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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Report
19. Re: Star Citizen Status Report May 2, 2014, 23:04 Parias
nimski wrote on May 2, 2014, 22:48:
{PH}88fingers wrote on May 2, 2014, 20:52:
it's not stop and play FPS for a while.

It's when you are boarding a ship to capture it, you and your friends will board the ship and have to kill the current owners of the ship and then take control of it. Killing them in FPS, inside the corridors of the ship etc.

Also, lets say you find an abandoned space station or whatever, you land your ship on it, get out walk around to explore, and another person has also landed on the other side and all of a sudden a FPS firefight breaks out as you run into each other both exploring the same station or planet etc. (or groups of players exploring together)

Ok.. that's cool and all, but what game are your friends playing when you decide to board the ship? They will be flying their own ships most likely. So everyone will need to stop and come do the boarding mini-game. I'm just trying to think of how this plays out in reality.

Why would everyone else need to stop? They'd still be flying their ships or doing whatever they want outside. That's half the point (and appeal) of the game - everything's seamlessly happening in the same general instance while you're flying around space, boarding ships, engaging in FPS combat, etc.

Don't think of this as a limited, linear space sim where everyone has to be stuck doing the same thing. If anything it's more like an FPS where everyone just happens to be using these ultra-detailed, ultra-customizable spaceships as vehicles that one can get in and out of at any time.
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News Comments > Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in November
35. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in November May 2, 2014, 14:18 Parias
Creston wrote on May 2, 2014, 14:11:
The last thing Bobby wants to do is come down that $60 price tag, so they keep including a SP campaign few people want or even care about.

Is that really true? I never even bother much with the multiplayer modes in CoD and only really play it for all the scripted craziness in the singleplayer campaigns as I've never been much into competitive gaming. I actually had a lot of fun with CoD1/2's singleplayer.

Why do people dislike the singleplayer modes that much? I didn't realize this was apparently a majority thing.
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News Comments > From Software Sold
26. Re: From Software Sold Apr 28, 2014, 16:19 Parias
jacobvandy wrote on Apr 28, 2014, 16:02:
Lmao... First of all, I have no sympathy for anyone who plays these kinds of games with KBM. I've said it before, Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed, whatever, you're torturing yourself needlessly with an inherently inferior control scheme for the gameplay style.

Even ignoring that, you're doing it wrong. I've not used arrow keys for movement since the Doom era (I'd say different strokes, but again, you're hampering yourself with a terrible hand position), but just to see for myself I went in-game right now and re-bound it that way. It worked just fine. I even restarted the game to see if it stuck, and it did, so... You'll have to blame user error there. You're probably running into an issue of overlapping keybinds that the game is trying to prevent. If it didn't do that, you'd be complaining about the game firing off spells or moving the camera or whatever when you try to step forward.

I've never said they have the best control scheme, especially not for KBM, but even for that it is serviceable. They actually did a lot to the UI in making it mouse-friendly, including a grid-based inventory and all the rollover selection. You couldn't do that in the last game. This is a gamepad game, and there's nothing wrong with that IMO. Sorry the truth hurts, but you can either suck it up and wrestle with the system they gave you or swallow your misplaced pride and get a damned controller. Believe me, you'll be much happier in playing this and many other games.

Damn dude - that's a bit much, isn't it?
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News Comments > From Software Sold
23. Re: From Software Sold Apr 28, 2014, 15:54 Parias
saluk wrote on Apr 28, 2014, 15:35:
From Software doesn't ever seem to stretch a series very far, so I would expect they would be moving on soon anyway.

You'd think that, but...
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News Comments > Free Battlefield 1942 Redux
15. Re: Free Battlefield 1942 Redux Apr 19, 2014, 05:12 Parias
Jerykk wrote on Apr 19, 2014, 05:00:
Also, Codename Eagle wasn't a BF mod. It was the spiritual predecessor to the BF series.

And a freaking awesome one at that.
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News Comments > Alien: Isolation Trailer
17. Re: Alien: Isolation Trailer Apr 17, 2014, 15:21 Parias
eRe4s3r wrote on Apr 17, 2014, 14:13:
Remember Aliens Colonial Marines..... and what bullshit and lies were spread before that released....

Yes. I also remember earlier games like the Alien vs Predator series, which were quite awesome.

I'm not going to write off an entire enjoyable franchise just because of one bad game from an isolated developer.
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News Comments > Alien: Isolation Trailer
10. Re: Alien: Isolation Trailer Apr 17, 2014, 11:55 Parias
Great trailer - this definitely ramped up interest for me. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack
5. Re: Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack Apr 16, 2014, 10:51 Parias
Marvin T. Martian wrote on Apr 16, 2014, 09:01:
I have been playing this game from release and this feature pack, although ambitious,has made too much of a negative impact of the game.Through all the devs positive double speak, it will have a negative impact on many. It's a game breaker for many.

Your post is pretty unclear - what exactly is "negative" and a "game breaker" with this release?
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News Comments > Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched
9. Re: Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched Apr 10, 2014, 16:23 Parias
jdreyer wrote on Apr 10, 2014, 16:18:
So the original Ghost Recon games (IIRC) were single player or coop campaign style games. This is multiplayer only? Again, a trailer which doesn't describe what kind of game this is at all. Good advertising there.

This confuses me as well. Does it actually have some kind of co-operative mission-oriented gameplay, or is this strictly competitive?
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News Comments > Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched
5. Re: Ghost Recon Phantoms Launched Apr 10, 2014, 15:09 Parias
LittleMe wrote on Apr 10, 2014, 15:03:
Why not just play a CoD or CS game instead? Because this is free?

Because multiplayer-wise, those are "twitch" games and I sometimes prefer something a bit slower-paced with a bit of strategy to it. Not every game out there has to be exactly the same as CoD / CS to be fun.

But by the sounds of things, the "Pay 2 Win" model makes this terrible so I'll probably skip it.
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News Comments > Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Confirmed
17. Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Confirmed Apr 9, 2014, 11:51 Parias
Prez wrote on Apr 9, 2014, 11:28:
I for one can't wait for this.

Ditto - any story-driven co-op shooter is AOK in my book. Every time I've played booted up Borderlands for a playthrough with friends, we've always had an insane amount of fun with it. I'm looking forward to this.
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News Comments > Fortnite Alpha Signups
8. Re: Fortnite Alpha Signups Apr 8, 2014, 19:22 Parias
Agent.X7 wrote on Apr 8, 2014, 19:10:
I've been alpha testing this since October. They sent the first 500 of us a cool little dog tag.

This game is FUN! It's only in alpha, so I can't wait to see what gets added and how much more fun it becomes.

Basically you have a bunch of areas with missions. You start an area and build a fort to protect yourself at night, when the monsters come out. During the day you try to complete the objectives to move on to the next board. Pretty much everything is destructible, and there are a lot of hidden areas. They shut down the test right before Christmas, and we've been eagerly waiting for them to start it back up again.

Thanks for the summary - this actually sounds like it'd be a really fun co-op game. Can't wait to see how the final turns out.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Apr 7, 2014, 13:47 Parias
Ozmodan wrote on Apr 7, 2014, 13:36:
Personally, if you buy the xbox one it is mainly for the enhanced graphics and you won't have that in a emulator. So what is the point?

It'd be a lot more convenient to just play everything on a single console rather than having to unpack my X360 every time I get the urge to play an older title.

And if my X360 breaks a few years down the road, it's going to be a bit trickier to get replacements for a discontinued product. Not impossible, but then I'd be at the mercy or whatever aftermarket options are available and could end up with an entire library of unplayable games.
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News Comments > Foolish Games, Volume 3
18. Re: Foolish Games, Volume 3 Apr 2, 2014, 21:03 Parias
[VG]Reagle wrote on Apr 2, 2014, 19:49:
I investigated the Star Citizen craze to try to find out what was going on

Why not try posting something original for a change? God forbid you contribute something useful to the discussion.
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News Comments > Foolish Games, Volume 3
8. Re: Foolish Games, Volume 3 Apr 2, 2014, 16:10 Parias
panbient wrote on Apr 2, 2014, 15:48:
Like that HUD image. Sure it looks great, but it's a mock up. It even says so in the file name. Will it actually look like that in game? Perhaps, but right now it's still just concept art.

That ship looks really nice too, but tell me, when's the last time you were able to pay attention to the intricate details of a ship model in the middle of a dogfight? Why does it need a fine print warning to not step on the flap? What are the developers actually focused on? Making it work? Or making it look really pretty? Makes for great PR material though...

Actually, they do have some of this stuff in-engine too (although this is based off an earlier HUD concept).

There are a few reasons I can think of for the focus on ship detail. Namely, this is a first-person sim with fully rendered ship interiors and "get in / get out" transitions. You don't just walk up to the ship, hit "use" and teleport in to fly around with a typical full-screen or third-person view; there's a whole mechanic of walking up to your ship and getting into it before you launch into space. You'll see all of your ship details while you're getting into the cockpit, and while inspecting post-action damage (and managing repairs).

The boarding / salvage mechanics mean you'll be getting up close and personal with ships fairly often too. So there will be plenty of opportunities to appreciate the added graphical touches - they're not just adding this detail for no reason.
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News Comments > Tropico 5 Trailer
2. Re: Tropico 5 Trailer Mar 26, 2014, 13:12 Parias
It's supposed to have some kind of new multiplayer / co-op play too, which in itself is enough of a reason for me to get it.  
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Alpha 3.0 Released
12. Re: Elite: Dangerous Alpha 3.0 Released Mar 14, 2014, 22:08 Parias
jdreyer wrote on Mar 14, 2014, 21:27:
Sho wrote on Mar 14, 2014, 20:31:
Yeah, Star Citizen can suck it for now - all the real actual gameplay ED keeps showing looks great.

Not sure it's an either/or proposition. Both look great, and I'm sure both teams are looking at each other's stuff and inspiring each other with design and competitive spirit.

Exactly - I like the look of both games and will get and enjoy both for different reasons. Definitely approve of the progress these guys are making in particular though.
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News Comments > New GeForce Drivers for Titanfall
11. Re: New GeForce Drivers for Titanfall Mar 10, 2014, 18:16 Parias
I found the beta to be a surprising amount of fun. Normally I tend to stay away from twitch-oriented competitive shooters like CoD, but something about this just resonated the right way with me, and now I'm convincing all of my friends to get the final so we can team up.

I'm probably just biased because I tend to love anything with giant robots in it.
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News Comments > Interceptor Sees Blood?
12. Re: Interceptor Sees Blood? Mar 8, 2014, 16:46 Parias
Fantaz wrote on Mar 8, 2014, 14:20:
but what about Shogo??? we need a new Shogo: Mobile Armor Division game too.

I think they're already making one - it's called "Titanfall".

(But in all seriousness, I know what you mean and I concur.)
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News Comments > Valve Reddit Interview
15. Re: Valve Reddit Interview Mar 5, 2014, 17:02 Parias
Mad Max RW wrote on Mar 5, 2014, 16:37:
BicycleRepairMan wrote on Mar 5, 2014, 14:56:
Beelzebud wrote on Mar 5, 2014, 13:27:
Gabe is great, and I love Valve, but let's get real here.

Gabe stood on Alcatraz island at an AMD launch event saying that Half Life 2 was ready to ship, and that it would be bundled with all new AMD cards. 48 hours later he had to admit the game was still at least a year away, and people got cd-key cards instead of a game.

Given his track record, I can see why he keeps quiet about HL3. When he has something to show, we'll all know it.

Yeah, HL2s delay was a major screwup, not the delay itself, but the way it was handled. As I recall, they promised HL2 on something like "sept 30" in May before that september, and then, as the summer went by, they went into some kind of panic mode, and instead of TELLING people that "its not coming out in september" they kept silent, and when they were asked in like late august early september if the game was going to be delayed, they said stupid shit like "Not that we know of..". Most people can deal with and excuse delays, but we dont like being lied to.

I totally understand that they dont want to create that trap for themselves, but it really was a royal screwup that they not only walked into, but kept making worse.

I suppose they have decided not to say anything until the game is nearly complete this time around, but how do you define "nearly"? I suppose when you have the content and game up running and playable start-to-finish, its about halfway there or so...

And there was the whole thing about some hacker leaking an alpha build they used as a convenient scapegoat. It was funny how much drama that caused with fragmaster at planethalflife.

Wow, I had almost forgotten about that.
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