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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
62. Re: Hmm... May 28, 2004, 08:53 Kobalt
Smellfinger, your worse than Kobalt.

Coming from you, that just warms my heart

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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
44. Re: This thread is pontless. May 27, 2004, 19:21 Kobalt
The only thing pointless here is your existence. Go play in traffic, your wasting air.

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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
36. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 17:32 Kobalt
What happened to the dreamcast?

A better question here is what happend to the PS2.Console and pc game sales continue to widen.

Shows like E3 should be open to the public that way people can have a clear picture of the state the industry is in.

Theres going to be a big gaming convention in New summer I think? Not sure how many game companies will even bother to show up thoug..

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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
34. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 17:25 Kobalt
I think consoles will be the one to ride into the sunstet. There simply won't be a need for them.

Yeah there wont be a need for them when pc developers end their release now patch so it's playble later mentality, and when theres standardization. Microsoft is starting this with trying to make a standard game controller but it wont be enough. You know how many people that have pcs and have been turned off of pc gaming because they see a game with xbox like graphics and try and play it on their $1500ish dell and it runs like shit? Alot, a whole lot. Unless theres a standard speed increase or something every few years like consoles, not many will give up their consoles that they know every game they will be able to play.

Not to mention how much comps crash for the average user due to inexperience, think that many people want to play buggy ass games on buggy ass computers?
10 years from now the consoles will be a thing of the past, and PCs will still be dominant.

Uhh "still" dominant? They have never been dominant in the first place.

This comment was edited on May 27, 17:28.
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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
18. Re: hrmm not quite right May 27, 2004, 13:41 Kobalt
It is quite apparent the differences with PC are constantly fading.

Only apparent to morons(you).

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News Comments > Xbox 2 & PC Hybrid?
4. Re: hrmm not quite right May 27, 2004, 11:53 Kobalt
but since everything gets ported to PC eventually... why the fuck not?

Uhh no, only a small fraction of console games gets ported.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
117. Re: RE: Kobalt and Issus May 25, 2004, 19:30 Kobalt
Kobalt, it comes down to one simple truth: you don't want DOOM 3 because you don't like any of id's previous games.

No, let's stop assuming shall we?

it is 100% certain that you will not like it because you don't want to like it.

Well im sure it is in your mind, in reality however..

I think you're just a flamer with some sort of "I hate id" complex.

Shrug you seem to think alot of things, cant help people that assume all the time.

I don't think anyone here said Half-life 2 sucked.

I don't think anyone said anyone did either.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
115. Re: RE: Kobalt and Issus May 25, 2004, 18:01 Kobalt
but only because most of the people who play just want a quick dose of fun and not much haslle.
I agree that Multiplayer wont be very attractive to the average consumer, but then again the average consumer will buy the game mostly for its singleplayer.

This confuses me. First you agree most people dont like small deathmatch, then you say most people dont buy games for the multiplayer. Or did you mean most people that will end up buying the game wont do it for the 4 player dm? Thought that was obvious.

What I AM doing is, Im trying to change some peoples attitude to post random bullshit about a game that isnt even out, instead of trying to asses the value of a game on what little we know about it.

You poor naive soul, you rarely can ever change peoples attitude, let alone over the internet.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
114. Re: RE: Kobalt and Issus May 25, 2004, 17:54 Kobalt
Comparing DOOM3 with Resident Evil? Maybe some parallels with the film, but the PC versions were poor, even for their time. Comparing a shoddy console port with predrawn graphics to a state of the art FPS? No comparison can be drawn.

Heh im not the one that started comparing doom 3 to resident evil, I was replaying to someone else post.

Since the majority of people to who I've shown the E3 DOOM3 video, go "christ that's amazing!",

Majority of what? People you have shown the game? Shit most people I know like anime but that doesn't mean it's mainstream.

Kobalt: What is your reasoning behind the opinion that DOOM3 is so bad? State your case. You said the graphics are shit, but why?

Personally I couldn't give a damn about the graphics really, im just sick of so many generic first person shooters and I dont think Doom 3 is going to be any different.I want another tribes, I want another half life etc, not the orginal doom with pretty graphics.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
110. Re: Crapola May 25, 2004, 06:45 Kobalt
I have no idea why you think the enemies are designed terribly they look very good to me.

Differences of oppinion.

This is a tottaly subjective view here and is totally biased,

Oh wow because I dont like something you do im biased?

You will have 4 player multiplayer available OUT OF THE BOX

See, I like to base a game on it's merrits, not what it might have later.

for Deathmatch purposes 1vs1 is enough for everyone's needs.

No, if this was the case all dm servers would be 1vs1, which is actually rare.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
107. Re: Kobalt < PsycSui May 24, 2004, 20:42 Kobalt
And like I pointed out, their technology was behind when ti was released, because id had already set the pace.

Uhh..wanna compare some quake 2 ss to unreal again?

Actually, the GameCube is a very advanced system.

I was referring to various things like nintendo focusing on the gimmicky Gamecube to Gameboy connectivity while everyone else is focusing on online.Not to mention their strange love of cartridges etc..

They had some interesting game modes, but they were ruined by the retarded weapons that made no sense.

Funny, I dont remember anyone saying that in all the assualt matches I played in.

UT was just a Quake 2 clone with more modes and cheesy weapons. It didn't have the fast pacing that Q3A did.

A clone..with different modes, different weapons and a different pace(this might come as a shock to you, but not everyone loves quake 3s pace], but it's a clone..oook and quake 3 on the other hand that was no different from quake 2 besides it was a bit faster was original.

Tribes was a POS game. Don't even get me started on that.

Even if you didn't like the game it was unique, which cant be said for most games.

Do you have anything to back this up?

I would if I could find 4+ year old game articles that I had no idea what the name was. Some old interview.

the graphics (that includes models and textures) weren't as good.

Heres a ss of an outdoor quake 3 map:

Heres one of UT

best I could in a min with google image search but ut = much more beautiful.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
105. Re: Kobalt < PsycSui May 24, 2004, 19:27 Kobalt
never said that. I merely suggested that it could be a resource issue. If you paid attention to more than what you wanted to, you'd realize this.

Ok im confused here, so you think a computer can handle co op fine, but say it might be a resource issue as if saying a computer cant handle co op because of a resource issue. Please clarify.

This is a matter of opinion. But I think the millions of people who bought DOOM, DOOM 2, Quake, Quake 2 and Quake 3: Arena may disagree with you. Especially since every time a new id game has been released everyone says, "wow. Look at that! Awsome! Hahaha, great blood!"

Thanks for stating the obvious, however to say a game is good just because people buy it like deer hunter...

What is DE?

Creators of unreal..or are they the ones that create the engine..always confuse the companies.

I think this timeline shows how id software advanced the FPS market, along with the online multiplayer market. Is there any evidence to the contrary?

Your right however, im not sure why you are telling me this since all I have said is id hasn't done much since doom besides graphics. Just saying id are dinosaurs with everything concerned since graphics, much like nintendo are dinosaurs at everything besides games.Look at all the gameplay modes UT and tribes had compared to quake 3, with its dm and quickly tacked on was so cocky that they had no competion that CTF barely even made it in, that is until the UT demo came out...

This comment was edited on May 24, 19:33.
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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
104. Re: Reply May 24, 2004, 19:18 Kobalt
No i dont want you to say everything is great, but if you have a reason and a valid argument why you think a certain game is going to be bad than please post it.

Well heres an earlier post, im not sure if you ignored it or didn't find it saticfactory or whatever. Of course these are just 3 I thought off the top of my head at the time and there are plenty more:

1.The only thing that the id fanboys can say will be different at all about doom 3 is it's going to be basicly resident evil in first person view. The fuck? There are some resident evil that came out that play like a fps so why is doom 3 different? It's sure as hell not going to scare anyone that resident evil wouldn't, thanks to it's terrible enemy design which brings up my next point-

2.The game looks like shit because of the shity textures and basicly whole art direction. Fucking robot spiders with a human head? wowow how scary and inovative the art team are. Instead of HL2 out of this world enemies we get generic cliche monsters that have been in every game since..doom. How nice after all these years id are just reusing shit from past games. I knew the differences between xbox and pc graphics it was the art, and even the pc graphics dont look so good after seeing the unreal 3 engine.

3.4 player multiplayer. nuff said

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
100. Re: Kobalt < PsycSui May 24, 2004, 15:45 Kobalt
PsycSui has been saying that a computer has to multi-task and is not fully aimed at making game engines shine. This is a true statement.

Agreed,though you seem to be ignoring the fact that he said that a computer cant handle co op.

Doom, the first immersive quality gaming experience. All MMORPGs are based off this experience,

Wasn't it a ultima game that had the first first person perspective? Could be wrong though.

A novel was written for this game!

You say that as if every novel written has been good.

Anyone who doubts the power of this game doubts the power of ID to change the way we enjoy computing.

I thought this pretty obvious. Of course if you doubt a game based on a company you doubt their abilty.

If not for ID, I believe we would still be at GeForce 4 level today.

I disagree, imo DE would have pushed graphics foward, but this is another debate...

ID software has always pushed the envelope.

Graphics? Yes. Gameplay and art? no way.

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
99. Re: No subject May 24, 2004, 15:34 Kobalt
Youre right, i dont understand you, what exactly is the point you are trying to make? Are console games better than PC Games??

The point I was trying to make was console and pc games arent better then each other.PsycSui said that pc games are better then console is a fact, which I felt was bullshit. Never said either was better then the other so im not sure where you are getting confused.

You obviously think Doom 3 is going to suck on the PC? Does that mean its going to rule on the console?

Nope, going to suck on whatever system it goes on.

If you think that co-op is so important to Doom 3 why arent you mentioning Half life 2's coop or rather, the lack thereof?

Because there isn't a console port of Half life 2 being developed at the same time as the pc version that has a feature the pc version doesn't have.

It seems that you only reply to people's posts to try and prove them wrong no matter what they say, and then you dont post a clear oppinion of your own.

Again, I do have a clear oppinion, just because YOU dont understand me for whatever reason doesn't mean I dont.

Im sure others as well as myself will appreciate that kind of post even though we might not agree with it

Im not sure what to do, most of peoples reason for calling me a troll is for bashing a game, so would you rather me say everything is going to be great or?

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
92. Re: No subject May 23, 2004, 13:43 Kobalt
Shammo, you are off your rocker, man.

I think he was being sarcastic..or at least I hope so.

And Kobalt, you can't just simply add more monsters. DOOM 3 probably can't have more than 10 monsters on the screen at once.

Well I was referring to farcry not doom 3..

And I still fail to get why you seem to think adding co op is a hardware issue considering it's not like no pc game has ever had co op.

I mean one minute he's pissed off at the Xbox, and the other he's defending it and saying how much better console games are.

Not my fault you misunderstood me, which im sure is a recurring thing in your life. I dont get where you got I was pissed at xbox from, I simply said that saying xbox is more powerful at something then a computer was laughable. And I fail to see how console GAMES have to do with the system. Last I heard there was more consoles then xbox, so how is defending console games in gen defending xbox? Make sense next post please.

This comment was edited on May 23, 13:45.
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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
85. Re: Doom 3 looks like shit May 22, 2004, 20:47 Kobalt
I still wondered around levels wondering what to do next.

Mostly because there are never any objectives in id games besides find the key.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
53. Re: Interesting May 22, 2004, 19:27 Kobalt
The fuck is cure?

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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
83. Re: No Co-op is a shame May 22, 2004, 19:08 Kobalt
WHO HERE WANTS KOBALT BANNED FROM THE FORUMS? sorry I made you look stupid. That xbox is more powerful then a computer shit was a gem. And your computer does more then a xbox is bs as well since many things run like shit on xbox that run fine on comp thanks to xbox's what like 96 megs of ram?

But even in that game there's an issue: not very many bad guys.

And they could't take a hour to add a few more enemies for online because?

I still want to know why the PC version of Halo didn't have co-op.

Me too, and only a idiot(you) would think it was an hardware issue.

Best RPG of all time? Baldurs gate for the PC.

Do you not know the defition of opinion or something? Theres as many, if not more people that would say chrono crusade or one of the pre ff7 final fantasies was best.

Best FPS of all time? Up for debate, but it's on the PC.

Only because gearbox ported it a year later

Best RTS? Do consoles even have RTS games?

Best fighting game? Do pcs even have fighting games?

Best simulation game?

I dont even know what simulation games are to tell you the truth..

And yes, there are a lot of sucky PC games. But there are a lot of sucky console games too.

Holy shit, there might be hope for you yet. I wonder which has more however. I would say pcs since xbox/ps2/gc for example only allows games they say is ok to be released on their system. On the other hand pc companies like budgetsoft exist that release such gems as extreme paintball..And hell ive never heard of a console game so bugged that it was unplayable, or was so rushed that a patch was needed to play, happens all the time on pc though. PC developers are lazy in gen which is why I feel dirty everytime I buy a pc game(and im not just talking about hardware issues here).

This comment was edited on May 22, 19:14.
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News Comments > More Game Movies - DOOM 3 Trailer
80. Re: No Co-op is a shame May 22, 2004, 17:09 Kobalt
I've read articles that state that game AI can only perceive one target

That is one of the most retarded things I have ever heard. Shows how much fanboys will go to defend their game.

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