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News Comments > Ion Storm Closed
41. No subject Feb 10, 2005, 23:48 Squirmer
Ion Storm was one of the most creative companies around. Many people didn't like DX:IW, but it's a shame that they didn't recognise the ambition of it. This is a pretty sad thing, but hopefully the employees will get moved over to Crystal Dynamics.

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News Comments > RattHunter Announced
46. Re: No subject Feb 4, 2005, 16:37 Squirmer
It's a rubbish statement that 'there is little place for innovation in today's action games market'. There is a ton of room for innovation. Maybe if they're being honest they could say, 'Our publisher won't fund anything risky, so our game will be nothing special.'

But to say there's no place for innovation, as though action gaming has reached its peaked and cannot be bettered, is disappointing at best and insulting at worst.

Do you really want remakes of games we've already played, or do you want game companies to at least try new things? Once we stop even trying ...

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News Comments > AIAS Winners
18. Re: These awards are a joke. Feb 3, 2005, 06:27 Squirmer
yet the game doesn't even have first-person models for vehicle driving, i.e. no hands and arms on the wheel/handlebars

OH GOD NO! Did you think maybe the animation award was for the facial animations, which are far, far superior to anything we've seen yet, not to mention it's more than just eye candy, since facial animations allow us to see the real emotion in a character in a way games have never been able to do before, and this paves the way for much more emotionally involving games in the future?

Oh but fuck that, I can't see his hands on the fucking steering wheel. What a shit game.

This comment was edited on Feb 3, 06:29.
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News Comments > Midway's Unreal Plans
15. Re: No subject Feb 2, 2005, 19:22 Squirmer
Just a heads-up that Harvey Smith is creative director of Midway Austin. I'm happy about that, personally, but I know some of the haters won't like it.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch
26. Re: No subject Jan 31, 2005, 18:17 Squirmer
I liked Far Cry, but come on. It has nothing on Half-Life 2. Even accounting for personal taste, I can't see how anyone could seriously argue that Far Cry is a better game.

I think people need to get out of this mindset that 'linear = bad'. Half-Life 2's linearity is a strength, not a weakness. The game is a rollercoaster ride that never stops, and that's exactly what an on-rails shooter should be.

But there are holes in the story. How does Barney find you immediately? That's pretty fishy right there.

Why is this a plothole? It just confirms my suspicion that people who complain about HL2's story weren't paying attention during the game. There is a lot of story there, but you have to make an effort to notice things. That's Valve's style. If you kept your brain ticking over during play, you might have realised why Barney knows where to find you.

And I like how people criticise HL2's story, and then claim that Far Cry is better. That's funny. Sure, Far Cry's story is intentionally shit, but it's still shit.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
10. No subject Jan 24, 2005, 19:11 Squirmer
An action movie in a FPS? Sigh. Shouldn't games try to be games, instead of some other medium? You want to make an action movie, go make an action movie.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
6. Re: Im sure they will. Dec 31, 2004, 19:07 Squirmer
It's still a huge improvement over Medieval, which required to you stuff a dozen spies and diplomats inside your cities to keep them under control. Rome is a breeze compared to that nonsense.

What the really need to fix is problems with the grouping function. 'hebrew national' outlined some, and also sometimes archers won't fire, or will fire on the wrong targets. Sometimes units won't move at all when you add them to an existing group, and a few other problems. A great game, but they need to fix these problems.

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News Comments > Quake IV Screenshots
41. Re: Quake 4!!! Dec 28, 2004, 06:07 Squirmer
Both those soldiers look dodgy, and the background behind them. I don't think they're casting any shadows, either.

Hrm.... photoshopped?

Definite cut and paste job. I saw these pics in an Australian games mag a few months back and it's really obvious on the printed page. Very dodgy.

This comment was edited on Dec 28, 06:15.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Updates
11. Securom Dec 10, 2004, 20:49 Squirmer
This Securom stuff is ridiculous. So often you see developers remove it in patches soon after release, so what is the point of having it there in the first place? The only people you'll inconvenience are the very casual gamers who don't even bother looking for patches. And especially for a game like HL2 with all the extra piracy measures, using Securom as well is pointless. I guess I should be happy they've removed it now, though. Decent of them.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
9. Re: No subject Dec 9, 2004, 18:44 Squirmer
Wait, if my hit or miss is based on skill, it is no longer an RPG, and becomes and action game like Zelda. in fact, this game is becoming more and more like Zelda with every release. We got jumping, dodging, parrying, etc.

Good. Morrowind and Oblivion, like it or not, are not traditional RPGs. If you put something in first person, it makes no sense to cling to unnecessary PnP systems. You need to invent new ways to do things, and I'm glad Bethesda are experimenting with what they believe -- and they may be right, in my opinion -- is the future of RPGs.

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News Comments > Vampire Patch Plans
39. Re: Hmm... Nov 27, 2004, 18:47 Squirmer
Let's get something straight here. Bloodlines was not finished 6 months ago. Troika was not waiting for HL2 to be released before releasing Bloodlines. They never said this. They never even hinted at it. The idea that Bloodlines was done months ago is nothing but a rumour, and a false one.

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News Comments > Shellshock Sequel Plans
12. Re: That just defies all sanity Nov 26, 2004, 20:57 Squirmer
All those great games that sold poorly, and all these awful, woeful games that sell great ... No wonder there's so much confusion about what game to make, which audience to target, which platform to make it for. Success in this industry seems to be based on blind luck.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Authentication Follow-up
11. Re: Ready to play in 130 minutes??? Nov 16, 2004, 23:10 Squirmer
I just installed the five-CD game, and now it seems to be downloading MORE stuff, telling me: "Updating Half-Life 2: Ready to play in approximately: 130 minutes 54 seconds."
(it's coming in VERY slowly, sometimes it'll jump up to 131 minutes)

is this normal?? i'm sure the game is great, but i'm not happy about this wait. (or apparent problem)

If you're on a 56K connection it will take a long time. It took me about 90 minutes to install the game because I had to download a heap of stuff (even though I bought the retail version ...). 131 minutes sounds like a lot, but yes, there will be a wait.

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News Comments > Vampire Next Week
15. Re: Potential problem... Nov 9, 2004, 17:11 Squirmer
Either HL2 or Bloodlines better suck, because I won't be able to decide otherwise.

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News Comments > Spector Departs ION
36. Re: No subject Nov 8, 2004, 22:15 Squirmer
Making games is not unlike making a painting. Imagine if some famous artist is working on a great piece for a whole year telling everybody how great it is. It'll be greater than the Sisteen Chapel and change your life forever. But when he finally reveals it to the public the damn thing is half finished, pencil lines everywhere, and somebody punched a hole right through it.

You can pretty much apply countless analogies to crappy games. And Invisible War WAS a crappy game. Anybody who likes something for what it "could have been" and not what the fuck IT IS and how you were lied too should be shot for failing the human race.

But Ion Storm never hyped the game at all. The only hype came from (reasonable) expectations based on the original game. Ion Storm never said the game would be the greatest thing ever made or be all things to all people. (That's not to say they deliberately made it worse than DX1; just that they didn't hype it themselves.) I remember that during the run up to release people were complaining because there was very little hype: few interviews, few screenshots, few videos, what have you. It's amazing how poor memories become in these siutations.

Second, the good things about DX:IW are not what 'could have been'. There are plenty of interesting ideas implemented in final version. They might be hard to see because of poor presentation, but they are there.

This comment was edited on Nov 8, 22:17.
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News Comments > Spector Departs ION
25. Re: Meh Nov 8, 2004, 18:43 Squirmer
Wow, there's so much bullshit in this thread.

First of all, Harvey Smith left voluntarily. He was not fired.

DX:IW was a much more innovative game than it's given credit for, but the presentation was very poor. I understand why people didn't like it.

But Thief 3 was a great game. Don't let your 'hatred' or whatever of DX:IW blind you to that. Thief 3 was excellent.

And as I understand it, Ion Storm had a new studio director several months back, so Spector leaving doesn't seem very surprising.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Cleared Down Under
11. Re: No subject Nov 2, 2004, 15:32 Squirmer
This whole 'possibly banned' stuff was complete rubbish anyway. It was started by some idiot on a website who was basing his theory off another country's rating system.

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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Scotsman Oct 31, 2004, 06:54 Squirmer
That 'How computer games grew up' article is pretty bad. It implies the only reason people buy GTA games is because of their sexual content. People keep buying them by the truckload because they're simply great games. And the sexual content (hiring hookers) is an extremely small part of the actual gameplay. It doesn't sound like the journalist has played many games ...

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
9. Scrapland Oct 30, 2004, 22:48 Squirmer
Wow, I didn't know the Rebel Act people (Severance) were behind Scrapland. It's good to see they landed on their feet, since Severance was a very nice game.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Delay
24. Re: *shrug* Oct 28, 2004, 04:13 Squirmer
Can you imagine Operation Flashpoint with loading zones? That game managed huge island maps, though admittedly it didn't involve all the interactions that Stalker will have.

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