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News Comments > X3: Terran Conflict Patch
2. Re: X3: Terran Conflict Patch Jun 10, 2009, 23:11 Ecthelion
The DRM's still there to my knowledge. I know the TAGES stuff is still there.

I'm not even sure if the game has Securom... I didn't think it did.
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News Comments > Molyneux Promoted
149. Re: Molyneux Promoted Jun 10, 2009, 19:58 Ecthelion
GTA:SA sold even better than GTA3 on the PS2 - 17 million freaking copies.  
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News Comments > 1C Games Sale
13. Re: 1C Games Sale Jun 10, 2009, 14:51 Ecthelion
The bit about the game on the account confused me. Does that mean after you download it you can do so as many times as you like from anywhere? Steam style downloading the game as much as you like, but GoG style autonomous working title once you have it? No activation BS on the installer?
I seem to recall there being activation, but I think it was determined by the publisher (so only some games would have it), and not specific to GamersGate.
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News Comments > 1C Games Sale
10. Re: 1C Games Sale Jun 10, 2009, 14:24 Ecthelion
GamersGate isn't a games client, it's just a sales and download service. Once you have the game downloaded, you don't need GamersGate for anything. You can even burn the downloaded install files to a DVD if you want, so you never have to go to the site again.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Futurama Jun 10, 2009, 10:05 Ecthelion
My favorite animated show is coming back!

26 episodes seems a bit thin for 2 seasons, but maybe a slower production pace is needed to ensure consistent quality (which has not been the case with most of the more recent Simpsons seasons).

In any case, I'm happy to get more Futurama. Its first run was hilarious, and the DVD films were funny enough to warrant repeat viewings. Let's hope the writers haven't lost their magic - the voice actors are definitely up to the task.

I can't wait to see Zapp Brannigan back in action (although not the "action" he would prefer ).

Also, couldn't the author have come up with some better choices for his "Top 10 Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument" list? None of that stuff would bother me in the slightest... maybe I'm not a real geek? Or maybe it's just because I can poke fun of myself and geeks in general.
This comment was edited on Jun 10, 2009, 10:10.
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News Comments > Molyneux Promoted
126. Re: Molyneux Promoted Jun 8, 2009, 14:59 Ecthelion
That's all well and good except selling a million units isn't considered impressive anymore. Tomb Raider: Underworld, Crysis, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge also sold over a million copies but nobody considers them to be really successful. Really successful = multimillion.
Guitar Hero 3 sold 2 million copies (incidentally, more than the Xbox360 and PS3 versions), which technically qualifies as "multimillion", but that's the only third-party Wii game to sell that well. But Nintendo doesn't really care about third-party games. Their core games for the Wii have sold insane numbers of copies, and they are enough to keep casual players occupied. The average non-gamer with a Wii is perfectly happy with Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

Nonsense. The N64 and PS2 proved very capable of handling shooters. However, PC remained the lead SKU for shooters until Halo came out.
What's interesting about that is that GoldenEye sold over 150% as many copies as Halo (8 million vs. 5 million). Obviously, Halo's success alone wasn't responsible for the FPS genre moving to consoles, because GoldenEye was much more successful.

Conjecture time:
It's likely that the hardware similarity of the Xbox to the PC, combined with Halo's success, convinced PC devs to make the move. Another factor could very well be Half Life - it came out a year after GoldenEye and sold so well that it made sure the FPS remained alive and well on the PC for a while longer. By the time Halo came out, the PC hadn't had any hugely successful FPS games in a while. Unfortunately, once a game is as successful as Half Life, publishers often expect that level of profitability to continue. I'm willing to bet that this factor attracted a lot of PC devs to the Xbox (and to a lesser extent, consoles in general).

While I agree that Microsoft has expedited the move of the FPS genre to consoles, it would have happened eventually anyway. Publishers must have noticed that no shooter since Half Life has sold even half as many copies (possibly excluding Half Life 2, but the sales for HL2 include the console versions and exclude Steam, so it's hard to know how well it sold on the PC), and considering the past success of GoldenEye as well as the huge user base of the existing consoles, they would have been interested in moving to consoles to see if they could do better there. It's possible that FPS games would have sold better on the PC without the Xbox existing, but I don't think it would have made much difference. The RTS genre, which has stayed primarily a PC platform, has not had a blockbuster since Starcraft that even came close to its sales. PC game sales appear to be down in general (piracy is an easy scapegoat, which provides further justification to abandon the PC). Those numbers are pretty important to "the suits". Getting back to the FPS genre - it may have taken some trial and error and a few flops before another hit console FPS arrived and was the catalyst for the move, but it was inevitable. The Xbox just made it easier, so it happened quickly.

This comment was edited on Jun 8, 2009, 15:08.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
3. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jun 8, 2009, 11:22 Ecthelion
I canceled my cable TV service recently. My wife will miss Animal Planet, but that was really the only thing either of us ever watched, and it wasn't worth paying the ridiculously high fees for one damn channel.

I really fucking hate the TV companies in the USA. I should be able to customize the channels I get, and pay a small per-channel fee or go into a tier system (e.g. 10 channels for a small fee, 20 channels for slightly more, etc.). If there are any companies that offer something like this, I haven't run into them. Of course, it's not in their interest to customize their service for those of us who watch very little TV, so they'll probably never do it.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Re: What Niko Bellic carries Jun 3, 2009, 10:19 Ecthelion
It would be interesting to see the same analysis applied to a standard FPS that lets you carry more weapons than GTA4. Gordon Freeman carries a good deal more, for instance (fewer grenades and rockets, but more weapons and ammunition).

This comment was edited on Jun 3, 2009, 10:22.
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News Comments > Return(s) to Monkey Island
7. Re: Return(s) to Monkey Island Jun 1, 2009, 13:27 Ecthelion
The remake looks pretty cool. I'm cautiously hopeful.  
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Announced
35. Re: Crysis 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 13:13 Ecthelion
I hated Far Cry, and thought Crysis was a lot better in terms of story pacing and combat. I didn't even mind fighting the aliens this time around. It wasn't a superb game, but it wasn't bad for $20.

I haven't played enough of Far Cry 2 to judge it yet. It's next on my list of shooters to play.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Jun 1, 2009, 07:38 Ecthelion
I signed the petition, although I really doubt it will do any good.  
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Re: On Sale May 30, 2009, 00:13 Ecthelion
Ooo Freedom Force. One of those games I always wanted to play and didn't. Might just pick this up, but .75 cent savings isn't a must buy this weekend. Definitely will get it when I have the time to play.
They're both great games. It's not the best game in its genre, but its storyline and atmosphere more than makes up for it. I'm not even a comics fan and I still loved the over-the-top feel.
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News Comments > Left Behind Sequel Next Month
104. Re: Left Behind Sequel May 27, 2009, 13:03 Ecthelion
If you ban gay marriage then less people will be gay?
Since fundamentalist Christians believe sexual orientation is strictly a life choice, they probably believe that some of the gays and lesbians would convert to heterosexuality. But that's not the core of the issue. They believe that gay marriage "threatens" the concept of marriage, so that's why they want to outlaw it. I'm married myself, and from my point of view nothing can cheapen the special value and sense of commitment that my marriage represents. Why the hell would I care if 2 guys want to get married, or even if someone wants to marry an animal? That doesn't affect my marriage in the slightest. If you want to look at threats to marriage, then how about the appalling rate of divorce?

Maybe it doesn't bother me because I don't put a lot of value in the piece of paper that says I'm married (besides the legal benefits it gives my wife and I). To me, the value of my marriage is in the emotional commitment we have made to each other, not in our legal status. It's nice to have that marriage certificate because of its benefits, but it's just a formality.

I think everyone should have the right to make that commitment formal and legal, no matter who they're marrying.

If you outlaw abortion then people won't get pregnant accidentally? Or people will love being parents in the end?

I don't get it. There was a youtube video that asked a very simple question to abortion protestors, "What should be the punishment for Abortion?" And the people who answered were dumbfounded...Punishment? Yeah if you want something to be illegal it needs to be punished if you do what should happen to women who get abortions...almost no one wanted any form of punishement. (I think one did but there always has to be one) WTF are you standing out there asking for abortion to be illegal for if you have no clue what you want to happen once it's illegal. It's like they only see this one objective and nothing else matters. Just make that thing illegal and everything will be ok...WHAT?! When is anything in your life that simple!? Whenever you do anything it has consequences of same shape or form but you blindly support this bill with no idea what you're even asking for.
This one bothers me as well, and it hits close to home for me since my Conservative Christian parents have adopted several kids. I don't like abortion in non-rape/abuse/mother-threatening cases, because I don't think it's fair for a fetus to have to die because its parents were irresponsible. Ideally, people would actually practice safe sex and unwanted pregnancy would become all but unknown. Unfortunately, that's probably never going to happen, especially since to my knowledge nobody has created a condom that doesn't lessen sensation; there's also the simple fact that most people are careless and just don't give a damn about the consequences of their actions (so they might not wear a condom even if it felt as good as not wearing one).

Anyway, even though I don't like abortion, it's very reckless for the anti-abortion community to blindly advocate outlawing abortion. Besides the question of punishment that you raised, the big question is what would be done with all those unwanted babies? Many of the mothers in question wouldn't be able to support their babies, and even now adoption agencies have trouble placing adoptions. So what's going to happen when we have thousands of babies unloaded on adoption agencies? That group doesn't have a solution, they just want to make abortion illegal and foolishly think that the problem will solve itself. There simply aren't enough people with big enough hearts to adopt all of those kids.

I don't get it. I'm all for churches on the community level but where did this need to govern come from? A church should be a church. We don't need any more politicians.
Personally, I don't plan on taking my kids to church. I don't need them surrounded by groupthink and rhetoric - I'll find them another outlet for social interaction.

This comment was edited on May 27, 2009, 13:05.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Out of the Blue May 22, 2009, 19:48 Ecthelion
And add a duck button.
Unreal didn't let you crouch? Funny how you forget these things over the years.

A remake would be cool, as long as it wasn't a "reimagining". Keeping it simple would be important, like you said.

This comment was edited on May 22, 2009, 19:51.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Unreal May 22, 2009, 11:26 Ecthelion
Leaving the crashed ship and seeing the planet's environment in the beginning of Unreal is one of those gaming experiences I will never forget. Standing there and looking down at the river was a really impressive view at the time, at least for me.

The upgradable pistol was really cool too.

This comment was edited on May 22, 2009, 11:26.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: Out of the Blue May 21, 2009, 15:12 Ecthelion
Thankfully I never got into the habit of drinking soda (probably because I was homeschooled up until college). I drank a decent amount of it in college, but before and after my consumption was/is about one soda a month on average.

Still, HFCS is in almost everything these days. My wife and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I'm not a big fan of artificial sweetener either, but it's also hard to avoid. It took me a while to catch on to marketing speak - "Sugar-free" usually means artificial sweetener, while "Natural" usually means Sugar/sweetener free.

When I need a little caffeine, I stick with green tea. At least that's fairly healthy.

This comment was edited on May 21, 2009, 15:12.
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News Comments > Another Fallout 3 DLC Hint?
6. Re: Another Fallout 3 DLC Hint? May 18, 2009, 11:49 Ecthelion
Actually, Bring Down the Sky has apparently been cracked. Just do some searching on The Pirate Bay or another torrent site and you'll see it.

This comment was edited on May 18, 2009, 11:49.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
14. Re: Morning Tech Bits May 15, 2009, 14:39 Ecthelion
The reason I'm not interested in Blu-Ray is that I don't have a HDTV. I have a regular old CRT TV, which suits me fine. Would I mind having a giant HDTV? Of course not, but I don't feel like buying one is a good use of my money. I can't justify spending $30 for a movie either... I try to buy movies for $10 or less.

As for the Special Features argument, it is incorrect that Blu-Ray always has better Special Features than DVD. Sometimes they don't even have the existing DVD Features. I have read reviews of several movies where some of the DVD Special Features were dropped from the Blu-Ray release. Just look at the recent Star Trek movies collection. Yes, some cool new features were added for Blu-Ray, but why the hell are we getting the theatrical versions of the movies? Just so they can release a "Special Edition" collection in a year or two that includes the Director's Cut of the Motion Picture and the extra footage from ST6? I've also read several reports of bad transfers. If I'm going to pay extra for Blu-Ray, I better be getting a top-notch presentation.

Anyway, for my movie and TV-viewing, regular DVD suits me just fine. I'll upgrade if and when they stop making DVDs of the movies and series I want to own.
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News Comments > On Sale
7. Re: On Sale May 15, 2009, 08:14 Ecthelion
Best Buy has Empire Total War for $30.  
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News Comments > Creative Rebate and Switch
19. Re: Creative Rebate and Switch May 14, 2009, 14:37 Ecthelion
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only gamer on the planet who has never had a problem with Creative sound cards. I have honestly never had a single issue with them (same as with ATI video cards).

Maybe I'm just lucky... I remember I gave one of my cards to my brother after upgrading my system, and he had problems with it from day one (even though it worked flawlessly for me). I've had a SB16, Live!, Audigy, Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS, and X-Fi. In between I've had periods of a few months where I used onboard sound, but most of the time I've used Creative hardware. I wonder what I'm doing right (or wrong) to make them work perfectly?
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