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Signed On Jun 16, 2002, 23:16
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News Comments > Source 2/Half-Life 3 Rumor
18. Re: Source 2/Half-Life 3 Rumor Jun 8, 2010, 23:35 Scottish Martial Arts
Rosco wrote on Jun 8, 2010, 22:49:
I'd still wish it would be They Hunger: Lost Souls

Isn't that dead in the water? The amateur level designer who made the first 3 They Hungers, plus that really awesome vanilla HL level pack, doesn't seem to be making levels anymore.
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News Comments > F.E.A.R. 3 Trailer
8. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Trailer Jun 7, 2010, 03:34 Scottish Martial Arts
Elf Shot The Food wrote on Jun 6, 2010, 22:00:
I just finished the second one last night. It was okay; nothing great, though.

It looks like you play as Paxton Fettel in this one. I thought he died at the end of the first game?

If you're interested, check out the FEAR 2 DLC. It explains why Fettel is back among the living, or at least haunting the living, or something.
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News Comments > Op Ed
10. Re: Op Ed Jun 7, 2010, 01:10 Scottish Martial Arts
Sepharo wrote on Jun 7, 2010, 00:32:
Scottish Martial Arts wrote on Jun 6, 2010, 23:58:
Doesn't mean a coke can is art.

A can of Coke most certainly is art.

You're being facetious, right?
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: Op Ed Jun 6, 2010, 23:58 Scottish Martial Arts
Um... don't most videogames have art directors and 3D modellers in the end credits? The question is solved a priori.

I'm sure there was an artist who designed the promotional World Cup images on my can of coke. Doesn't mean a coke can is art.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Jun 6, 2010, 19:59 Scottish Martial Arts
Gamers need to study art history. The "Is it art?" question was answered decades ago.

Out of curiosity, what is Art History's answer? I spent my college years studying Greek and Latin, and under the rubric of literature video games make very poor art. I'm curious though to hear what someone more knowledgeable of the visual arts would make of video games.

Also, I completely agree with Hump. There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a pleasant distraction from time to time. There's no need to try to justify killing zombies or leveling your character with the label of "art"; it justifies itself. Also, trying to classify games as art, as if Half-Life has as much to say about the human condition as Paradise Lost, is a pretty effective way of limiting your intellectual horizons. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a pleasant distraction, but if you're looking for something more meaningful there are much better places to look than in video games, so you shouldn't pretend otherwise.
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News Comments > Portal 2 Surprise Planned
13. Re: Portal 2 Surprise Planned Jun 1, 2010, 18:49 Scottish Martial Arts
ASeven wrote on Jun 1, 2010, 18:36:
At this point I don't think it's HL2:Ep3 but rather HL3. And maybe that's the surprise.

I hope it's something like that. It occurred to me that this Fall it will have been 6 years since Half-Life 2 was released. It was also 6 years between Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2. So much for quick, episodic releases, huh? At least Valve seems to have gotten their scheduling act together, with their last few projects shipping on time.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Alpha Protocol
11. Re: Maybe it's me.... Jun 1, 2010, 18:46 Scottish Martial Arts
Actually, "gem in the rough" describes pretty much all Obsidian games. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

So true. If only Obsidian could hire some more talented programmers and have larger budgets for their projects, because they really have the best writing team in the industry, and their design is always very ambitious, in a good way.
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News Comments > Shogun 2: Total War Revealed?
14. Re: Shogun 2: Total War Revealed? May 28, 2010, 18:12 Scottish Martial Arts
S2M wrote on May 28, 2010, 14:04:
I wonder if this will be the Total War that fucking works instead of the last two abortions.

Seriously. Shipping with some AI for once would be a nice improvement. I remember reading that they have just 1 programmer working on the AI for their games. Just 1! It certainly shows.
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News Comments > Total War Countdown
17. Re: American Civil War? May 25, 2010, 18:59 Scottish Martial Arts
joe2tiger wrote on May 25, 2010, 15:17:
I think the next likely step would be the American Civil War. During that time period, warfare was also very active around other parts of the globe too! I think that would be very exciting. If they are going to do a sequel, I honestly want them to go back to Japan on Shogun Total War.

The American Civil War would work phenomenally well as a Total War game. Of course, since it would be a Total War game, there would be no pathfinding or enemy AI whatsoever rendering the coolness of the concept completely moot.

A WWI game would be difficult to pull off. Were it me, I would limit the focus to August 1914, from the German invasion of Belgium through the Miracle at the Marne. The German goal for the campaign would be to avoid getting hung up the Marne, and instead driving on to Paris thus ending the war. The French and British, meanwhile, would need to do what they did historically: stop the momentum of the German advance so that Paris is no longer directly threatened. During that month, while there were extreme casualties, the war was very much one of mobility and maneuver.
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News Comments > 3DMark 11 Announced
8. Re: 3DMark 11 Announced May 25, 2010, 03:58 Scottish Martial Arts
killer_roach wrote on May 24, 2010, 18:36:
zirik wrote on May 24, 2010, 17:16:
FPS underwater? didnt we have aquanox already?

Darn, you beat me to it...

Wasn't that more of a space-sim style game, just underwater?
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News Comments > Fallout New Vegas Changes
6. Re: Fallout New Vegas Changes May 25, 2010, 03:56 Scottish Martial Arts
I know it's an RPG, but one thing I never really liked was that as you increase your skill in a gun skill, those guns do more damage. Realistically, that makes no since, especially now that that it is an FPS RPG. Just because you're more skilled at using a gun, it doesn't magically make its bullet do more damage.

That's only the case in Fallout 3. In the previous games, skill affected your accuracy and was pretty much essential if you wanted to use a weapon. Damage was fixed for each weapon, although using different ammo types affected your potential damage, i.e. AP rounds did half-damage but ignored armor damage threshold vs. JHP rounds which did full-damage but were stopped by heavier armors.
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News Comments > F.E.A.R. 3 "Point Man" Trailer
20. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 May 19, 2010, 23:30 Scottish Martial Arts
From the article:

A new F.E.A.R. 3 "Point Man" Trailer combines live action sequences with gameplay footage to promote F.E.A.R. 3

Come on, guys, are we really debating whether the live action footage is live action?

Oh, and Point Man looks like Paxton Fettel, because the two of them are brothers, and Paxton Fettel is alive and kicking after the events of FEAR2: Reborn.
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News Comments > Epic on Piracy and PCs
99. Re: Epic on Piracy and PCs May 17, 2010, 19:42 Scottish Martial Arts
People who think piracy leads to lost sales have evidently never heard of a demand curve. Jesus, the suits ruining gaming, in addition to knowing shit about games, apparently don't know shit about basic microeconomics either.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
12. Re: Evening Consolidation May 5, 2010, 06:31 Scottish Martial Arts
I have fond memories of Goldeneye. Admittedly, it was the first FPS I played seriously. I had played the shareware for Doom and Quake prior to it, but for whatever reason hadn't gotten into them: Jedi Knight Dark Forces II was the first PC shooter I totally got into. At any rate, I remember really liking the objective system and non-linear levels. Multiplayer was of course a blast, particularly 4 person last man standing on Facility. I haven't played the game since '98 or so, so I have no idea if it has held up at all.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
6. Re: Should we thank Roger? Apr 23, 2010, 20:19 Scottish Martial Arts
That so many people have been defending games (the majority of comments on Ebert's own blog, well over 1000, defend games as art) shows that games have taken their place along side other types of artistic culture

Couldn't it also just mean that most gamers have bad taste? Don't get me wrong, I love games, but even at their best they're pretty shallow and crass compared to, say, Plato's Republic or Paradise Lost.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Apr 23, 2010, 18:17 Scottish Martial Arts
Out of curiosity, what are your favorite book and movie, Tanto Edge?  
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News Comments > Penny Arcade Adventures Discontinued
7. Re: Penny Arcade Adventures Discontinued Mar 30, 2010, 04:03 Scottish Martial Arts
Humor : Penny Arcade :: Oil : Water  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
3. Re: no more consoles!!! Mar 29, 2010, 22:43 Scottish Martial Arts
space captain wrote on Mar 29, 2010, 22:10:
i want some of the shit that market analyst is smoking

what the holy hell - "hi there im a bean counter thats never touched a video game in my entire life, so let me tell you how video game technology will play out for the rest of all time"

Did you read the article or just the headline? This beancounter actually makes a pretty compelling argument.
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News Comments > C&C4 Patch & MP Map Plans
19. Re: C&C4 Patch & MP Map Plans Mar 29, 2010, 17:01 Scottish Martial Arts
StingingVelvet wrote on Mar 29, 2010, 09:06:
Never heard of it.

I don't see how you can dismiss the idea though... a persistent ranking system with a base you level up, like CnC4 has, but with more traditional CnC gameplay outside of that, along with tons of maps, modes and units, all online all the time, could easily be the best RTS release in years for me.

I like the CnC story, but now that it's over I would like to see a game in the Battlefield vein.

Sole Survivor was an online only Command and Conquer title released during Christmas '97. Essentially it recreated class-based team first person shooter gameplay, a la QW Team Fortress which was massively popular back then, in the Command and Conquer Gold engine. You would pick a unit from the roster of GDI and NOD units, be assigned to a team, and would then control your unit alongside your team in games of CTF, "football", king of the hill, and deathmatch. Your unit would level up as it got kills and collected pickups, which would sometimes include single-use special abilities like an Ion Cannon strike. It was a neat idea on paper but was absolutely terrible in practice, never catching on, selling poorly, and quickly falling into obscurity, which would explain why you've never heard of it.

Sounds like your idea, now that you've fleshed it out a bit, is a bit different. Nevertheless, Sole Survivor is a game that should never be emulated.
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News Comments > C&C4 Patch & MP Map Plans
15. Re: C&C4 Patch & MP Map Plans Mar 29, 2010, 07:13 Scottish Martial Arts
Or just an online-only Battlefield type game, but with CnC, and more of a classic style. That could have rocked.

Command and Conquer: Sole Survivor called, and it wants its terrible idea back.
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