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News Comments > Gold - X: Terran Conflict
16. Re: Steam Sep 11, 2008, 16:39 Ecthelion
I haven't played IWar2, but it seems like there's a whole lot more going on (or potentially going on) in X3 than in other space sims. Were there huge fleets in IWar2? In X3, the player could theoretically have 100 or more ships fighting in one sector, with just as many enemy ships. I know the game is divided into separate sectors because of computer limitations. Out-of-sector combat is only calculated using numbers, for example, because it would tax the computer too much to handle all of the physics of all those ships fighting each other. Implementing Newtonian Physics would just add another factor to be computed for each ship in the current sector. Unless the computer calculations behind Newtonian physics are far simpler than I think they are, it would be too much to implement them for each ship in the current sector.

How effectively did the AI in IWar2 use Newtonian physics to its advantage? Judging from the limitations of the AI in the X series, I don't think it would do very well with it, so it would end up being a cheap tactic the player could use to exploit the AI.

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News Comments > Gold - X: Terran Conflict
13. Re: Steam Sep 11, 2008, 15:56 Ecthelion
The AI in Independence War worked for me so I don't think its that much more difficult to code AI that relies newtonian physics.
Yeah, if the game was just about flight and combat, which the X series isn't. I-War didn't have station building, and with the way the sectors are laid out in the X games, how would Newtonian physics work?

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News Comments > Gold - X: Terran Conflict
10. Re: No subject Sep 11, 2008, 13:44 Ecthelion
Well, having been an X insider since almost the beginning, it's easy to say that the interface is a piece of cake...once you use it for 200+ hours or so. If you think about it, it's actually kind of hard to build a decent GUI in a space-trading game. Something that is funcional but not intrusive, especially when in combat. Personally, I think a full-fledged Newtonian physics model would be the death of X. It would be information overload, plus the developement time would skyrocket. No, the movement model is just fine for X the way it is...
I agree. People think it's easy to implement and use those kinds of features, but it's not. I doubt if the X series will ever have Newtonian physics... the game isn't designed around the flight engine - that's just part of the many aspects of the game. Besides, the AI has trouble with the flight engine as it is now; imagine what would happen if you threw Newtonian physics into the mix.

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News Comments > Gold - X: Terran Conflict
8. No subject Sep 11, 2008, 13:15 Ecthelion
I don't think Terran Conflict will fix most of what most of the posters here didn't like about X2 and X3. The interface has been updated, but I don't think the fundamentals have fully changed.

It's not going to be hugely different from X3; it'll be more like X3 Enhanced. If you didn't like X3 at all, chances are you won't like this at all either. But if you thought X3 had a few minor annoyances, this might alleviate them.

This comment was edited on Sep 11, 13:17.
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News Comments > Gold - X: Terran Conflict
1. Steam Sep 11, 2008, 10:27 Ecthelion
It's been a while since I pre-ordered something at Steam. I can't remember if they usually allow pre-orders before pre-loading is available - I seem to remember that they do. Anyway, I'm getting it as soon as it's on Steam.

I'm really looking forward to this, especially since Egosoft hired several of the best scripters and modders for X3 to work on this. More companies should do that and reward modders for their hard work.

This comment was edited on Sep 11, 10:28.
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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
60. Re: No subject Sep 11, 2008, 08:13 Ecthelion
I've almost worn out Evochron Renegades (Incredible game, especially for being only 25 MB!), and Freespace is next.
I tried Evochron Renegades, but I just couldn't get into it. The X series of games are the only ones I've been able to enjoy after the death of the triple-A space sim. I'm looking forward to X3:Terran Conflict, which should be out early in October.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
58. Re: No subject Sep 10, 2008, 17:54 Ecthelion
Can Freespace OS be played well with a mouse?
I'm doing pretty well. I played through Freespace 1 and the expansion (which are included in Freespace OS) using the mouse the whole time, and I just started on Freespace 2. For really maneuverable enemies I have to use the arrows on the numpad to make tight turns, but I find aiming with the mouse to be a lot easier than using a joystick, to be honest.

Since you already have it on your computer, you might as well give it a try. Once you're in the game, go to the Options screen and turn the mouse on, and you're good to go.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
56. No subject Sep 9, 2008, 15:36 Ecthelion
I just started playing through Freespace and Freespace 2 again (using the awesome Open Source Project), and apparently joystick skills can be forgotten without practice. I have a nice joystick, but I can't fly with it to save my life anymore. Strangely enough, I've been playing Freespace with my mouse, and I find it easier to control that way. I guess X3's mouse support spoiled me. The only thing that's hard is turning really tightly, but that can be done by using the keyboard with my other hand.

Maybe my stick is too sensitive, but I tried playing with the settings and it didn't help much. Maybe I'm just getting too old for sims.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
54. No subject Sep 9, 2008, 14:36 Ecthelion
A space sim like that wouldn't be much fun, in my opinion. Under those criteria, TIE Fighter, Wing Commander, and pretty much every other space sim I can think of would be "crappy" space sims. Even if they aren't guilty of your flight engine issues, they all have visible lasers.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
51. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 23:39 Ecthelion
Actually, that reminds - after several months I was playing it as usual when the disc span up and then I head this noise; I opened my drive to find the disc had actually broken!! Pissed me right off.
That's interesting, because I had bad luck with one of the discs too. One of them inexplicably got scratched to hell (I'm pretty careful with my optical discs, so I think my drive did it), and I had to use ISO Buster to rip the disc and burn a copy. It took me forever too, because it was hard to read the disc to rip it.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
39. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 14:27 Ecthelion
That doesn't mean they're bad games. While I understand people's aversion to X's combat integration, it's an EXCELLENT space sim.

By now it has become much, much better than Elite.

That said, I would seriously pay a 100 bucks for a good X type game in the Star Wars universe.
I agree. I got in to X2 after it came out, and became a devoted fan of the series soon afterwards. I followed X3's development and bought it when it first came out, and I'm going to do the same with X3: Terran Conflict. Even though the series has its shortcomings (I actually really enjoy X3's combat), they are great games.

I'm not a snob who thinks only US devs and publishers make good games, but I'm a realist. As much as some of us would like it to happen, LucasArts isn't going to get a company like Egosoft to make a Star Wars space sim. European and indie devs are keeping the space combat sim genre from dying completely, but it's dead in the USA, and that's apparently the only market that LucasArts cares about.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
35. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 13:52 Ecthelion
Their last Secret Weapons game from a few years ago sucked.
That's what I've heard (I didn't actually play it), but that doesn't explain his animosity towards XWA. I thought XWA was a great game, and I enjoyed Bridge Commander as well. Secret Weapons Over Normandy may have signaled that their talent was no longer there, but the fact is that they left Star Wars on a high note with XWA.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
33. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 13:49 Ecthelion
Taking the handling from a game like Starlancer and combining with a next-gen engine could produce stunning results - the original formula is very strong and all they really have to get right are the cockpit views and the handling to make it work.
I just don't see them doing it, unfortunately. Starlancer is the last real space sim that was made by a big publisher, and it's 8 years old. Even the vastly simplified Freelancer is 5 years old. The only space sims made in the past 7 years have been indie and European games - big US publishers have let the genre die. I don't think LucasArts is interested in giving up the Star Wars IP (which would let one of those European publishers produce it), so I don't think we'll ever see TIE Fighter 2.

But as you say, Lucasarts has struggled to produce good results - with an incredibly strong IP and loyal following it's sad that I haven't seen a single good game in many, many years. Shame.
Yeah. I don't think they've made anything really good since KOTOR2 (and even that had problems), although Empire at War was okay (the space combat was great, but ground combat was pretty lame). The LEGO Star Wars games are also fun, but they're over too quickly and are pretty simple.

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
28. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 13:33 Ecthelion
Please dont let Totally Games touch SW ever again they already ruined it with the last pathetic effort XWA
XWA was a great game... what do you think was so pathetic about it?

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News Comments > Force Unleashed to PCs? LucasArts Says No
24. Re: ... Sep 8, 2008, 12:55 Ecthelion
I'd like to support Lucasarts so that we may see a sequel to Tie Fighter
Judging from LucasArts' recent history, I would be very afraid of seeing TIE Fighter 2. It would be a dull shadow of the original, and definitely not worthy of the IP. I'd much rather have nothing but memories of TIE Fighter than be faced with a lame consolized sequel. Even if LucasArts had the guts to make another space sim when the genre is dead, who would make it? Totally Games hasn't made a sim for 5 years, and SWON was more like Rebel Assault than it was like TIE Fighter.

I think seeing Jedi Knight 3 (or 4, if you want to call Jedi Academy JK3) is far more likely, but even that would probably be hopelessly butchered.

This comment was edited on Sep 8, 13:11.
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News Comments > X-COM Series on Steam
10. Re: ... Sep 4, 2008, 15:53 Ecthelion
The xcom games specifically state that vista is not supported. But reading the forums, it just sounds like they're using dosbox emulation just the same.
It seems that they do work in Vista.

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News Comments > X-COM Series on Steam
7. Re: ... Sep 4, 2008, 15:41 Ecthelion
Well, they're not compatible with Vista (let alone Vista64) so they're are of little use to me. I really wish Valve would put in a bit of extra effort to ensure legacy games run on Vista (even if it just means putting pressure on the publisher responsible) - the Abe games run on Vista, so there's not really any excuse for these games not to.
How do you know they don't run on Vista? Neither Abe game mentions Vista compatibility in the system requirements listed on Steam, and you said that they work with Vista, so isn't it possible the X-Com ones do as well?

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News Comments > Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch
15. Re: I like how The Patches Scrolls Sep 4, 2008, 08:19 Ecthelion
I'd check with Steam's support crew before getting it off Steam though. Who knows if this patch will work with the Steam version?
The guy who makes the patch regularly posts about new versions of the patch on the Steam forum for the game, so apparently it works just fine.

EDIT: I just tried it myself, and it works fine with the Steam version.

This comment was edited on Sep 4, 08:49.
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News Comments > On Star Wars Games
26. Re: No subject Sep 3, 2008, 19:28 Ecthelion
I think Jedi Academy and Jedi Knight 2 were high quality, with JK2 edging out JA in terms of entertainment. I *felt* like a Jedi, and not a prequel badass mofo, but more like Luke, grasping blindly towards being a Jedi, without a formal code. It was a great effort by Raven I believe it was who developed it.
I couldn't have said it better myself. JK2 is one of the few games I replay at least once a year. It's one of my 3 favorite shooters, along with Half Life 1 and 2 (it's hard to put them in any order, since I love them all).

Nothing beats force pushing people into bottomless pits.

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News Comments > Good Old Games Beta Next Week
12. Re: Important question: Sep 3, 2008, 15:58 Ecthelion
Awww, I was hoping that no one would suggest that one. I played Freespace and I found the change from cramped corridors to a wide open space to completely kill everything that made the Descent series so great. I liked the fact that Descent was desolate, disorienting and indoors. It was a tense environment. Freespace lost all of that for me.
Freespace 2 dropped "Descent" from the title, so it's best to think of it as completely separate from Descent (as should be done with the first Freespace as well). Both games are supposed to be space sims, so the Descent connection was misleading.

If you look at Freespace 2 with an open mind, I think you'll find an excellent game there, unless you hate space sims. As a fan of the X-Wing and Wing Commander games, I found Freespace 2 to be another excellent game in the same vein.

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