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News Comments > Company of Heroes Demo
24. Awesome? Oh, Hell Yeah! Aug 22, 2006, 20:20 Paranoid Jack
I must agree this game rocks. I got the bit-torrent this weekend and spent most of last night until 1 am playing. I got my ass handed to me a few times early on but the third or fourth time playing the Germans had lost almost 175 troops before even getting half-way to the river. I think three or so actual ran across up the center after the second massive arty strike. I hadn't even realized I had taken all their armor out until the reinforcements arrived and that triggered the end-game.

I am most definitely getting this now. I was on the fence until last night...

This comment was edited on Aug 22, 20:23.
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News Comments > UO Revamp
19. Why pull the plug? Aug 21, 2006, 21:45 Paranoid Jack
If it profitable why pull the plug? And it must be profitable to still be around so many years later... the Grand Daddy Of Them All.

I beta tested... shit when was that '96 or '97 ... they have the old school crowd that don't need no stinking particle effects or any of that other shite.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > GRAW Map Pack Beta
2. Re: Original Coop Aug 21, 2006, 19:45 Paranoid Jack
I would say it is pretty decent already... but with this third and last add-on it should be even better.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Sudden Strike 3 Beta Demo Patch
6. Re: Choppy indeed. Aug 21, 2006, 02:03 Paranoid Jack
Here's another system demanding demo for you....

Hint: Third line from the top. Enjoy! This game looks much better.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
3. Not Look Good Aug 19, 2006, 10:59 Paranoid Jack
"Heavenly sword is the only thing I'd say I might want to see an extended trailer for."

I was thinking the very same thing. I own the 360 but I'm not a console fanboi for any of the three. Our 360 mainly gets used during parties or family get togethers. We break out the race games and have a good time. Other than that its a great DVD player.

For my gaming needs I doubt I will ever leave the PC desktop for the sofa.

I have a friend who is or should I say was a huge PS fanboi (the biggest hard-core PS fan I know). He owns everything Sony. The TV, handhelds, consoles, phones... and he absolutely refused to buy a 360 because the PS3 was due out at or near the same time with better looking games and Blue-Ray DVD. Yeah, he fell for the hype. And Blue-Ray was one of the buzz-words that hooked him.

Now more solid info is out. Sony's first Blue-Ray ROMs are out and they don't even play Blue-Ray DVD Movies (WTF?). Not to mention the sticker shock for those DVD ROMs and the PS3. But I think the price point was a big one for him... besides all the other little negatives that have been rumored and/or released as info by Sony.

He swallowed the bitter pill and has not mentioned PS3 again unless I do first. Needless to say he is now saying he is not buying a PS3. And if he does it won't be for a year or two after release.

He told me they (Sony) are trying to stop the game rental industry from renting games for the PS3 by using some-type of hardware and/or coding. Has anyone got any info on this?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Sudden Strike III Beta Demo
2. Re: No subject Aug 18, 2006, 20:28 Paranoid Jack
Oh, Jebus! Another WW2 game... here come the complaints.

Seriously though... there have been a boat load of RTS beta releases in the past month or two. Looks like X-mas is going to have one over-crowded RTS shelf. Mom won't know what RTS to buy little Johnny. Oh, NO!

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > BF2142 Beta Plans
32. Same Ole Same Ole... Aug 17, 2006, 22:22 Paranoid Jack
"I'm looking forward to 2142 despite all the bugs it will have BECUASE the GAME PLAY is right on!"

And you know this how? It sounds as if you have played it or are playing it now... do you work for DICE or EA?

"What I don't really understand is how they can call this an open beta when it's open only to Fileplanet subscribers. One would think if they were truly interested in making sure the game worked for the widest possible audience they'd just open it completely."

"Huh... and I used to expect to be compensated in exchange for my time and effort in beta testing.

Limiting your testing pool to paid subscribers (read: fanboys) will do nothing but ensure that BF2142 will be just as buggy and bloated as every other Battlefield game."

Don't sweat it fellas in a week or two it will be open. SO whatever you do don't run out and buy a subscription. I know I've been there. Patience is a virtue... and can save you a bit of money.

This comment was edited on Aug 17, 22:24.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Gold PR
5. Single-Player Demo? Aug 16, 2006, 20:35 Paranoid Jack
I am looking forward to this one but want to sample the single-player first. And I was hoping to get my hands on a single-player demo before buying this one. From the sound of it at least one of you has already played it single-player...

"DoW was a much better game, IMHO. Its storyline was much better... "

Myself I haven't played through the "storyline" of a RTS since Warcraft II. I prefer to play skirmishes or different scenarios on different maps. But I would have to disagree that the story of WWII isn't "much better" since in most cases these games are using actual history for their storyline. But then it is all a matter of opinion.

If you're not tired of the WW II genre games and you like RTS this is a great game. I just hope they have a speed slider so that I can slow the game down a bit more.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
7. Huh? Aug 13, 2006, 10:10 Paranoid Jack
"The Sony BWU100A has a write speed of 2x and will be available this month for AU$1399."

Ah, think I will pass... thanks.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Demo
101. A Little Late But Hey.. Aug 10, 2006, 02:43 Paranoid Jack
Some of the things that turned me off in this five to ten minute demo?

The physics are a bit off... just don't feel right. Sideways movements are overly fast and more responsive then forward movements (except when running). Why, I don't know... it makes no sense to me. Plus the thrown objects have no weight... they just shoot straight out. For the most part they don't seem to have a proper weight effect though they shatter quite nicely.

Archer shots just don't feel right. Needs fine tuning. Oblivion was far from a perfect game but the archery had a good feel to it and there was enough of an audible response or even dust from the arrows impact at times. In this game it feels as if you are shooting hollow weightless arrows... except if they contact a bady then the effect can be as weird as causing said bady to fly ten feet off a platform (as if kicked up and off)... or if the bady is not near a ledge you may get no response at all, just a little slow down to the target, or they become aware you are trying to kill them.

I do like how enemies become fatigued the longer the fight or the more damage they take. And the kicking or knocking them off a ledge is a great effect but after a few dozen times I think it will wear off.

Its been said before but the kung-fu kick is a bit wacky. If you have full stamina then you can kick a bady ten feet against a spike strip.

Stealth indicator is a bit hit and miss. At times I was well within the shadows yet it remained invisible giving me no indication as to my visibility.

Footsteps are overly loud... yet enemies don't seem to notice.

The melee seems quite well done but the stealth part is lacking... so comparing this to a FPS is dead-on. Because that is exactly what this is.

I will wait to see a few reviews from consumers and reputable sites. But my assumption is this is a bargain bin bonus buy for me in the next four to six months.

This comment was edited on Aug 10, 02:48.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Gothic 3 Dated
33. I'll second that! Aug 9, 2006, 00:38 Paranoid Jack
"I originally ordered Gothic 2 from Europe cause it was taking too long to get here. I ordered from Gameplay and they shipped it here quick and not too expensive. They're reliable if any other US or Cannuck peeps want the game early."

I ordered Silent Storm from them and had it just over a week later. Yet (like Arnie says) I live in Cali-forn-ia.

But I would assume with a huge title like G3 GoGamer will import a significant number of copies (from the UK) and they are also located here in Cali-forn-ia.

I am actually thinking about taking the plunge and pre-ordering.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Gothic 3 Dated
30. European Beta Test? Aug 8, 2006, 22:40 Paranoid Jack
I wonder if this could be considered a good thing?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > QuakeCon-O-Rama
8. Back On Topic Aug 6, 2006, 14:07 Paranoid Jack
I haven't really been following this after getting somewhat burned by Dice and their last few BF titles. I know its all opinion and since we all have one lets not getting into a flame war between BF & ET. Thanks...

As far as the videos of ET:QW I am now interested.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Into the Black
12. Mr. Verison (aka Da Telafon Repar Mahn) Aug 5, 2006, 13:14 Paranoid Jack
I laughed when I read that, Blue. It has happened to me numerous times. The damned DSL can be functioning (though usually poorly) while the phone service is totally dead or nearly unusable due to static or a ground hum.

Sometimes all it takes is to unplugged the customers side of the network at the demarcation, run a test, plug it back in, and it will not work again until other issues on the line are resolved first.

I hate it when a subscriber has no dial tone but their DSL is working. So I test the line. Advise them I am refer the trouble to cable maintenance because the buried service wire is the cause. And if they ask I tell them it is not my job or area of specialty to locate and repair those issues... since I don't carry cable maps or the equipment that locates the fault to within a few feet.

Then I ask them to double check their DSL and occasionally the sync is not there. They sometimes get bent out of shape over it but there is literally nothing I can do.

Usually the equipment will sync up or if it has poor sync it will stabilize (after a short time) at a better rate. But there are those cases when it won't come back up until the lines are repaired. This can also happen when the issue is on the inside wire.

I have been to houses and apartments where the jack(s) are full of corrosion... so full you can barely see the copper color of the pins. Yet there phones are working fine, they just want a jack installed or rewired. And refuse the charges to replace the other defective corroded jacks even though it will only be a matter of time before the line is hard short and unusable.

On the other hand... I have seen a small spot of corrosion the size of a grain of sand between the center pins and the line is hard shorted. Or it ring trips on in-coming calls. Funny how electricity works. Even when you are only talking about forty or fifty volts DC.

Its not uncommon to find the plastic dividers separating the pins melted due to a chemical/electric reaction. Just a small amount of corrosion can build up enough heat to melt the plastic.

That is what makes this job fun... you never know what you're going to find until you find it. Not to mention it pays good if you are working for the right corporation and they are Union.

My absolute favorites are the times I go to a big business to test a line at the demarcation and their representative is standing there watching me (for whatever reason). I locate and identify the line in question and maybe run a test before another person (usually a woman) comes walking in and ask me what I did.

Me: What do you mean what did I do?

The Accuser: Out entire network is down.

I just look at them blankly and think you got to be kidding me. I have been accused of knocking out every type of service possible. The funniest is when they accuse you of knocking out their cable TV or Satellite service. Hell, I have even had people accuse me of knocking out their electrical service. I kid you not...

It is very easy to knock out a network if the line is not properly tagged or marked. If it is a data circuit it should be red-capped which lets everyone know hey this is not a POTS line.

Ah, the fun times... I miss them (NOT). Been on vacation for the past week. I go back next Tuesday.

This comment was edited on Aug 5, 14:53.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
9. Re: yawn Aug 5, 2006, 01:26 Paranoid Jack
Plot Outline: A man named Farmer sets out to rescue his kidnapped wife and avenge the death of his son -- two acts committed by the Krugs, a race of animal-warriors who are controlled by the evil Gallian.

Hard to believe...

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Morning Previews
5. Re: Thanks Blue! Aug 4, 2006, 14:32 Paranoid Jack
"This year's Quakecon was announced late and the location itself -- downtown Dallas -- leaves something to be desired in terms of easy accessibility and parking ($15 per day? No thanks)."

Hey, Sphinx, fifteen bucks a day is a steal. Try finding that kind of pricing in some of the other large cities around the world. I remember going to see Soundgarden in London when I lived over there back in the '90s. I spent more on four hours of parking then I did for the concert ticket, the pre-show beers, and several drinks (Jack & Coke) once inside. Then I had to figure out how to get out of the city after dark half lit without a map.. ah, the stupid things people do. LOL

I'll admit I haven't been following ET:QW at all just seen a few screens and such... not sure what to think until the demo is on my hard-drive.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch
31. High-End doesn't mean Bleeding-Edge Aug 3, 2006, 23:27 Paranoid Jack
"So yes, theoretically, you need a top CPU to get the most out of your GPU. However, in actual practice, the differences between CPUs at high-end settings is so negligible that buying an $800 CPU is a complete waste of money."

I totally agree but I was referring to high-end systems not the bleeding-edge. You really got to be crazy (or have a lot of money to waste) or possibly be running a business if you are paying more than four to five hundred for a CPU. Why? IN a few months time the price drops and you could have built almost an entire system for the cost of that Bleeding-Edge CPU. I would never recommend that even to people who are well off.

Same goes for top-of-the-line video cards when they first release. You are paying thru the nose to have that latest greatest GPU and it only gets you a few more frames per second. Just like the SLI/Crossfire crowd (for the most part).

You know the funny thing? I built this system to play Oblivion and GRAW smoothly and I got tired of Oblivion after about a hundred hours of exploration and quest-lines. I may go back but right now... right now, I am really enjoying the hell out of all these old games I have.

Playing JA2UB, Laser Squad Nemesis, Avernum 4, Anachronox, Evil Islands, ToEE, Arcanum, Torment.... and on occasion when I need an adrenaline rush I log into some GRAW multiplayer.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch
26. Muahahahaha! Aug 3, 2006, 21:14 Paranoid Jack
Didn't know I would/could start this kind of shit storm just by posting SPECs to my system to help inform those who are wondering what kinda system it takes to run GRAW smoothly. Yeah, I am sure you could run it great on a lower system but that is not what I have.

"CPUs really don't mean crap anymore unless you play at 640x480 and lowest detail settings."

Aah... nope. It's the exact opposite from that statement. All these high-end GPUs require a high-end CPU to take full advantage of their power. Yeah, they will also help out a lower-end system but that goes without saying. Try running low res on a high end card and you'll have some crap frame rates for sure. They are designed to move the larger textures.

"And LCDs? Hah, everyone knows that CRTs are better. Higher resolutions, refresh rates and they actually have more than one resolution that looks good. Widescreen LCD?"

Yes, it all comes down to opinion but you can not equal the color depth and quality of a high quality LCD with any CRT. I was a doubter myself until I picked up a great 19" Wide-screen HannsG LCD for under $175. And put it next to my 19" Samsung flat-screen CRT. Once you go LCD there is no going back... like having broadband and reverting back to dial-up. Only if it is a last resort.

"Even worse, since not all games have wide-screen support."

I have been reinstalling and revisiting a ton of old games from the Fallout (mid '90s) to the current titles like Oblivion and GRAW. You wouldn't believe how many games support wide-screen resolutions and look great too. Again, it's a matter or taste/opinion.

"SCSI and RAID? Useless. They might improve your load times by a few seconds in some games, but hardly enough to warrant the cost.."

The cost? Almost all new mobos (for years now) have RAID built in. And the cost is the same... well ok I bought two 250G hard drives (for less money in most cases) instead of one with 350G to 500G.

And when you play a lot of on-line games a RAID set-up can cut your load times by more than half if not better depending on the system and RAID configuration. Wait thirty seconds (or a minute or two) to get in-game and when you get in ask those people who are already playing what kind of set-up they have. Most will say RAID... some will say Raptors. Now Raptors are expensive... but again different strokes.

Just do what feels right, peace...

This comment was edited on Aug 3, 21:18.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch
23. Re: GRAW Aug 3, 2006, 20:44 Paranoid Jack
Funny shit was we were just giving a reference for what systems we are using to run the game smoothly... not even trying to brag. If I wanted to brag I would have told you I also got a 19" LCD with all that and still paid under $1200. Like Cheese, I don't need to throw money away to make myself feel like I got a great PC. Overkill is still overkill no-matter what you paid for it.

But like they say... different strokes. And as long as you are happy knock yourself out.

Don't get me wrong if I had money to burn I would buy or build the ultimate PC just for the hell of it. Right after buying a Hummer and gas station to help with the cost of refueling that gas guzzling bitch.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
4. Re: URGENT!? Aug 3, 2006, 14:23 Paranoid Jack
Yeah, these pop-ups are getting out of hand. I hate the ones that sit hidden waiting until you click on the website to scroll or hit a link then the damned fucking pop up takes you to their fucking site.

And to make it worse even forums (not Blue's) have pop-ups now. And the damn pop-up blockers don't always work... arrgH!

Funny shit! I first left the G off of fucking and SpellChecker advised me I had spelling it fuckin wrong... muahahah!

Avatar 11537
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