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News Comments > Dead Space Trailer
2. Antony Johnston Jul 15, 2008, 22:10 Paranoid Jack
I recently was turned onto a Post Apocalyptic Comic called Wasteland. And after reading the Book One collection (Issues 1 to 6, I think) I read the stand alone comic issue 7. Inside was a back story called Walking the Dust. I was a bit let down that WtD was not in the collection. So I read the version available on their website. Then sent an e-mail to inquirer about their cycle and when I would be able to catch up on the back story.

To my surprised the author himself, a very nice British gentleman, named Antony Johnston responded to my inquiry. We corresponded a few times and I asked him if he had done anything else in a PA setting. He turned me onto Dead Space a Sci-Fi Horror story (which is the next best thing). The comic is a prequel story to the video game of the same name which he also wrote for EA earlier this year.

If the story in Dead Space the game is as great as Wasteland & Dead Space the comic I'm thinking the game should do fairly well. I have yet to see the game-play but for him I hope the studio held up their side of it all. Screens looked promising.

If you're at all interested in Wasteland the comic or Dead Space the comic they are both widely available in NA and the UK. Plus Oni has a nice site for Wasteland: where you can read/download the first issue and also read Walking the Dust stories that were published in issues 1 through 8.

Here's Antony's site if you're interested. He's a great person and a great talent. One of his books should be appearing in film version soon. I'll leave it at that.

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News Comments > Dragon Age: Origins Trailer
12. Re: CD Projekt Red=New RPG King Jul 13, 2008, 16:46 Paranoid Jack
You just reminded me. I waited on The Witcher for damned near five years also. But they delivered and then some.

And I have to agree those guys made one hell of a great game. Not only a great cRPG but the way the game scaled to your abilities via the difficulty setting was a great touch.

Depending on the their next release... you may be correct.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Carmack on PC Gaming
19. Re: No subject Jul 13, 2008, 16:07 Paranoid Jack
"You people really should read the article. As when you put his answer in the context of the question it is quite different...... "


Shack: "Do you see the future of PC game development becoming focused on that challenge of streamlining the user experience?" ie:dumbing down the game?

Yeah, he does mean something different. It's worse than I imagined...

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Carmack on PC Gaming
14. Re: No subject Jul 13, 2008, 15:32 Paranoid Jack
"This isn't the 90's anymore, any gaming company that sticks to doing things the old way wont be in business long."

"The difference between now and the 90's is that in the 90's, it was more about the games than the money. Now it's all about the money."

You're both right. And that is why most games don't sell as well as they used to IMO. Studios continue to regurgitate the old formulas in a half-ass manor. Look at Hellgate. If they had done a much better job of it they wouldn't be cleaning out their desks and stealing shit from around the office to sell on E-Bay later this week. Oh, and good luck getting rid of it. Best try the pawn shop.

That doesn't mean the old game styles and old formulas can't or won't work today. Look at some of the soon to be released games. DoWII, SC2, D3, etc.. They all look fairly close to the older versions just better in a lot of little ways.

The PC market like the console market is saturated with mediocre content. The few that stand out sell damned well. Nothing is a given in either case. Ok, I'll admit mediocre content is the norm on consoles and usually sells quite well. That may be considered a given today.

I'm sick of hearing PIRACY is the cause for low PC sales figures. In the old C64 days I only paid for a few of the dozens of games I played. And let's not forget one of id's first major successes was a shareware title. The whole damned game was there on the disc if you wanted to cheat them out of the price of admission it wasn't very hard.

But just like now... people will pay for a product they enjoy and feel is worth the cost. I'm not saying piracy is right. And I refuse to pirate or sample games before buying them. I've been clean now for almost seven years.

There are still game companies out there that make great PC games and make huge profits. And when they push one out unfinished or half-ass they know why they didn't make a good profit. At least some of the developers aren't jumping on "the PC is dead" & "Piracy is ruining the industry". They swallow their pride and admit they put out a mediocre product.

edit: Damn theyarecomingforyou, beat me to it. We're saying the same thing just a bit different...

This comment was edited on Jul 13, 15:42.
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Origins Trailer
6. Hope we get to see in-game footage SOON! Jul 13, 2008, 14:47 Paranoid Jack
I can't believe they waited five years to release that. If it's actual in-game footage of a scripted scene then... ok. I guess.

But I think most (if not all) of us can agree it's got that whole been there and done that feel. Not only from LotR but about a dozen other games.

This game is supposed to be a return to the BG games with a cross between NWN and ME thrown in. I'm not feeling the love. In fact I haven't felt the love since BGII. Though I did feel a little bit of something during one of the NWN add-ons (can't remember which, the good one)...

I felt it for MotB but that was all Obsidian. I'm starting to think the Golden Age of good and/or great Bioware games is over.

I hope I am wrong... because I've been waiting on this damned game for three or four years. The only other game which turned out good after that long a wait was STALKER.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Flagship Loses IPs, Closes
27. Collector's Item? Jul 12, 2008, 19:17 Paranoid Jack
You shouldn't have opened it.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Flagship Shake-up - Hellgate Takeover Attempt?
19. Not Just 3 Guys... Jul 11, 2008, 20:05 Paranoid Jack
I beta tested and found out within hours just how bad this POS was. Bore-fest for me.

Didn't these guys retain anything from their time making games that were addictive?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Dragon Age Name Change, Tease Continues - Updated
6. Sweet, did you see that... Jul 10, 2008, 00:35 Paranoid Jack
...DoWII snippet? I hope to Gawd! They have made it more like CoH than the original DoW. I hate the stand in the open and take turns shooting each other game-style. It's beyond dead. That's one reason SC2 has nothing I see that makes me what to buy it.

Anyway, the screens from Dragon Age are years old. I bet it looks much more impressive now. At least we can hope... after five years in development.

And it appears to come with a World Builder (kit) of some kind? Great news since the mods and such kept NWN going for years.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Fallout 3 in AU Follow-up
12. Re: No subject Jul 10, 2008, 00:07 Paranoid Jack
Did they ban AoC?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Fallout 3 AU Fallout
34. Re: No subject Jul 9, 2008, 15:26 Paranoid Jack
I feel sad for all those poor Aussie children who won't be able to launch mini-nukes with there Fatman. They'll never get to enjoy it killing Super Mutants or see it cause the children in game to run away in terror. Not to mention they won't be able to create their own bombs with old lunch boxes filled with Barbie heads and other debris found lying around the wastelands of F3.

Oh, the tragedy!

edit: I am extremely curious to see if Bethesda caves and alters the game or leave it as is. Because the countries that ban it can not stop Imports can they?

This comment was edited on Jul 9, 15:29.
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News Comments > id: Rage "On a Whole New Level"
8. What you saying? Jul 8, 2008, 15:28 Paranoid Jack
"So what should a publisher be using to determine a quality title? Reviews? Criticism? Sales? There are issues with all of these... Hell, metacritic shows Doom 3 in the high 80's, and the expansion in the high 70's... That's not too bad in my book. Fallout and Fallout 2 don't score as high and they were insanely great games.."


Fallout :

Fallout 2 :

Nice try though...

This comment was edited on Jul 8, 15:30.
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News Comments > Frontlines: Fuel of War Beta Demo
9. Re: Huh? Jul 8, 2008, 14:34 Paranoid Jack
The retail release was a "leaked" "beta" that's been out for months now....

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
8. Wait and See.. Jul 8, 2008, 00:37 Paranoid Jack
Some of what he said totally disappointed me. Yet other things sounded like wise decisions. Strange that there is little middle ground.

I'm over the majority of my negativity toward the game. I just hope it still feels like a Fallout game when they are done.

One other thing... did anyone find it strange that after they chose to drop the old game-play style and go with their new approach that they also chose to drop so many things that should be a given in a FPS with 3rd & 1st person perspectives? Like jumping, kneeling, and going prone...

Edit: This poster at their forums brought up a great point.

I counted 4 times Todd directly references Oblivion in the answers. 4 times. For a game that should have nothing to do with Oblivion at all.

"It's most like the Oblivion compass"

"It works like Oblivion, it's a system we got great feedback on from that game and while we tossed other ideas around, it works best for us."

"In regards to essential NPCs, it works like Oblivion"

"Like Oblivion, we use our Radiant AI system"

Just sayin...

This comment was edited on Jul 8, 00:46.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Dragon Age Website, More Wednesday
6. Been a long time coming... Jul 7, 2008, 11:46 Paranoid Jack
I stopped following this game years ago. Mainly because there wasn't much known except a lot of speculation on the forums.

I hope this means they are projecting a Holiday release, finally.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Mobilization
7. Different Strokes... Jul 6, 2008, 17:44 Paranoid Jack
I wouldn't even think about waiting in line for an iPhone. But then I already have the older 8GB version. I bought it about six months ago. I love it. Is it for everyone? No. Is it the best smart-phone I've had with the features I need and not all the hassle of those other POS phones I had? Hell, yeah!

You might not want or need one and think others are idiots for buying one but that my friend is what makes the world such a great place. We are not all the same.

Imagine having a long commute each day to and from work. Yeah, you can and probably should read something. A good book, maybe. But what if you don't want to read, don't like to, or have a head-ache? Get the point?

Open your mind and not just your mouth. Don't condemn others for being different than you...

"It's a status symbol for some people. A neighbor recently yelled to her roommate, "Jane, Throw my iPhone down to me (they live on the third floor of my apartment building, and I guess she didn't want to walk back up the stairs.)

Predictable hilarity ensued. I was riveted to the window for the entire spectacle (the stupid bitch started yelling at her room mate that she'd "thrown it wrong." etc.) The phone itself was spread over about 20 feet."

It may be a status symbol to some. To me it's just a phone and damned nice one.

And even if she would have caught the phone after a three story drop it most likely would have been damaged. Too bad you didn't get it on video...

This comment was edited on Jul 6, 17:58.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: No subject Jul 6, 2008, 13:24 Paranoid Jack
Also if you have the disc why do you need another key... except if yours was banned due to cheats or some other shit?

edit: I guess if you have a friend or family member who doesn't have a copy yet wants to play with you?

Been too caught up in AoC to reinstall it just yet but I probably will.

The 100% is impressive but you have to wonder how much time the kid spends playing games to get that good... not that most of us have much room to talk.
This comment was edited on Jul 6, 13:44.
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News Comments > Wrath of the Lich King Beta Signups
18. Still Wondering... Jul 5, 2008, 02:44 Paranoid Jack
"a 10 million user beta test?"

"The BC expansion didn't sell as well as that."

"Are you high? It sold 3.5 million copies in the first month..."

So you're saying my original statement is wrong?

I simply said it hasn't sold as well as the original. And it hasn't. I never sad it hadn't sold a shitload of copies... because it did. I was there at midnight elbow to elbow with hundreds of other geeks. And we all soon realized the dropped loot in Outland was better than a lot of raid loot in the original.

And no, I'm not/wasn't high. Wish I was....

edit: I'm still wondering what the latest figures are on the twelve (or whatever) million subscribers... how many actually have the add-on. Even half is an extension on their license to print money which WotLK will continue to extend for years or until the next add-on.

This comment was edited on Jul 5, 02:51.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
5. Don't fret none... Jul 4, 2008, 02:30 Paranoid Jack
You can bet your bottom Australian Dollar that Bethesda will rectify the situation. They won't be missing out on all that moolah.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Movie
7. Sweet Jul 4, 2008, 01:09 Paranoid Jack
I have yet to finish the first one but have played it through repeatedly due to hard drive wipes and system rebuilds. Now I got to finish the last ten or twelve hours of play before I pick this one up.

Hope a few more developers license this engine. It would make a great cRPG. Too bad Piranha Bytes didn't just license it so they could spend more time polishing and less time building their last engine.

Either way it would have been pre-ordered already but GameStop (I miss your EBGames) didn't have a SKU (or whatever they call it) in their system.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Wrath of the Lich King Beta Signups
15. Re: It's up on the US side Jul 3, 2008, 20:07 Paranoid Jack
The BC expansion didn't sell as well as that. I don't think they have even released the info on it. I know they have been bundling it with the original for quiet some time. Either way, yeah, your odds of getting in are about the same as being struck by lightening or winning the Lotto.

Avatar 11537
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