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Signed On May 8, 2003, 02:24
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News Comments > GTA: San Andreas PC
6. Someone failed math... Sep 10, 2004, 01:39 Kobalt
How did you get a year from 6 months you dumb fuck?

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News Comments > BioWare Interview - On Jade Empire PC
22. No one cares Sep 6, 2004, 13:52 Kobalt
I wipe my ass with the face of political correctness. But I'm right anyway.

Yeah but, no one gives a fuck about your opinion. You're one of those tards that don't get the concept that everyone thinks old things are better than they are.

You know what you sound like? Those wastes of air that go around saying all all first person shooters, like half life is worse than doom and all people that think half life is better had never played it.

Do you just say everything that is popular sucks just to be cool? Are you a goth loser? Wouldn't surprise me.

No those games from the late fucking 80s werent better than the shit now you stupid cunt, go play in traffic and do the world a favor.

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News Comments > Mac KOTOR Gold
9. You are a fucking retard Sep 2, 2004, 14:19 Kobalt
Yeah OSX pwns..unless you plan on using anything but photoshop since everything comes out a year after the same shit on windows. But hey, OSX is so great it must warrant having to wait nearly a year like a retard for something, right?


This comment was edited on Sep 2, 14:19.
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News Comments > Acclaim Closes
10. I hope they burn in hell Aug 31, 2004, 01:48 Kobalt
Acclaim is was one of the worst companys out there, I hope the execs burn in hell.

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News Comments > Asheron to Call in Europe
11. Re: wtf?? Aug 30, 2004, 14:24 Kobalt
I knew AC1 was a peice of shit the first dungeon I went to. Everything aggroed thru walls, it was so easy to set up a mob so that you could hit it but it couldn't hit you(and turbine wasn't even banning people for it).

Plus the AI was so retarded you could kill higher lvl shit by running away 10 feet, mob would forget you, you heal up with bandages real fast, and since mobs regend so slow you could kill anything as long as it didnt kill you in a few hits or something.

Of course this was years ago and they might have changed all this.

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News Comments > Deus Ex and Thief Plans
48. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2004, 11:58 Kobalt
Thief was way way way before Splinter Cell. Thief defined the "stealth game genre."

Of course, thief wasn't "way way way way" before metal gear/metal gear solid, and tenchu. And when you consider most stealth games play like metal gear solid, hell all besides tenchu and thief, im not sure how thief "defined the stealth game genre".

Hell, the only other stealth game that plays like thief is tenchu, which came out before thief did.

This comment was edited on Aug 28, 12:00.
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News Comments > Deus Ex and Thief Plans
31. Re: Console Games Aug 28, 2004, 00:41 Kobalt
riiight, because the very two PC-GAME series we're talking about didn't make money, weren't innovative nor had good gameplay while having GREAT (dark engine? lol) graphics.

I'm lost here, im assuming you are trying to be sarcastic by the amount of i's, but what you said is obvious.

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News Comments > Deus Ex and Thief Plans
22. Re: Console Games Aug 27, 2004, 23:59 Kobalt
Consoles will always be one step behind the pc.

You mean besides money,inovation,gameplay etc etc..

But consoles will always have worse graphics! AND GRAPHICS ARE ALL THAT MATTER RIGHT?


Amazes me the amount of delusional pc fanboys

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News Comments > WoW FilePlanet Stress Test
21. Re: Well from Alpha and Beta... Aug 27, 2004, 13:34 Kobalt
Thank heaven for Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I have barely read anything about this game but this is what I know it has going against them:
It's made by turbine, the creators the of the peices of shit Asheron's call 1 and 2.

There will be only be a few hundred people per server, oh and every single thing will be instanced too. Know what that sounds like? Guild wars, cept it will cost $15 a month.

I stopped reading there.

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News Comments > Acclaim Closings
9. Thank god Aug 27, 2004, 13:26 Kobalt
The only good game this company ever made was turok, which actually was a really good first person shooter at the time(was the first fps with wide open areas). Of course acclaim managed to completely destroy this francise as well so fuck them.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
128. Re: Doom 3 Aug 26, 2004, 23:30 Kobalt
HELLO. It was supposed to be a deathmatch only multiplayer game. Why would a DEATHMATCH ONLY MULTIPLAYER GAME have single player or anything else?

I'm not sure where you got I was talking about single player, I meant different modes like fucking king of the hill or some shit. And since quake 3 has capture the flag too(albet quickly tacked on, quake 3 wasn't even meant to ship with ctf, they were going to patch it later like most lazy ass pc developers do but id got scared when the UT demo came out), quake 3 obviously wasn't a deathmatch only game.

No Quake 3 is not a remake of Quake 1.

Look above quickl- oh shit the point just flew over your head.

Let me bring you back to reality for a moment. UT2004 was released almost FIVE YEARS after Quake 3. Of course it has more modes and more features.

The fuck makes you think I was talking about UT2k4 and not UT? UT had tons of modes when it was released THE SAME FUCKING MONTH QUAKE 3 WAS.

so I don't see why anyone would criticize them for continuing that trend.

I bet you really don't see why someone would criticize a company for not inovating at all.

This comment was edited on Aug 26, 23:37.
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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
123. Re: Doom 3 Aug 25, 2004, 20:30 Kobalt
Just curious, but do you consider that to be a sentence?

Nice dodge, pussy

I did not say that Doom 3 is the "best game ever.

No one said you did

And neither did PC Gamer.

Read it again

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
119. Re: Doom 3 Aug 25, 2004, 18:54 Kobalt
Not sure whether that's just a matter of numbers (5x the games on the consoles --> more innovation) or the Japanese willingness to experiment (and fondness for consoles) but you're absolutely right.

Has more to do with the fact that consoles make so much more money than pc games that even niche games like disgaea can sell pretty well, while only the most popular type of game on pc like a FPS sells well.

The weapons in the original Doom only had one firing mode, so why would the REMAKE of Doom be any different?

Just curious, do you realize how much of a tard that uses every excuse in the world for a reason why there is no innovation you sound like? "Oh doom 3 has as much story as the orginal doom you say? Well it's a remake of course ! What? Quake 3 has absolutely no new weapons, only has deathmatch and a quickly tacked on capture the flag while unreal torunament and tribes has tons of well built modes? Because quake 3 is a remake of quake 1 of course !"

yet dozens of people on this site and dozens of reviews say otherwise.

Wow, dozens. And only a retard pays attention to reviews anymore, I dont think even the biggest id fanboy will say doom 3 is the best game ever yet pc gamer said that.

This comment was edited on Aug 25, 18:55.
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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
103. Re: Lets recap for a moment Aug 25, 2004, 02:13 Kobalt
Doom 3 was remake that was revised from the original.

The doom 3 is a remake is a bullshit after the fact shit they came up with so they could have a excuse to rehash everything.

Since when are mind blowing playable CG like graphics nothing new?

Are you retarded? Did the miss the besides the graphics part? Every fucking id game has "mind blowing CG graphics" as you so stupidly put it. And let's not get carried away here, only a blind person would mistake doom 3 graphics for a CG movie, doesn't look that good.

HL2 will in no way be like HL1. Face it.

Why are you bringing up half life 2? Calm down rabid fanboy there are people that think doom 3 sucks dick that doesn't think half life 2 will be the best ever.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
97. Lets recap for a moment Aug 24, 2004, 23:20 Kobalt
Doom 3 isn't as good as these games that was released before it:

system shock 2
deus ex
far cry
fucking goldeneye for the N64

Of course this is just off the top of my head

Why are people defending this game again? I can understand if you like it, it's really not that bad, but aren't you just a wee annoyed it brings NOTHING new to first person shooters besides a pretty new engine?

This comment was edited on Aug 24, 23:21.
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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
38. Re: No subject Aug 24, 2004, 13:06 Kobalt
At least there is still hope for quake 4, since id has nothing to do with it.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
34. Re: nUmba|-|5? Aug 24, 2004, 12:42 Kobalt
I remember hearing something along the lines of 300,000 copies in the first week. I'm sure Doom3 will hit the 1 million mark easily.

So what you are saying is it's just a top seller?

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
32. Re: Try this Aug 24, 2004, 12:36 Kobalt
PC game publishers should take after games like Live For Speed They have a nice business model where you just download the game and the full game actually works as a demo and when you purchase the game through their website they give you a key that works for only 1 hour.

Thats a horrible idea, though it's a great idea if you want the pc gaming industry to do even worse.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Sales
8. Who gives a shit Aug 24, 2004, 10:07 Kobalt
I like how in the press release it keeps mentioning PC game sales but not overall game sales. No one but pc gaming freaks care about pc sales, if doom 3 was number 1 for all games overall some people would give a shit, alas.

I would be surprised if doom 3 was even in the top 5 overall. Why do companies make pc games again?

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News Comments > No Win98 DOOM 3
55. Recap Jul 27, 2004, 23:51 Kobalt
Lets recap this thread:
Every single person that uses windows xp/2000 say it's better than 98, and every person that has never used xp or 2000 say it sucks.

People that say 98 is better than xp or 200 are retards is the conclusion I come to.

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