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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Rock Band, Guitar Hero Revenues Down 49% Jul 22, 2009, 19:23 HoSpanky
You guys are missing the important part of this news post... 'SPLOSION MAN!

The game is ridiculously crazy. As others have said, think N+ with a more frantic Sonic the Hedgehog feel, with a protagonist that is clinically insane.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Brütal Legend Lawsuit
7. Re: Brütal Legend Lawsuit Jun 5, 2009, 12:40 HoSpanky
Basically, Activision is seeing that people are actually interested in the game that they dumped. So now they want a piece of the pie again, even though I guarantee you the funding they'd put down on the game was written off during the merger.

So then they either:
1) had their lawyers scour every bit of documentation about dropping doublefine


2) Intentionally left themselves this option in case EA got people excited about the game (by spending money advertizing it when Activision wouldn't).

Either way, Activision's trying to pull a fast one here.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > 2009 Penny Arcade Scholarship
2. Re: 2009 Penny Arcade Scholarship May 6, 2009, 17:49 HoSpanky
neither did I. anyone know if this is the first year they're doing this?  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > No PC Bionic Commando Demo
14. Re: No PC Bionic Commando Demo Apr 16, 2009, 10:51 HoSpanky
Ehh, I'm more willing to bet that the demo will eventually surface, but that they don't have the time to put out more than one demo before the game hits. so they aimed at the largest legitimate audience.

Besides, it's a Capcom-published game, it will have SecuROM and all of you will just cry that THAT's a good enough reason to not buy it.

Others will complain if it uses Live for its multiplayer, and will say THAT'S why they won't buy it.

More will complain if the single player story isn't super crazy long when they play it on "I'm mentally challenged" difficulty, and say THAT'S why they won't buy it.

Meanwhile...the 360 version won't HAVE people crying about that. Neither would the PS3, but there's no concrete network setup on there, and it would take them more time than using Xbox Live's setup. So, if YOU ran a company that had time to make a demo for ONE system, which would YOU pick? Don't lie. You'd pick the 360 too.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Warren Spector on Game Prices
49. pricing Mar 30, 2009, 16:24 HoSpanky
What I don't understand is why would publishers charge $50 for digital purchases?

Steam is an even greater ripoff. At least when you buy the box you have the physical product complete with manual, etc.

Actually, initial launch costs are the same as the boxed (B&M, whatever) copies because retailers demanded it. They refused to stock a game that is being sold online for less, cutting into their possible sales. Valve had mentioned that with the Orange Box, EA wasn't about to let Valve sell it for LESS online than the store version that EA was paying to publish (when it would require Steam to be installed anyway).

So don't go blaming Valve/Steam. They're held in a contract to sell the game at that price for a certain period of time. When Red Alert 3 dropped to $30 on Steam, I thought "holy crap!" until I discovered EA had lowered the boxed version to that price as well.

Getting way off subject, RA3 is well worth the money to play thru it in co-op. Don't bother with the expansion, they didn't put co-op in it. Shame, they woulda landed another $40 from my buddy n I if it had.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Burnout Paradise Patch
2. Re: Burnout Paradise Patch Mar 27, 2009, 19:49 HoSpanky
Yikes, Morgan!

The addon cars are all only somewhat amusing, except for the priciest of the pack: they have a Delorian, complete with the ability to hover and leave fire trails. I....don't think I can resist that. Kitt, the General Lee, n the Ghostbusters car (none are official, they are just very VERY close fakes) are amusing as well. the micro cars are CUTE, but certainly not worth more than a new Live Arcade game.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Age of Booty Demo
14. Re: Age of Booty Demo Mar 11, 2009, 20:16 HoSpanky
Heh, it's like walking into a room full of pirates. In a thread about a game about pirates.

It's amazing how freaked out people are by it, when not one person I know has had any trouble with it. It's like you're looking for a reason to pirate it, so if someone ever pointed a finger at you, you could say "It's not my fault! The game had SecuROM, I was forced to steal it if I wanted to play it!".

As for the DRM on the 360, I recall a post about people losing their accounts due to being linked to "dead" email addresses. If I lost my account to that AND all the games I bought, I think Microsoft would lose a customer for life...and maybe some employees in the process. NERD RAGE!

....back on topic, the game itself is pretty fun. Feels odd to not have full control of your ship (it starts shooting at anything it deems a target), but it's a very laid back game. I got it on the 360, no need to buy a second copy.

Also, Capcom stated in an interview (also a post on blue's, was only a couple days ago) that they were thrilled with SecuROM and will continue to use it. So you might as well plan to steal SF4. Like you weren't going to already.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Red Alert 3 Uprising Movie
1. Re: Red Alert 3 Uprising Movie Mar 3, 2009, 16:21 HoSpanky
heh, glad to see they're releasing an addon for this game, was worried it was having sales so bad they wouldn't see a reason to. It dropped to $30 almost immediately, at which point I snapped it up on Steam. the co-op play is quite fun, although the computer leans on player 1 much harder than player 2.

Glad they're making sure people understand with these ads that the game is not meant to be taken's ridiculously silly. I mean, you have a psychic Japanese schoolgirl that tears tanks in half with her mind. Tim Curry pretends to be Russian. You launch bears out of cannons.

let me say again.


Avatar 15603
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News Comments > PC Street Fighter IV in Summer
10. Re: PC Street Fighter IV in Summer Feb 27, 2009, 14:36 HoSpanky
I'll have a reason to break out the X-Arcade again, since they have neither a PS3 nor 360 adapter yet. the PS3 one CAN be done using multiple adapters but I'm not paying for all that when it'll work with the PC already.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > No Brighter Minds Layoffs
3. Re: No Brighter Minds Layoffs Feb 8, 2009, 11:54 HoSpanky
I agree with Buckermann, 2dboy isn't at fault here and I hope they don't get screwed. Brighter Minds maybe published several poorly-advertised titles or poorly-made ones, and World Of Goo may be their sole good decision. One game won't hold a company up forever.

And yes, I love World Of Goo. bought it the day it came out on Steam, and while I haven't spent enough time with it yet to finish it, it's a fantastic title worth every penny.

Should their publisher bite the dust, I hope Valve (or Valve's apparent publisher, EA) steps up and claims it to continue sales and hopefully fund another title from 2D Boy.

Edited for a ridiculous typo

This comment was edited on Feb 8, 2009, 11:55.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Metal Drift Announced
1. Re: Metal Drift Announced Jan 20, 2009, 11:15 HoSpanky
oi, those graphics look 1998alicious. I hope they just haven't gotten around to putting in any shaders.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. $300 machine Dec 30, 2008, 11:17 HoSpanky
Wow, reading through the OC Modshop article is ridiculous. they want you to buy a separate heatsink from the stock one, and use a better sound card than onboard, yet they choose an 8500 for the video card? They tell you NOT to use onboard video and they picked a video card that's basically the same thing! skip the minor audio upgrade and alternate heatsink and put that money into a faster video card. same cost, better performance. These guys either have their priorities WAY off, or they don't REALLY know how to build a budget gaming machine.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead Demo Split Screen Splits
11. Re: Left 4 Dead Demo Split Screen Splits Nov 11, 2008, 12:29 HoSpanky
I was disappointed to find that apparently hooking up a wireless 360 controller with the plug and charge usb cable is not sufficient to get windows to acknowledge the controller. I guess you need to buy an adapter? I don't see that happening.

Ahh yes, why does it not work? because the wireless controllers ONLY communicate over wireless. If it were to switch, say, mid-game when you needed to charge your controller, it'd have to re-initialize the controller. That would have caused possible confusion for the 360 (it will remember which controller is which player if you pop the battery pack off and back on), as the interface would change, and the system would probably see the controller as a NEW one...meaning you'd go from being player 1 to player 2 with no easy way to rectify it.

MS didn't see a problem with this at the time they designed it; it was for the 360 only at that point. They assumed people were a-ok with wired versions for the PC. They apparently didn't imagine a world where someone has BOTH, and doesn't want to buy a wired one for the computer when they have a wireless one already. At least they offer a solution in the form of a $20 USB dongle.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Call of Duty: World at War Patch
11. Re: Call of Duty: World at War Patch Nov 11, 2008, 12:21 HoSpanky
maybe this isn't JUST to fix bugs...

enables mods and a patch notifier? maybe it was intentionally left out so the pirates have to play catch-up for once.

or maybe they just goofed up.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > World of Warcraft Patch Plans
14. Re: World of Warcraft Patch Plans Oct 23, 2008, 08:52 HoSpanky
I'd be glad if the one you get from the trainer looks different from the mount you'd get from questing. not a big difference, maybe a color scheme change, just something to let people know which way you went about it. But Blizzard probably won't do that. This is a game entirely based on showing off your accomplishments to others by way of gear, and they seem to miss that point rather often.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > On Red Alert 3 Cut-Scenes
3. Re: On Red Alert 3 Cut-Scenes Oct 23, 2008, 08:19 HoSpanky
I can't decide if I want to buy this or not...

I always liked the Red Alert series due to the whole thing feeling like the C&C dev team put all of their rejected designs into one game, and somehow it worked. The ridiculous cutscenes were intentionally sillier than the C&C ones to match.

EA's DRM spasm is the real deciding factor here. my machine(s) get rebuilt on a surprisingly regular basis, and that includes full WinXP reinstalls. Would I be unable to play this game in a year and a half?

Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe EA will lift the install limit later. I've only had one issue with DRM ever, and that was caused entirely by one of those 100x Kenwood cd drives. It read the disc data so quickly that the DRM assumed it was pulling it off a hard drive or being faked, so it failed. Nice, being denied playing a game because my computer was too efficient.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
6. WipEout HD Sep 26, 2008, 18:02 HoSpanky

Time to spend $20 on some supa-pretty racing!

Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Game Reviews
1. Flatout Ultimate Carnage Aug 13, 2008, 12:34 HoSpanky
NOW this comes out for PC, after Bugbear claimed they were cancelling it. I bought the 360 version just a couple months ago
The 360 version is fantastic, I'd assume this will be identical. it's apparently just Flatout2 with prettier graphics but I never played that so it was an all new game to me.
Just did a price check, Gogamer has it for $20.

Funny thing is, it's a game with a LOT of things flying around onscreen...a LOT. Rock solid framerate. And yet, it doesn't need a physics card to do all of this. So why is there all this craziness about the Ageia thing when the current demos just slow things down to a crawl?

Oh well. I'm just glad to see this made it to the PC. might pick it up again, see if people are interested in some lanning with it.

Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Savage 2: A Tortured Sale
5. NOT $10 Aug 1, 2008, 09:22 HoSpanky
Boy this WOULD be a great deal at $10, too bad it's $30 on Steam. Maybe they just haven't woken up and actually changed this yet.

Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Savage 2: A Tortured Sale
3. Re: No subject Aug 1, 2008, 08:09 HoSpanky
Not sure why I'm also saying the exact same thing, but yeah, at $10 for a game this...different, I'm downloading a copy.

Avatar 15603
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