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News Comments > Crysis Delayed
15. Re: No subject Dec 7, 2006, 09:57 Paranoid Jack
Since Engrish is not his native language although I think he is doing quite well. Hell, half of the less than brilliant people I deal with on a day to day basis have worse language skillz....

As far as the game goes I've watched several movies but I still don't know what all the fuss is about. I realize they are adding some really nice game-play features but the sci-fi stuff didn't impress me.

If there is a link to any footage where you can actually flash freeze a tropical environment (or an body of water) and use the broken shards to kill your enemies (as was written in a preview) please post a link, thanks.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. D'oH! Dec 6, 2006, 22:17 Paranoid Jack
"an interview with the bug-eyed actor about several topics"

Now that wasn't very nice, Blue. Just because he is different doesn't mean you should make fun of him.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. Robbery Suspect Shot Dec 5, 2006, 01:42 Paranoid Jack
I hope he enjoyed the crappy PS3 launch titles while he could. It truly sounds like the next best thing to instant karma to me. Don't want to sound cold but I am sick of mean self centered rude as hell people everywhere I go. Seems everybody thinks they are "special". So that entitles them to steal, rape, kill, run red lights, speed through school zones, drink and drive (sometimes all three at once), beat their kids (raising another generation of criminals), live/leeching off the system, and/or just being a total pain in the ass. All the while lying about everything if it will help them continue the cycle.

Yeah, it is sad it end this way. But he brought it upon himself. Off to hell with you...

Edit: The other day was a banner day. Went to hook up a line at a cops house. He tried to bribe me. I told him $20 really was not worth my $75,000 a year job.
This comment was edited on Dec 5, 01:46.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Subscription Free ArchLord
5. The Kiss of Death Dec 5, 2006, 01:18 Paranoid Jack
Every-time a newly or fairly new MMOG is released and goes into free anything it means trouble.

Free ArchLord? No thanks. Beta Tested briefly was not impressed, uninstalling, and sacrificing a chicken. Bad mojo I tell you!

This comment was edited on Dec 5, 01:23.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > etc., etc.
2. Re: Games take on books. Dec 1, 2006, 00:34 Paranoid Jack
... "and they've hired Steve Nix (Ritual, Fleetwood Mac) as Director of Business Development."

I think Blue has been smoking a bit... or maybe a little drinky drinky? Stevie Nicks was in Flletwood Mac not Steve Nix.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Armed Assault German Patch
6. Re: For Czech version as well Nov 30, 2006, 21:28 Paranoid Jack
Thanks Strango, so you are saying if we import a version we can hack it to an English version?

Has anyone here done it?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Wii Nov 29, 2006, 22:46 Paranoid Jack
Fatigue and sweat may be a factor but that cord looks very cheap. Funny shit I think...

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
8. Re: Stories in MMO's Nov 29, 2006, 10:11 Paranoid Jack
Someone failed to read the NDA Standard practice for NDAs = don't talk about your's kinda the point of having an NDA lol

I think that was the Alpha NDA-EUA. But to tell the truth I have beta tested about two dozen games over the past twelve or so years and I stopped reading those damned things after the first two or three...

Just mentioning you're in isn't really talking about the game and since I have yet to boot it that goes without saying.

As far as it not doing anything new... no MMOG has in the past few years. The King of the Hill just collected all good ideas added a few spin-offs and a shit-load of polish to become the monster hit it is.

At this point it would be hard to make a game of any genre that was totally fresh and could not be compared to several before it. But don't give up hope.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
4. Re: Stories in MMO's Nov 28, 2006, 21:45 Paranoid Jack
Exactly, same shit happens to me every time I play with a friend or others online. He (my long time gaming buddy) has the patience of a two year old at times even if he has no idea what the quest is about or the story-line. So I have to try and speed read it or if I am not in the mood I just click it all away.

Funny thing is we have fun most of the time. Even though he just bought NWN2 but can't be patient enough to play it I let him talked me into getting NightFall (Guild Wars) yesterday.

I got home from work installed the thing and had to check my e-mail to do the account part... when I noticed my Beta acceptance for LotR Online.

I am pretty psyched about this one. And the same friend is now playing it more than any other game on the PC or his three consoles. We beta tested WoW for three or four months before it went retail so I know what he likes... and I think I will enjoy it as well. Guess I will find out this Thursday (my earliest access to the game).

The most interesting thing about the MMOG market is that Biowares is getting into it in the next year or two. And they claim they are going to go heavy on the story from that other article.

I have half a mind to run to Barnes and Noble and pick up that latest issue of Games For Windows just to read about Dragon Age. Has anyone here read it? Is it worth the purchase or is it just a rehash with some new screenshots?

This comment was edited on Nov 28, 22:05.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
13. Re: ffs Nov 27, 2006, 09:36 Paranoid Jack
PS3's sold at Japan's launch >89,000
PS3's sold at North American launch >175,000

"... the only issues it has are the same as the 360s had on launch."

Not even close. And thanks to a few big titles like Gears the 360 is selling well one year in. Only the people who really got to have one are going to buy a PS3 at the current prices. Again, I use my hard-core Sony Fanboi friend as a prime example. This is a guy who buys a new Smart Phone every year, has a high end PC, a lap-top, and every hand-held known to man. He just isn't going for it.

Once we see PS3 supply finally meeting demand then we'll see how badly Sony is hurting... since they need that large install base to help them on game sells even more than M$. The big if with the PS3 is the CPUs power. If it is really as strong as they say the shelf life of the unit will be much longer than the 360 or the Wii. Of course they had to back down from the CPU doing the GPUs work and the video chip-set will limit that shelf life somewhat. And I would think M$ is already entering the development process of their next unit.

The Wii's future is the really interesting question here. Can an under-powered CPU with a behind the curve GPU go toe to toe with the better units? My guess is it can if the game-play is there. Like in PC games most gamers are ok with stylistic out-dated graphics if the game-play is solid.

Nintendo is making money not loosing money on every unit sold so they are very happy where they sit. Of course to take more of the market share back will make them even happier. Like M$ they are and will be taking more of the share which Sony held. Doesn't mean Sony can't also stay on top and make money but for them everything hinges on the Blue Ray. Too many eggs in one basket is never wise.

This comment was edited on Nov 27, 09:52.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
13. Re: Sony's Plans for the future Nov 26, 2006, 14:36 Paranoid Jack
"Why didn't you borrow your brother's copy? Is he still playing the MP?"

One reason is he lives half a continent away. The other reason... he is now replaying it in Co-Op with his step-son. Not to mention this may be the game which finally gets him signed up for the X-Box Live Gold account.

My free account runs out this month (since it has been a year) and unless I see something spectacular in this online component I will just stick to the PC online gaming.

Have you played the MP? It looks pretty good from the few videos I have seen.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
8. Re: Sony's Plans for the future Nov 26, 2006, 04:04 Paranoid Jack
Are you sure? I thought Sony was trying to get it as a PS3 exclusive and jerked them around so long they went with M$?

I am fairly sure I read that on a console game news site. Either way I can't remember the other two exclusives they lost out on at about the same time.

I saw Gears on the shelf of Target release day and had thought it was already out. They must have had thirty to fifty copies. After watching some videos I am interested in seeing the game in action and playing it.

My brother bought it and loved it though it is very short. He beat it in about fifteen hours. Even so he said it is a keeper and one of the best looking games he has seen so far. I got a copy coming from GameFly so I'll check it out soon.

Oh, one more funny thing about "exclusives" ... usually that only means for a limit time. Though it depends on the contract and the money changing hands.

This comment was edited on Nov 26, 04:10.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
5. Re: Sony's Plans for the future Nov 25, 2006, 23:22 Paranoid Jack
I think it is all about grabbing as much PR as they can. Like the shortages and not releasing the numbers per store. They want these stories all over the net and TV.

But what they don't want you to see is how the Wii and the 360 are taking more and more of the market share.

Sony lost a few key titles (Gears and GTA4 just to name two) that went 360 exclusive. Now they are looking at a very lean year as far as big name titles go for the NA market.

And now that the negative is starting to out-weigh the positive even in the free PR they are on thin ice.

There was one guy who waited three days to get his PS3. He already has the 360 with the HDTV and surround. He picks up the PS3 unit with a few of the best titles gets home and is so underwhelmed he puts the whole PS3 package up for sale on E-Bay. Stories like those from real people (not paid media whores) are what hurts the most.

My friend is the biggest PS fanboi I know... well he was. Now he is telling me he may pick up a PS3 in a year or two. To me that says a lot.

This comment was edited on Nov 25, 23:24.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Hotfix
10. Re: BF2? Nov 24, 2006, 21:01 Paranoid Jack
"Why does the title say Battlefield 2?"

Because Blue has posted so many of these with patches for BF2 and now BF2142 that he has totally lost it... it's just one big patch-fest!

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Black Friday Previews
1. UFO: Afterlight Nov 24, 2006, 20:26 Paranoid Jack
After playing the first and second games (the second more than the first by far) but never finishing either. I can say that Altar knows how to improve on this series and I am looking forward to this one more than the other two combined. Should be a great game. I just hope they didn't draw out the end-game too far with hours upon hours of repetitive missions and game-play. After a few hundred hours of play even some of the biggest fans will just fold and walk away.

Basically there were triggers in Aftershock so even if you had beaten the enemy back and were taking their last patch of land on Earth the game wouldn't let you win. It would automatically give them three of your zones (usually two where important to you).

Then the story-line triggers where another hurdle you had to get over or you would just be stuck in a holding pattern and wondering why.

From the sound and look of it they have come a very long way since Aftermath. This is a must buy for people who love this genre of games.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Hotfix
2. Hot Fix? Nov 24, 2006, 19:01 Paranoid Jack
Well I am more than happy I skipped this one. After buying NWN2 and Gothic3 both in a less than stellar state (buggy) I would have been very pissed to have bought three buggy ass games in a row. Though most people seem to feel Gothic is beyond playable (very buggy) I have had more frustration playing NWN2 with the craptacular AI.

As far as BF2142 I won't be buying this and most likely not the next version until I read forums where users are praising the changes DICE have made.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Monday Game Reviews
10. Re: Gothic 3 Nov 21, 2006, 00:35 Paranoid Jack
Ive spent days looking at bugs trees rocks NPC floating 6 feet off the ground tons of see threw textures and always the flashing water please make it stop!

Damn, I have seen a few weird things happen but nothing like any of that shit. Sounds like (at least some of it) may be a video drivers issue. What you running?

Weirdest thing for me at certain times when I kill large numbers of Orcs I begin to take them out in one blow. So I become an Orc Slaying God but only temporarily. It's fun while it lasts though.

What it reminds me of is the old stories of warriors entering a berserker state. It's fun while it lasts. Yet I have to wonder if it is a feature or a bug.

Good Review VD.

Edit: D'oh!

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 09:31.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
9. Re: Optimus keyboard Nov 20, 2006, 10:27 Paranoid Jack
Hard to tell from the pictures but it appears the keys have edges on them. Like a framed around the little screen that projects the images. My point is if all the keys are similar and if those are as sharp as they appear your fingers will be sore as hell before you get an hour into any game.

Most likely it just has normal keys with the "ooooh, look at those" hot-link keys to one side. Still a pretty cool product.

Did you watch the video from YouTube?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
8. Re: Glider Nov 19, 2006, 01:59 Paranoid Jack
"In a CAL atmosphere you arn't going to get away with it..."

/rank on

Ok, now you went and pissed me off. Put the crack pipe down. Because if you think those clowns could or even want to face the cold hard truth you got to be smoking something.

Without too much detail. We busted a top two ranked clan with members using downloaded skillz. We had FRAPS video of it. No human could be so accurate or know the exact location of every target and take them down the moment they broken cover without using hacks. You know what they (CAL admins) did when we sent them the proof they requested?


Matches continued on for another two weeks and when we ask them (CAL Admins) what they were doing about it? Well in the next day or two a post was put up about a clan retiring. Yeah, moving on, had enough of the game.

So don't even think for a second that CAL (or any other group) can stop cheats from effecting any game. Hell, Punk Buster can't even catch most of the hacks being used. Not that they really care or need to. It's all a scam. A false sense of security.

We (my old clan) quit the whole competitive gaming thing because CAL was just the first to show us how corrupt the admins are running those sites. Any admin on any site should not be competing in the games they hold administrative power over. It's a conflict of interests.

And when they catch their own using hacks as a member of the number one ranked clan? Well let's just say the rules... they apply to the players not the admin-players. That whole site used to stink of corruption run by a pack of little asshole dictators who all happened to play with the top ranked clans... imagine that.

So my hope is that anyone using a cheat in any competitive game online dies a slow painful death before spending all of eternity burning in hell.

/rant off

Have a nice day!

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
9. Re: Backwards Compatability Nov 17, 2006, 20:30 Paranoid Jack
"Sure thing ma'am, we got like 200 in stock! They lasted for about ten minutes after the doors opened."

There I fixed it.

Mass Effect is looking bad-ass. Too bad no PC version...

Avatar 11537
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