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News Comments > Christmas Eve Tech Bits
5. Re: No subject Dec 25, 2007, 01:05 Stanly Manly
Wow, why link this drivel? Seriously, just because some jackass with mudslinging to sell sends you a link, doesn't mean it has any validity. Anyone with half a brain can tell its just trying to promote HD-DVD through FUD tactics.

Seems any idiot with a blog gets national attention these days... sad.

This comment was edited on Dec 25, 01:05.
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News Comments > On DirectX 10 Performance
15. Re: No subject Jul 5, 2007, 16:56 Stanly Manly
If more devs start putting out Linux versions of their games, I'd be glad to drop Windows once and for all.

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News Comments > Saga Beta Opens
1. Paying for booster packs. Jul 5, 2007, 15:58 Stanly Manly
Now, I'm not sure how they are going to implement this feature, but my initial kneejerk reaction is this: In a PvP oriented game, wouldn't this dynamic basically boil down every encounter to "whoever buys the most wins"?

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News Comments > Sword of the New World Beta
6. Re: Korean MOGs Jun 27, 2007, 15:27 Stanly Manly

(Yet Another Korean Point and Click)

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Transformers: The Game
23. Re: CC extreme mega-ness Jun 26, 2007, 16:06 Stanly Manly
By the way I'm never going to forgive Bay and crew (and Volkswagon) for making BUMBLEBEE a farking camaro! BUMBLEBEE is a VW beetle... and that's that!

I'm pretty sure that all the cars in the movie are GM cars, and a lot of money was paid to make sure that was the case. There was a huge 3 page foldout ad in some car magazine I glanced at the other day, and it was a GM ad with 4 GM vehicle transformers.

Honestly, I think thats just sad. A movie that is essentially one big advertisement for the flailing US carmaker.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Lord of the Rings Online Patch Notes
7. Re: No subject Jun 13, 2007, 18:53 Stanly Manly
I guess the Turbine shills are coming to the BN forums now, too. Figures.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > SimCity Societies Announced
3. Re: No subject Jun 12, 2007, 19:02 Stanly Manly
Hopefully I can make a society full of religious fanatics from opposing faiths and watch them ethnically cleanse eachother with suicide bombers and anthrax.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
14. Re: Jeff Anderson is a fucking tool. Jun 10, 2007, 17:35 Stanly Manly
Yea, there is a reason WoW is popular and it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the game. It has everything to do with the content of the game, you take Warcraft and it's droves of mindless fanboys and attach it to an MMO game and you have instant success. Tack on Blizzard's used-to-be good name and you have pretty much a game that could've been nothing more than flat land with people standing around dancing.

You mean, in your opinion... I'm fairly confident that if Blizzard put out a game that was just flat land, that it wouldn't be very successful. Not to make you appear foolish or anything...

There is absolutely no reason that WoW should have the content issues that it does have with the serious amount of cash coming in. They should be able to churn out quality content at least every other month with the sheer profits from the game, however they have not done this and seeing as it is 2 years old now, I doubt they will ever hop on to that bandwagon.

You seem to be under the impression that if you create a great game and it becomes popular, that all the sudden you have to work harder and put out more content simply because you make more profit. Blizzard employee's seem to work to the best of their abilities. Just because the game is making more money, doesn't mean there are suddenly more hours in the day, that the modelers/level designers/programmers can type faster, test better, and just plain do more.

Turbine has many things going for it, experience being one of them. Not all of their games have had quality success for one reason or another, sometimes of their own doing and sometimes of the doing of other parties. But you cannot say that Turbine doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to creating MMOs.

I certainly can say Turbine doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to MMO's. You said it yourself, not all of their games have had quality success. I could write you a novel on the reasons why. But I'll give you just one, developer hubris. Just like you, Turbine thinks that just because they've been around for 10 years, that they know what MMORPG players want. They may have an idea what Turbine fans want, but as it has been shown in all of their games to date, Turbine fans are not representative of the majority of MMORPG players.

AC had perhaps the most content and continues on today being actively and steadily updated, that's something you cannot say for any other mainstream title out there, including WoW. LOTRO's game has just under the same amount of content that WoW did at it's core launch, and they only dealt with one side of it. It doesn't seem to be doing too terribly bad considering it's sales numbers, and if you take gauge of the forums for the playerbase, like someone else said, you'd expect WoW to be closing up shop tomorrow.

I played AC for a while, and experienced their "content" first hand. I realize that some content patches may have been larger, but all of the ones I experienced in the 4 months I played amounted to about 3 hours of running through a dungeon to get the item, then you never had to go back. Neat.

LOTRO has about 1/4 of the content that WoW did at launch, if what I have read and surmised is correct.

I already talked about WoW forums vs LOTRO forums. There is a very big distinction. WoW forums are filled with a lot of heated discussions because people care about the game. The feel a profound sense of attachment to it. In the LOTRO forums, the tone is far more muted when people talk about leaving or quitting, because they just don't seem to care.

If WoW is so much better than AC, then why is it that after nearly a decade there are still people actively subscribing to the game? Oh, love how you ask why it has so few players as well, considering it is still a far more in-depth and challenging game than WoW ever even imagined it could be...but my guess is that the fact that AC is nearly the decade old and it is rather hard to find outside of word-of-mouth anymore.

You mean, in your opinion...

As for why AC1 is around after a decade, perhaps because it costs relatively little to run, and the subscriptions from the small player base are enough to keep it supported?

Word of mouth on AC1 is that its a prime territory for unattended combat macros and a plethora of other exploitation dynamics. Fun.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
11. Re: Jeff Anderson is a fucking tool. Jun 10, 2007, 16:20 Stanly Manly
No MMO has matched what AC1 did, with an entirely traversable continent. WoW is still stuck in the EverQuest/MUD paradigm of zones.

Empty space does not equal content. Sure, you could run across the continent hunting shards or motes, but did that make it content rich because you ran 5 minutes between mobs you wanted to kill?

WoW is not "stuck" in the paradigm. It is obviously the more popular world design. Don't give me the "popular does not equal better" argument either. There is a reason its more popular, people like it better. If AC1's system was so good, how come it has so few players?

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
6. Re: Jeff Anderson is a fucking tool. Jun 10, 2007, 04:30 Stanly Manly
I find it amusing some of the stuff he's taken Blizzard to task for. You know, I can't argue with him basically saying "so blizzard is the biggest company for mmos in the world now. why does it take them 6 months to make a content patch?"

Perhaps because WoW started out with probably 4x the content that LOTRO started out with. IMHO, WoW started out with more content than all of Turbine's games put together at their releases.

And your 6 months figure is not accurate at all, but feel free to continue to lie to try to make Turbine look good, and Blizzard look bad. You'll be right up there with Jeff.

Despite DDO being a "joke", it's gotten a huge amount of content in the last year in free patches.

Hasn't helped its subscriber rate. Maybe thats because its a niche game that not many people like. They can add as much content to it as they want, and it still won't change that fact.

Game forums are going to make it look like everyone is leaving because when one guy leaves, he makes as much fucking noise as he can. If you read the WOW forums, you'd think that the game was shutting down tomorrow. It's been like that for a year and a half now. I think we can all agree that WOW doesn't need to worry about their subscription levels.

The type of posts I have been reading are not anywhere near this level. Most simply state they felt no urge to log in anymore, were bored, or simply felt the game wasn't that good. The reason that people are so... passionate... on the WoW forums, is because they care about the game a great deal. People just don't seem to care about LOTRO.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
1. Jeff Anderson is a fucking tool. Jun 9, 2007, 22:19 Stanly Manly
This guy has been all over the game sites lately with "interviews" where he does nothing but badmouth WoW and Blizzard, and tries to make LOTRO seem like its the most successful and innovative MMORPG ever made.

The guy is a nothing but a slimy salesman, a corporate suit blowing smoke up the gaming community's ass. Look at his track record with Turbine: AC1 is widely regarded as a cheaters/hackers paradise and has less than 10k subs, AC2 was shut down, and DDO is a joke.

And now all the sudden this fucking tool is trying to tell the MMORPG community what endgame is, how great LOTRO is for using the same formula that WoW did, but claiming WoW copied and they "innovated", and basically acting like an unprofessional dickhead.

The ONLY reason that LOTRO is doing even reasonably well is due to the IP, not the game. Its turnover rate is going to be huge, since the game is so utterly shallow and the content is extremely repetitive and sparse.

You should trust Jeff Anderson about as far as you can throw him. The actual fan's of AC2 found that out when he sold them an expansion pack and then closed down the game shortly after. Jeff Anderson wishes they had 1% of the player base of Blizzard, and has no fucking business giving lectures on MMORPG's.

Its pretty obvious to me, after reading most of the popular LOTRO forums, that people are leaving the game in droves. Is it a coincidence that after the first "free" month is up, that the CEO of the company starts making his sales rounds?

Oh, and did I mention he's a fucking Lawyer? I feel like Turbine is going to be the next Gizmondo.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > EVE Online Ombudsmen
16. Re: No subject Jun 9, 2007, 15:46 Stanly Manly
What I find amusing, is that Eve is all about player politics and deception. The dev's bringing their own politics into the game just seems to be par for the course.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Into the Black
3. Re: No subject Jun 8, 2007, 23:51 Stanly Manly
Phew, its not just me. Thought I had some funky scumware or virus for a second.

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News Comments > LEGO MMOG = LEGO Universe
4. Re: No subject Jun 7, 2007, 23:26 Stanly Manly
that would be a licencing nightmare.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but since LEGO puts out all these licensed products already, wouldn't that imply they have the rights to use said products in their game?

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Nival Departs U.S.
2. Re: Well, that was short May 16, 2007, 14:26 Stanly Manly
Wheres my Etherlords 3 =(.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Teachers Attack May 14, 2007, 15:21 Stanly Manly
Scaring our kids with the prospect of a gunman...

The terrorists most certainly have won.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > CABAL Online to go Free
2. Re: No subject May 10, 2007, 16:24 Stanly Manly
Is this just another one of the plethora of Free to Play, point and click, grind fests that use the Item Shop to sell virtual lingerie to desperate asian boys?

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Hellgate: London Subscription Fees
45. Re: No subject May 10, 2007, 01:02 Stanly Manly
Sadly, I'll have to scratch HG:L off of the very short list of PC games that I was interested in buying. The funny thing, is that up until the rumor about the new Starcraft game, it was the only one.

What got me was the idea of paying 10 bucks a month for quarterly content as opposed to just buying an expansion. I'm really disgusted here with their pricing model. Its a slap in the face to the gamers.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > World of StarCraft?
50. Re: No subject May 6, 2007, 03:12 Stanly Manly
I can't wait to play a Hydrolisk.

Avatar 15272
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Lord of the Rings Online
51. Re: Fundamental Apr 25, 2007, 17:39 Stanly Manly
Stanly Manly, spoken like a true Blizzard lemming, well done sir. of course we all realize you are speaking out of your asshole, but thats ok. LOTRO has more to do in one starting area than WoW does from 1-20, but thats ok if you dont know what the fuck you are talking about, you cant help your an idiot fanboy

Ah, the personal attack. Thanks, I always know I've won a debate at that point =). Good try though.

Avatar 15272
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