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News Comments > DOOM 3 Mac, Linux, and Demo Details
105. Re: PC Gamer Jul 15, 2004, 22:43 m00t
This will be the engine of choice for consoles due to its incredibly small map size.

Well, sort of. If id let's vicarious visions license the engine it would be good for highly detailed FPS (and maybe other genre) games on the X-Box. But a lot of games use the Unreal engine which is suited for slightly lower detail but better performance on that spec (733mhz, geforce3 class) so a lot of them use that. They're more familiar with it and it's cheaper to license.

Id makes the majority of it's money on sales, not licenses. Not to say licenses don't pile on cash, it's just not as lucrative as you'd think it would be. say, 13x titles at 100k each is only 1.3 million. If Doom3 sells 1 million copies at $30 - $50, id stands to make probably 10 - 20 million because a) they do a lot of stuff in house. b) they don't have to license jack shit. c) they can bargain VERY powerfully due to their position with their publisher and their publisher knows their game will sell very well and is likely very happy to take what it gets [activision!].

Licensing is just very sweet icing on the very large cake.

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News Comments > WON to be Lost
13. Re: Time to load up my second favorite RTS! Jul 15, 2004, 22:37 m00t
Why on earth did it set my subject to that?

I hit 'post comment' and i think it showed a message from another thread.

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News Comments > WON to be Lost
12. Re: Time to load up my second favorite RTS! Jul 15, 2004, 22:33 m00t
Valve has no interest in supporting Linux at all.

Look at Gabe's resume some time.

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News Comments > Kenn Hoekstra Departs Raven
6. No subject Jun 29, 2004, 12:18 m00t
Farewell Kenn!

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News Comments > SWG Veteran Rewards
3. This is like saying... Jun 29, 2004, 00:31 m00t
"Hey, we know our game sucks. So for those of you masochists out there that are still with us, we're giving you something to keep you level grinding...

please stay.... we're lonely"

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
68. Re: Carmack is a fucking joke Jun 24, 2004, 00:14 m00t
No problem, jerkwad.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
55. No subject Jun 23, 2004, 18:07 m00t
"Holy crap. You guys are losing it big time down there. You have your Patriot Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act and now this. Of all the peoples in the world, you'd think Americans would be screaming bloody murder over this. But I guess you're not allowed to anymore."

It's more that people just don't care. They believe it will never affect them and the people who are being targeted publicly by the laws are people they don't agree with, so they think it is good.
They'll be screaming bloody murder after it gets used on them. But by then it'll be too late for them to do anything about it. Seems pretty stupid, doesn't it?

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
65. Re: Carmack is a fucking joke Jun 23, 2004, 17:36 m00t
Hey jerkwad, just because I'm an asshole doesn't mean I'm wrong.

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
62. Re: Carmack is a fucking joke Jun 23, 2004, 16:56 m00t
You're welcome to your opinion (no, really I don't want it!)
But there's no need to be jealous of the man's success.

All the games you mention are games I loved. Each has their place for different reasons. 3dRealms, id software, Epic all make (in my opinion) great games, from a gameplay, visual, audio, configurability standpoint each has it's merits. Rise Of the Triad was a great game, too.

Also (different thread), Snipes (old DOS/novell game) was probably the first deathmatch game.

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
54. No subject Jun 23, 2004, 12:17 m00t
Doom3 is coming out on Xbox, too. Remember? Not everyone is buying this for the PC.

That said, I'm waiting for it come out so I can pick up my pre-order.
Then we all get to wait for Gabe's next excuse as to why HL2 is late >:(
I hope Unreal3 doesn't come out before HL2. I think valve would explode.

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News Comments > More on WHO Cancellation
9. Re: No subject Jun 22, 2004, 12:34 m00t
It probably went like this:

GW: Dude, your game sucks. We're canning it. You've had years and the best you can do is 3 craptastic models and 2 environments. Get lost.
Climax: But but but but but look!!! it's good!
GW: We don't need to spend any more millions on an MMO Q1 based game, bye.
Climax speaking to public: Our hard work and dedication to this excellent project has unfortunately gone to waste because GW is not willing to pay us to sit on our asses any more.

Good riddance.

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News Comments > Warhammer Online Cancelled
33. Re: No subject Jun 21, 2004, 16:14 m00t
Hrm. That was the 3025 thing right? I don't think that was MS... I think MS could do a decent one. They have the animation technology for the mechs. Certainly have the money to support it and the licenses to all of FASA's stuff.

Mech Assault 2 looks friggin' awesome. Way better than MA1 was which I was thoroughly dissappointed with as a battletech player.

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News Comments > Warhammer Online Cancelled
26. No subject Jun 21, 2004, 15:42 m00t
After I saw the videos/screenies of this I thought the publisher was out of their minds and the the developers weren't born with one.

It was the kind of modeling and animation that wowed us back when Q1 was released, if even that good. Good riddance.

re: mmo's in general.
Pay to play is here to stay, true. But I think they have a long way to go before it is truly mainstream. Online gaming in general is still a drop in the bucket compared to where it will be in a few years.

I do wish they'd make a _good_ MMO FPS and a good MMO RTS. Planetside is cool to a degree, but I want more. A battletech MMO (full universe with jumpships, dropships, aerospace, mechs, vehicles, infantry, etc) would be amazing.

The thing that most MMOs seem to lack is the feel that you're in a huge, epic universe. Most of them feel like they're as big as a BF1942 map and then I get to wait 30 seconds to load the next one. Screw that. I want to be able to take off from my dropship in orbit, fight through a fighter screen and strafe the enemy regiment advancing on a city.

CoH is a nice distraction. I like that I don't have to commit 3 hours to it to get anywhere. The city is cool with some very large zones (I'd still rather have a contiguous planet scale map... c'est la vie).

It's possible, it just needs to be done.

Merge Eve's interstellar travel, add independence war space battles, mechwarrior mechs, bf1942 versatility and infantry, UT2k4 vehicles. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 3 years.
3. Profit!!!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. No subject Jun 10, 2004, 10:42 m00t
While you're thinking about that, think of the number of electrons.
Or heck, the quarks!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Re: Oral sex lessons to cut rates of tee May 27, 2004, 11:22 m00t
As long as there are no parent-teacher conferences on the subject...

Now, do they have in-class examples?

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch & SDK Plans
17. Re: Lack of Birthdays Fatal May 27, 2004, 10:10 m00t
Fixed a number of ladder related bugs

That's the one thing that _REALLY_ pissed me off in the game, physics/gameplay wise. The ladders were HORRIBLE.
I'd get to the top and immediately the game would spin me 90 degrees left or right and would not let me get off the top of the ladder.

Climbing down was a serious pain as well.

re:lagging and warping.
It's pretty bad over 110ms but if you can find a server that you ping ~30 - 80 to you'll be fine so long as everyone else pings about the same... which is where the real problems come in.

Judging by the issues with lag, the client is semi-authoritative on it's position leaving the game open to speed/teleport hacks to a major degree. Someone w/ a 200ms ping frequently teleports when viewed by someone w/ a 30ms ping making it very difficult to hit them.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch & SDK Plans
16. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 10:06 m00t
I disagree with the "Save point system was perfect". It was very good for the majority of the game but there were 3 points where they needed to add another one.

Tension is one thing but getting through a major battle and then having to play for 20 more minutes to get to a save point only to be killed by a falling rock that is nigh unavoidable is not fun, does not create tension and does not encourage people to purchase more offerings from the company.

Also, they could have made the ending of the game more interesting. It was very predictable and not really all that fun.

The voice acting was B grade at best. Over acted in the extreme, mis-timed with animations and some of it just didn't make sense.

I liked the game up until the last 20 minutes of play and then I really wish they had ended it earlier when it was still pretty good.

Multiplayer is really fun, though.
Great engine, simply beautiful. Predictable, cheesey, ripped off from just about every other game you can think of story.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch & SDK Plans
4. Re: No subject May 27, 2004, 00:44 m00t
Go to console


You'll have to hit esc to load the game after dying the first couple times, but it worked fine for me.

I needed it a couple times near the end where i was just getting bored with the stupid fights that had no point.

Really, they should have ended it a couple levels before they did. Oh, and hired real voice actors.

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News Comments > Battlefield Vietnam Patch
32. Re: Another link May 22, 2004, 00:52 m00t
Where did you find this gem? Do you think they created their game selling screenshots without AA/AF?

Actually... Yes.

Screenshots (box art, posters, media releases) are rendered at extremely high resolutions (usually 4x or 9x 1024x768, maybe higher) at 32bit color and then scaled down to the size for printing so it looks a lot better than it would even on the best system.

This is standard practice in the industry.
Some games use AA/AF with this, some don't or custom fit it in there just for the media samples and then pull/disable it in the final release due to bugs, unsupportedness (more trouble than it's worth maybe), or simply because they don't have the time to finish it.

Where do you think those high resolution X-Box and PS2 screenshots come from? You don't think the game will run higher than 640x480 on your TV... Do you?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Sega?? May 18, 2004, 13:29 m00t
One of my pet peeves is Hollywood tearing up history (half way down). Troy is plain crazy for that. The writers have done a history pick 'n mix that would make Mel Gibsons' William Wallace blush. People who watch films but rarely read books or watch documentaries on history must have the most bizzare notion of what happened in the past. I can appreciate a little poetic licence but really.. I'd hate to think what cross pollination from film my knowledge of history has...

So is that to say that The Illiad is straight up in line with reality?

It was inspired by the events of the Trojan War / The Illiad. It never claimed to be an exact copy of the historical events or the book.

*EDIT: Fixed italics
This comment was edited on May 18, 13:30.
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