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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 6, 2014, 14:57 Creston
jdreyer wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 14:01:
I guess I'm just brain dead then.

Well, we've been saying that for years!
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 6, 2014, 14:56 Creston
garrywong wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 11:36:
A question, please.

What with all the revelations from #gamergate, ArsTechnica's senior video game editor, Kyle Orland, has been seriously implicated. However, what does this say about the rest of the ArsTechnica website?

Personally, I have never seen it as "gaming" website, I've always gone there for technology and science news and interests. Since the senior staff of ArsTechnica hasn't seemed to respond in any way to all these allegations against one of their own, can we assume that the rest of the website is just as corrupt and not to be trusted in bringing objective and unbiased technological and scientific journalism?

They're not corrupt, but they are pretty one-sided in their scientific reporting, so keep that in mind when you read their articles.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced
9. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced Oct 6, 2014, 14:49 Creston
Task wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 14:30:
And of course badasses like Mara Jade, which is an infinitely better female character than anything Episode 7 will produce.

I wanted to set fire to the entire EU staff when they (MASSIVE SPOILER!) killed her at the hands of snivelly bitch Jacen. Best character in Star Wars. I luv Mara.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced
7. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced Oct 6, 2014, 14:43 Creston
EA: "You know how you all wanted to know how your personal story of Revan ended with another KOTOR? Fuck you."

Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Game Reviews
11. Re: Game Reviews Oct 6, 2014, 13:03 Creston
Slashman wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 19:26:
jdreyer wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 16:36:
I enjoy reading reviews from that perspective. It adds a flavor you don't see elsewhere, and he's small enough not to have been coopted like the bigger ones.

Having a blast with DG2, BTW. It's still DG, but there are several new features which changing things up a lot. It's much more tactical. You can't just pack the towers in like before. You have to think more about how and where and why to place towers. Highly recommended.

I like DG 2 as well. My real problem is that #%^*%! Creston and his stupid-high scores! I'm still trying to beat each of them in the campaign levels. It's like he has dev-level knowledge or something. CRESTOOOON!!!!!!!! Furious2

Slashman wrote on Oct 6, 2014, 10:27:
But I've sworn to beat Creston on every level.

You rang, Padawan?
Some enterprising young fellow once said the same about my original DG scores. I don't think he ever beat a single one.

Honestly, I don't like DG2. And I played the original DG for nearly 300 hours, and have spent literally days perfecting my build in single levels to wring every last possible score out of it. (Without going into bullshit such as toggling, letting aliens take off with cores to get bigger scores, and deliberately selling towers to let aliens run around longer.)

While I recognize that all those actions were valid to improve your score in the original DG, it always felt like going counter to the purpose of the game to me, especially letting aliens get away with cores. (if it's not a gold medal, the score shouldn't even count to begin with.)

But in DG2, the scoring system makes no fucking sense. NONE. I have replayed levels, done them better, wound up with more resources left at the end, and used FEWER towers, and yet got a lower score. It's a terrible, TERRIBLE fucking scoring system.

Without the fun of hunting a better score, and with the new scoring system apparently no longer punishing you for just putting down more towers the second you have money for them (as opposed to the original DG where waiting ten seconds before putting one down led to a higher score because of the compounding interest), getting a gold medal is basically as simple as "find out which turrets stop the aliens from getting to the cores. Build as many as you can afford."

So far every level I've played, I scored Gold on the first try. Admittedly I'm somewhat of a DG savant (I held several top ten scores and many, many top 100s in the original DG before it got ruined by cheaters) but there's just no challenge, and since there's no fun in hunting better scores, all I'm left with is bad voice acting (even Jennifer Hale sounds bad...) and a "plot" that's so fucking terrible they can't possibly have meant it seriously...

It's probably one of my biggest disappointments of the year.

(And what makes me really angry is that their new scoring system wasn't even necessary. ALL the issues with the original DG scoring could have been fixed by simply stopping the interest build-up as soon as the last alien of the last wave was on screen. Entire problem solved.)
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Why the FCC will ignore the public on NN Oct 6, 2014, 11:20 Creston
Unlike Comcast, AT&T, etc, you don't give them money.

There, that was much more succinct than that asslong article.

Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
47. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 5, 2014, 23:56 Creston
The Half Elf wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 22:26:
VBHGBM-JS2VN9-0J5OFM gets it down to 40, but sadly you can't use a coupon AND credit.

That'll work, thanks buddy
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
43. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 5, 2014, 22:17 Creston
Flatline wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 21:52:
The Half Elf wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 21:07:
Damn you people...

Downloading SoM as we speak....

Same here. GMG gave me a 23% discount so I think I spent 38 bucks on the game. Sub-40 dollars should be a good deal I suspect.

Yeah I'm gonna take a swing at it too. Does anyone have any currently working discount codes for GMG?
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: etc. Oct 4, 2014, 16:22 Creston
NKD wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 13:18:
I remember when gaming used to be about games. Might be getting time to hang up the towel on gaming and take up a nice old-person hobby like photography. I have no interest in gaming if it continues along this route and becomes nothing more than a vehicle for social issues.

Eh, I find it easy enough to ignore the idiots, SJWs and other assorted morons, as well as the large, large, large majority of gaming bloggers who somehow think they're important, and just read about games and play games.

In fact, I'm glad they're lumping all that shit under #gamergate, that way I automatically know what to avoid.

It also frees up a shit ton of time now I avoid the large majority of 'gaming' websites.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
9. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Oct 4, 2014, 16:14 Creston
NKD wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 13:11:
Don't use a technical preview for anything remotely sensitive if you don't want MS to have that information. As far as I know, this isn't new. They do a TON of automated data collection for tech previews. They rely primarily on this data rather than manually submitted feedback.

I can see that partially, sure. A list of applications and how long it takes them to open, no problem. A list of your hardware so they can aggregate data and figure out what the most prevailing conditions are, sure.

What do they need your browing, search and file history for? What do they need your fucking PHONE CALL AND SMS DATA for?? To find out how to make WinTen run better?

Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Crusader Kings II Charlemagne Expansion This Month
7. Re: rusader Kings II Charlemagne Expansion This Month Oct 4, 2014, 16:11 Creston
Tyrric wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 13:29:
Creston wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 12:58:
*Googles rusader*

I hear Harlemagne was quite the rusader.

Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
1. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Oct 4, 2014, 13:01 Creston
“Microsoft collects information about you, your devices, applications and networks, and your use of those devices, applications and networks,” the Windows 10 preview terms state. “Examples of data we collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; and application usage.”


I knew it all sounded too good to be true.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Crusader Kings II Charlemagne Expansion This Month
1. Re: rusader Kings II Charlemagne Expansion This Month Oct 4, 2014, 12:58 Creston
*Googles rusader*
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 3, 2014, 23:44 Creston
Sho wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 16:39:
NKD wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 13:19:
Start a Patreon to cover costs. I'm sure many of us would be willing to pitch in, especially if you offer some good rewards like permanently banning Cutter.

Fuck me. Maybe I'm extra-silly tonight, but I was innocently skimming along, hit that ending - and lost it.

Man I feel bad I didn't know that affiliate program, I spent quite some money on Amazon lately. Does it work internationally, though?

There are separate links below the right side ad banner that lead to Amazon, Amazon.CA, Amazon.DE and uhhh... (checks) Amazon.CO.UK.

So if you shop at any one of those, click the appropriate link and it'll work. If you shop at something weird, like say, then no.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Game Reviews
34. Re: Game Reviews Oct 3, 2014, 23:41 Creston
NKD wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 17:38:
Task wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 16:56:
The story, despite the retcon (ripley daughter), seems to not be too over done.

Ripley's daughter isn't really a retcon. She was mentioned in a scene in the Special Edition of Aliens back in the early 90s. She died in her 70s or something while Ripley was still in cryo.

The thing that confuses me in the story is that 14 or so years after Alien, people back on Earth apparently know what happened to Ellen Ripley, even though by that point she's still floating through the inner core systems in cryo-freeze.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Xbone in Japan Oct 3, 2014, 23:22 Creston
The Xbox did not fail in Japan, is not continuing to fail in Japan, because people here don't want to buy a product from a foreign company. It is failing because of something intrinsic to the product in question - something that simply doesn't appeal to Japanese consumers.

It's failing, and try to stay with me here, because... it's a giant piece of underpowered shit.
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. Marriott Oct 3, 2014, 23:14 Creston
"Marriott has a strong interest in ensuring that when our guests use Wi-Fi service, they do so using OUR service which is fucking ridiculously overpriced. Seriously. We're making like 8 billion % on this shit. If we allowed people to use their phones as hotspots, we could kiss that sweet sweet lucre goodbye."  
Avatar 15604
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
33. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 3, 2014, 22:39 Creston
Burrito of Peace wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 16:46:
Now, I want multiple desktops because I need to have more than two windows open and when those multiple windows are open, I need them to be readable. It may come as a shock to some people, but the average corporate user isn't the secretary with one browser window open and an Office document open. The average corporate user has 6-8 apps or windows open at any given time that they are actively using throughout the day.

Oh, good, I'm glad you were here to tell me this, because I sure thought that everyone who used Windows just had a browser open on one window...

Please show me in Windows 7 where, without resorting to third party tools (which may not even be allowed by a corporate IT department because this isn't just about home use), I can have multiple desktops on a single screen?

Multiple DESKTOPS or multiple open windows/applications? If desktops, then no, you can't. I wasn't aware you could do that in Windows 8 either? (if you can, that's a solid benefit.)

Please show me where on these multiple desktops on Windows 7 that I can easily transfer them to one of my other desktops on the same machine with just one click. Further, I would like it if you showed me on Windows 7 where I can actively and dynamically have windows resize to quarter, six or eight panel layout so I can observe, say, several status monitors simultaneously?

Aero can do most of that with windows, though admittedly not with desktops. Again, I'm pretty sure Windows 8 can't do that either?

By the way, the features that I just mentioned above? Those have been in Linux for a decade. Literally a decade.

What does that have to do with anything? Your original premise was that Windows 8 allowed you to do so much that Windows 7 can't. So why are you now arguing about Linux?

Oh, while we're at it, can someone show me on Windows 7 where I can manage Hyper-V VMs without resorting to RSAT?

Does RSAT have Ebola or something? Is it illegal to install? It's a tool. It, like, goes with the OS.

While I had used Windows 7 for a long time, when necessary, those were never features I uncovered. Further, I was never able to uncover where the far better memory management, network stack performance and boot times that are inherent in the Windows 8, and above, kernel were in the Windows 7 kernel. Maybe someone can show me those, too?

Far better memory management is a feature tickbox that Microsoft touts that 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of all users never notices, and the same for network stack performance. And while boot times are noticeable, you're the one who brought this discussion to enterprise users, and guess how often the average enterprise user reboots his/her machine? (It's when the software update server forces a reboot once every other week.)

Finally, we were talking about the UI. Again, try to remember what you were arguing. It's also funny that you harp on the Windows 7 UI, but then say that you use Windows 8 and boot directly to the desktop, which is really just kind of the Windows 7 UI anyway, minus the start button.

While I grant that I specifically said that clinging to an ancient UI was ridiculously stupid, and I won't budge from that stance, there are many, many reasons why clinging to Windows 7 as technology marches forward is blindingly stupid.

Blindingly stupid even. Okay. Giggle THE WORLD WILL END IF PEOPLE DON'T UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10!
You MUST work for Microsoft's marketing division.

Old Bessie and my truck have the exact same problem, there's a misfire. Farmer Bill lifts the hood to Old Bessie and starts checking the distributor, the points, the cables and then has to go get tools to take out the spark plugs. On the other hand, I open the driver side door of my F150, take off the cover to the diagnostic port, plug in my laptop and run the diagnostic tool that tells me in less than 30 seconds that the coil on cylinder 6 is bad.

Great, it's easier to diagnose. Now you need to actually be able to repair it.

Let me tell you a slightly less skewed 100% towards your own viepoint story: You're driving along the highway and your F150 stops working, (and you left your snazzy Windows 8 laptop with the enterprise user who reboots 87 times a day and has 37 desktops open at all times. )

Trying to diagnose your truck is... hard. Trying to fix it on the road? Pretty much impossible.

Which of those two was the easier scenario? EVERY PCM that had ODBII or greater that I have ever dealt with can tell me a more precise location of a problem, and usually what the actual problem is, in far more detail than Farmer Bill and his alleged "know how" while he spends half of a Saturday playing shade tree mechanic.

IF you have the right diagnostic tool, then yes, diagnosing it is easier. Actually FIXING the issue is far harder than it used to be. You can barely even get at stuff anymore without pretty specialized tools.

Sorry, Creston, but modern technology has made bumper to bumper diagnostics easier than ever while durability and longevity due to that technology has gone through the roof.

Pppfffttt hahahahahahaa. Car technology is so reliable and trustworthy nowadays! GM alone has recalled 30 million vehicles in barely 9 months because there's nothing that ever goes wrong with them!

It used to be in the "good old days" that you had to rebuild an engine at 100,000 miles like clockwork. Today, I can get more than a quarter million miles out of an engine with nothing more than scheduled maintenance and it's still going strong.

Pointless anecdotal "evidence" is pointless. For every current engine that runs a quarter million miles with nothing but maintenance there are also plenty that break down, and I can make the same argument for old engines. Here, pointless anecdotal evidence from the other side: One of my wife's friends bought a brand new Honda Civic last year. This past summer, she drove it to Kentucky (I believe) from Tulsa, and on the way back, it crapped out in Arkansas. Didn't even have 25K miles on it. Engine kaput. (it was under warranty, so not a huge deal, but still.)

In the meantime, old guy at church drives his beat up Crown Vic from the 70s, and that old piece of shit is still going, day in - day out. Has well over 400K miles on it. He never takes it to the garage, everything that ever needs to be done to it, he does himself. Good luck doing that on a Fusion.

Also, fairly importantly, I never actually made the argument that old engines were better, that's what you are turning it into in some frantic straw-manning. In fact, I said quite the opposite. Let me requote what I said: Engines WERE easier to work on back in the days when they still came with carburators. While that may not make them better inasmuch

Old engines were easier to work on and you actually had a decent shot of jury rigging a repair to get you back home where you probably had some tools that could fix the problem altogether. Good luck doing that on a modern engine.

Of course, technology is getting better, and in many cases it's beneficial to everyone even if it comes with minor caveats. On the flipside, if new technology that is really just a marginal upgrade offers little to no tangible benefits for a large portion of the user base, said user base is going to not bother upgrading, no matter how badly you want people to.

This comment was edited on Oct 3, 2014, 23:09.
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News Comments > Next Car Game Renamed Wreckfest; Multiplayer Introduced
3. Re: Next Car Game Renamed Wreckfest; Multiplayer Introduced Oct 3, 2014, 22:19 Creston
I'd kinda forgotten about this again. Is there any idea of a release date yet?  
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News Comments > Game Reviews
15. Re: Game Reviews Oct 3, 2014, 15:15 Creston
NetHead wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 12:33:
Prez wrote on Oct 3, 2014, 09:56:
The four reviews posted are on the four sites I swore off forever. No clicks for you!

I was just thinking "I don't want to open any of those sites."

So instead, from Metacritic...

93 PC Gamer
92 GameFront
90 The Escapist
90 Eurogamer Italy
85 3DJuegos
85 Destructoid
80 Joystiq
80 Shacknews
80 Vandal Online
80 IGN Italia
73 GameStar
70 Meristation
60 GameSpot
59 IGN

ArsTechnica decried it as simply having broken AI (from the guys who do the Total War series? Whodathunkit! ), on account of the alien finding you in seconds when it should have absolutely no clue where you are, and on the flipside it not seeing you when you're practically standing right in front of it, and being so brutally difficult that when you get stuck in one of the many "only one way through" sections, it can easily take an hour's worth of Try-Fail-Try-Fail-Try-Fail because of the manual save points.

No idea whether that is correct, but if that's the case, it makes me wonder what sites are doing giving this such high scores.

From the PC Gamer review

Encounters with the alien are not scripted. Its behaviour is unpredictable, and the impressive, reactive AI creates the illusion that it's an intelligent creature.

So, broken AI on the one hand, great dynamic AI on the other? One of these two is lying.

This comment was edited on Oct 3, 2014, 15:21.
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