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Nickname Nighthawk
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Signed On Jun 12, 2002, 10:48
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News Comments > Wanted: The Game
1. Quality Jul 16, 2008, 16:50 Nighthawk
First, I want to say that I think that making games to go with the movie is a good idea, everyone who likes the movie wants to be a part of it, so the idea is to get the game.
However, the handfull of "Movie Games" (not to be confused with Game Movies, where the game came first) that I've played or demo'd or looked at the box all look the same.
It's almost always 3rd person, console designed, and asscrapular!
Before anyone else comments, yes I'm sure there are a few good ones, but it's like rap music, once in a while a good thing comes along, but the rest is usually crap.

Get some originality, work with a real design team.

/sounds like Max Payne for 08

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News Comments > Tech Bits
7. Vista key on XP May 25, 2008, 05:25 Nighthawk
Anyone have a link handy that explains that, I've got vista ultimate that I would gladly swap out for XP pro...


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News Comments > DICE: Gaming's Future is the Web
6. DICE listens to the consumer?? LOL May 8, 2008, 11:54 Nighthawk
I love it, gamers have been screaming at dice about flaws in their product (BF series, etc) and only 2 years after the release of their LATEST, BF2142 they're putting in the widescreen support that was wanted at product release, and yet they claim to know where the future of gaming is going.
Free tip, listen to the consumers, then you'll know what we want and where the future SHOULD go....asses...

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News Comments > On Mass Effect & Spore Copy Protection
259. Hardware copy protection May 7, 2008, 16:54 Nighthawk
I would like to hear back from the devs in the group (primarily) and other users like me about my previous comment.
What do you all think about hardware based copy protection, it used to be found on a serial or parallel device that needed to be plugged in to use the program (called a dongle), but likely would be a USB type device now.
Is that practical for devs? What do the other users think, I would have no issue with that.

Also, yes I know it's crackable, but, I think it would be more challenging.

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News Comments > On Mass Effect & Spore Copy Protection
32. Re: no subject May 6, 2008, 16:58 Nighthawk
I was already on the fence about getting mass effect, looks good, and I love bioware, but I don't like the idea of copy protection that I've already been burned by in the past going behind my back to validate every 10 days.
If it were...monthly I would be less annoyed, but it's the principal of the matter.

Derek - You're right, having it check in for someone who has an always on internet connection doesn't deal with the inconvenince, and I applaud anyone that does away with CD checking.
HOWEVER, not everyone complaining is a pirate, I'll still be buying spore, see my prior comments about innovation, and like someone earlier in this thread said, there IS going to be a crack the day after it comes out, so the only people affected are us who are going to buy and don't want to crack it.
My thoughts on non-intrusive copy protection, include a hardware coded crack, something like a USB stick (anyone remember the old serial "dongle's" ?) for validation.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Patch Info
2. Widescreen??? Apr 29, 2008, 11:16 Nighthawk
Holy shit widescreen already? I didn't expect this for another year...

Too little too late...

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News Comments > Gold Sales Lawsuit
30. Impatience Apr 7, 2008, 17:40 Nighthawk
So in a nutshell people buy gold because they're too impatient to work for it?
My pally is at lv68, and, just questing, not doing anything special, I can make 10-20 without even thinking...
As for using it to pay for the skill ups, that's usually a progressive thing, not something in the immediate anyway. I really wish Bliz could track where the gold comes from and if it's "purchased" make it disappear.
Remove the demand, the supply with vanish.

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News Comments > Alone in the Dark Delay
4. Can't polish too much? Apr 3, 2008, 22:41 Nighthawk
Like DNF?

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News Comments > City of Heroes/Villains In-game Ads
10. No subject Apr 3, 2008, 22:40 Nighthawk
Well, the monthly fee is going to drop since they're going to start making money on advertising right?

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News Comments > World of Warcraft Patch
8. Refund? Apr 2, 2008, 15:14 Nighthawk
You can apply for your days refund at

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News Comments > PROTOTYPE Delayed? Multiplayer Cut
4. Re: lame Mar 31, 2008, 21:32 Nighthawk
Maybe you'll have to change your name?

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News Comments > WoW Bot Battle
53. Re: No subject Mar 26, 2008, 19:53 Nighthawk
Greed Mongers?? Blizzard makes quality games and has been rewarded with purchases.
They're not suing this guy to make money, they're trying to get back the control they rightfully deserve of THEIR GAME because of people abusing the product he's offering.
I'm sure if it was just players using it, Bliz wouldn't make it a huge deal.

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News Comments > WoW Bot Battle
47. No subject Mar 26, 2008, 16:53 Nighthawk
What bothers me most about this program isn't legit players using it to level, but the gold spammers using it to spam advertising all over the place, harvest everything they can get their mits on, and, generally just being jackasses.
If joe-nightelf wants to get his new hunter to 70 asap, go for it

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News Comments > THQ Director Blames Piracy for Iron Lore Closure
78. Maybe they should look internally? Mar 4, 2008, 12:35 Nighthawk
To stop piracy if it bothers them that much.
Look at any major release, gaming, app, music, movies.
Where do you think the releases come from, internally from ther circle.
Don't blame gamers for problems that are internal.
Furthermore, stop producing half finished crap, there's nothing that gives me more incentive to download a game than when I get one on release day, and find a 300mb patch waiting for me when I get home.
While I'm starting to rant, ask me about the in game ads that arn't changing the prices for the end user...go ahead.

Want to fix piracy, fix the industry first.
This comment was edited on Mar 4, 12:42.
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News Comments > PC Mass Effect May 6
50. Derek Feb 27, 2008, 07:02 Nighthawk
Thanks for the update Derek, glad to see there's actually important people reading stuff in the forums, refeshes my hope in the industry.

I'll likely pick this up, and I hope it's not just a port to PC.
I won't bash bioware, but I was a little disappointed for a leading PC game dev to develop Mass Effect for 360 only, and while I'm still disappointed, I'm glad to see we're still being thought about, but I imagine it's EA calling the shots now anyway.
This comment was edited on Feb 27, 07:07.
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News Comments > Chris Taylor on PC Gaming
18. Decent Titles? Feb 27, 2008, 06:43 Nighthawk
Recent favorite titles for me.
Half Life...I'm gonna say all of orange box just to cover it.
Call of Duty 4

Looking forward to a few more, having the potential of being great
Fallout 3, if they can keep the feeling of the original
Fable 2, see my previous rant
Starcraft 2

Give credit to Chris Taylor, I didn't like dungeon siege either, but that's not the only game to his credit.
Total Annihilation still is one of my favorite RTS games for a bunch of reasons, and Supreme Commander is a good follow up to it.

As for world of warcraft bilbo...10million people seem to disagree.
This comment was edited on Feb 27, 06:44.
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News Comments > Crysis SDK
15. Thanks Crytek Feb 23, 2008, 10:43 Nighthawk
I hope other game devs are reading this, because this is how it should be done.
If you screw up, admit, apologize, and we (the community) will typically be happy.
It's not really that complicated...

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News Comments > Blizzard on Gold Sales & Power Leveling
22. Re: No subject Feb 22, 2008, 17:36 Nighthawk
Well, I make $50k+ a year and have absolutely NO desire to spend $500 of many things, and buying gold in a game is on the bottom of that list.
My pally is lv65 and I'll be saving up for my flier, not copping out.
Furthermore, I think anyone that buys gold SHOULD be banned. Powerlevelling I'm a little easier on, they're losing on out major parts of the game, so it's their loss anyway.

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News Comments > 3D Realms Lawsuit Response
9. Re: So.... Feb 21, 2008, 06:32 Nighthawk
Judge, Jury, who cares, it was quick example, and with a little digging I'm sure I could find more...
People are suing for the most moronic things, and that needs to get stomped on.

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News Comments > Molyneux: PC Gaming "Huge Tragedy"
26. Re: Sales vs Innovation Feb 20, 2008, 17:03 Nighthawk
I'm not sure I'm with you on this...
Fable is great because of it's openness, and, if not for the controls, I would have played through black and white.

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