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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
25. Re: No subject May 10, 2005, 08:01 Squirmer
p.s. Halsy is correct. There is plenty of undisputed research demonstrating the desensitizion effect of media such as movies and television. Wanna bet that videogames have the same effect?

I think there's a difference between desensitisation and real cold-blooded murder. Personal experience is not scientific fact, but let me tell you something I've noticed: I can watch most things on TV and in games (except violence to animals, which I cringe from). I can happily watch people torn apart, I can even chop people up myself in games! But when I heard about those first beheadings in Iraq, I was sickened. It took me a couple of days just to accept the reality, and I'm sure I'm not alone. While I could chop the head off someone in a game, it made me sick in reality. It's the difference between a video game and real life, and the vast majority of people have no problem with that.

Did games contribute to Columbine and other crimes? Maybe. But you can't legislate for psychopaths. You can't censor films, games, whatever because they might help trigger the occasional freak.

If Rockstar tries to take advantage of this issue just to ship a few more copies, then it's hard to defend them. But I don't think they will. They won't mind the controversy, but their games are much more than the mindless violence their critics portray them as. And considering that in Bully you play the victim, I'll give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt that they will address this issue, not exploit it.

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News Comments > Gold - Boiling Point
27. Re: No subject May 10, 2005, 07:47 Squirmer
I'm not sure about the RPG label. Can you actually play it in different ways? Just because you can go anywhere doesn't make it an RPG in my mind; it has to accomodate different playstyles. If Boiling Point does, that's great. I want more games to attempt RPGs that aren't tied to stats and skill points.

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News Comments > More on UT2007
12. Re: May 10, 2005, 07:44 Squirmer
I'm more interested in the modding stuff, particularly the new scripting system that's supposed to make a designer's job much easier.

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News Comments > Gold - Boiling Point
13. Re: No subject May 9, 2005, 19:44 Squirmer
- Weapons can misfire
- Weapons can be repaired and cleaned
- Weapons have a rate of wear (linked to misfires)

I hate to nitpick, but this qualifies as a stupid level of realism. If I pull the trigger, I want my gun to work, otherwise it's just frustrating. There's a reason why weapon degradation was taken out of System Shock 2 in a patch. Not even Operation Flashpoint has weapon misfires, because I assume the developers realised how frustrating it would be.

But apart from that, the game sounds great.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
19. Re: sounds dumb May 9, 2005, 19:10 Squirmer
Wow, I didn't think the Christian brigade had invaded Blues. I guess they really are everywhere.

I think this concept is very interesting. Rockstar's one of the most innovative companies out there, and I hope they succeed with this. Check any other thread on Blues and you see people complain about a lack of creativity, and now people are complaining about a game that most companies wouldn't dare attempt -- not because it's controversial, but because it must be hard to make a compelling game from this setting.

Just because it's Rockstar doesn't mean you'll be driving burning vehicles through the schoolyard and unloading with an M-16. You have no idea what the gameplay will be like. I'm sure Rockstar wants that uncertainty to fuel speculation and hype, but how about we wait for more details before we stick Sam Houser on a burning cross?

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News Comments > Op Ed
6. Re: Star Wars: Rage of the Subscribers May 9, 2005, 09:55 Squirmer
All MMOs are beta tests, aren't they? We're beta testing the genre for the consoles. Once developers get good at them and once console internet play is stablised, devs will cross over in a heartbeat.

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News Comments > Pariah Patch
11. Re: No subject May 6, 2005, 21:52 Squirmer
Hello! The 90s called, they want your bitching back. Or something. If you're playing games on a ME system you deserve everything you get. These people complain they shouldn't need 128K of memory. Then you realise they mean video memory. PC gaming exists only to weed out the weak and impure - check it out, I'm 100% correct.

Read what Parallax said. If the game lists 98 and ME on the box, it should work. For the record, I've been running XP for a while now and have no problem whatsoever with companies who don't support old OSes. Neither do I have any problem with companies who no longer support video cards lower than a Geforce 3. But the ones who do support old shit need to make their game work properly.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in 2006?
42. Re: No subject May 6, 2005, 20:03 Squirmer
No. Around 98000 copies (which was barely enough for Ion to break even on).
98000 copies!!!!! Of the best fucking game EVER MADE!!!

I've never heard those figures before ... but certainly for a game that won 35 GOTY awards (!) it did not sell well.

And now Looking Glass and Ion Storm are gone (admittedly Ion made mistakes with DX2, but imagine if they had a chance to learn from those). Irrational Games is maybe our best hope right now. Bioshock needs to sell. Like Ken Levine said when announcing it, emergence is the future.

But developers don't make those kind of games because, as well as not selling, they are difficult to make. It's hard for developers to make a game that caters for player freedom and experimentation, and also have strong narratives, like SS, DX and Thief do (this is why DX2 was an interesting experiment, but let's not get into that now :)). Much easier to make a totally linear shooter where the developers tightly control every occurance. Easier for them, unsatisfying for us.

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News Comments > Pariah Patch
4. Re: No subject May 6, 2005, 19:24 Squirmer
a "problem where the game would not load when using Windows 98 or Windows ME."

That's a fairly major problem, I would say ...

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News Comments > Project Snowblind Patch Status
8. Re: No subject May 5, 2005, 19:35 Squirmer
I think that's probably bollocks. The working name was apparently DX: Clan Wars, but it developed into Snowblind a while back. You're suggesting they completely ditched their existing story and setting (and therefore all the models, weapons, assets, whatever) and made completely new stuff in the one year after DX:IW was released? For all three release platforms? That would be impossible, not to mention bad business sense.

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News Comments > Section 8 Declared
9. Re: There should be a rule.... May 5, 2005, 18:33 Squirmer
Still waiting for a good cross-platform shooter ...

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News Comments > Project Snowblind Patch Status
6. Re: No subject May 5, 2005, 18:32 Squirmer
Snowblind was originally supposed to be a follow-up to DX:IW, I believe...

No, Snowblind was always intended as an action spinoff. Perhaps they were planning to set it in the DX universe, but that changed a while back. As far as gameplay goes, Snowblind was always intended to be different. That's the biggest misconception about this game. People have played it expecting Deus Ex 3, but Snowblind was never supposed to be that.

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News Comments > Pariah Sequel Plans
34. Re: No subject May 4, 2005, 20:07 Squirmer
It's weird how a thread about a Pariah sequel spawns a HL2 vs Doom 3 debate. But whatever, HL2 was superb. Doom 3 wasn't. Even being as objective as possible (which of course is not possible).

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News Comments > Vampire Bloodlines Patch
19. Re: One thing May 4, 2005, 18:35 Squirmer
Bloodlines was good in many ways. The atmosphere was great (though interrupted constantly with loads and stuttering unless you have a gig of RAM), and some of the quests in the hub areas are some of the best I've played. Without spoiling it, the quests that take place in the Hollywood hub where superb.

But the main storyline missions were atrocious and the gameplay was so fundamentally flawed that no patch could fix it. It's not just the implementation that Troika messed up, it's the core design.

Unless Troika realised their huge mistakes, I would not have been excited about their next projects. It's still sad to see them close down, but I've never been a fan.

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News Comments > Site Seeing - Gothic 3
18. Re: No subject May 3, 2005, 09:09 Squirmer
I've always wanted to play these games, but they had an extremely limited release in Australia. It seemed like they were available for a week and then disappeared for eternity.

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News Comments > Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
10. Re: why expansion? Apr 30, 2005, 07:28 Squirmer
I thought they did a good job making Rome less fidgety than Medieval. I never finished the only campaign I started in Medieval because of the need to stack your captured cities with agents. It was far too much hassle to keep everything running.

But Rome is much better in that regard. You have to deal with squalor, but if you turn on the automanage systems you can concentrate on moving your armies and fighting enemies.

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News Comments > X3: The Reunion Details
20. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2005, 03:18 Squirmer
I bought X2 recently, and while it is very frustrating at times because of its control system and snail's pace, I can't stop playing. Last weekend I did nothing but play X2, and even though I've already spent a long time on it, I've only built two factories so far. It seems like I'm not getting anywhere. But ... it's addictive as hell. I don't really understand it, but I'm not complaining.

As for this X3 announcement, it sounds like it'll be X2 but with more ships and better graphics. I'd prefer a more thorough shake-up to address some pressing issues, but I'm sure I'll buy it in any case.

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News Comments > Lord of the Rings Online
3. No subject Apr 28, 2005, 19:03 Squirmer
Middle Earth Online sounds better, especially since (as far as I know) the game does not follow the story of LOTR. Gotta maximise customer numbers though.

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News Comments > Auto Assault Beta Begins
3. Re: Lord British? Apr 27, 2005, 21:27 Squirmer
He's doing Tabula Rasa, which as far as I know contains no cars.

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News Comments > Game Movies
4. Re: . Apr 22, 2005, 03:49 Squirmer
I wonder if it's possible for a game to reach the peak of its hype, after which every new piece of media does more harm than good by pissing people off. If so, Stalker reached that point a while back.

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