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Description argle befu jodl garf!
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Signed On Dec 23, 2002, 21:02
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News Comments > Heroes of the Storm in June
4. Re: Heroes of the Storm in June Apr 20, 2015, 21:46 HoSpanky
I find this a fun game to play for an hour in the evening with my friends. I spent $5 on a starter pack, and that's likely all I'll buy, but I've really enjoyed it. We were able to coerce a friend who hates MOBAs due to the learning curve, and for a few games he'd just soak XP in a lane the AI was ignoring. He liked that he was contributing to the team without needing to be good in a combat situation. After a few games, he decided he was ready to take a few hits on the chin and now he's a decently capable player.

So really, I like that the game is something I can get my friends to play. My girlfriend enjoys it as well. Also, It's nice to see that they're very conscious of the characters they add, and make their abilities something that you'd expect them to have.

The game still has issues in SLI, but since one card (760) can handle the game with no problem, the "fix" is to make it run single GPU.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Maxed Settings Video
30. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Maxed Settings Video Apr 20, 2015, 14:28 HoSpanky
siapnar wrote on Apr 20, 2015, 13:55:
Cutter wrote on Apr 20, 2015, 13:47:
just go to teh Youtubes and watch some Unreal 4 engine demos. Now if 5 was using that, it'd be worth crowing about. Oh but wait, consoles can't handle that sort of work.

I love Unreal Engine 4, but a game with GTA V's graphical and overall complexity using UE4 would probably run at half the speed, if that

Right. Tech demos are nice to look at, but there's no game there. You're almost comparing a pre-rendered video to an interactive environment, like people complaining that video games don't look as good as Pixar movies. Those tech demos run with little to no user input, and no "world" running behind the scenes. They are Best Case Scenarios.
For what you can do in GTAV, it's a damn good looking game, and it runs far better than most games that start on consoles. They actually gave a shit about how the PC version ran, and it shows. Worth every penny.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Maxed Settings Video
26. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Maxed Settings Video Apr 20, 2015, 13:29 HoSpanky
I'm running 760s SLI, which has an annoying inconsistency in GTAV. The game reports 4gb video memory (2gb each card), but requires twice as much memory as a single card. A friend has a 970, and Max textures pushes ram usage up to around 2.3gb...mine, well over 4.

That said, I used the GeForce experience suggested settings, which decided to use Very High texture settings, for a total of over 5gb vram, and the game runs butter smooth 99% of the time. At high speeds, driving into the city from the outskirts, it'll chug a couple times, then smooth out again.

I've not played the game on consoles, but it's not really a port. It's a proper PC version of the game, and in the campaign at least, no major bugs. I've seen one instance of the game not being able to decide on which quality level of a model to use, causing a helicopter in a cutscene to switch back and forth madly, but that's it. It's not the prettiest game EVER, but it's certainly the prettiest open-world game I've seen.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc. Apr 20, 2015, 11:00 HoSpanky
So tired of all this bullshit. Literally anything anyone does, down to "walking outside to get my mail" is apparently going to offend someone, and then someone ELSE will be offended that the first person was offended.

I initially thought this whole "women need to be represented better in games" thing made sense. And to a degree, it still does. But I don't see any of them praising the games that are getting it right. The new Tomb Raider has a fantastic lead character, who isn't sexualized whatsoever, and I don't see it being paraded as "how to do it right".

They will never, ever be happy with the way women are portrayed in games. Never. Because as soon as they are, they've got nothing to complain about, and therefore no purpose. I'm tired of it, and I've stopped caring.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Steam Records
5. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Steam Records Apr 16, 2015, 12:42 HoSpanky
ItBurn wrote on Apr 16, 2015, 12:23:
Still can't start the game. The loader just loads forever and nothing happens. I tried everything, no go.

Your windows login name doesn't include any non-standard characters, does it? That's a documented issue, and you can't just change the login name, you need to make a new user with admin rights.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Ship Ahoy - PC Grand Theft Auto V
6. Re: Ship Ahoy - PC Grand Theft Auto V Apr 14, 2015, 10:09 HoSpanky
Runs fantastically well on my 760x2 setup, altho apparently 4g of vram isn't enough to go above "medium" texture settings. I can force it to High, and it runs the same as long as I'm not driving: it gets a wee stuttery at high speeds, so I'll leave it at Medium for now. When I eventually upgrade, it gives me a reason to come back, I suppose. Even at medium texturing it looks pretty good, and runs like butter.

Haven't tried multiplayer, or even looked into crews and whatnot, will look into the Bluesnews crew when I finish the single player.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > GTA5 GeForce Drivers
30. Re: GTA5 GeForce Drivers Apr 14, 2015, 07:38 HoSpanky
Windows username can't have any strange characters in it. A friend of mine ran into this, had a tiny "TM" after his name. You can easily change your windows username, control panel-users.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Preloads
24. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Preloads Apr 8, 2015, 11:34 HoSpanky
didnt notice the CPU load, as mine's watercooled and won't spin any higher than its lowest setting unless I'm converting video files. Was able to play HOTS with the download going with no side effects, since it wasn't using all the bandwidth available.

Here's hoping they got GTAV working right with SLI. Far Cry 4 still doesn't, and HOTS (at least it's still in Beta) has a weird texturing issue on certain levels.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Re: Evening Consolidation Apr 2, 2015, 22:11 HoSpanky
Quick answer: Accidentally, yes, and then they fixed it.  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round PC Launch Missing Features
14. Re: DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round PC Launch Missing Features Mar 30, 2015, 13:27 HoSpanky
There's only two reasons they'd gimp the game:

1: They want the game to sell poorly so that they can point to it and say "that's why we aren't putting any more of our games on pc!"

2: They're completely incompetent PC programmers. This is the most likely scenario, considering the missing multiplayer and lower quality visuals with simultaneously higher hardware specs.

Japan seems to have zero interest in pc gaming whatsoever, and I imagine that translates to very few programmers there bothering to learn anything about pc-specific coding. And due to general Japanese stubbornness, they likely refuse to hire someone from outside the country, despite knowing that it could mean a better product.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Valve's HTC Vive Free for Developers
23. Re: Valve's HTC Vive Free for Developers Mar 27, 2015, 15:17 HoSpanky
Whether VR goes mainstream or stays as a hobbyist item will depend entirely on compatability, interface, and ease of use.

First step to mass consumption is an OS that can use VR effectively. The "general public" still has to watch the keyboard to type, and if you can't see it, there will have to be a rock-solid alternative in the headset. And every headset needs to be able to use this interface. I think the first round of these headsets will WORK, but will be a pain to get going. Between user feedback and homebrew, the second and third versions will likely settle into something universally usable.

The success of VR headsets WILL bring a lot of money to desktop component makers, once there's a compelling enough use for it, people will build the monsters required to run that game/app. And laptops/phones don't have the muscle, unless the graphics take a large step backwards to accommodate.

Excited to actually get a commercial headset, and even more excited to see how people take advantage of the new hardware. I can't play Hawken forever.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Mar 27, 2015, 11:20 HoSpanky
Hrm, that may be a mistake, Idonyo.
It's a nice way to get people who may not have been interested in FH due to thinking it's like the base Forza games. People turned off by overly technical games avoid the Horizon games, when they're likely EXACTLY the racing game they want.

Haven't had a chance to try it yet, I'm assuming the FEEL of the game is the same as Horizon, with a F&F character or two squeezed in. Also, apparently, helicopter chases.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 Day One Patch & Other Details Revealed
71. Re: The Witcher 3 Day One Patch & Other Details Revealed Mar 22, 2015, 14:17 HoSpanky
One person believes that the game plays better on a gamepad and you morons lose your minds.

Mouse and keyboard offer better aiming, gamepads offer better movement. The ONLY way you can get both is with a separate device for your left hand, like the Logitech G13, which has a thumbstick JUST like console controllers.

I switch between a 360 controller and m/kb, depending on the game. I don't understand the instant hatred and dismissal of a game over the fact that it OFFERS the ability to use a controller. It certainly won't require it.

If you're that butthurt over a feature in a game due to your belief that what you like is superior, then you're no different than the Mac fanatics you make fun of. No different whatsoever. Realize that you're complaining that there's more than one way to make an imaginary character move around in a game that won't define or change your REAL life in any way whatsoever, and then go cry for how silly you've become.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Reloaded Games Acquires Hawken
4. Re: Reloaded Games Acquires Hawken Mar 16, 2015, 12:50 HoSpanky
Hawken has native Oculus support. It's WAY faster than MWO, and less technical. It's not quite at deathmatch levels, as having friends to cover your retreat-n-repair is crucial. Still the mechs move FAST, even down to a dodge that can save you from taking a missile salvo in the face.

Graphically, it's gorgeous. Unlocking mechs isn't fast, but it's not horridly slow either, considering you have to level each one up to unlock slots for gear. By the time you level one partway, you can afford another.

The only thing you HAVE to spend money to get are cosmetic. That's the right way to do it but apparently people just aren't buying anything.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Titanfall 2 Confirmed
3. Re: Titanfall 2 Confirmed Mar 12, 2015, 19:30 HoSpanky
I got my money's worth out of titanfall. I also only spent $5. But it's a fun enough game in short sessions.

They really need to bump it up visually. It'll really depend on if EA will let them focus on current-gen consoles ONLY. Last-gen ports are not only wasting resources, they convince consumers that their 9-year-old system can still hack it for new games and they will put off upgrading.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Three Steam Free Weekends
1. Re: Three Steam Free Weekends Mar 12, 2015, 19:25 HoSpanky
If you don't have Guerilla, get it. Convince your friends to get it, or buy copies for them. Then hit each other with sledgehammers and chain-reaction stickymines. The single player game is open world craziness, and tons of fun. The story is weak, and clearly just there to give you some narrative for your massive demolition spree, but you won't mind.

Also, it was recently patched to behave properly with dx11, removed GFWL and uses Steamworks.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Rogue Launch Trailer
13. Re: Assassin's Creed Rogue Launch Trailer Mar 10, 2015, 10:01 HoSpanky
This is largely the second Black Flag game. They don't focus on the ship much in the trailer but from what I've read it's as prominent as the Jackdaw was in BF.

The video looks oddly way crappier than Black Flag does. I'm hoping its a recycled ad from the 360/PS3 and that it looks as slick as BF does. I haven't played Unity, partially because of the issues it has (had?), but mostly because there's no ship. Black flag has one of the weakest storylines in the series but good GOD the ship made the game.

Anyhow, I'm probably in at around the $15-$20 mark. Unity is $20 at Frys, and I still can't justify it. Far Cry 4 is also $20 there (in store only, they're leftover Samsung codes).
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Cross-Platform Super Dungeon Bros Announced
1. Re: Cross-Platform Super Dungeon Bros Announced Mar 5, 2015, 12:44 HoSpanky
But does this mean GFWL is coming back?  
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Op Ed
24. Re: Op Ed Feb 27, 2015, 12:30 HoSpanky
Her complaint about Destiny is absurd. They went out of their way to make the game as neutral as possible (to the point that it's lifeless and boring), and she bitches about a sitting animation that was likely put in so a bunch of people sitting didn't look exactly the same.

BUT, her point about more female characters in games isn't a bad one. My girlfriend ended up madly in love with Forza Horizon 2 (as any sensible human would), yet you're forced to use a single character model. There's no reason for it, as your character never talks, and is no more detailed than the other characters. Why can't we pick from a handful of the character models the game uses? She just wanted a female one. Your character stands next to his car at the end of each race for no reason (hilarious when in hurricane weather), why not let people have a LITTLE choice? The models are already right there.

Her complaint about catwoman is bullshit, does she not KNOW that the character has always BEEN heavily sexualized? Remove that from the game and EVERYONE but her would cry foul.

Any game with a character-based storyline can't be retooled for the option of a female character, just like Tomb Raider couldn't offer an option to play as a guy. I'm surprised she doesn't use the new Lara Croft as one of her positive characters. She starts off terrified and horrified at what she has to do to survive, and by the end is a wrecking ball, and spends NO time being flirty/sexy. She spends the game filthy, angry, and awesome.

Anyway, I agree with some of what she says, but she definitely goes gonzo-overboard on some of the things she expects. I forget who on here said she's more worried about her personal pity-party, but She isn't completely wrong, but from the way she talks, she won't be happy until every game has a butch/overweight woman in every race possible, that everyone treats like a man.
Avatar 15603
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
15. Re: Morning Consolidation Feb 26, 2015, 11:52 HoSpanky
Holy crap, I'm going to be playing a Fast&Furious game. Never thought I'd say that, but if Playground Games is making it, I'm in. Especially since it's free. I'm betting they're hoping people like it, want more, and buy Forza Horizon 2, the best goddamn racing game available. If you have an Xbone, and like racing games AT ALL, pick it up. Do NOT buy it for the 360, it's developed by someone else and is apparently a terrible game that should never have been made.  
Avatar 15603
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