in-game currency system called Coppers; and more.

I wish I hadn't read that. I'm already hooked on this game, and I've only been playing it since Sunday. All because I needed something to mess with while I ripped my CD collection.....*sigh*

Fortunately for everyone else playing, as long as I'm on the server you won't be the worst.
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News Comments > Just Cause 2 DLC This Week
4. Re: Just Cause 2 DLC This Week Apr 4, 2010, 15:57 Bucky
A question for those that have the game: is it worth playing the first one? I got Just Cause as part of a bundle with Arkham Asylum, and now I'm thinking about grabbing Just Cause 2 because of all the good I'm hearing.  
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News Comments > CoD7 in October, & Other Release Date Rumors
12. Re: CoD7 in October, & Other Release Date Rumors Mar 29, 2010, 20:42 Bucky
xXBatmanXx wrote on Mar 29, 2010, 13:55:

I don't think I will ever buy CoD again....BFBC2 has blasted it out of the water.

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News Comments > Half-Life Pulse Detected
12. Re: Half-Life Pulse Detected Mar 27, 2010, 09:02 Bucky
Valve has yet to make a game that is less than great, in my opinion. I think Gabe has earned the right to say whatever he wants and take as long as he wants, because in the end not one Valve game has disappointed me. Finished product speaks louder than any PR session.  
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Hardware > Nvidia 400 Series
3. Re: Moved Mar 26, 2010, 20:56 Bucky
The NDA lifted at 7:00 PM EST, so reviews are now live. I use Anandtech and HardOCP for a good baseline, then branch out to other reviews from there if I need more information.

It was fairly easy for me to make a decision. I can get the ATI Radeon 5850 right now for $280 with free shipping. The Nvidia GTX 470 will launch in about three weeks for $350 in what I believe will be limited quantities, so they may sell above MSRP. While the 470 has a performance edge of 2%-10%, it efficiency is much worse (thermals, power draw and fan noise). A slightly faster, less efficient card isn't worth $70 to me.

I can't help if you're looking at higher end cards; I don't typically feel that they have a worthwhile price/performance ratio.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
8. Re: GTX 400 Series GPUs Mar 26, 2010, 19:26 Bucky
Yeah, it's looking like I'm going to grab a 5850. I've been waiting for a while to pull the trigger on it; now that they're starting to show up under $300 again I'll bite.

I guess the 480 isn't quite as bad, but is it worth the price, heat, and power? Not in my book.


Edit: $280 for a Sapphire 5850 with free shipping from Newegg. Done.

This comment was edited on Mar 26, 2010, 19:37.
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News Comments > Metaverse
5. Re: Metaverse Mar 24, 2010, 16:04 Bucky
zirik wrote on Mar 24, 2010, 08:09:
i might try opera. how is the privacy issue with chrome? did google allow people to disable the search feature on it that catalogs your local drive?

I can't comment on Chrome's privacy, or lack thereof. I never even looked into it; I have a Motorola Droid so Google already knows way too much about me.
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News Comments > Metaverse
2. Re: Metaverse Mar 23, 2010, 20:26 Bucky
Might I suggest Opera? Firefox has felt too slow for me for some time now, so I switched to Chrome. I used that for awhile, then gave Opera another whirl when 10.50 launched. It feels faster than Chrome and has some of the old favorite features that I've missed. I've been an Opera advocate for years, even if it hasn't always been my primary browser.

What helped me let go of Firefox was my decision to stop using ad blockers of any kind. Ad-block, flashblock and noscript really make Firefox, without a need for them I was left to try browsers again. Now if a site runs annoying ads, I just stop visiting it. This wasn't so hard to do once blue dropped IGN UGO, since I couldn't stand the ads and couldn't stand to stop visiting Blue's.

This comment was edited on Mar 24, 2010, 16:02.
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News Comments > Known BF:BC2 Issues
5. Re: Known BF:BC2 Issues Mar 23, 2010, 05:20 Bucky
There's only two that really bug me atm: the lack of pings without running Steam and BC2 as admin (which may or may not be fixed now, haven't played in a couple of days) and the fact that smoke grenades sometimes stop working. I've become a huge fan of smoke grenades, especially when I'm on the attacking team in rush games.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Nvidia fermi launch Mar 19, 2010, 17:26 Bucky
From the leaks it doesn't sound like either card will have the performance/dollar ratio of the ATI cards. I'm just waiting for Nvidia to launch them so that I can pick up a 5850 or 5870 at a cheaper price. Maybe even the MSRP they were originally supposed to go for...%)  
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News Comments > Wardell on Impulse::Reactor
14. Re: Wardell on Impulse::Reactor Mar 17, 2010, 05:20 Bucky
Drezden wrote on Mar 16, 2010, 21:24:
And being able to see what my buddies are playing and chat with them even if we're no longer playing the same game. Is that so wrong?

Just toss a shortcut into Steam for whatever non-Steam game you're running. You'll still get the Steam overlay, without having to use the service exclusively. I use Steam as my game launcher for everything because it has such an extensive community--this way I can play other games and still chat with friends.
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