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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
27. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 19:00 Beamer
Flatline, you misunderstand the argument. I'm not saying it us fact because the nyt says it. I say it is fact because popular opinion says so. Vastly, infinitely more people think it is about women than think it is about journalism.

That, and none of the discussions are ever about journalism.
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
22. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 18:17 Beamer
I stopped reading at you saying what Sam Biddle said was an ethical violation. Where, exactly, is "not being a dickhead on Twitter" in any journalist code of ethics?

Things YeahYeahYeah doesn't understand:
1) Misogyny
2) What ethics are standard for journalism

Sam Biddle is a stupid moron. He is not a video game journalist, so saying this is about video game journalism then going after him is incorrect. He did not do anything unethical, so saying it's about ethics is also incorrect. He said something you don't like, so you used your power as a mass to punish him. Censor, perhaps.

Which is what this is all about, isn't it? A bunch of somewhat nerdy people who have long thought video games were all about them are seeing people they think are outsiders coming in on their turf and making them less relevant so they're flexing as much "power" as they can, proving to themselves they still have it as they lash out without any kind of logic or rationale, just because they can, at anyone that they think has insulted them (but mainly women.)
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
19. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 18:09 Beamer
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 18:06:
Beamer, well done, but don't get drawn in too much by Yeahyeah, that is somebody's trolling account, registered Aug 29th, 2014.

But he isn't the only one here insisting it's about journalism and ethics when exactly nothing being talked about and none of the actions being taken are aimed at journalists or are about ethics. It's all just women, feminists, and SJWs.
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
18. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 18:07 Beamer
The NYT gets into it again, saying Gamergate looks much more like a campaign of harassment against women and it's disenheartening to see how many gamers support this and enjoy this.

To me, these anti-intellectual players, who want games to be ďjust gamesĒ and want criticism of them to be devoid of things like political and social context, are almost as worrisome as the horrifying, and criminal, actions of the harassers.

Ironically, most of those same people that want games to be "just games" were the same ones irate at Ebert for saying games weren't art.

This is in the NYT, the world's most read newspaper, in the Sunday Review section, one of their more popular.
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
15. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 17:08 Beamer
Yeahyeah Yeah wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 16:44:
Beamer wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 16:36:
It's telling that you think you've done "honest reflection" and don't think Gamergate is doing anything wrong.

It's likewise telling that you think the proper response to insults is to do what the people insulting you think you should do. I imagine you think women should be far less bossy?

Or maybe I should focus on your apparently inability to think someone could honestly reflect on an issue and come to a different conclusion than you. Then again, you think your opinions about feminism and the like, including presumably GamerGate, are the stuff of scientific certainty, as obviously correct as 'gravity exists'.

I wonder if that's extremism?

"I imagine you think women should be far less bossy."
Ha! I don't even know where that came from.

Ok, fine, it's about ethics! Let's look at what you guys have accomplished:
1) You cut off an advertiser on Gamasutra due to Leigh Alexander writing an editorial you did not understand and did not like. But writing an unpopular editorial isn't an ethical violation, and Gamasutra isn't even a consumer website, it's a trade publication. You aren't even in the audience for it
2) You cut off an advertiser on Gawker due to the actions of Sam Biddle on Twitter. Sam Biddle isn't a video game journalist, and being a dickhead also isn't an ethical violation
3) Gotten several female games journalists to leave the industry, also based on unpopular editorials rather than ethical violations

So, there you go.
You've also:
1) Totally ignored AAA publishers, the ones that are actually behind any real ethical violation
2) Totally ignored calling out any PR departments, instead focusing solely on an agency that was owned by a female indie dev you disliked
3) Run several female indie devs from their houses
4) Managed to get at least one female indie dev to stop making games
5) Compiled a list of at least 7 "Literally Who's," none of which are journalists and all of which are female
6) Never stopped talking about Zoe Quinn
7) Found absolutely 0 examples of unethical journalism. Yes, there was the blacklisting of a reporter, but that wasn't due to his coverage being biased or him blowing some whistle on an improper relationship between the industry and the publications
8) Made Anita Sarkeesian somewhat of a small celebrity outside of games, despite her not being a journalist
9) Made all gamers look like petty little manchildren

There's been absolutely 0 done on the front of "journalism ethics," and for some reason it's been focused solely on indies (and, incidentally, female indies, maybe because there are so few females to spot in AAA development.)
Yet there's been an endless discussion about feminism (and how evil it is) and misogyny (and how it isn't a problem because, I mean, most people involved are straight males and how can a straight male hate women when he loves looking at them so much!?)
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
12. Re: Saturday Interviews Oct 25, 2014, 16:36 Beamer
Yeahyeah Yeah wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 16:29:
I'll give different advice. If you're saying or supporting what you think is right, and people are attacking you and viciously criticizing you, saying you're doing something wrong... and you, upon honest reflection, can't see that you're doing anything wrong... then you should keep doing what you're doing, and pay no mind to the people attacking you. Undermine them, and move on.

It's telling that you think you've done "honest reflection" and don't think Gamergate is doing anything wrong.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
146. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 16:09 Beamer
beremot wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 15:47:
I can't figure out how to post links here, but if you want some empirical evidence that my assertion is a fact, then go to Newsweek's site. They hired someone to look directly at the numbers, and the results don't lie.

Please don't try to tell me that a bland, middle of the road entity like Newsweek is part of the vast left wing media conspiracy against you too.

I linked to that Newsweek article below.

Frankly, people keep claiming it's about journalism ethics, but no one is talking about it! No one! On Twitter and Reddit it's all Zoe fucking Quinn and SJWs all the time. It's all whining about feminism all the time.

No one is taking journalists to task unless they write a perfectly ethical editorial they happen to not agree with.

Anyone saying "it is about journalism ethics" is either not paying close attention (which I think most on this board are) or delusional (which a very small few on this board are.)
To Twitter, it's about women.
To Reddit, it's about women.
To games sites, it's about women.
To technology sites, it's about women.
To mainstream media sites, it's about women.
To developers, it's about women.
To a significant number of gamers, it's about women.
To Milo from Breitbart, it's about women.
So who is it about journalism to?
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News Comments > etc., etc.
144. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 15:40 Beamer
And if you're going to attack Breitbart, just go after Milo. Not only does he have a long history of mocking gamers, which was only second to hating women, he also has a background of White Supremecy, as well as rigging awards ceremonies, and, of course, ethically not paying the employees of his blog.

Why are all the celebrities that are a part of gamergate right wing nutjobs with long histories of hating women?
Meanwhile, the only "name" developer anyone can find supporting it is Brad Wardell, who isn't really a big developer and certainly has reasons, having been demonized in the press as a woman hater before (seemingly unfairly.) Again, like Milo, though, there's history there. Meanwhile, nearly every other developer who has spoken out has said that they don't agree with gamergate, don't agree with the message, want to hear the criticism, think there are issues with games that need to be fixed, and don't need their consumers fighting these battles for them.
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
9. Re: Breitbart Oct 25, 2014, 15:34 Beamer
Prez wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 15:04:
Gamergate started as a response to the marked lack of journalistic ethics when reporting on the advancing agenda of notable feminists while ignoring all counterpoint. These concepts - ethics and feminism- are not mutually exclusive as they are irrevocably tied together in this case. In short it is about both. To say otherwise is being disingenuous.

But how much of the discussion is about ethics? 10%? 20%?
How much of the attacking is aimed at the media?
How much of anything even discusses the media, other than complaining about "SJWs" and editorials?

Hell, the best you get is people complaining about how reviews are done and demanding that people review something "on the merits," which is non-sensical, or demands reviews be unbiased, which is idiotic - how can an opinion on a product not have a bias? Aren't you reading a review specifically for a bias?
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News Comments > etc., etc.
143. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 15:32 Beamer
Prez wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 02:11:
I disagree with your definition of misogyny Beamer. Every major dictionary I can find (at least a dozen) defines it simply as either 1) a hatred of women or 2) a feeling of superiority to women. Games are not misogynistic; I don't buy the Wikipedia pop culture definition you provide because it is not what misogyny is.

Objectification of women is not necessarily misogyny; you are abusing the definition. Sexist maybe, but not misogynist. Can the things you describe be symptomatic of misogyny? Yes, but they alone are not proof that misogyny exists. There are no misogynist games that I am aware of; you need to stop redefining the word.

By your all-encompassing definition I can equally make the claim that games are misandrist. Men are objectified by hookers and strippers as nothing but cash dispensers, and the depiction of men as sex-starved Neanderthals is quite denigrating. Are the three leads in GTA 5 anything but denigrating depictions of men? Alas, you can't just redefine a word to suit your argument.

Google "define misogyny":
noun: misogyny
dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Note "ingrained prejudice."

"Hatred" is an extreme simplification. Even wifebeaters love women. But they still beat them. They're still misogynists. But they'll deny it all day long because they love women.

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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
6. Re: Breitbart Oct 25, 2014, 14:28 Beamer
Newsweek has Brandweek analyze tweets, and lo and behold, most aren't about journalism.

Similarly, here's the most frequent words used in KotakuInAction. "Ethics" is 593 uses. "Feminist" is 1979.

Not. About. Ethics. It's time to get over that fiction and let this thing die. If you consider yourself a moderate gamergater, just let it die. It isn't accomplishing anything other than making gamers look every bit like the awful stereotype people no longer feel is fair.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
124. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 01:20 Beamer
You can't disagree with the claims without misunderstanding it. Sorry. You don't get it.

I'm not projecting. You're being a typical dude and arguing about misogyny in games. You can't make that argument if you understand the concept. You keep talking about your opinion. It's not about opinion.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
120. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 01:01 Beamer
Each posts proves further and further that you do not understand the concept of misogyny, yet you insist on your strong misunderstanding and holding others to it.

I used to be like you. Then I realized maybe i was wrong, and more.l importantly, maybe my opinion on what was misogyny wasn't too important due to my lack of experience on the receiving end.

You don't care, though. You don't care what misogyny is. Most dudes don't. You just want a definition that makes you not guilty of it, and easy to rationalize thing away, without having to think about what you do or change your ways at all. You just want it to be something that other men do, cruel ones that exist mostly in fiction, that do things you'd never do. Your worldview can't allow that you are guilty of it, but you are. So am I.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
116. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 00:37 Beamer
Hell, I'll help you. You'll probably be like those here that disagree with climate change and claim Wikipedia is a terrible source, but here's what Wikipedia says about misogyny:
Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

Sexual discrimination is fairly common in this industry - the IGDA just published a report on it.
Denigration of women is fairly common in games.
Violence against women is fairly common in games, meaning women not even fighting back or playing a role in the game, whereas men regularly do at least one of those.
Sexual objectification of women? Extremely common.

These are misogyny.
You disagree. You say it's a difference of opinion. Sorry, that's not a valid opinion. It's like saying dogs aren't alive, or the iPhone isn't a smartphone, or a pen isn't a writing utensil. It isn't a difference of opinion, it's just being flat-out wrong.

And this isn't demonizing you. It's calling you ignorant. Which is the correct term, because not understanding something is being ignorant on that topic.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
115. Re: etc., etc. Oct 25, 2014, 00:33 Beamer
Yeahyeah Yeah wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 00:21:
beremot wrote on Oct 25, 2014, 00:15:
You talked about getting called names, and then said that there were "extremists on both sides," as if your getting called names was an example of "extremist" behavior. But it's not at all. Getting doxxed is an example of extremist behavior.

And people in GG have been getting doxxed.

By the way? Getting called names is an example of extremist behavior, as well as an example of bullying. We've actually had an anti-GG person in this thread justify out and out demonization of people who disagree with them about misogyny or feminism. You think maybe, just maybe, you've got a blind spot when it comes to your extremism?

But if you're looking for people doing something to stop bullying, well, I know a group you can cooperate with.

I didn't demonize you. Jesus. I said you were ignorant. And you are. You clearly do not understand what misogyny is.

Which makes you the extremist. Sorry. You don't understand something so, when told you're wrong, you claim to be "demonized" and you claim to be rational and reasonable.

But, frankly, you do not understand a concept and call your lack of understanding a difference of opinion. Again, it's just like the anti-vaxxers saying that their belief that it causes autism is a "difference of opinion." They don't understand science, it isn't a difference of opinion. You do not understand what misogyny is, it isn't a difference of opinion.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
110. Re: etc., etc. Oct 24, 2014, 21:17 Beamer
Here's another one: the lead writer of Dragon's Age comes out against all this nonsense.

I was recently talking to a colleague who suggested a notion thatís stuck with me. Itís the idea that many of these people donít think of feminism as a thing. Or, if it is a thing, it certainly has no bearing on them or on the game industry. Itís not real. A made-up problem.

Since itís not a real issue, so is the idea of women being subject to any kind of systemic abuse or oppression. ďHey, Iím a gameróIíve been ridiculed and marginalized as well. Why does nobody care about my problems? Everyone has issues, so why do I suddenly have to be the bad guy? You guys are oppressing me!Ē

In the light of that kind of opinion, a woman talking about feminism or a queer person talking about sexuality isnít them speaking from a place of disadvantageó they are, in fact, using an unfair advantage, one that not everyone has, to influence the game industry.

And, OH GOD, the industry is listening. 0.5% of game site articles are actually talking about this shit. Itís everywhere! Game developers are swallowing this stuff up. Not because itís true, of course, but because that unfair advantage makes them feel guilty, and theyíll act on it to score points because Political Correctness! If we donít stem the tide now, every game will soon become something between an After School Special and a United Benneton ad! Iíll have this shoved down my throat in every. single. game!

Yes. This is exactly the sort of thing that getís said to me, such as on Twitter. Constantly.

Look, you donít want to be lumped in with the bad guys? Then donít be a bad guy. Donít be the dick who makes everything about you.

And donít, for the love of God, act like nobody in the game industry is capable of a single discerning thoughtÖthat unless someone comes along and stomps that shit down right now, weíll all just mindlessly nod our heads and follow along.

He's right. The industry will listen to criticism that they feel is valid. Like the previous dev I linked to said - they don't need you to be their shield. They'll happily think for themselves and do what they feel is right.
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News Comments > Golden Joystick Winners
2. Re: Golden Joystick Winners Oct 24, 2014, 21:04 Beamer
shinchan0s wrote on Oct 24, 2014, 20:32:
List of nominees for those interested (needed some digging):

Pewdiepie sucks, but that list of nominees was full of total unknowns. If you're going to nominate people only known by gaming journalists, then restrict the voting to journalists.

Wait, you think only journalists know:
Anita Sarkeesian
Palmer Lucky
Aisha Tyler (she's frickin' Lana Kane)
Dean Hall
Rami Ismail

Music for the discerning:
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
12. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 24, 2014, 17:21 Beamer
jdreyer wrote on Oct 24, 2014, 16:26:
Cutter wrote on Oct 24, 2014, 14:16:
Wow, a soldier and reservist murdered in Canada this week and now some lunatic attacked cops with a hatchet in NYC today. Ebola looks to be spreading. Sigh. Things seems to be getting pretty crazy out there atm. Stay safe people.

Seriously? You're talking 2 people out of almost 400 million. And Ebola is not "spreading" in North America. It's arriving here from out of country and being dealt with. What the hell? Crime is as low as it has ever been. Disease is as controlled as it has ever been. Just because the media is hyping shit for clicks doesn't mean things are getting crazy. When did you start to buy into that bullshit?

There are serious problems out there. Global warming is already killing thousands and will result in the deaths of millions perhaps 100s of millions of people through drought, extreme weather, famine, flooding, war, etc. And there are many more: government corruption, corporate corruption, income inequality, poverty, healthcare failures, nuclear weapons, etc. etc. Don't be like the pilot who puts his attention on why the light on switch 17 is broken while his plane augers in.

It's so weird to me how partisan ebola is.
Moderates and liberals: "it isn't a big deal and is unlikely to become one."
Conservatives: "oh my god Gwenyth Paltrow and that Outbreak monkey are going to kill us all, close the borders, it's too late we're all dead!"

I've never seen fear over a disease so clear cut across party lines like this and it baffles me.
Music for the discerning:
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News Comments > Far Cry 4 Welcome to Kyrat Trailer, Part Two
3. Re: Far Cry 4 Welcome to Kyrat Trailer, Part Two Oct 24, 2014, 13:44 Beamer
I'm preordering this. I never preorder, but it seems worth it for the harpoon gun and I am 100% certain I'll want to play this on launch. It looks like more of the same, and I loved FC3 enough that more of the same is enough to get $60 out of me. It isn't a new engine or huge new feature changes, so seems safe.

I wish it was coming out before the new CoD. CoD I tend to play quite a bit on the 360 multiplayer, getting 4-6 weeks out of it. This game I'd blow through in a week. I'd rather do that then move on to Adanced Warfare... eh, who am I kidding, at this point in my life I think my desire to spend 2 hours a night on the couch playing CoD online has probably long since passed.
Music for the discerning:
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News Comments > etc., etc.
98. Re: etc., etc. Oct 24, 2014, 12:58 Beamer
Here's another thing you keep hearing from developers:
"Stop stifling criticism. I want to hear criticism."

A lengthy post on Reddit titled "Hey, stop claiming to be my shield"
Hi KiA,

I'm here to tell you about a problem I have, not just to rant or whine, but to get your opinion and see if it makes sense -- because it's something that matters a lot to me as someone who's spent half of my life working on games. So keep that in mind as I explain my request to y'all and to games in general, and I will try to listen if you disagree or raise concerns I'm not thinking about.

I'm a game developer. I've been making games professionally for 15 years and as a teenage hobbyist before that, working on all sorts of games on various platforms and for different audiences. Many of you would recognize some of my games, and all of you would recognize some of the companies I've worked for. This is a throwaway account, not my usual reddit username, because there are trolls around targeting people on various sides of these issues and I'm not into taking that kind of risk.

I don't support gamergate as a whole, although I do support SOME of the things that GG has raised -- even if some people involved haven't raised those issues sincerely. Journalistic ethics, fine; some of the specific charges look like really trumped-up "gotchas" disguising other axes being ground, others only have extremely scant evidence, other things still verge on pure apophenia -- but some of the patterns pointed to should be aired and discussed. Harassment and threats in the air around GG -- obviously any decent person is against that. Neither of those things are why I am posting here.

Here's what I have to say. I oppose the idea that one set of people -- gamergaters, feminists, gamers in general, however you want to slice the crowd -- should get to dictate what's acceptable to talk about in reviews, feedback, criticism, writing, videos about games. And I see that demand -- to get to draw lines around what's acceptable or not in say, a game review -- WAY more from gamergate than from anyone else, ever in my career.

What am I talking about here? Demands that reviews not involve a political critique, or that politics, feminism, whatever only be a certain percentage of a review. Demands that game reviews should be purely, or closer to purely "objective" without the subjective opinions and experiences of a reviewer. Demands that feminsits should shut up, or shouldn't be listened to, for complaining about what female characters in games look like, can do, or are treated.

You know what? I might not agree with those critiques, I might think they're full of shit or don't represent the players I'm trying to reach. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear them, or that I'm afraid of how amplified or angry they are. A whole lot of game development is about listening -- to players, to critics, to people that hate your game, to people that love it, to your team and yourself. Listening is not the same thing as blindly obeying like a puppet -- and acting as if I or other game developers can't handle it or make our own decisions when someone says "hey this is sexist" is way more insulting and destructive than any amount of fake-social-justice white-knighting if it gets to the point of silencing feedback. You are not our shield.

I've seen gamergate supports complaining about things like how the Stanley Parable got criticized about one joke in the game being racist, and decided to change it. What I hear, as a dev, as the unwitting message of those complaints is "no, Davey Wreden CAN'T be the one to decide what he wants to change about his own game. He must be a brainwashed coward." Fuck that. Ironically, you know who criticized that one joke and got it changed? Oliver Campbell, the pro-GG journalist.

I've seen complaints about how Wildstar changed the breast size of their characters due to complaints from a relatively small group of players. What I hear is "game devs HAVE to obey the majority will of the players who are bothering to speak up in their forums, not think about how it affects a smaller group of players, even if they're going to add in more options to make everyone happy later." Fuck that.

I've seen the story about the Divinity: Original Sin artist over and over again, about how upset he was that his boss told him to cover up a character's belly. You know what I see in that story? A boss who maybe made a wrong call -- but if it WAS wrong, it's that developer's fault, not the people who complained, and it was still that person's call to make. And an artist who disagreed enough with his boss's call that he felt it necessary to complain about the internal decisions of his team in public until everyone's yelling censorship. You know what actual censorship would be? If the government, or some industry body, told the D:OS team what to do. What else would be censorship? If gamergate somehow managed to make the complaints about a bare belly disappear, quiet down, or go completely unheard.

And it's worth saying: when random trolls around gamergate (even if they're not "in" gamergate, and it's hard to say if any are or not) are acquiring targets to strike based on GG complaints about feminists, fear of threats and doxxing can definitely play a role in silencing & censorship too. Even if it's "not technically your fault" as an individual -- there's a net effect.

I see Daniel Vavra all over the place complaining about censorship, when his main gripe started with one person asking some historian on tumblr if there were any black people in Bohemia, and the answer was basically no. If you ask me, this makes Daniel Vavra seem like he's trying to milk a situation, which is like, eh, devs do whatever we can for promo -- but it makes it very ironic when people who support Vavra complain about others who "play the victim." Nobody censored Vavra, he did whatever he wants, he knows no horde of anti-racists is coming to keep his game sales down -- and yet he went on talking about how websites aren't covering his game. You know how not to get sites to cover your game? Moan about how you're being oppressed because nobody's paying attention to your game (even though, as shown in some recent threads here on KiA, it actually HAS gotten plenty of coverage from even the sites that gamergate's fighting with).

So yeah -- I have no respect for this stuff. Speaking for myself -- please do not ever get in the way of any criticism, no matter how stupid, that a developer of a game may want to hear. Do not be our shield or our earmuffs: fuck that. Some developers may disagree with me. They may say "no, I don't want to hear that stuff, it enrages me and makes it harder for me to make my games!" You know what? I have a big old side-eye for those devs. Plug your ears, if you can't handle it, if hearing a criticism is going to blow your shaky creative vision out of the water. Stay offline. We get death threats for adjusting sniper rifle firing time; the threat is not worth hearing, but "I hate this nerf" is, and how much more so is "the way women look in your game makes me uncomfortable" if someone feels that?

Three of my games have been criticized for being racist or for being sexist. Some of those criticisms were utterly stupid and I ignored them. I was annoyed for a little bit, then I shrugged it off. Others were actually valid criticisms, and led me to make some changes, at MY discretion. If you go around trying to stamp out "politics" or "feminism" or "social justice critiques" in general, you take away my creative right to decide which is which. Can you see why that might piss me off? I don't care if the criticism of my game makes you feel all bad and like you might be a terrible person for enjoying my game -- learn how to hold two different things at the same time, how to hear a critique and consider whether it's any good, and still enjoy everything you like about a game. It's still the game that I'm pouring my blood, sweat and tears into making, and I should get to hear whatever criticisms come at me about it, no matter how stupid I end up thinking they are, no matter if they form 5% or 20% or 70% of a review. I have never had a bad review that was clearly just one reviewer's opinion keep a game of mine down; do you really think a Kotaku review talking about how a game is sexist is going to affect potential players who don't care that much about sexism?

I am also a gamer, I've been playing video games for almost forty years, and as a gamer I even want to hear critiques -- yes, even messed-up ones that I don't disagree with -- about gaming culture. If you can't handle this kind of thing, fine -- rail against it, plug your ears, start your own site and express your opinions -- but I disagree with trying to get it pulled, or getting people fired, or trying to make those opinions disappear. I have only one "vote" in this matter as a gamer -- this is a different kind of issue than the rest of this post, which is about "don't fuck with what kind of input I get to hear as part of my creative process." But some of the same logic applies.

All of the above also goes for the "objectivists" who think there should be NO subjective opinions in game reviews. Come on.

Postscript: Metacritic scores are a huge problem, they strip the nuance from reviews and mush everything together, and I don't know anyone who agrees with the practice of basing publisher payments on Metacritic scores. That's utter BS that harms the industry. In fact, I think review scores in general are harmful, and I know a lot of you agree. Start another movement that's focused solely on that issue, without all this other garbage tagging along for the ride, and I will support it, as will many others.

And here's an initial response:
It wouldn't stop them. That is a good thing. Last I checked, no one is forcing you to read their work. However, given that clearly someone wants to read their work, or they wouldn't be getting paid, there is a market for people like me who care about the implications of a game, not just the game itself, and reviews which talk about that have a place. If you want games to be treated like art, it's time to start accepting they be reviewed like art, not like toys.

You want game reviewers to have different views and be biased. You WANT that. Find a reviewer whose tastes match yours, and listen to them above others. Do you just absolutely love this one niche genre of game, and want to see more games like it? Great, find a reviewer who loves those games, and take a look at everything they rated highly! Hate one genre of games, but know one reviewer loves them? Take their reviews with as much salt as you feel appropriate! Subjective reviews of any piece of media are the best thing possible for reviews. You don't hire a hip hop lover to review a metal album, you don't hire a romcom fan to review a horror movie, and yet you're asking for a platformer lover to review an action RPG and somehow take himself out of the equation (hint: that isn't possible).

And you're right, paying for good reviews is bad practice! But guess what, not only is that not the fault of the journalists, but rather the game devs- meaning you're shooting the messenger here- yelling at the journalists won't stop that.

It's a fucking game review. How fucking hard is it to just review the game based on it's own merits?

"It's a fucking movie review. How fucking hard is it to just review the movie based on it's own merits?"


It is, in fact, really fucking hard to review something based on its own merits, because you yourself have to play it. I fucking love music games, and I will probably rate any music games miles better than they merit. Beat Hazard? (huge epilepsy warning for that game/video btw) Frankly probably a mediocre to good game. But I fucking loved it, simply because it's in the genre I love, and I can't review it based on it's own merits. That isn't possible.

Objective reviews cannot exist, simply because a reviewer has to exist. If a reviewer hates a genre, even if they try to be objective about it, their view on the game will still be soured simply based off the fact they hate that type of game! I fucking hate modern military shooters, so you probably shouldn't listen to my opinion on whether or not Call of Duty 174 is any good, because even if it is, I'm going to say it's shit.

If you want games to be treated as more than toys, you have to accept what comes along with it. Take a look at any movie review- let's just grab one at total random off the front page of Metacritic. It literally opens up the first three paragraphs discussing some of the political culture surrounding the movie, and the implications of that, both the implication of society on the movie, and the movie on society. This is a good thing, and is important for any good review.

If you want games to be treated like toys, and want them to get "reviews" that look like a review for fucking Bop-It with a few words switched, be my guest. Sorry for wanting games to grow up and be treated like the medium they properly are. Sorry for wanting actually good reviews, and actually good reviewers.

Reviews, even bad ones, give devs feedback. Valid feedback. Things to think about that maybe they didn't realize. Maybe they shrug it off, maybe not.

And the whole Gamergate wanting something judged "on its merits" rather than as something larger contrasts so heavily with people claiming games are art, and art is never judged "on its merits."
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