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News Comments > Game Downloads - Like a Virgin
4. No subject Feb 13, 2007, 04:29 Ventura
plagued by high distribution costs and piracy which has hampered the growth of this market

What a load of shit.

They've been churning out some of the crappiest titles the PC games industry has ever seen. Quality assurance is at an all time low, we've been getting straight console ports with next to no additional work done to them, and once those boxes are opened they cant be returned.

That's what's been hampering the growth of this market. You treated the customers like second rate citizens for a number of years and they finally wisened up.

Isn't it always someone else's fault...

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News Comments > Supreme Commander Demo Tomorrow
19. Re: No subject Feb 6, 2007, 03:30 Ventura
SC does rock, but it's sorta sad in a way how much a copy of TA it really is. If you're looking for innovation, look elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong, it IS a good game and TA2 is something a lot of people just wanted to see anyway (myself included), it's just a bit sad how similar it is.

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News Comments > MS on Vista Game Compatibility
46. Re: No subject Feb 2, 2007, 18:16 Ventura
Yes losing 32.4% in UT2K4 sucks and would be enough to ruin the playability in some games, but with UT2K4 you still have 173 fps even after the massive performance hit

It's easy to trivialise the decrease in speed when dealing with a game that already runs so blindingly fast the gamer's not gonna notice anyway. But what about games that don't run so well even under xp?

The whole point is, what with all the marketing talk about how Vista is so good for gamers, you'd think performance would have improved, not decreased. But with everything running slower, even if just a little bit, there's just no evidence to support their claims.

Oh yeah, I'm running Vista home premium, and Dawn of War is broken for this OS on any nVidia card. As a gamer, I'm certainly not having the "safest, easiest and most fun experience" with my games right now.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Mania
30. Re: No subject Jan 27, 2007, 22:04 Ventura
Really. Just because they changed the name. Interesting theory you have there.

This isn't exactly brain surgery mate. Have you not noticed PC gamers getting more and more straight console ports as time's gone by?

Now they're renaming UT2007 to UT3 and it's gonna come out on the 360 and ps3 aswell. Do the math.

If UT3 ends up with nearly the sort of quality that UT2004 had on the PC, I'll eat my words. I'd love to be wrong about this.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Mania
22. Re: No subject Jan 27, 2007, 18:21 Ventura
Fact of life, consoles bring in more money than PC's

Except for WoW, right? Maybe the reason Blizzard have 8 million people playing their pc game is because all of the other developers are focusing on the stupid consoles so pc gamers have nothing else to do. Yeah, I have an xbox 360 and a ps2, and neither have been played in months. If I could sell my 360 for half of what I've paid for it, I'd do it in a minute.

The UT name change from 2007 to 3 marked the end of my being excited about this game, because the focus is now obviously on the console versions, and once again the pc will be a ported afterthought.

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News Comments > Star Trek: Legacy Patch
11. Re: What! Dec 8, 2006, 19:10 Ventura
Was the purpose of releasing this? Why would anyone just release garbage and tarnish their name, standards? Bethesda is supposedly one of the better companies out there, and they do this?

Because they care more about getting the game out to shelves in time for the festive season than they do about it's quality. Hey, it's Star Trek, the idiots are gonna buy it anyway, right?

Like you said, thank god for piracy. This game is a prime candidate.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Personal Data Clarification
150. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2006, 23:23 Ventura
To be honest. I don't care what I type here. This forum is filled with console gamers anyways. is a way better place for mature discussion

And given the frequency with which you insult people, you're posting here because they banned you, right?

I am a huge black man that would make you lock your room at night.

For oh so many reasons.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Personal Data Clarification
122. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2006, 20:14 Ventura
otherwise, stop moaning, or dont play the game

The problem is that 95% of everyone that will be showing up at stores to buy this game won't know about it until they open up the box and that little slip falls out.

And what with the whole "not being able to return opened software" thing, well, there goes your argument.

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News Comments > Battle for Middle-earth II Expansion Confirmed
10. No subject Jul 25, 2006, 21:07 Ventura
And what's the bet that the expansion won't add buildable, walkable walls?

I got a great idea, let's pick the feature the majority of LOTR fans would most like to be added... and never put it in!


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News Comments > Evening Q&A
4. Re: Romero... Jul 25, 2006, 00:27 Ventura
Like as if he's going to talk about anything else.

That's the thing, name something he's done since Quake that the majority would consider a success? His marriage doesn't count, because Quake even got him that!

What with the failure that was Daikatana, I think it's safe to say we've seen the best we're ever gonna see from John Romero.

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News Comments > WoW Class Crossovers
3. A bit crap, really Jul 21, 2006, 21:38 Ventura
They couldn't be bothered adding new classes to wow, which the game arguably needs most of all, so we get this instead. A bit transparent.

The two sides just lost any character they had.

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News Comments > Molyneux on Game Design
5. Re: *Laughs* Jul 17, 2006, 23:55 Ventura
I think it's about time for a Magic Carpet remake. NOW

Fucking oath. I absolutely could not agree more.

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News Comments > Molyneux on Game Design
1. *Laughs* Jul 17, 2006, 22:06 Ventura
Yeah, right. Peter Molyneux isn't exactly qualified to coauthor an article on great game design. This is arrogance, pure and simple.

The Black and White franchise is largely considered to be one of the greatest disappointments of all time. As it turns out, the only game he had anything to do with that I spent serious time with was Magic Carpet, which is over 10 years old now, and even then he was just a producer.

I'd tell you who the world's great game designers are, but I don't know their names. They get around; Blizzard have had a couple on the payroll for a while, but they're certainly not celebrities. I can guarantee that in the vast majority of cases, if you're playing a game and something about its design makes you think "that's really clever", you'll never hear about the person responsible for the idea. That's why this whole thing with hyping up designers needs to die, because the greats just don't get the credit.

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News Comments > Titan Quest Patch Delay
13. Re: No subject Jul 6, 2006, 23:29 Ventura
I like this game more than D2, and I played D2 for over 2 years beacuse I liked it so much

Ten bucks says you won't be playing this game for over 2 years though.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
2. Superman Returns Jun 28, 2006, 10:26 Ventura
Just got back from having seen it. Caught a preview screening over here in Australia thanks to a local radio station.

Being 32 years of age I was real big on the Superman movies when I was growing up. I thought Christopher Reeve just made the perfect Superman.

Actually, I still think so. I don't know why, but the new movie didn't blow me away. Whether it's the plot, the new Superman, or just me.. I can't put my finger on it.

Don't get me wrong, it's worth seeing though. I'd be interested to hear what everyone who sees it thinks.

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News Comments > DDO Goes Solo
27. Re: alone together Jun 7, 2006, 20:38 Ventura
I go out to the movies by myself, I would rather it not be in an empty cinema

That's where I draw the line. When I go to the movies, the less other people in the cinema, the better. So many people can't just sit still and be fucking quiet for a couple of hours.

The issue here is having the option. A couple have posted about logging on when it's quiet and there being literally nothing they can do, and that's the most frustrating thing in the world. Especially when you're paying by the month.

If they make grouping a necessity but you can only find a group half the time, shouldn't you only pay half price?

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch Plans
6. Re: No subject May 23, 2006, 19:08 Ventura
Is this the patch that makes it more like the xbox 360 version?


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News Comments > Act of War: High Treason Patch
1. The change... May 2, 2006, 18:56 Ventura
The old patch wasn't working with the Australian/Oceanian/Taiwanese versions of High Treason. Other than it now supporting them, no other changes to the game have been made.

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News Comments > Battle for Middle-earth II Patch
2. Re: No subject Apr 26, 2006, 00:41 Ventura
Is this game worth buying yet?

Will they ever add the ability to build walkable walls into this, because that's really what I'm after. I ain't buying it unless they do. I mean come on, almost half of the time in the movies is spent on top of a wall, and that's during the best scenes too.

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News Comments > Act of War Naval Mod
1. Beware.. Apr 26, 2006, 00:34 Ventura
If you're an Aussie, I'd wait before picking this game up, especially if you're tempted because this new mod sounds like fun.

The patch1 update for Act of War, which adds the mod tools and the ability to play mods, breaks the Aussie version of the game. They messed up the copy protection, and after installing the patch, it will ask you to insert the dvd whether it's in your drive or not.

They say they're working on a fix, but being Atari and that this industry really doesn't give a shit about Australian gamers, don't hold your breath.

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