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News Comments > Still No Fallout 3 Demo
44. No subject May 15, 2008, 01:41 Blackhawk
People vastly overestimate the number of 'hardcore' Fallout fans out there, the type that would go ballistic over a tiny change in lore, as opposed to regular Fallout fans who simply like the feel of the game. Those ultra-hardcore fans (the ultra verbal minority) are so few in number that them buying or not buying the game will have nil effect on the final sales numbers. Fractions of a percent.

The way they've 'protested' Fallout 3, going irrationally belligerent toward anything related to the game or Bethesda has taken what could have been viable complaints and turned it into a laughing stock. People go to the sites run by these people simply to be amused by the angry nonsense, by the digging for something, anything to find objectionable in anything Bethsoft says, regardless of whether it actually means what they claim or not.

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News Comments > Still No Fallout 3 Demo
8. No subject May 14, 2008, 10:22 Blackhawk
If the engine mechanics are comparable to the last couple of Bethesda games (and they are), then you can't just release one 'level' to the public the way other games do. You have to create a whole new game from scratch to serve as the demo.

A company run demo, on the other hand, can simply be a Bethesda employee playing/demonstrating the first 30 minutes of the full game on a PC the viewer never gets to poke around in.

Of course, there's no question that the rabid anti-Bethesda crowd will hold this up as proof of some sort of anti-fan conspiracy.

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News Comments > Crytek to End PC Exclusives
53. Hello, my name is: Apr 30, 2008, 11:48 Blackhawk
Look at me. I've got a product that I need to sell to make a living.

I can sell to 1/5 of potential consumers, or I can sell to all of them.

Hmm. What to do, what to do?

Why does anybody get surprised when businesses make good business decisions?

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News Comments > No Fallout 3 Demo
44. Who was expecting a demo? Apr 22, 2008, 00:17 Blackhawk
Anyone who has spent any time with the Morrowind or Oblivion construction sets can tell you that making a demo with those engines wouldn't be at all practical. The game doesn't have 'levels' that you can section off and give to someone. You either have the whole world, or none of it.

The only way to make a demo would be to create a demo completely separate from the game (IE - design a whole new world.)

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky DirectX 10 Trailer
35. Good lord. Apr 21, 2008, 17:58 Blackhawk
Piracy is wrong.

Selling frequently defective or misrepresented merchandise with no recourse for the consumer is also wrong.

When it comes right down to it, there doesn't seem to be much of a moral high ground for either side. Two individuals stand on opposite sides of a street trying to out-greed the other through whatever means they feel they can get away with. Both then complain that they are a victim. The real victims are those few developers (Stardock comes to mind) who act forthrightly but end up getting hurt by both sides, and those consumers who try to act like customers in any other industry and end up getting scammed.

This comment was edited on Apr 21, 18:00.
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News Comments > Unofficial Diablo 3 Countdown
6. No subject Apr 18, 2008, 10:45 Blackhawk
May fools!

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News Comments > Fallout 3: Collectors Edition
18. No subject Apr 12, 2008, 01:16 Blackhawk
I'll be so disappointed when this game is released. Not because of the game - it may be great, it may suck - but because of the hilarious nonsense that it spawns every time someone mentions it. It isn't every day that you get to watch two well-known websites lose all credibility and become laughing stocks with such flair and finesse.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. No subject Apr 11, 2008, 18:26 Blackhawk
I've known colorblind gamers who had a horrible time, and gamers who are deaf or have poor hearing have a miserable time. It is amazing how many games don't even bother with subtitles.

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News Comments > etc.
2. No subject Apr 9, 2008, 12:36 Blackhawk
"I'm Oovay Ball, and I'm je only focking genius in je whole focking bidness."

The man bought into his own publicity.

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News Comments > City of Heroes/Villains In-game Ads
14. No subject Apr 4, 2008, 00:10 Blackhawk
Optional. Aup. Shun. Uhl. Some of you people need to get a little less dense before you start attracting your own satellites.

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News Comments > The Graveyard Released, Demo
10. Very nice. Mar 22, 2008, 09:48 Blackhawk
Don't think of it as a game. Think of it as a piece of interactive art built with game technology. With that in mind, I thought it was fantastically done.

Maybe you just have to have been there.

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News Comments > Why No PC Civilization Revolution
12. Re: No subject Mar 15, 2008, 09:15 Blackhawk
I can't see where any of the hardcore console crowd would ever even be interested in a real Civ game. WTF are they making? If it's not Civ call if fucking something else.

Um, they did? In fact, that was what the whole news item was about - how they're calling it something else because it isn't a classic Civ game. It is a spinoff.

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News Comments > CPL Closes
13. Re: No subject Mar 14, 2008, 13:22 Blackhawk
They said 'sport', not 'athletic sport'. A sport is a competitive activity governed by rules. There are lots of things that qualify as sports that aren't even remotely athletic.

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News Comments > PC Rainbow Six Vegas 2 & Assassin's Creed Delays
11. Again... Mar 12, 2008, 22:09 Blackhawk
The thing people keep missing is that they didn't make decisions that made R6 Vegas into a poor tactical shooter. They decided, rather, not to make it a tactical shooter at all. As a modern military action shooter, it is a blast. Saying it isn't realistic is like complaining that Freelancer wasn't a realistic depiction of space combat, or WoW doesn't capture the nuances of European martial arts. That wasn't what any of them were trying to do.

Now, if you like action shooters, grab a copy. It is a great game in its own right.

If you only like tactical shooters, accept that the property's owners have decided not to make Rainbow tactical shooters anymore. Mourn the loss of the leader in a genre that is almost dead. I know I do. I played and loved every Rainbow game from the original through Iron Wrath, the SWAT series, OpFlash, and the original Ghost Recon, every one of them several times (except Black Thorn - blech) and I was disappointed that Rainbow wasn't going to be a realistic series anymore.

Oh well. I'm mature enough that I can enjoy the action series as an action series instead of insisting that it is a bad game because it isn't like a different game released to a different market.

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News Comments > Sims 3 Info Soon
19. Re: No subject Mar 5, 2008, 16:57 Blackhawk
Sooo... people that love The Sims get to play a new game, while people who don't like it still won't be playing it. One group wins, the other is oblivious.

Why is this a bad thing again?

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News Comments > Windows LIVE Boycott
23. Re: No subject Mar 3, 2008, 13:20 Blackhawk
Boycotting because Microsoft is "violating our rights as PC gamers"? It amazes me what some people think of as rights. Seriously, guys, playing the 'rights card' just makes this look ridiculous. You don't have the right to free anything or convenient anything from any company. Early multiplayer had a stint with pay-to-play in the late 90s, and it died because nobody was willing to pay. This will die out the same way, not because of an internet boycott over violated 'rights'.

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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
1. Codemasters. Dec 9, 2007, 13:35 Blackhawk
Codemasters has earned a reputation for consistently having the most ill-planned, heavy-handed, and least effective measures against piracy. The simply don't understand how piracy works or how it actually affects their business, so their responses tend to be so far off target as to be laughable.

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News Comments > Free Daikatana
34. Not so bad Dec 6, 2007, 09:55 Blackhawk
Add me to the list of people who finished this one. It wasn't that bad of a game. It had a couple of flaws, mainly your sidekicks, but once you learned to keep them out of the way, it wasn't too awful. The Greek levels were actually quite a bit of fun, and memorable.

The problem was that while it was decent, it was nowhere near what its marketing and PR made it out to be, which turned it into a pile-on whipping boy - I've found that 3/4 of the people who bashed the game the most had never bothered to play it. They were just trying to do the 'cool' thing.

It wasn't perfect, and the annoyances made it not worth a re-play, but it really was fun.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Beowulf
4. No subject Nov 16, 2007, 20:20 Blackhawk
Carnal power?

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News Comments > WoW Patch Plans & Creative Audio Issue
63. Re: Creative sucks? Oct 3, 2007, 08:49 Blackhawk
Ive never had so many bad ones that I blamed Creative for making bad cards.

Creative doesn't make bad cards. They make bad drivers and have bad support for decent cards. There are certain hardware combinations over the years that have been roadblocks with Creative products, and certain software that ran horribly with it.

Creative's ugliness rears its ugly head when you DO have a problem, find out it is shared by thousands, and Creative is nowhere to be found (compare to ATI or Nvidia who address issues every few weeks.)

Their drivers contain so much junk that it takes more time trying to figure out what NOT to install than the whole rest of the process. They most certainly do drop support for old cards way, way too soon in an artificial attempt to force people to upgrade to newer cards before their old ones are even remotely obsolete. They want an upgrade market like exists for graphics cards - every two years - when they make a product that only really needs upgraded every six or eight. They compensate by artificially forcing upgrades on people.

(BTW, I've lost count of how many computers I've built and configured over the years with Creative and non-Creative cards, so I'm speaking from experience myself.)

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