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News Comments > Game Reviews
12. Re: Game Reviews Dec 5, 2008, 14:16 Ecthelion
Despite the performance issues the game is a huge amount of fun and has great gameplay.
Agreed. Although I haven't done much combat yet, I really like the shooting (and cover) system so far - it seems a lot better than in previous GTAs.

Yesterday I was doing a mission that involved chasing someone down along several rooftops, and I didn't stop in time. I had to do the mission over again, but my blunder had me in stitches. For some reason, falling deaths have always amused me, whether it's this or force pushing enemies off ledges in Jedi Knight 2/3.
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News Comments > Newell: Most DRM "Dumb"
51. Re: Newell: Most DRM Dumb Dec 5, 2008, 14:03 Ecthelion
Why does Steam not show up on add/remove programs? That is pretty dicey.
It should be there... if it's not, you probably ran into problems during install.

In fact, third-party games on Steam usually show up in Add/Remove programs too, in my experience.

Also, is there a way to just shut it off (for months) but leave it there in case you want to use it again one day?
You can set it to not start with Windows, so yes. If you don't use it for months though, it will have to update when you run it again, and I wouldn't be surprised if it forgets your saved login (if you choose to auto-login).
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News Comments > GTA4 PC Problems
114. Re: GTA4 PC Problems Dec 5, 2008, 09:21 Ecthelion
I'm not sure how much of a resource hog GFWL is, but I really don't think it has any impact on GTA4's poor performance. Fallout 3 and Kane & Lynch both have GFWL, and their performance is fine (although Fallout 3 has performance issues for some people, it doesn't appear to be GFWL related). I know it's popular to bash Microsoft, but I don't think they are directly to blame in this case. Even blaming Microsoft for GTA4 lacking standard gamepad support is somewhat misplaced; it's not like Windows games required standard gamepad support in the past - it was up to the devs then, and it's up to the devs now (GFW isn't preventing devs from including standard gamepad support). Honestly, if GFW didn't exist, I wouldn't be at all surprised to still see most games only supporting the Xbox gamepad. If devs don't want to make a really good port, they don't need lax certification standards to justify a lackluster effort.  
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News Comments > GTA4 PC Problems
30. Re: GTA4 PC Problems Dec 4, 2008, 12:07 Ecthelion
Also the required GFWL crap when it comes to saving games. No internet? No saved games! Im going to a LAN party in 1 week and I will not be able to play it/show it off during lunch/dinner breaks.
A recent GFWL update said something about tracking achievements when offline, so it's possible that you can use GFWL offline, if you login prior to that (similar to how Steam works). This is just a guess, but it seems likely due to the update notes.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Grand Theft Auto IV
99. Re: PC GTA4 Ships Dec 4, 2008, 07:02 Ecthelion
I'm still really annoyed about the Flash problem, which seems to be related to Flash Player 10 specifically (as far as I can tell).
I think you're right. I had version 9 prior to installing the game, and I haven't gotten a single Flash error.

I don't know what the problem is with Flash, but given my extreme hatred of Adobe's software, I wouldn't be surprised if it were at least partially their fault.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Grand Theft Auto IV
74. Re: PC GTA4 Ships Dec 3, 2008, 16:23 Ecthelion
Smoothly? For me it minimised out of the game, gave dozens of Flash handling errors, kept telling me there was an update license agreement but when I logged in it was a hidden behind several different pages - all that just to save my fucking progress. I didn't have any problem with GfWL before but now I most certainly do.
It minimized the game to install the GFWL update (and I think the Rockstar Social Club), but it wasn't a big deal. I didn't notice anything with Flash, maybe because I already had it installed. I also didn't have any problems with the license agreement or logging in.

Rockstar Social Club stills crashes the game if you're logged in.
Yeah, that's why the game wouldn't run when I tried this morning. I'm not sure if it was sloppiness on Rockstar's part or if this is just a weird bug that slipped through the cracks. I doubt it's the latter, since it appears that lots of people are getting that error. Hopefully Rockstar will address this problem quickly.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Grand Theft Auto IV
69. Re: Grand Theft Auto IV Ships Dec 3, 2008, 14:15 Ecthelion

But for me the additional installs wouldn't be an issue if it went smoothly, which from what I'm hearing is not the case.
It went smoothly for me, although I did have to download the GFWL update from a link on the GTA4 launcher instead of the game auto-downloading it (although I imagine if you had another GFWL game you could download it by running that game). Fallout 3 downloaded GFWL updates automatically, which was less of a hassle.

GFWL having control over single player save games is just stupid. You'd think they would have learned from Gears of War PC.
If it works the same way as Fallout 3, the saves are stored under your GFWL profile, so if you don't log in to GFWL within the game, you can't access those saves. You can move the saves manually outside of the game though, and access them without logging in to GFWL. Also, you don't have to login to GFWL in the first place, so it wouldn't be a problem in that case. I haven't actually played GTA4 yet (it finished downloading last night), but I'm guessing it works the same way. If so, it won't bother me. I don't mind using GFWL, so I just have to wait a few seconds for it to login when the game loads. Then again, I'm not a paranoid type, so sign-in services like GFWL, online activations, and the Rockstar Social Club don't bother me in the slightest.

The only snag I've run into so far is that the game wouldn't launch when I tried this morning before work (I just wanted to get to the main menu and set up my options). I found a fix while I was at work, so I won't be able to actually test the game until tonight. I'm still optimistic, since several recent games have worked almost flawlessly for me in spite of numerous forum reports of bugginess. Fallout 3 is the most recent example of this - I read about constant CTDs, performance issues, and bugs, but it ran perfectly for me. I'm hoping GTA4 will be the same way.
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News Comments > Ghostbusters Dated, Baldur's Gate & NWN to be Revisited
2. Re: Ghostbusters Dated, Baldur's Gate & NWN to be Revisited Dec 2, 2008, 13:23 Ecthelion
I'm guessing it's either NWN3 or a third expansion pack for NWN2. Then again, it could simply be the paid module (Mysteries of Westgate) that's been floating around in limbo (finished) for quite some time. Atari doesn't seem to know what they're doing.

But if it means more Baldur's Gate and NWN, I'm cautiously hopeful.
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News Comments > GTA4 PC Uncut in AU; Or Cut Everywhere?
25. Re: Buy or not to buy... Dec 2, 2008, 07:49 Ecthelion
It's only cheaper if you use the slow ass free super saver shipping. I just added it to my cart, and with free shipping it won't even ship until December 8, and the free shipping is 5-9 business days if you're lucky. I've had things take 2 months to get here when I went for the free super saver shipping. Choosing the standard 5 business day shipping brings the total to $52.
That's true. I have had Amazon prime for a while now, so I've been spoiled by fast shipping (and I order enough stuff from them for the price to be worthwhile).
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News Comments > Bill Roper Interview
7. Re: Bill Roper Interview Dec 2, 2008, 00:11 Ecthelion
At this point, I bet he feels like an idiot for leaving Blizzard.  
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News Comments > GTA4 PC Uncut in AU; Or Cut Everywhere?
16. Re: Buy or not to buy... Dec 1, 2008, 17:57 Ecthelion
I guess it'd be cheaper to buy from Steam since it's the same price, but I won't have to pay tax. Except I have a Best Buy coupon that expires 12/30 that would make it cheaper to buy from there.
Amazon has it for 46.99, so if you're in the US it's cheaper that way than on Steam (assuming you can get free shipping and you don't live in Washington state).
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News Comments > LEGO Plans - He Who Must Not Be Built?
4. Re: LEGO Plans - He Who Must Not Be Built? Dec 1, 2008, 12:53 Ecthelion
Lego Bond would be cool; it would be fun to play as the various villains with their gadgets and abilities.  
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Editor and DLC Coming
54. Re: Fallout 3 Editor and DLC Coming Nov 26, 2008, 13:13 Ecthelion
Uh, I do play with the radio off because I find the radio music annoying. I like ambient music and the ambient music in FO3 is pretty forgettable.
I didn't really pay attention to the ambient music, but I did notice that the radio music could get annoying. It would have been a lot better if there were more songs for each station, so that they wouldn't loop as much. And quite a lot of the 40's music on GNR is just irritating period (although they all fit the retro theme very well). The worst part is that savegames store the current radio station position, so you'll keep hearing the same part of the song or announcement every time you load that save.

It was nice to occasionally hear 3-Dogg (that's the hip-hop version of his name ) acknowledge the player's actions though.

This comment was edited on Nov 26, 2008, 13:17.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Editor and DLC Coming
6. Re: Fallout 3 Editor and DLC Coming Nov 25, 2008, 11:45 Ecthelion
The Broken Steel one sounds cool, but I'm wondering how they'll handle the ending of Fallout 3 retail.
Spoiler: If you sacrifice yourself in the last quest, the game can't continue your story. If the DLC takes place prior to the last quest, it wouldn't make sense. Hopefully it won't have a tacked-on feel to it, like "at the last second, you found a radiation suit in the chamber, and slipped it on just before lethal exposure."

This comment was edited on Nov 25, 2008, 11:55.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Patch Plans
20. Re: Fallout 3 Patch Plans Nov 22, 2008, 18:21 Ecthelion
That has to be the biggest fucking bullshit I've ever heard. Fallout 3 significantly changes the Operating System, huh? It'd be the first game in history to ever do that.

c++ visual 2005 that "somehow" interferes with the way the graphics card is addressed? Because, you know, there's so much cross polution between the Direct3D API and C++.

Eight hidden drivers? Really? I'm wondering if he can name them.

Yeah, it's bullshit. I have Vista, and I don't have any .NET issues. I've never heard of a MS installer overwriting a newer version of something, especially when it's a beta version. I've installed many programs that install the VS2k5 C++ Redistributable files and/or .NET framework, and none of them have caused any problems as a result.
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News Comments > Pre-purchase GTA4, Get GTA Vice City Free
19. Re: Pre-purchase GTA4, Get GTA Vice City Free Nov 22, 2008, 14:49 Ecthelion
I actually played SA before VC, and it was my first 3D GTA game. I like them both, but I think I prefer the large environment of SA. As far as the story goes, I like most of the missions for both (my favorite is probably the one in SA where you can run over redneck weed farmers with a combine), although it seems like VC has more missions that are frustratingly hard.

What I don't get is how people identify with VC better because of the environment... is everyone on here closet druglords with mafia connections? For me, both games are very over-the-top, and as a white Caucasian male I don't identify with Tommy any more than I do CJ.

This comment was edited on Nov 22, 2008, 14:50.
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News Comments > Tomb Raider: Underworld Review Anarchy in the UK
11. Re: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review Anarchy in the UK Nov 22, 2008, 13:47 Ecthelion
I played Kane & Lynch a week or so ago thanks to GameTap getting it (it's had it for a while, but I was playing other games). I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It wasn't as good as the Hitman games, but it wasn't terrible by any means. It was no Half Life 2, certainly, but I've played far worse.  
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News Comments > Gamer Web Browser
11. Re: Gamer Web Browser Nov 21, 2008, 15:24 Ecthelion
Speaking of porn - I wonder if anybody's ever thought about making a plugin for WoW (and other MMOs) that lets you browse for and watch videos (read: Porn) in a resizable in-game window, integrated into the game UI? That would eliminate focus-related problems that come with solutions like this browser.

I don't play MMOs anymore, but if I did, I could see using such a plugin during the (more) boring parts of the game. Of course, those boring parts were a factor in my decision to stop playing MMOs...

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 2008, 15:26.
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News Comments > Sacrifice Retrospective
6. Re: Sacrifice Retrospective Nov 20, 2008, 13:31 Ecthelion
Sacrifice was such an awesome game... Comon Dave Perry, lets see Sacrifice 2 already!
Unfortunately he's making MMOs now, like almost all the developers of "good old games." That's where the money is these days, so don't expect to see Sacrifice 2 anytime soon.
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News Comments > GTA4 DLC in February
2. Re: LaME Nov 20, 2008, 10:02 Ecthelion
Hopefully all the DLC will be added to the PC version at some point. Even if they charge for it, at least that will give PC gamers the choice of playing it.  
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