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News Comments > EA & Valve
66. Re: Jul 18, 2005, 20:25 Squirmer
True, Lurker. For all we complain about EA, they've published a lot of great games over the years. System Shock 2 not least of all. They've given funding to risky games as well, like The Sims (they might have milked it, but like it or not it was a risk to begin with). They're publishing Spore as well. There's good and bad in everyone.

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News Comments > EA & Valve
58. Re: Prediction Jul 18, 2005, 19:35 Squirmer
Maybe the GOTY edition will have the expansion included. That should be out before long.

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News Comments > EA & Valve
53. Re: Where can I sign up? Jul 18, 2005, 18:57 Squirmer
EA titles through Steam? Impulse purchases ahoy!

Surely the point of Steam is that EA does not get money for those sales. So they're Valve titles, not EA titles. Maybe that's it: a big ploy by Valve to make even more people use Steam, a lesser of two evils kinda thing.

Though personally I don't consider Steam an evil at all, unlike the Valve bashers patrolling this site.

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News Comments > Hot Coffee Klatch
63. Re: No subject Jul 14, 2005, 20:24 Squirmer
More generally, I can't believe all those American stores would refuse to carry a product intended for people over 18. That country really needs to lighten up.

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News Comments > The Godfather Delayed
3. Re: No subject Jul 14, 2005, 19:06 Squirmer
Read that again. The fourth fiscal quarter, ending March 2006. They're going to miss Christmas.

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News Comments > Sunday Screenshots
8. Re: SiN = WON me over Jul 10, 2005, 20:34 Squirmer
These graphics address one of the criticisms people had about episodic releases. If you're deliberately avoiding 'realistic' graphics, it doesn't matter if they grow old between episode releases. The game will always have that distinct style, even if newer engines can crank out more polygons.

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News Comments > SiN Episodes Announced
43. Re: Hmmm.... Jul 7, 2005, 22:35 Squirmer
You can't talk about Sin 2 in normal terms because it's not structured in the usual way. The complete pack of episodes is not 'Sin 2: The Game'. The game is episodic in nature; it's not Sin 2: part 1, Sin 2: part 2, etc.

The final number of episodes might amount to $100, but there would be a fair number of gameplay hours in that. It's fairer to compare it to a regular shooter plus a couple of expansions, in which case the cost is similar.

The bottom line is this: even if you choose to buy Sin 2 you only need to pay $20 to try it. Beyond that, the choice is yours. It will only cost $100 if you choose to pay that much, just like you can choose to buy expansions.

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News Comments > SiN Episodes Announced
39. Re: SiN & Steam Jul 7, 2005, 20:28 Squirmer
The way i see it i rather get my games from the developer
Maybe not thru steam but it would be nice if the pimp publishers got cut out of the mix.. Ohh! but wait where would the development money come from?

The good thing about Sin 2's system is that if you can afford to fund the first episode you'll make enough money to fund the rest (as long as your game is good). Most developers still can't afford that initial cost on their own though.

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News Comments > Sin 2 on Steam
108. Re: Grr Jul 4, 2005, 22:21 Squirmer
If I were EA and I wanted the same people who made System Shock 2 to make a sequel, I could contract the same people to make System Shock 3 (assuming they are all still alive). There is nothing impossible about it. Enough money could solve any problem which might arise in doing that.

What? You expect Ken Levine to dissolve Irrational Games and move over to EA just to make System Shock 3 when he's already working on the 'spiritual sequel' in Bioshock? You think that would actually happen?

This comment was edited on Jul 4, 22:21.
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News Comments > Evening Q&As - Half-Life 2 Aftermath
5. Re: No subject Jun 30, 2005, 00:46 Squirmer
Speak for yourself. I like ambiguity. And looking at the huge amount of articles written about The Matrix trilogy, I'm not alone.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Falcon 4.0: Allied Force
1. website ... Jun 29, 2005, 04:59 Squirmer
Is anyone else having trouble connecting to Lead Pursuit's website? I've been trying for the last couple of weeks and the connection is always refused.

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News Comments > Op Ed
3. Re: No subject Jun 26, 2005, 20:14 Squirmer
I think the article's author is actually the one who mistakes 'tits and ass' for 'maturity'. That's not what most people mean, I think.

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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint Open Letter
18. Re: quick save Jun 22, 2005, 21:26 Squirmer
Just alt-tab between the save game folder and game, and rename your save file to something; then you can save again. I forget the name used for the save file, natch.

Easier way: just press Shift and the numpad minus key together, then type savegame.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
3. Re: No subject Jun 11, 2005, 21:00 Squirmer
" I think all that other stuff is tertiary and takes away. "

Absolutely. This is something that Rockstar should have known when making GTA: San Andreas. They tried to cram so much extra crap in there that it got in the way of the core fun of the GTA games.

If anyone wants to see the wisdom of Bethesda's focus, play San Andreas and compare it to the earlier games in the series. More is less.

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News Comments > Vampire Bloodlines Patch
30. Re: No subject Jun 11, 2005, 20:52 Squirmer
Bloodlines was a good idea incompetently handled. Troika clearly had no idea how to make a first-person game, and it doesn't even redeem itself as an RPG.

I'm surprised by all the people saying Bloodlines is a great RPG. It must depend on what you consider an RPG to be. For me Bloodlines is fundamentally flawed because, while you have a number of skills to choose from, you can't actually choose how to play. Forget the combat-heavy last quarter; what about all the combat-heavy main story missions? Almost all of them involve killing a whole bunch of enemies and then facing a boss character at the end. It's a very archaic setup. And yeah, you could crawl through all the levels (incredibly boring), but the missions are not designed for that, judging from all the monsters that are scripted to bust through walls as soon as you get close, even if they can't actually see you. Bloodlines is a poor combat game, the stealth system sucks, and it also fails as an RPG.

Somehow I did enjoy parts of it though. Most of the side quests in particular are excellent. They're varied and entertaining, especially the stuff that happens in Hollywood (I won't spoil it). There's a real detective feel to some of those missions that I loved. It's a complete mess of a game, but at least it's well written.

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News Comments > Boiling Point Euro Patch
8. Re: No subject Jun 11, 2005, 09:24 Squirmer
The size of the update is not proportional to the number of fixes, is it? It just indicates how the game files are set up, I would think.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
14. Re: Lucasarts... Jun 6, 2005, 19:33 Squirmer
Games are not movies, or books, or plays tho. They are interactive. I personally don`t want some terribly bad game writers attempt at a game story. I don`t wanna play a movie. I hated Monolith AvP 2 for example. they told you everything in the cutscenes, leaving nothing to player self discovery. And tho they worked hard on the story, IMHO it sucked. The game was nothing like the movies it was based upon. The movies were pretty minimalist storywise. Just 1 example.

IMHO games should be about player self discovery... with a very limited amount of the story told to them. This helps by allowing a more open ended experience for the player. If you have this long drawn out story, the ingame player experience ends up being scripted to heck so the player is led mouse to cheese along with the story.

Definately. This is what I love about games like System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex. They have a different emphasis on story (DX is more epic, the others more focused), but what they have in common is that the story is told through player exploration and discovery. That's how you make a compelling game that's fun to play but also has an involving story. And think of all the memorable characters to come from those games: JC Denton, Garrett, Shodan, plus all the minor characters.

Oh, and as for the last character I fell in love with: Alyx, only a few months ago.

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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
7. Re: Getaway Jun 5, 2005, 23:28 Squirmer
I think they look great, but what is that 'screen test' label? What's that supposed to mean? This is what the game might theoretically look like? Wow.

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News Comments > Op Ed
9. Re: No subject Jun 4, 2005, 20:55 Squirmer
People tend to focus far too much on graphics in these articles. It's natural, I guess, since graphics are the most obvious improvements, and that's what the console makers always wow people with at launch time.

But come on, what about the actual games? The simple fact is that I prefer the types of games that are released on PC. I don't know if console developers don't want to make those kinds of games, or whether the hardware and peripherals are incapable of it ... But whatever, until consoles devs start making games like Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief, Op Flashpoint, Mafia, countless RTSes and RPGs, I'll be sticking to PC.

(Yeah, I know some of those games were ported to console -- but generally the console versions were coldly or lukewarmly received. And doesn't that say something?)

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. No subject Jun 2, 2005, 23:07 Squirmer
"You know, it used to be id, and Epic, and a few others aimed at all those high-level games, but now because everybody's doing PS3 and Xbox 360, they're all gonna be doing high-level games. So when they do bring them to the PC, they're gonna be great."

Considering the vast majority of games ported to a different platform manage to suck badly, I'll believe 'they're gonna be great' when I see it. I guess they'll look pretty, though ...

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