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Nickname Scottish Martial Arts
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Signed On Jun 16, 2002, 23:16
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News Comments > Battlefield Heroes Stats
1. Re: Battlefield Heroes Stats Aug 13, 2009, 13:49 Scottish Martial Arts
Did BF Heroes launch already?  
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News Comments > New Left 4 Dead DLC Next Month
25. Re: New L4D DLC Nears Aug 4, 2009, 18:04 Scottish Martial Arts
That's not a fact, and it's certainly debatable.

He did preface that statement by acknowledging that it was opinion, and you may or may not agree. That said, I think it's pretty reasonable to say that Valve titles are worth the wait.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 2, 2009, 15:11 Scottish Martial Arts
I was going to recommend Cal's in Chelsea, but in looking for a link I discovered that the place has closed down since last I was in New York. Crap.  
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News Comments > Command & Conquer 4 Movie
4. Re: Command & Conquer 4 Movie Jul 24, 2009, 15:03 Scottish Martial Arts
All the early C&C FMVs were definitely low budget, d-grade productions, and those sorts of things by their nature always include some unintentional laughs. That said, the tone of the FMVs was definitely serious.

Compare those with:

The former are very matter of fact, and the characters seem appropriately grave for fighting a war. The Soviet briefing casually discusses nerve gas deployment and ends with you receiving orders to massacre a village. Pay attention to how Stalin says that they are enemies of the people, as if he knows that's just a tired propaganda phrase but feels obliged to say it anyway -- hardly the height of camp, and if anything it's a fairly mature treatment of how language is used in war to characterize, or mischaracterize, the enemy. The Tiberian Sun video is very dark and gloomy, with the Nod commander being betrayed by Kane and committing suicide with a drug overdose that leaves him foaming at the mouth. Although the dialogue is generally pretty crappy, and the acting not much better, there is nothing particularly goofy or funny about these videos, which stands in pretty stark contrast to the later C&Cs.
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News Comments > Command & Conquer 4 Movie
2. Re: Command & Conquer 4 Movie Jul 24, 2009, 13:33 Scottish Martial Arts
loses the campness that made previous versions so fun.

Folks need to replay C&C1, RA1, and Tiberian Sun -- all three played it straight and took themselves seriously. The intentionally campy FMVs only started with RA2.

As for the game, I'm anxious to see how the Tiberian storyline resolves itself although I have to admit I don't find the gameplay changes particularly appealing. Maybe it works better in practice than it does on paper, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Movie
31. Re: MechWarrior Movie Jul 9, 2009, 23:29 Scottish Martial Arts
The thing I can never figure out about lots of mech designs is their skinny legs; couldn't you just knock them down by taking one of their legs out?

The other problem is that they're so frickin' tall that they can be seen from miles away. All it takes is one guy with a radio and a pair of binoculars and the battlemech is history. That said, I just shut my brain off with regards to the infeasibility of battlemechs and enjoy one of the greatest action game series ever made.
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News Comments > New MechWarrior
14. Re: New MechWarrior Jul 9, 2009, 12:20 Scottish Martial Arts
which is in development for Windows and Xbox 360

Fuck. I've been playing a lot of Mechwarrior 3 lately, which is the best of the series in my opinion, and I have a really hard time seeing how you'd make it work on a gamepad. The thing I loved so much about the Mechwarrior games, and Mech3 in particular, was that they felt like sims first, action games second. I really hope the 360 version doesn't compromise the design.
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News Comments > Mechs Education
3. Re: Mechs Education Jul 7, 2009, 18:08 Scottish Martial Arts
Good catch on the Davion banners -- I missed those initially. Yep, definitely Mechwarrior. Very exciting news.  
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News Comments > Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs
37. Re: Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs Jul 2, 2009, 00:14 Scottish Martial Arts
Full area count for Diablo II:

Act I - 36
Act II - 36
Act III - 28
Act IV - 6
Act V - 25
Total - 131

Compare this with Diablo 1's 18 (Tristram, 16 levels of dungeon, and Lazarus's Chambers).

Edit: And if anyone is curious I got the first set of numbers from The Arreat Summit, and the second (complete) set from here

This comment was edited on Jul 2, 2009, 00:15.
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News Comments > Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs
36. Re: Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs Jul 2, 2009, 00:07 Scottish Martial Arts
Oh come on, you can't count the random dungeons! Nobody goes in those! They're just Den of Evil x50 and without the skill point.

I didn't count them. Would you like me to?
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News Comments > Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs
32. Re: Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs Jul 1, 2009, 19:31 Scottish Martial Arts
Read one of the very first things Roper spat out as a feature for Diablo II, that EACH act of Diablo II was EQUAL in size to ALL of Diablo 1. To summarize, Blizzard told us there were 4 Acts, and that each act was Diablo 1 sized in length, content.

I can beat Diablo II, LoD included, with a new char from scratch in 4 hours not exploiting any cheats and not passing on good gear from other chars to the new char.

In fairness, with the exception of Act IV, that's a pretty accurate description. Keep in mind that Diablo 1 is only 16 levels (+ Lazarus' Sanctum) of dungeon, none of which are any bigger than the average Diablo 2 map size. Act I of Diablo 2 has 16 areas, some of which are composed of multiple levels or have extra caves or dungeons that you don't have to enter. Act II has 16. Act III has 13. Act IV has 6. Act V has 25. Compared to Diablo 1, Diablo 2 really is about 4 times the size in terms of sheer content. Now a good player can skip much of that content and still be able to progress, but nevertheless Diablo 2 is a substantially larger game than its predecessor.
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News Comments > Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs
10. Re: Blizzard's Cataclysm TMs Jul 1, 2009, 15:49 Scottish Martial Arts
I still don't understand the pissing and moaning over the three releases thing. We get the main game plus 2 expansion packs, with the single-player story extending over all three titles; isn't that pretty standard for RTS games? The only difference is that they've announced their expansion pack plans ahead of time. If the game is good, and the amount of content justifies the price tag, I don't see the problem. I'd a lot rather have two full-budget expansion packs than get nickle and dimed on DLC. Plus, this is just about the only upcoming game that is a PC-exclusive that doesn't make any compromises for a console version. Maybe I'm just so starved for an actual PC game that I'm willing to put up with a little more bullshit.  
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News Comments > Tales of Monkey Island Next Week; Movie
3. Re: Tales of Monkey Island Next Week & Movie Jul 1, 2009, 13:24 Scottish Martial Arts
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea

This comment was edited on Jul 1, 2009, 13:25.
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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
5. Re: Evening Screenshots Jun 30, 2009, 22:13 Scottish Martial Arts
There are comments from a developer starting on page 2 of the thread if anyone is interested.  
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Patches
20. Re: Fallout 3 Patches Jun 23, 2009, 17:18 Scottish Martial Arts
Right away I had a decision to make, one that would have repricussions. Nuke the town or save the town? Which did I want to do more? Which would be more fun? Which would benefit me more? What would I be unable to do because I chose one over the other?

You've got to be kidding me. Nuking or saving the town has no consequences except for changing your karma meter, something that can be easily compensated for by either stealing random items or donating to churches. Whether you nuke the town or not, you don't miss out on any quests, you don't close off any paths through the game, all that changes is whether or not you get an apartment in Ten Penny Towers or Megaton. The only important NPC in Megaton, Moira, survives and just moves to Underworld.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Jun 19, 2009, 15:16 Scottish Martial Arts
This trend has held true in past, but over the last few years it has started to fall apart. Why? Publishers are no longer devoting the resources to making PC games that push the envelope. Everything is multiplatform now, which means PC games are being limited by what consoles are capable of.

Honestly though, I think the industry has painted itself into a corner by trying to push graphics over all else. Graphics are such a small component of a good game. For example, I'm replaying Mechwarrior 3 right now and having a total blast with one of the greatest action games ever made, even if this is the 5th or 6th time I've played it through. The fact that the graphics are a decade old has no bearing on how fun the game is. Contrast this with Unreal Tournament 3 which only held my interest for a few hours. I would gladly go back to 2000-era graphics, if it meant games were designed for gamers and not mouth-breathing frat boys who can take a character like Marcus Fenix seriously.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
4. Re: etc., etc. Jun 17, 2009, 02:01 Scottish Martial Arts
I'm sorry, are you saying that this statement is an example of circular reasoning, or did you mean to say "Raising the obvious question"?

Heh, nice catch. It always amazes how widespread the incorrect usage of this term is.

To beg the question is NOT to make a statement that clearly raises a question. Instead, begging the question is to ask a question or make a statement which reflects back upon itself. This all makes a lot more sense with an example:

"How can you deny that the Bible is divinely inspired when it was written by God himself?"

"This is illegal because its against the law."

In other words, begging the question is just an example of circular reasoning.

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News Comments > Obsidian's Unannounced Game
4. Re: Obsidian's Unannounced Game Jun 13, 2009, 17:46 Scottish Martial Arts
My bet would be another NWN2 expansion. Atari hinted at such when MoW was released.  
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News Comments > F.E.A.R. 2 Patch & DLC
3. Re: F.E.A.R. 2 Patch & DLC Jun 11, 2009, 23:12 Scottish Martial Arts

But necessary.

No server files for a FPS = Monolith lost a fan.
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News Comments > MechDuels Launches
13. Re: MechDuels Launches Jun 10, 2009, 00:56 Scottish Martial Arts
For a mech-based game, either give me action ala Mechwarrior 2/3/4 or go back to the drawing board.

You're aware that Mechwarrior is based upon Battletech, which is a tactical turn-based table top game, right?

I'm a huge Mechwarrior fan, and have played through each entry in the series multiple times -- my favorite remains Mechwarrior 3 -- nevertheless, I love a good turn-based game too, and a computer adaptation of Battletech would be incredible.

Video games are cookie-cutter enough as is. Why can't some good turn-based games live alongside all the next-gen console garbage? I would seriously kill for a good turn-based squad game game, or a good space shooter, or a good traditional cRPG, but, oh no, those are obsolete genres and not sufficiently next-gen. Fuck, I hate the gaming industry. Why is it that Jagged Alliance, X-Com, and Final Fantasy Tactics routinely appear on Best Game Ever lists, but at the mention of a new turn-based game everyone starts talking about how outdated turn-based gameplay is?
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