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News Comments > RAGE OS X Released; Windows Version Patched
24. Re: RAGE OS X Released; Windows Version Patched Feb 3, 2012, 08:41 WaltC
HoSpanky wrote on Feb 3, 2012, 00:15:
Sadly, from all reviews, the console versions don't suffer from any of the texture issues. Supposedly they run flawlessly.

Well, I guess you missed this Rage review. It's of the console version, btw--and about the best thing the reviewer could say about the game was that after they moved it to the xBox's hard drive the *texture popping* was greatly reduced (but not eliminated, mind you.)

The main problem with console reviews versus PC reviews--well, there are many difficulties in directly comparing the two--is chiefly that what passes for good/acceptable/very pretty on a console appears poor/unacceptable/ugly on a PC, most especially to a person who only plays games on a PC, because he has become accustomed to higher resolutions, higher texture resolutions, and a lot more that simply doesn't exist for console games because consoles don't support them. People who chiefly game on consoles versus PCs often don't complain about the same things because they are used to the generally overall lower quality of the graphics and presentation.

Sadly, many game reviewers for both platforms often gloss over problems and difficulties with the games they review (but not all such reviewers, as the Ars review above illustrates) because they fear being "cut off" of a developer's or a publisher's game review distribution circuit. So, they simply "forget" to mention the ugly stuff they encounter, and most of them will defend this practice by saying that they wanted to give the game a chance to get its act cleaned up. You have been warned...;)

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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Timothee Besset Leaves id
24. Re: Timothee Besset Leaves id Feb 1, 2012, 09:38 WaltC
DanteUK wrote on Feb 1, 2012, 05:10:
Definitely not too young and been in IT for 30 years.
Personally I loved Rage and it worked out the box on my PC, but then I've an old Nvidia card and not a new ATI card where ATI screwed up on their driver releases. I fail to see how id can be blamed so much for a bad PC port when the biggest issues where caused by ATI releasing a driver with the wrong .dll's in it!

The original Rage instructions on how to run the game without texture popping (setting the texture preload to 8192, etc.) were published on the nVidia site, by nVidia, not on the ATi site. Hopefully, I don't have to tell you that nVidia did not place those instructions on its web site for the benefit of ATi users...;) In fact, there were references in the Steam forums for ATi users to follow to the nVidia site for just that reason--to set their game configs to minimize texture popping, along with nVidia owners. There were plenty of nVidia-user complaints in the Steam forums early on. I read them.

Also, how old is your "old nVidia card," anyway? It should not surprise you to learn that people with with, say, GF 8800-level cards are running D3d 8.1 hardware--so even if you are running the latest drivers from nVidia your hardware maxes out at displaying DX8.1 effects, etc. Same is true for older ATi cards. Rage is an OpenGL game, so DX8.1 is roughly analogous to OpenGL 2.x in terms of the hardware effects it supports.

From what I gathered, people with older nVidia and ATi hardware, running older API hardware, had less problems running the game from the start than did people with newer hardware--especially newer ATi hardware. But then, people with "old cards" wouldn't be expecting to see state of the art graphics in Rage anyway--so right from the start their expectations for Rage display would be much lower. Obviously, for people to be running 8800-level, DX8.1 hardware in today's DX9/10/11 gaming software universe, it goes without saying that the quality of their rendered graphics is of relatively low concern for them...;) The first versions of D3d 9.x shipped in ~2001, which should provide some idea of how old Dx8.1/OpenGL2.x hardware really is.

I'll repeat, the game was very playable and looked great on my PC from day of install - my rig is NOT a top of the range, in fact my Nvidia card I think is THE min spec card listed on the box! A couple of tweaks to the config file and unless I span 180 really fast I never saw any texture popping.

OK, there you go--the texture popping "fix" you obviously saw on the nVidia site, too, since you used it. Later patches to the game from id eliminated the need for this fix--it shouldn't have been needed in the first place. How *old* is you card, anyway? I'm always amused when people running 3d cards that first shipped ten years ago tell me how gorgeous their new games look on the older hardware--because I know that's only because they haven't checked out the current 3d hardware which is *much* better...;)

Let me guess--you are also a megatexture fan in that you either like, or at least don't mind, blurry, low-res textures? I agree that's a matter of opinion and a value judgment, but to be truthful about it, few people have any difficulty at all discerning the blurry texture from the crystal clear texture when you place them side by side.

Yes Rage wasn't great, but it was very playable and I completed it 3 times before moving on to Skyrim for 100s of hours.

Good for you...;)

I will say this. Skyrim is a 100 times bigger in scope etc than Rage, but during all my play time with Rage it NEVER crashed to desktop once!! Skyrim has crashed to desktop so many times I've lost count, it's also produced a bluescreen of death 3 times - actually the first time I've seen that on Windows 7!

Uh-oh--I'd start looking at that "old nVidia card" if I was you. Seriously. Come on--is your nVidia card really *that* old? Now you've got me curious...;) I've yet to get a CTD or a BSD with Skyrim, but then I'm running a hardware DX11 3d card--ATi, no less, w/o mods and w/o overclocking of any kind!

In terms of graphics, I loved Rages views and vista and texture on the NPC's etc was great, some game world objects and surfaces looked crap but then I've never played a game yet where there wasn't some surface or texture that looked low res because it was wrapped around some object strangely. The fact that Rages views had no repeating textures was really noticeable when switching to Skyrim! still I dread to think of the install size of Skyrim if the world was done using a Mega Texture!

Yea, I'm sure megatextures bloated Rage beyond belief...;) I really, really think you need a new 3d card, sir! Good time to invest in one, I'd say.

I know it's fashionable now to bash id, but Rage ( at least on most Nvidia setups ) didn't suck - was fun - looked great.

I't not just fashionable--it's fun. The day I see an original, thought-provoking game out of id software free of mutants, pentagrams and demons--free of Hell, even--will be the day that I will gladly agree that id has turned the corner. Old 3d cards are like B movies and id software games, I think--it's easy to get comfortable with them until you realize the rest of the world has passed you by.

Also--has id finished with the Rage "hi-res" megatexture patch--or are they still trying to figure out how to do that? I liked Carmack and pals much better when the PC was the company's focus--but still, even then, id's utter lack of originality was astounding.

Avatar 16008
It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > CD Projekt RED Ceasing Witcher 2 Piracy Witch Hunt
44. Re: CD Projekt RED Ceasing Witcher 2 Piracy Witch Hunt Jan 13, 2012, 09:43 WaltC
What follows is somewhat of a rant...and somewhat of an Open Letter to Marcin Iwinski...

Frankly, I am disappointed in CDPR because this entire policy they've had up to now relative to how they handle piracy is really stupid--almost incomprehensible, in my estimation. I'll list a few reasons why I think this way...

First a disclaimer...;) I am not a software pirate-I buy the software I run--always have, and that is not about to change. IMO, there's no excuse for pirating software. I'm what's known as a "good customer"--a "loyal customer," even--and I am really sick and tired of the fact that many software companies today spend several times the energy and time on invisible, inimical, and supposedly ubiquitous software pirates as they do on customers like me. Whether it's the RIAA, the MPAA, or various software developers, the fact is that all of these entities feel entitled to use the convenient phantom of the "software pirate" as an excuse to manhandle their paying customers. I'd prefer to be treated much better than this--I'd prefer not to be insulted every time I turn around, for starters.

Does Marcin Iwinski really think that there is one living soul on this planet who is unaware of what a software pirate is and why the activities of same are harmful to software developers and game publishers? Why this constant lecturing and posing? Why the pretense of being "on board with gamers" even while he's claiming to sue bit-torrent users by way of dubious IP addresses? That activity has nothing whatever to do with being "on board with gamers"--gamers *buy* your software, Marcin. Gamers are *not* your problem. Please try and distinguish your customers from your pirates. I think you can do it if you really try.

First order of business is to own up to the fact that all of this publicity you've generated about "watching bit torrent" is melodramatic and has not been cost-effective for you in the slightest, and so you have wisely decided to drop the pretense and the sham while posing as a "friend to gamers" when the real reason you are dropping it has little to nothing to do with popular opinion (if popular opinion was ever your goal you'd never have implemented this policy in the first place.) You are dropping pursuit of these activities, assuming you ever did actually pursue them to any notable degree in the first place, because they cost you more than they net you and would have continued to do so in perpetuity. Dropping this foolishness was very wise--fibbing about your reasons for doing it is very unwise, however. It does nothing to enhance your public-relations profile. People are not so gullible--especially your *paying customers,* who are intelligent enough to have been able to amass the disposable income necessary so as to purchase your software--like me, for instance.

If piracy is a real concern of yours, though, allow me to make a couple of simple suggestions that would be immeasurably more effective that anything you have done to date:

(1) Come out of the starting gate with a software MSRP at least $10 less than the $49.95 that software developers and publishers have enshrined into a kind of religious mantra over the last 25 years. Why? You'll sell more copies. When game software MSRPs originated @$50 ~25 years ago, the entire worldwide computer market was ~2-4 million computers sold each year. Today's computer (not counting consoles) market is ~100x that size, with sales volumes approaching 400M a year. Does you a lot more good to sell 2M copies @ 39.95 than to sell 1M copies at $49.95. Do the math. The only certainty about it is that you will without question sell more copies of your software at $39.95 than you will @$49.95, and more copies at $49.95 than you will at $59.95, etc. Yet this simple point seems to elude so many.

(2) Go Steamworks 100% for your next launch. You can still sell your software through GoG, boxed retail, as well as Steam. Didn't Skyrim do exactly that--go 100% Steamworks? Their sales numbers were through the roof as a result. I cannot believe you missed that.

If you followed the above two steps I'll wager that you would have cut down dramatically on piracy during the first critical month of sales, and that you could have done so without suing, or claiming to sue, a single bit-torrent user anywhere. I'm really baffled that I can think of these things as a paying CDPR customer--but the co-founder of CDPR apparently cannot.

But really, it all comes down to greed, doesn't it? I'll take brains over greed any day, but that's just me...;) It's greedy to, like the RIAA/MPAA, fantasize that every single pirated copy on earth is a lost sale, is a retail customer whom, if he could not pirate the game, would have bought it and would have paid whatever you asked him to pay for it. That is not true--and it seems everyone except the people who would benefit most from this information already know it. Greed blinds.

Secondly, dropping the MSRP out of the starting gate means "lost money" to the greedy, because the greedy wholeheartedly believe that MSRPs are irrelevant and that just as many people would pay $49.95 as would pay $39.95--were it not for their ability to pirate software. Of course, every known law of economics disproves this lamentably erroneous theory. But that's what greed does--it blinds people.

Greed is also the main reason CDPR would not wish to do a 100% Steamworks game release--CDPR would not wish to sacrifice revenue to Steamworks. Greed makes people foam at the mouth in thinking about all that dough slipping through their fingers. Brainpower, however, would cause a developer/publisher to look at the kind of first-month volume a Steamworks release allowed Bethesda to rack up with Skyrim, and imagine that it could just as well be his game, too, breaking all kinds of volume sales records.

My copy of Witcher 2 was purchased through Steam, btw. Software piracy is an evil that will never be entirely eradicated. Instead of opposing this reality at every turn, as is true of the RIAA/MPAA in the US, it is far more productive for companies to concentrate on how they can sell more copies of their software! Instead of spending 50% of your time wringing your hands in frustration and weeping about "the sale that got away," (you think, maybe), far better to implement a strategy that will wind up breaking volume sales records--as opposed to suing bit-torrent users! Bethesda had the right ideas--CDPR, unfortunately, did not. I think the sales volume numbers categorically prove it.

Seriously--I wish CDPR the best of luck as I love the Witcher games and have bought W1 and W2, as stated. I have to tell you though that all of your posturing about being "against DRM" and being a "friend of the gamer" is sounding utterly ridiculous at this point. OF COURSE you are a "gamer's friend" because the product you are selling is a GAME...;) Heh...;) I mean, what? You want it known that you are not the gamer's enemy? Eh? Let's hope not!

Here's hoping you guys get your heads in the right place because CDPR is every bit as capable as Bethesda in creating record-breaking, jaw-dropping, sales numbers for its games! But if your head stays in the RIAA/MPAA space of "look what we're losing" (only possibly) instead of "How can we sell the most copies of our software it is possible to sell?", CDPR is unfortunately never going to get there in my opinion. Stop the condescension and start using your brains, is my sincere advice...!...;)

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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Steam Grows: Eyes Your Television
51. Re: Steam Grows: Eyes Your Television Jan 7, 2012, 09:37 WaltC
Prez wrote on Jan 6, 2012, 19:36:

Gabe Newell and his crew are the saviors of PC gaming as far as I'm concerned.

You've got to understand that the "conventional wisdom" about PC gaming was never correct to begin with...;) I mean, if it had been correct, Gabe would not have started Steam in the first place. He started it because he knew the "conventional wisdom" was wrong--was nuts, really. And, you certainly don't do the amount of work required for a HL2 and subsequent episodes for a dying medium--Valve sold/sells buckets of PC HL2.

What Steam has done that I find particularly noteworthy, and this was always implied by Steam from the start, is to help bring sanity to software publishers about $50-$60 MSRPs. It's true that the MSRPs haven't changed much at the initial point of release--games are still priced maximally. But what's happened with Steam, and to a lesser degree with companies like GoG (lesser simply because GoG deals with older software that you expect to cost less), is that those prices stay in the stratosphere for much shorter periods of time, and when they drop the prices often drop precipitously in the many and varied sales that Valve has. And, as Valve reports, that's when the number of copies sold goes through the roof--often increasing by thousands of percent over standard MSRP volumes--so that software publishers everywhere can plainly see that lower prices increase demand for their products.

I couldn't believe that I was able to buy Skyrim, for instance, at $40.19, a mere six-weeks after it launched for $60. I had expected to see the $60 price remain stable for at least six months--but it came down much faster than that in a Valve holiday sale. Any publisher with a brain would much rather sell five digital copies @$20 ea than one digital copy @$60. The key to fighting piracy is pricing. Piracy can never be completely eliminated, of course. But Valve and Steam will come as close as it is possible to do in overcoming piracy both by pricing wares low enough to stimulate maximum demand and by the use of Steam's sale and delivery methods--which are a form of very, very Lite DRM in themselves. Honestly, though, providing a *free* cloud service for my Steam games is a pretty good reason in itself to use Steam.

If I have any gripes about Steam it would be on the subject of game updates. It shouldn't take so long for them to appear, and they should always work when they are available. On more than one occasion I've had to monkey around with local Steam files just to get my game updated. That's an area that needs work, no question about it.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
38. Re: Steam Top 10 Jan 2, 2012, 18:29 WaltC
Finally bought Skyrim today for $40! Love those unexpected Steam sales!  
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Geo-IP Changes
5. Re: Geo-IP Changes Dec 23, 2011, 23:09 WaltC
necrosis wrote on Dec 23, 2011, 22:45:
Wait. I thought this was just over the 360 version? How does this effect GoG?

Memory is sketchy, but I believe that Namco has the distribution rights to the game inside the EU. Like you, I thought this concerned distribution of only the console version of the game, but evidently not. In providing this information, I'd guess, GoG can submit proof to the court of the location of the game's purchasers should Namco ask for it. Namco got their hooks into CDPR somehow--sure would be interesting to see how all of that came about.

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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > AMD Catalyst 11.11b Performance Drivers
15. Re: AMD Catalyst 11.11b Performance Drivers Nov 27, 2011, 09:10 WaltC
ochentay4 wrote on Nov 26, 2011, 18:25:
11.11a gave me some vpu recovery... hope this one not since the performance gain over 11.10 are really good

I was getting some weird vpu recovery issues, too--and also some problems with resolution settings (at reses lower than native), which all disappeared when I went into the CCC's MyDigitalFlatpanels/Properties and unchecked the box for (turned off) gpu scaling.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > No PC Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
40. Sour Grapes Nov 24, 2011, 17:56 WaltC
CJ_Parker wrote on Nov 24, 2011, 16:37:

Just because Skyrim is selling well doesn't mean it isn't equally getting pirated billion-fold. And I'm sure that Beth isn't exactly happy about that development, in spite of the success of the franchise.

That's not the point--all media is eventually bootlegged to some degree, somewhere on earth. All of it. The difference is that when developers put out a good game that satisfies a pent-up demand people will literally stand in line to buy it. That's not just true of Skyrim, but it is true of quite a few PC games released this year, actually. Then you have your successful PC online games that people like so well they pay something every month just to keep playing. But that's just another side of the coin...

What developers and game publishers are happy with are PC games that in a short time cover all of their development costs plus return a very handsome profit. Those people are living the developer's dream because they know what their audience craves and they give it to them. Those developers who make excuses and denounce platforms like the PC simply don't do as well because they don't put as much into identifying and satisfying their PC customers as the companies who ship massively successful PC titles do. It's pretty darn cool when a company can report $450M back on its ~$40M investment in a matter of days! All of them won't be PC sales, but a large percentage of them will be. Look at Microsoft--the company is awash in money and yet its products likely consist of *the* most pirated software in the world. That fact is, if you know your stuff as a developer you need not *ever* fear that piracy will prevent you from making a ton of money.

Secondly, and this is a big bugaboo here, console piracy is actually rampant. Just Google or Bing "xBox360 piracy," for starters. Contrary to popular uninformed opinion, piracy is not just restricted to PCs.

I think when you hear a lot of nonsense from companies like UbiSoft, what they are really saying is "We have no intention of investing the time or money it would take to create top-notch PC fare. No, we like the average to below average expectations we have to deal with in the console markets just fine." That's really the problem--it's a sour grapes problem--they see how their competitors are doing *great* in the PC market, and this causes them to defensively make statements "explaining" why they cannot do as well and have no intention even of really trying.

I've owned a computer for ~26 years, and have never bought a console and likely never will. But when a developer creates a game of sufficient quality, both me and my dollars are right there. I hate to *think* of all the money I've spent buying computer games...;) (Not really, since I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from the medium.)
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New LAA Workaround
28. Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New LAA Workaround Nov 22, 2011, 18:44 WaltC
CJ_Parker wrote on Nov 22, 2011, 18:17:
What's illegal in most Western countries is the act of circumventing the copy protection. That means that downloading a cracked EXE may be legal. But installing and using it is illegal. That's how it usually goes, although legislation (or rather jurisdiction) might differ from one country to another.

Actually, it's only illegal behavior if you engage in it solely in order to deprive the copyright holder of his due--ie, it's illegal if you use the circumvention to distribute unpaid-for bootleg copies, etc. If you paid for your copy and can prove it I hardly see how using a modified exe in its place would be illegal, since the copyright holder would not have been damaged by that activity.

OTOH, I tend to avoid "cracked" anything because I can never be sure of *what else* I might be getting besides the "cracked" exe...;)

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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Skyrim Patch After Thanksgiving
19. Re: Skyrim Patch After Thanksgiving Nov 19, 2011, 09:35 WaltC
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Nov 19, 2011, 04:09:
I think I've been unlucky. I've had around 40 CTDs,...

With that many CTD's, your problem is most likely somewhere in here:

Core i7 2600-K (4.6GHz) | HD5970 2GB (910/1200)

It's literally amazing how many people think that overclocking is some kind of guaranteed function of their cpu or gpu. It's not--the only thing guaranteed by the respective manufacturers is the stock clock speed. It's bizarre how overclockers will "protect" that overclock at all costs--and even convince themselves that their overclocks are fine--just because they can boot OK and "other games" run fine, and will cheerfully conclude that their software is as buggy as a termite mound, instead...;)

The fact is that different games exercise different areas of cpu & gpu circuitry in differing ways, which is why some games run like a top when you're overclocked and other games CTD on a regular basis. Best policy? Don't overclock. In fact, until you run your system at stock clocks from the install of your game forward you simply are in no position to know what's a real bug in the software you run and what's going wrong because you are overclocked that otherwise wouldn't.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Skyrim to Offer "Infinite Quests"
50. Re: Skyrim to Offer Nov 9, 2011, 15:10 WaltC
Daggerfall was an absolutely wonderful idea. The problem with it was that a procedural game of that type was, oh, 'bout a decade or more ahead of Bethesda's ability to program it. Also, the SoA in 3d at the time was really primitive compared to what is possible now. If Beth hasn't nailed it by now with Skyrim I doubt they ever will.

Daggerfall sucked primarily because it was so buggy. IIRC, it was patched--officially--about ~17 times or so, and after the last "final" patch Bethesda just gave up on the game. I clearly remember being crestfallen at the time because even though I had hung in there with the patches and the bugs, it was still too buggy for me to finish *after* Bethesda had blessed it with "the final patch."

I'm thinking that Beth hasn't talked that much about this aspect of Skyrim precisely because they don't want to evoke memories of Daggerfall and the fact that it was so buggy that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Daggerfall together (there's no "again" in this case because at no point was Daggerfall ever "together" in the first place...;))

I think that Bethesda does, however, understand the yearning in the hearts of RPG'ers everywhere for lo-o-o-o-o-o-ooooong games that really "immerse" the player in the game world. I mean, how the hell do some game companies think a player can become "immersed" in a 10-15-hour game--or even a 30-hour game for that matter? That's a sick joke, imo. I think Beth is admirable for shooting for such a high bar in creating an "infinite quest" game engine that is also tied to a concrete storyline with lots of intriguing content--and that sounds like Skyrim. At least, I hope it does.

I'm a little worried by the fact that Beth hasn't (a) produced a demo, or (b) allowed the game to be reviewed ahead of its release. But that may be only because Beth wants to surprise everyone with a 5-star title right out of the gate. I'm certainly hoping it is not because the game is somehow disappointing.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > New AMD/ATI Catalyst Preview Drivers
10. Re: What? Oct 20, 2011, 11:01 WaltC
Darth Guybrush wrote on Oct 20, 2011, 09:48:
The drivers that they used for testing were not shipped with the game is what I understand happened. Bullshit. 3 weeks after launch and nothing?

Am not at all sure what you're talking about. 3d-card drivers, pretty darn near 100% of the time, are not shipped in the same package as the game you buy. Heh...;) There's something massively wrong with a 3d game should it require "special" 3d-card drivers in order to run. If the game developer has done his job then the 3d-card IHV has had his game code a decent interval ahead of the day the game ships, and major problems have been overcome prior to finalizing the code for the version of the game software that initially ships. If game devs don't do it that way, then they they have only themselves to blame when the results are less than optimal, as happened in the case of RAGE.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > New AMD/ATI Catalyst Preview Drivers
6. Re: New AMD/ATI Catalyst Preview Drivers Oct 20, 2011, 09:15 WaltC
Krovven wrote on Oct 20, 2011, 00:27:

Finally fixed my video problems with Rage. Very sad shame that it took 2 weeks for the proper drivers to come out allowing me to play the game. It really is inexcusable from all three id software, AMD and Bethesda that the game was released without the proper drivers being available.

Don't forget about the patches that id software has made to the game in the last two weeks--still more to come in that department if I recall correctly. Most definitely this was completely id software's fault, all the way around. Ars Technica reviewed the console version of the game and gave it terrible marks, including bad marks for massive texture popping! Don't be mistaken about the game's bugs, graphical and otherwise--they affected all versions of the game to some degree upon release. Those bugs are the fault of no one except the game developer.

If id software doesn't release their code to 3d-card IHVs ahead of time there's no way that either nVidia or AMD could be prepared. Although the game initially ran better on nVidia products, because apparently the only in-house 3d cards id software owns for testing and development are made by nVidia, it was nVidia who initially put out the faq as to how to configure the game to run properly on nVidia products--because the game initially did not run properly on nVidia 3d cards, either..

This should be common sense--it is up to the game developer/publisher to see that a game is relatively bug-free upon release--and nobody else. This means that a developer tests his software and initiates a dialogue with 3d-card IHVs, if necessary, so as to address these kinds of problems *before* the game code is frozen and finalized ahead of shipping. This is also one very good reason AMD has a solid, reliable monthly driver update program--it allows them to constantly stay on top of things to the degree that a game/developer allows them to do so. But even that, as you know, is no defense against a buggy release from a game developer, which is pretty much all that happened here.

Basically, this game had two *separate* issues out of the gate:

(1) Bugs, graphical and otherwise
(2) No attempt by id software was made to differentiate the PC version to take advantage of the "ten times more power" that Carmack states an average PC has over a console.

Carmack went on to cite "budget restraints" as the likely culprit, but the fact is that id software & Bethesda publishing chose to release a version for the PC, thereby enticing people who own PCs to buy the game--so an accommodation to the PC's environment should certainly have been budgeted. Otherwise, the correct release path to have taken was not to release for the PC. (Either do it right or don't do it at all. Doing less is a cheat.)

Last, it may well be that Carmack has shaped his company around consoles and portable devices, and that is fine, of course, as far as it goes. However, there are plenty of companies who do great work for the PC and are suitably rewarded for it--despite Carmack's opinions on the matter. He seems to favor Commander Keen territory, and I certainly won't begrudge his actions if he opts to stay there in the future.
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News Comments > Mojang Wins Scrolls Injunction
11. Re: Mojang Wins Scrolls Injunction Oct 18, 2011, 14:36 WaltC
Bodolza wrote on Oct 18, 2011, 13:25:
ELITE wrote on Oct 18, 2011, 13:21:
I just want him to Tweet a running tab of how much money he's blowing on a shitty name.

Maybe it's coming out of the marketing budget, in which case it seems to be money well spent.

Any money paid out to attorneys over idiotic stuff like this is completely wasted. Much, much better to spend your marketing money on advertising--which you'd think would be common sense. The graphics in Minecraft look basically like they were drawn by a 6-year old playing with Lego blocks and crayons. So, there are much better things this would-be entrepreneur could be spending his money on. It's one thing to successfully give away mountains of free software--quite another to interest people in paying for it. Getting into a pissing match with Bethesda, who quite possibly had trademarked the word "scroll" with respect to a computer game before notch was born, is *not* the way to kick off a software career.

If he's got time for this sort of thing, he apparently isn't spending enough time on software development. In the end, his use of the word "scroll" in the title of his game won't mean a thing in comparison with the quality, or lack thereof, of the software he produces. He's shown me nothing yet, but I'm willing to wait and see. Less mouth and more coding is the approach he should take from here on out, imo.
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
7. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Oct 10, 2011, 10:51 WaltC
Well, I think Apple customers, at least the die-hard "I only buy Apple!" kind, are in the throes of yet another Reality Distortion Field. Like the poster here who thinks that Apple technology touched everything that people use to post to the Internet! I can't think of a single thing I'm using right now to post this message in terms of hardware or software that is the result or an offshoot of Apple products or technology.

Apple fans really do think Jobs was some kind of a saint, come to rid the world of the evil influences of X<insert the name of your least favorite company here>. This kind of melodramatic overreaction to Jobs' death, although everyone knew he had been fighting a losing war against pancreatic cancer for the past seven years, is much the same sort of reaction we might see if a US head of state was assassinated. In this case it is way overblown.

There are many unflattering things I could point out about Jobs' career, things that are unarguable facts of record, but I'm willing to let the bereaved grieve for a bit longer before engaging anyone in that kind of dialog...;) I do think it is early yet to unleash the dogs of hindsight.

Here's a tidbit, though. Jobs' approved biographer has recently revealed what Jobs told him about his reasoning behind allowing an official biography to be written. (paraphrased) "I wanted my children to be able to read about the 'real me' and why it was that I wasn't there for them much of the time. I want them to understand me." Well, the only thought that occurs to me is that during the last seven years of his life Jobs had plenty of time to spend with his children so that they could get to know him.

There is much--very much--about himself that he might've personally shared with his children if he had thought it worthwhile. It seems to me that wanting his children to read about him in a biography written by a stranger is a cop-out of supreme proportions, seeing as how he had a seven-year window of warning as to his mortality--which is a lot more warning than most people ever get. But if you don't believe Jobs' answer here as to why he wanted a biography written--then it's a moot point, anyway.

I'm not at all sure that Jobs was very much of a "people person" or a "children person" at heart, and I thought the tale of how he originally perjured himself in front of a court by claiming he was sterile in order to escape claims that he had impregnated his long-time girl friend was a very telling event. Lots of people behave in this way, and other than the perjury part there's nothing illegal about it.

Jobs was in all respects ordinarily human--not a saint--nowhere close to a saint, and certainly not a "genius" on the order of an Einstein (Jobs didn't compare in the brain department.) And I think that's how Jobs should be remembered--as an ordinary guy who worked hard, lucked out, and was often in the right place at the right time.
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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms
121. Re: id On RAGE Oct 8, 2011, 11:17 WaltC
You read it wrong. He's saying that, if Rage had been PC exclusive, it would have had a much smaller budget, and that he'd rather have the budget to realize his team's vision, even if it means a rough launch like this one.

You can agree or disagree, but at least read what he's saying before doing so.

Something major is out of whack with your reasoning here...;) You believe Carmack states that the PC is "ten times more powerful" than a console, and that to write a game program taking advantage of "ten times more power" would require less money than it did to "reach his team's vision" of a ten-times less powerful game? Heh...;)

I think that what he meant was that he didn't get a large enough budget to take the time and to do the work required to properly address the PC's far more powerful & capable environment. And yet, id software released a PC version of the game anyway, didn't they? I think it's more on the order of Bethesda offering Carmack $10M to do RAGE and Carmack complaining that wasn't enough money to do a proper PC port because of the extra work required. Regardless of the details of the situation, id software put its name on the PC version of the game and allowed Bethesda to ship it anyway, didn't they?

Ordinarily I don't post so much--but Carmack's remarks really burn me up, especially coming as they do *after the fact* of the game's PC release. Hopefully, Bethesda is not being a *ick with refunds...;)

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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms
119. Re: id On RAGE Oct 8, 2011, 11:00 WaltC
Zuckuss wrote on Oct 8, 2011, 10:29:
What game devs always fail to realize is that it's PC gamer's wallets that fund the tech evolution that they are able to put into consoles. If we weren't upgrading every 2 years, consoles would suck that much more.

True, and the fact is that even when Blues runs stories about how Valve and EA both, in recent weeks, have gone on record stating that the PC--not the console--is their overall chief revenue driver, some people are so conditioned to thinking that "PC gaming is dead" that they ignore these public statements and continue to support their weird console biases in their posts.

It depends on the publisher and on the developer as to "which platform" is their largest revenue driver. For some it is consoles, for others it is iPhones/Android phones, and for still others it is, and always has been, the PC.
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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms
113. Re: id On RAGE Oct 8, 2011, 09:27 WaltC
Creston wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 22:44:
Edit : In fairness, after installing the latest AMD driver AND restoring the 8192 tweaks, it seems as if the texture flickering is finally gone. Hurrah.


Every time I dial in these forums I keep reading the same old crap about it being only a problem for AMD cards--good grief, and how many times does it have to be repeated? nVidia is the company--not AMD--who put out a faq for nVidia users to use the 8192 tweaks so that the damn game would run right on *nVidia* cards! Sheesh. The game might have run *marginally* better on nVidia cards without the 8192 tweaks--but nowhere near how it should have run. Just like the AMD cards. I read post after post on the Steam forums (where I actually first found out about the tweaks) written by nVidia users having horrendous texture pop-in problems and who were also unable to get the game to function in SLI. What's happened is that some nVidia fans have been spreading the word that it's "only ATi products having problems with RAGE" and ATi users, of course not having access to nVidia cards (and apparently unable to read other forums like I was able to do), have believed it! Hook, line, and sinker.

The truth is that the game in its released state sucked for both PC platforms. Also, the console version reviewed by Ars Technica was rife with its own texture pop-in problems to the degree that Ars gave the console version a great big FAIL--and promised to get to the PC version later. Graphical problems weren't the only thing Ars didn't like, of course, but the main point here is that they existed on the console versions, too!

The fact of the matter is that this is a crap game released by a crap company that is trading solely on past-accrued goodwill. The PC is what put Carmack on the map. Yeah, he's a damn sell out, but more than that--he's as friggin' lazy as they come these days--he could have substantially revised the PC version of this game to take advantage of the "ten-times more power" as Carmack puts it, but he's just not interested anymore in doing that level of work. A few years ago, Carmack worked his butt off doing it right for the PC. I guess the truth is that he's pushing up against his limits as a programmer these days. Who the hell is he kidding? Console technology is almost a decade old and the fact that he'd rather program for it than for the "10 times more powerful PC" speaks volumes.

I am so glad I did not buy this game. Maybe in a few years in the bargain bin for $5. Maybe. Or when it hits GoG...;)

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News Comments > AMD/ATI Catalyst Preview Driver for BF3 & RAGE
16. Re: AMD/ATI Catalyst Preview Driver for BF3 & RAGE Oct 7, 2011, 20:50 WaltC
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 20:13:
To be fair, it's hard for AMD to compete when id Software builds in support for nVidia cards via-CUDA based GPU transcoding, while not communicating properly with AMD. I just wonder what the testing procedures were at id Software to overlook something so important, as they had months to get things right. Heck, the game was gold for a month before release.

I don't know the full story but why weren't the AMD drivers that id Software tested the game on simply released with the game? Doing that would have prevented a lot of the problems and negative backlash. It just seems to be an incredibly poor way to do business, both for id and for AMD.

Don't forget that the game was running almost as crummy on nVidia hardware--in fact, it was nVidia that officially released a tweaking FAQ to enable RAGE to run properly on their hardware, too. It doesn't appear that id software tested the game very much if at all on either nVidia or ATi hardware prior to release--which is why, along with the fact that RAGE is obviously a fairly sloppy console port, that I'm skipping RAGE--and I'll keep my gpu, thank ya' vera much...

I mean, if it was really a gang busters, once-in-a-century PC game release that ATi just couldn't handle for some odd reason (I've been running ATi since 2002 and haven't seen that happen yet), then *maybe* I could see dumping my gpu for something else. But RAGE? Heh...;) I'll pass.... I think I'd have to have my head examined for doing something like that.
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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News Comments > Notch: Mojang Offered "To Give Up the Trademark" for Scrolls
32. Re: Notch: Mojang Offered Oct 4, 2011, 10:25 WaltC
When Bethesda contacted us, we offered both to change the name to “Scrolls: <some subtitle>” and to give up the trademark.

This thread is amazing...;) It's like few people even read the sentence above that Blue actually quoted from "notch" on the front page! You know, the sentence in which "notch" actually states he made no effort whatsoever to settle and actually responded to Bethesda by insulting them with an offer to change the name of "Scrolls" to "Scrolls: <some subtitle>" I don't know why Notch simply didn't offer to change the game name to "Scrolls: Elder"...:D

Obviously, "notch" is doing this simply for attention and publicity for his upcoming software release. At this point, though, "notch" hasn't actually done anything Bethesda can sue over, and Bethesda won't have any reason to sue unless "notch" decides to use the word scroll in the title of the game--game isn't out yet and so has no title, of course. I expect that he has no intention of being dragged into court but will remove the word "scrolls" from his game title before it ships. If "notch" had any sense at all he'd know that by far the best publicity for his upcoming game is Minecraft--not some juvenile, public crybaby fest over the use of the word "scrolls" as a the name for a computer game. Everybody knows Bethesda got there first, a long, long time ago.

synonyms for the noun "scroll":

document, manuscript, paper, parchment, scripture, papyrus, file...just for starters. The thing is if notch has any imagination whatever he can easily choose a a name for his game that is original. I can't see the problem there at all. I actually would be embarrassed to have to admit that the most original title for my game that I could conceive was "Scrolls: Something." Minecraft as a game title was only partially original (a take off on War-craft, Star-craft, etc.) He might call this one "Filecraft" or simply "Papyrus" and leave off the "craft." There are a million things he could do aside from moving in on Bethesda's computer-game trademark turf.


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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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