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Nickname ColoradoHoudini
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Description Ex NetQuaker..ex 3Wave and Thunderwalker CTF'er (named: Houdini). Played Tribes for Western Alliance, Counterstrike with Frag University (the original FU). Played ET, BF1942 etc...
Old school gamer, ex military.. lived all over the US
Homepage http://
Signed On Jul 20, 2003, 00:24
Total Comments 1327 (Pro)
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News Comments > BF2142 Conflict
39. Re: No subject Oct 20, 2006, 01:13 ColoradoHoudini
I know I am not buying the game, at lest.. not a for a long while.
First.. there will be many patches to add and exploits to fix.
second.. quake Wars
third.. WoW expansion
fourth.. i'm moving in a week

I am so glad this game is coming out now.. no temptation to purchase it.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Personal Data Clarification
34. Re: Oct 18, 2006, 11:51 ColoradoHoudini
Advertisements aside.. I'm not buying it just because i think it costs too much for not a lot of anything new, and i feel that what is new, is done poorly.

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News Comments > Digital Distribution Deals
6. Re: No subject Oct 12, 2006, 18:52 ColoradoHoudini
"Can anyone comment on the CoD 2 multiplayer? I might pick it up just for a multiplayer fix."

I can only comment on it from a perspective of someone that went from BF2 to CoD2..
I thought the hitscan was perfect, the damage was good, if not sometimes a bit heavy, the flow was fun too..
actually, i rather liked it. but only the infantry friendly maps where they put you right in the action.

There were some maps that were too big and i felt like i was out of the good action for most of the map.

so bottom line, i thought it was fun.

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Server
29. Re: No subject Oct 9, 2006, 12:43 ColoradoHoudini
The Advanced tab in your server browser shows you more info.. such as actual pings and stuff

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Server
28. Re: No subject Oct 9, 2006, 12:36 ColoradoHoudini
I'd add:

I think the argument against Titan interior defense completely misses a bigger point of "automated" or perhaps even "player controlled" defenses.
Imagine playing on the demo map with 16 players per side. 5 silos, 1 titan and 2 airships. Now tell me how the fuck am I supposed to engage in "war" and attack/defend 5 silos, defend my titan, attack the enemies titan with 16 people? Won't happen.
So to help out some of the people, I'd love to see automated interior defenses.. and perhaps something that forces all the action into both titans..otherwise, i'll only play on 64 man servers.

"My question is why does the anti-aircraft, just like in battlefield 2, only have 2 missles and there are no missles that auto lock on. I mean, those were invented right?"

Maybe I'm missing something here, but the AA locks on and has infinite missiles.. they just take a moment to recharge.
Where you hear the long, loud beep noise.. thats a lockon. I think the reticle change is bugged and doesnt show it properly though.

"the year is 2142, and that is as far as our soldier can

The QW fellas said that you can sprint as far as you want to in their game, they said that they figured the soldiers of the future would be in even better shape then they are now.
That being said, I don't think the running problem would even be an issue if the map was not so fucking dependant upon armor to get you everywhere. Can you imagine a 32 player server, same sized map and you spawn at a silo without a jeep? holy hell it would take forever to get anywhere and see any action.
Same way in the beta map.

"The only problem I have with the vehicles is they are slow and have no horse power"

There really is no excuse for that.

Also, as people have pointed out, sometimes the map loads without the proper textures. such as the interior to the titan being bland grey, or the outside being entirely dusty brown.

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Server
21. Re: No subject Oct 9, 2006, 00:53 ColoradoHoudini
I deplore the AA gun for the fact that it has zero splash damage.
I understand that it's AA and making it damage ground vehicles might overpower it, but sweet chocolate christ, i can lay into the side of an APC with about 40 rounds and i dont hurt it one bit.. but i damage a heli in 1 shot?
Also, dropping the AA charges right at the feet of a baddy does nothing.

I ge this weird bug where i stand completely still in the titan hallways and my guy mysteriously shuffles for no reason. It's as if i'm still moving side to side. -shrug-

Large firefights in the titan make the game laggy as hell.

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Server
18. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2006, 21:14 ColoradoHoudini

While I too went the way of cloaked commanders-toys blower upper..
I found that in most public games, the commanders really dont know what they are doing, and i'm just wasting my time by blowing up stuff they never use.
I'm sure that's subject to change as people remember how to play correctly.

In fact, I never once played as a Commander in BF2 (did 1942 have that ability?) Anyhow, I really enjoyed doing it in the beta.. and will likely give it a shot tonight when i play.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 00:47.
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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Server
11. Re: McBain Oct 8, 2006, 13:41 ColoradoHoudini
Dice/EA claim that the unlockables would not imbalance the game. They wouldn't lie to us, right?
Anyhow, in the beta, i didn't notice a huge difference with the unlocked crowd, hell, you gain your first unlocks so quick it doesnt appear to make a difference.

I used my regular assault rifle on both sides, the optical camo was cool, but typically used by retard kids and useless snipers (i believe they put that in the game to keep the moron crowd busy). The RDX is good, when you can get it to stick to the vehicle you put it on. The deployable turret was fucking horrible. The one thing I didnt get to use was the top tier unlocked heavy assault rifle, and i think i will try that path first. (if i can find the game for 35 bucks)

I still can't stand the reliance on the vehicles and will skip the huge/slow maps for the heavy infantry maps.

I also hate the musical silos game you play in public matches (2142 is not clan gaming material..too many hacks, bugs, glitches, so i play pub only)
I will welcome the directed firefights that QW will bring.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Update
12. Re: Oct 7, 2006, 19:53 ColoradoHoudini
Please let QW deliver.. please o please.

btw: when youre looking at the vehicles and such.. notice that theres a scroll bat at the top (blue arrows).. i completely missed stuff.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Demo
70. Re: First impressions Oct 7, 2006, 02:52 ColoradoHoudini
been playing FPS's since quake 1 3Wave.. --WESTERN ALLIANCE!!!!!

decent looks, hitscane still off, some vehicles take more damage than others as of theire an dmg imbalance.
some weps shoot way too slow..
its a good game.. but not worth 50 bucks..
grab it for 35 or less when it hits the bargain bin.

As a harcore FPs gamer since the old days, i canot in good spirits recommend this game for the asking price.

might as well buy BF2 with the expansions instead fo this game.

Mechs.. oh joy.titans without built in defense.. = sucks.
needs more Tribes like interla defense.

seriously.; imagine trying to defend a titan.. and attack or defend 5 silos.. with 16 people.
not happening.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Demo
32. Re: No subject Oct 6, 2006, 18:41 ColoradoHoudini
I'd also liek to add that while i am a FP subscriber, i have tried 3 different servers and can only get up to 208k a sec. I usually get 400k a sec.
No line!.. but the speed is impaired. nice

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Demo
29. Re: unlocks Oct 6, 2006, 18:30 ColoradoHoudini
"Yep.. I ran into the unmanned... motionless vehicle and killed myself. GENIUS! is this some kind of joke? "

It happened to me in the beta, damn annoying. Also, when a teammate is driving and i got grazed by a vehicle..i died.

"Aah! I'm in the pilot seat... but within moments of attempting to accel forward, I begin rubbing the aircraft against the edge of the mothership thing.. and explode killing myself. "

I hated that. The aircraft take WAAAY too much damage while going low speed and running into a box or whatever you tapped on your takeoff. Trying to land an aircraft on the enemy titan was pure hell for me.. a landing i would consider at around 10mph would blow me up.

"what about the fighter planes? WHERE ARE THE FIGHTER PLANES!?. "

No planes, thank god.

"because I'm sometimes able to load maps within 10 seconds."

Awesome. I know i had issues with the beta load times, and i'm on a good rig.

"My first 10mins of playing involved me getting disconnected from the master server twice... EXTREMELY ANNOYING. "

Happened tons in the beta, i see they didnt fix that yet.

"and every time I restart the game or get bumbed from a server I have to go back and remap those two keys - very annoying! "

Yeppers, never saved anyone configs. Every time i got booted from the server/restarted the game, i had to remap my keys int he beta.

"After playing a few more games I've noticed a lack of grenades:

The grenades are unlocks. Yeah, imagine that fucking bullshit? I am a soldier in the year 2142, and i don't have grenades? They are really trying desperately to get you to continue playing.

"Why give the best guns to those that play the most? "

They have said that the unlocks should not unbalance teh game. -shrug-

--downloading now, i'll give my review after i take the misses to dinner.

This comment was edited on Oct 6, 18:31.
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News Comments > More on the BF2142 Demo
28. Re: No subject Oct 5, 2006, 00:11 ColoradoHoudini
you just gotta know the QW team loves reading Blues threads about BF..
they have to be smiling ear to ear.
hell, if they read the official BF forums.. or read the 2142 beta forums, they know how much easier it will be to sell QW.

having said that, i will try the demo.. any real gamer would.
now, will i buy it? not for 50 clams, and not if the beta bugs still exist.

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo Plans
1. No subject Oct 4, 2006, 11:03 ColoradoHoudini
I'll dload the demo, but i swear to the FSM, that if it doesn't play better and feel more solid than the beta.. no dice.(ahah..get it.. no .. er, never mind)

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News Comments > BF 2142 Collector's Edition
44. Re: Oct 4, 2006, 00:17 ColoradoHoudini
the one big thing this game has going for it is that there are no new FPS's out right now to compete against it.

I actually have no FPS's to play right now.. none.

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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront 3 News?
24. Re: As if Oct 1, 2006, 22:22 ColoradoHoudini
my issues with Battlefront 2:

-didn't feel connected to the ground
-weapon feedback was off
-vehicle feedback was off
-my character felt light
-capturing points became an exercise in futility.. it was musical points
-some useless weps
-the hitscan was random and definetly felt like it was made for a console
-had elements to be tactical but was too fast, had elements to be a twitch game, but was too slow.. didnt fit in with any other game speed that i knew of

if they wouldve took what they had for a game, and made that work with UT speed/ would've been a lot better.

the game needed to feel more "solid".

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News Comments > BF 2142 Demo Next Week
43. Re: ... Sep 30, 2006, 23:58 ColoradoHoudini

the air defense in 2142 is completely useless.. near 100% useless vesus any vehicle...i think even the jeeps.
also, it has 0 splash radius.

take a look at this:

there's an enemy sniper sitting there, hiding behind 2 inches of railing.. he is not very well protected at all.. i am shooting the AA gun at him, hitting the bar in front of him, the wall behind him.. etc.. i am laying into him. My AA rounds are probably landing 1 inch from his face and 3 feet from his ass.. no damage at all.

also.. check this:
for those that can tell, you will see that my AA gun actually fired enough rounds to overheat(20+ rounds i believe), yet i did no damage to the APC.

Why is it that my AA gun, which can take down armored aircraft cannot take down a lighter-armored vehicle, or even cause enough splash damage to hurt a player 3 feet away?

is that balance of a weapon or pure garbage or a weapon?

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 23:59.
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News Comments > Marvel Universe Online Q&A
12. Re: Sep 30, 2006, 20:47 ColoradoHoudini
yeah, good question..
how do you do an MMORPG without levels?
how do you gain more skills/talents?

could i log in on 5 months into the game and be nearly as powerful as your 5 month old hero? that wouldnt be right..

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News Comments > BF 2142 Demo Next Week
40. Re: tarded Sep 30, 2006, 19:50 ColoradoHoudini
"It seems as if DICE came to the conclusion that people don't like to use joysticks to play games, and wanted to cater to the mouse-keyboard crowd."

actually, they support joysticks rather well in 2142.. i know what you're trying to say though (slower aircraft=everyone can fly them).

Like Half Elf said, i really hate those flyboys that don't ever help the team and instead play dogfight champion with their buddies.. please get off the server.

i am really glad that 2142 (at least afaik) will not be dominated by overpowered aircraft and/or flyboys that dont help their team.

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News Comments > BF 2142 Demo Next Week
37. Re: ... Sep 30, 2006, 15:45 ColoradoHoudini
I did pretty well with the attack ship in the beta and i SUCK at flying
The AA was decent, but could be better i guess.. no good infantry AA weps, so that sucks.
Just happy to see that air power doesnt dominate the game.. and i you think BF2's air power wasnt unbalanced, you should take a look at how many servers are not playing air-friendly maps.. Most are playing infantry-friendly maps.. because EA/Dice cant make a decent AA platform to balance shit out.

"The Titans themselves are a joke. They really need some sort of inside automated or player controlled defenses."
I love you. I have said the same thing since day 1 of the beta.

When you have a game with 16 on 16.. 5 silos and a titan to defend, you really don't have much manpower to support everything. This is where i think QW will kick the shit out of BF2/2142.. by implementing forced action spots and giving it a better war feel.

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