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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
5. No DLC annoucement today - Rock Band Mar 8, 2008, 12:18 LarryLaffer
It pisses me off there was no DLC announcement. I look forward to every friday getting off work and seeing what they are offering to decide whether I'm gonna pony up the few bucks to buy it.

I'm actually doing a little Rock Band later this evening. Great game, gotta have a surround sound system though. The louder the better.


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News Comments > New Crysis SDK
9. Adverts Mar 8, 2008, 12:16 LarryLaffer
I have the same problem as Zeph. I clicked to read the posts and a got smily emoticon advertisement. I don't like to download additional software onto my computer to block things which shouldn't be there in the first place. This website and Usatoday are the only two I ever have problems with.


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News Comments > Universal Combat Freeware
18. Re: No subject Jan 2, 2008, 14:51 LarryLaffer
Derek Smart rules. I will never understand why people flame a guy for making games.

I've personally never played any of his games because I do not have the time, but I give the man credit for doing what he loves to do and making a good living doing it.

Thanks Mr. Smart for releasing your games as freeware. I wish there were more developers like you.


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News Comments > Newell: Vista-Only DX10 "A Mistake"
58. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2007, 22:01 LarryLaffer
I do agree with you on the point of XP being way more stable than Win98. I think this is why myself and others have chosen to hold on so dearly to windows XP. It was far superior to every Windows OS before it in this regard. Once I was able to afford hardware fast enough to run XP I switched over and have never looked back.

Now as far as Windows Vista goes. I currently have a laptop on order with Dell, "which as slow as they are may or may not ever receive", which will have the Vista Operating system on it. I'm hoping that Vista is at least as stable as XP, as I could really care less how shiny my operating system is as long as it runs the programs I want to use effectively.


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News Comments > Newell: Vista-Only DX10 "A Mistake"
50. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2007, 20:47 LarryLaffer

I disagree with you on one of your points. Games that run on win98 and windows xp never really ran better on Windows xp. I think that over time people installed better hardware and it made it seem that it ran better under windows xp.

For instance I know, because I've done it, if I install windows 98 on my current PC and run a game I will get better fps than I would on my current pc with windows xp installed. I'm assuming this due to the fact that xp has a bigger footprint on my RAM.


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News Comments > Overlord Demo
9. Re: No subject Jun 11, 2007, 13:32 LarryLaffer
Loved the demo. It reminded me of a mix between Pikmin and Dungeon Keeper.


This comment was edited on Jun 11, 13:33.
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News Comments > Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 Patch
12. TW2005 Feb 12, 2007, 19:36 LarryLaffer
What pisses me off is that I have Tiger Woods 2005 and they stopped letting you play online with it. I'm not buying their stupid game every year, no way. They just lost one customer.

That would be like Blizzard releasing a World of Warcraft every year and taking away the old copies online functionability.


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News Comments > Sid Meier's Railroads Patch
6. Is this a fun game? Nov 11, 2006, 14:44 LarryLaffer
To answer is this a fun game, I'd have to say no. Out of all the Railroad Tycoon games, which I am a huge fan of. This one is the worst.


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News Comments > WoW: The Burning Crusade Delay
2. Why god Why???!?!? Oct 24, 2006, 14:08 LarryLaffer
Now I got to hear all the WOW fanboi's cry like little
b!tches when I go into work tomorrow.

This comment was edited on Oct 24, 14:08.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
7. Re: Comcast DNS Woes Apr 13, 2005, 22:11 LarryLaffer
Yeah I'm having problem rightn now. Wrote a big nice long e-mail to one of my cousins and when I hit send all hell broke loose. Ever since only half the sites on my computer will come up. Can't even access yahoo or google or msn.

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News Comments > A Vampyre Story Delayed
7. Re: No subject Apr 11, 2005, 09:03 LarryLaffer
I agree with AcidDrone. "The Dig" was the best game ever by Lucasarts, with Full Throttle coming in at a close 2nd.

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News Comments > Warcraft III Bans
20. Re: Now... Apr 7, 2005, 20:04 LarryLaffer
I'm confused. Everyone is posting about World of Warcraft when the article was about Warcraft III.

Is this thread suppose to be off topic or are people just confused.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Do people really play Pokemon games? Feb 12, 2005, 07:33 LarryLaffer
I do.

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News Comments > HL2 DM & Source Engine Update Plans
27. Re: No subject Feb 5, 2005, 09:26 LarryLaffer

This comment was edited on Feb 5, 09:27.
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: Gamers Against EA Feb 4, 2005, 17:54 LarryLaffer
Being Anti-EA is so flavour of the week.

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News Comments > The Roots Delayed
10. Re: WTF!? Jan 23, 2005, 10:18 LarryLaffer
Nipsyr I was thinking the same thing.

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News Comments > Guild Wars Q&A
13. Re: @#4 Jan 16, 2005, 13:09 LarryLaffer
TrOn--great post.

Maybe I'll give this sucker another look in February. I just wasn't impressed with what I saw.

I do agree with most of your points.

I especially like #4 and # 10.

It would be nice, even though I personally don't like this game so far, to see this game put a hurting on the pay to play MMORPG's and make them either go free or bring their price point down to, lets say, 4.95 a month or so.

I also like the point #3, makes the game rely a lot more on strategy than who has the most skills.

DAOC was ruined for me by Trials of Atlantis, for I don't have the huge amounts of time to pour into a game. I'd like to spend maybe 8 hours a week playing and be able to at least somewhat compete against some of the other players.

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News Comments > Guild Wars Q&A
12. Re: @#4 Jan 16, 2005, 13:04 LarryLaffer
Nefilim maybe I do just suck.

And maybe your a retard.

I don't suck, and I don't figure your a retard. I'm sorry my opinion of this game hurt your little feelings. Obviously if my opinion isn't the same as yours you can't handle it.

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News Comments > Guild Wars Q&A
9. Re: @#4 Jan 16, 2005, 08:45 LarryLaffer
I actually do know what I'm talking about.

This game is a lot like diablo. Other than having better graphics i'd say it is a damn near diablo clone, other than the fact diablo isn't linear.

I have played it in the beta's, and here is how my experience went. Walk into an area, pretty much just a chatroom where people are looking for froup members but with graphics, get your group together go through a door to next area.

In next area you get 2 people maybe if your lucky out of the group that will work together the rest run ahead like they are in some kind of race.

Your right this is not a MMORPG, people keep calling it that but it really isn't. I think that many people are going to find that the battlenet/diablo kiddies are going to have a heyday with the casual players who want to play this game.

This comment was edited on Jan 16, 08:45.
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News Comments > Guild Wars Q&A
4. Re: No subject Jan 15, 2005, 16:39 LarryLaffer
This game is just plain lousy. It reminds me of trying to play lets say Darkstone with people who just run off ahead and it seems more like an action game than a RPG.

Sucks, not MMORPG, more like 8 player chase-fest.

The Bad:
- Linear as hell
- Click fest
- Gotta have on super fast running shoes to keep up with rest of people in group.
- Real pain to use any tactics when clickety click click click click trying to keep up click click click kill monster click click

The good:

Totally over-rated game. I'd say super de duperty over-rated.


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