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Nickname ColoradoHoudini
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Description Ex NetQuaker..ex 3Wave and Thunderwalker CTF'er (named: Houdini). Played Tribes for Western Alliance, Counterstrike with Frag University (the original FU). Played ET, BF1942 etc...
Old school gamer, ex military.. lived all over the US
Homepage http://
Signed On Jul 20, 2003, 00:24
Total Comments 1399 (Pro)
User ID 17782
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News Comments > Gears of War for XP & Vista
31. Re: GFW Live Still a POS? Jul 11, 2007, 15:56 ColoradoHoudini
never played GoW on the 360.. but i heard it's pretty impressive.
so you guys think it's worthy of the PC?

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer
6. Re: No subject Jul 11, 2007, 15:55 ColoradoHoudini
I too wish the video wasnt so chopped.. i wanted to see sustained action.. meh.
anyhow, what i saw looked good.
pants = tight.

If QW doesnt fit the bill, I'm thinking UT3 will nicely.
of course, it will be upgrade time fo sho.

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News Comments > It Came from E3 2007, Part 4
5. Re: Ok I got a question... Jul 11, 2007, 15:46 ColoradoHoudini
Wii are the children...

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News Comments > Spielberg's PC Game
12. Re: No subject Jul 10, 2007, 19:02 ColoradoHoudini
Then get me his non-union Mexican equivalent!

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News Comments > EA CEO: Games are Boring
7. Re: Thanks, EA Jul 9, 2007, 11:24 ColoradoHoudini
EA Tiburon is right down the street from my house, and some of their employees go to my gym (which is directly across the street from EA)..
if anyone wants me to beat one of them up or give them a stern talking to, let me know.

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News Comments > Sony Cuts PS3 Price, Announces 80GB Model
9. Re: No subject Jul 9, 2007, 11:20 ColoradoHoudini
I need some help here fellas..I don't understand this.

Does the $499.00 PS3 come with 2 controllers and all the extra items/cables you need including a game or 3?

then as zirik said: if their Blu Ray movies are 25gig, and the new hard drive is 80gig.. that's 3 movies.--whoopie? what am I missing here? If they are compressed, is the same quality there? does the PS3 have an uncompression capability? Sure, it makes sense that it would be a compressed file.. but would it really surprise anyone if they weren't?

Oh and are PS3 users really going to want to download a 25gig movie? I have a pretty fast connection and I still think that would take too long.

This comment was edited on Jul 9, 11:21.
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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Update
55. Re: No subject Jul 8, 2007, 19:03 ColoradoHoudini
"You're forgetting the major advantage of the Third Eye Camera: portable radar."

True.. but damn if this game doesnt move so quick that often times, i dont have time to look at the radar.. or.. when i see an enemy.. he can be 15ft from me, turn and be 200yds away in the opposite direction byteh time i make my move.

re: turrets:

There doesnt seem to be any place the Strogg can put a turret that as a GDF RL troop, I cant destroy it from a safe distance. The 4-squares it takes up is too much, plus i think it's too damn tall. In the second stage, the two places the Strogg can put a turret leave it wide fucking open.. what happened to the Tribes (and dare i say.. UT XMP) turrets that were small enough to hide and use tactically/smartly?

as a GDF troop, if i place one at the Hilltop spawn, it stands out and is completely noticeable by any Strogg coming off the mountain..or any Strogg on the two rooftops.

It seems to me like the devs dont want the turrets to be an integral part of the game, like they were in Tribes.

maybe i just want a real tribes successor.. sigh

--anyone even remember UT XMP? that game had tons of promise, but ran shitty.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Update
46. Gaming Jul 8, 2007, 10:51 ColoradoHoudini
The Fireteams suck also because the damn game moves so fast you dont have time to coordinate jack shit.
at least, not in the sewer map.

the turrets are too fucking big and stand out so much that as soon as you deploy one, it's blown up. This game has so many features that support more Tribes-like play and less twitchy Quake-like playing...

need more places to put the turrets,and they need a smaller placement footprint and to be smaller in size.

the Tormentor needs much better controls

the GDF weps lack punch ..and the Strogg weps due to their laser'ish glows, are so much easier to aim (think large tracer fire)

the GDF third eye camera blows..compared to the strogg drone. first, it takes too long from button push to blow. (2-3 seconds.. and by that time, your 45mph running cheetah target is long gone)
second, you have to be viewing through it the whole time, it really ought to put a small box screen in the corner of your view. this game moves so fast you dont have the time or the reason to plant that thing (as the attacker btw) and watch it. by the time you report someones location, they are long gone. it needs reworked for attacking GDF...also needs to explode instantaneously.

then theres the whole fact that you have deployable radar, anti artillery, anti vehicle, anti personnel turrets, mines, cameras, a drone, classes, fireteams, objectives and a campaign with unlockable features etc.. only to fight at breakneck speeds of a twitchy FPS.. does not compute!

heres to hoping that mods make a better game.

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News Comments > War Wound Demo
9. Re: Removed? Jul 6, 2007, 13:38 ColoradoHoudini
what did "we" do to Tweakboy?

also, I remember running a certain person off of (or was it .. before the IGN switch..
that was awesome.

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News Comments > War Wound Demo
5. Re: Removed? Jul 6, 2007, 10:58 ColoradoHoudini

I think it's because he links to his gaming site, which for some reason Blue doesn't support any more.

I heard it has to do with the Giants / Eagles rivalry. and a number of toothless hookers Rainer keeps sending to Blues house during family gatherings.

but the question is raised:
Why doesnt blue just ban the account?
also, we all know when we see Rainers post deleted it just means that his site has the file mentioned in the post.

This comment was edited on Jul 6, 11:00.
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News Comments > Neocron/Neocron 2 Transfers to End
2. Re: humm Jul 3, 2007, 10:44 ColoradoHoudini
I never knew that there was a part 2?

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News Comments > Auto Assault to End
2. Hrmm Jul 2, 2007, 21:50 ColoradoHoudini
I tried the beta.. gave it a few days.. it was something new, something different, but it came on the heels of my glory days in it wasn't fair to play WoW and then try to give AA a fair shake.

I have a feeling Tabula Rasa will have the same fate.. cool, something new.. but ultimately it will die early. I just hope TR has depth and staying power.

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News Comments > More on Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back
6. Re: w00t Jun 27, 2007, 21:02 ColoradoHoudini
I absolutely LOVED SoF2 MP... I found it much more fun than CS and just a great MP experience all around. Great maps, awesome weapons, well done physics, hitscan, netcode.. just awesome.

I'll be getting this game as long as it's not complete garbage.

again, SoF2's MP was awesome.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars Beta Signups Continue
35. Re: No subject Jun 25, 2007, 18:36 ColoradoHoudini
Visit the forums at the main site for help and to everyone.

I find that the game has a bunch of strategic/tactical elements but moves too damn fast to make full use of them.

I predict a slow down mod/server flip switch will come with the game.

either this map is too odd or turrets arent going to be useful at all. They are FREAKING HUGE and stick up over 8ft walls easily..
and no indoor turrets?

Old Tribes defenders will know what i mean..

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News Comments > ET: QUAKE Wars Beta Signups
56. Re: No subject Jun 20, 2007, 20:58 ColoradoHoudini

What do you mean?

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News Comments > ET: QUAKE Wars Beta Tomorrow?
32. Re: No subject Jun 19, 2007, 18:18 ColoradoHoudini
I was reading the ET:QW beta forum and ran across this:

a few screenies and some videos..if nothing else.. for you TRIBES fans.. check out the video called "beta icarus".. it will remind you of the skiing days from of the devs even says something in one of the threads about how you can ski in the game.

I expect a good majority of the ETQW servers and regulars to come from ET.. and in ET, I found a ton of regulated servers with active admins.. I think that the ET community in general is more mature and better poised to handle potential cheaters/hackers/jackass players than any other FPS community out there.

Jeff --if that really is your name -shifts eyes-
Fileplanet doesnt have enough exclusive stuff for me to warrant having a paying subscription.. i think most here agree.
Also, we can get our files immediately from Filefront..and at great speeds. In a case like this, we get the short end, but our non-paying asses have a second agenda..
if companies want us to beta test a game, or play a demo in hopes of buying it, do not make me pay for the privilege of playing your game.


Me: That's a nice Audi, Maybe I'll buy it
Dealer: Pay me 100 bucks and I'll let you test drive it
Me: Why would I pay you to test drive something? shouldnt you be giving me incentives to buy your vehicle?
Dealer: 100 bucks please

This comment was edited on Jun 19, 18:22.
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News Comments > WoW Patch & Bans
16. Re: I got an email from Blizzard! Jun 19, 2007, 18:09 ColoradoHoudini
and Shaman still need to be fixed..... yet go without being so.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta Nears
48. Re: No subject Jun 18, 2007, 18:25 ColoradoHoudini
I wasn't in any way shape or "wonder twin powers" form of a block of ice trying to refute Tephlon's claims to how awesome the game is.. i hope he's dead on accurate and the game kicks mad ass.
it simply seemed overly suspicious that a first time poster put that much effort into his first post..
what's not weird about it is that it is a big named game that needs no sort of extra support from the fan department.

you ought to post with that much enthusiasm more often bucko!

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta Nears
43. Re: ... Jun 18, 2007, 13:04 ColoradoHoudini

I admire your love for the game, but it takes it down a few notches when we see that you're a totally new poster.
ET:QW doesnt need corporate shills, especially not on this site.. it will do fine on it's own.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta Nears
37. Re: No subject Jun 18, 2007, 10:00 ColoradoHoudini
I'm interested because hell, I havent seen a new top-named MP FPS in ages..
BF2142 does not count... so maybe that takes us back to BF2? How long ago was that, a year at least right? I loved that the QW devs basically lambasted the BF2 series because of the horrid physics, terrible hitscan and the dolphin diving to get better accuracy dealy.

I won't pay for a beta, and I won't support fileplanet in that endeavor either. I hope that the beta dudes actually actively search for bugs and report them.. and then, here's the kicker..the DEVS ACTUALLY FIX THEM.
Unlike Tribes:V when all of us real FPS gamers told the devs "this game is gonna tank unless you fix XYZ".. then the game tanked and we stood there and said "told ya".

I really do think the SD fellas will fix the bugs least, i hope so.

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