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News Comments > No Fallout 3 Demo
48. Re: No demo = Bit Torrent Apr 22, 2008, 00:29 Paranoid Jack
"I fail to understand how I am somehow related to your "point" about the media? Perhaps you can take the tin foil hat off and explain."

Just figured you were on a roll so I would egg you on. It's clear your love of Oblivion has caused you to put blinders on. If it were not for the Mods community the game would have died off completely since they act as if there is nothing wrong with it. Wouldn't you agree? Oh, are you saying you don't agree about today's media?

"It's almost as if Bethesda have tapped into a strange new market of consumers who have to purchase their games to see just how bad they are. Only to find their assumptions were correct the game is no more than a shallow but shiny turd. "

See that red part? That to me reads as if the statement is far from real. Make believe or as if? But maybe it's just me.

See that green part? How you got "This whole market thought it was a shiny turd." out of it is beyond me. I am starting to suspect you are emotionally attached to Oblivion or maybe under the influence.

All joking aside. Calm down, you come across very high strung. After all they are just games.

This comment was edited on Apr 22, 00:32.
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News Comments > No Fallout 3 Demo
40. Re: No demo = Bit Torrent Apr 22, 2008, 00:02 Paranoid Jack
Can't argue that first post Overon. Even Bethesda made demos for their first few ES games. We all know Pete Hines lies as easily as he breathes. And anyone wanting to argue that can go stick there heads back in the sand until that glorious day when F3 finally releases. Or look up some of the bullshit stated about Oblivion's features, wake up, and smell what Pete is shoveling.

Negativity? I wouldn't call it that. It's more of a reflection of today's society and probably more so a reflection of the gaming industry.

Consumers are sick and tired of being lied to. It's everywhere. It's how our media thrives. Paid to spread misinformation and propaganda. Right, Creston?

I plan on boycotting this one. Bethesda just like DICE, I'm done.

This comment was edited on Apr 22, 00:05.
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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire Patch & Expansion Plans
8. So What Is The Combat Like? Mar 19, 2008, 12:29 Paranoid Jack
Is there ground combat like other RTS games or is all combat in space?

I've never played any of the big Space games with RTS in space. I love CoH & CoH:OF would this game be even remotely like it?

edit: Looks like it's all space combat like Homeworld. I've never tried one of these. Not sure I'll like it. Guess I could try it out...
This comment was edited on Mar 19, 12:57.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: MS bashing Mar 15, 2008, 20:29 Paranoid Jack
LoL, that shit article reads like an ad for Apple. No doubt Vista isn't selling as well as they had hoped. Nothing is selling as well as anyone had hoped here in NA. Fucking US government let the banks and the oil companies screw the economy all to hell.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > The Witcher Editor Delayed
7. A Classic Mar 14, 2008, 21:00 Paranoid Jack
"I simply don't want to have to restart...AGAIN.

But the game is that good. I've played through Act I three times. Only finished the entire game once but there were a lot of things I didn't get to. I found stones in different parts of the world that I wasn't sure what they were used for. And several other things I have read about and heard others mention that I never got to experience. So there are plenty of reason to go back and play this game... at least once a year if not twice.

It may not have been perfect at launch but it had more going for it than a lot of the other AAA titles. And after reading a few of the comments here I am left wondering if the Enhanced Edition is something that must be bought or if they will allow current owners to patch in all or most of the new content. Anyone know for sure?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Announced
18. I'm Down With The Sickness Mar 14, 2008, 20:49 Paranoid Jack
I would rather buy an add-on to LotR than WoW. I liked them both but WoW is one of those games for me that once I left it behind I could never go back... kinda like Oblivion.

It's a shame they didn't have the team, the time, & funding to create the amount of content that people are expecting now... after WoW. Because LotR is a better game in many ways.

Oh, well. Either way glad to see an official expansion is coming to store shelves soon. It will be good for at least a couple months of entertainment.

No other game has looked as good as LotR... even AoC may not compare. Since the levels are so much smaller and it has more instances.

One of my favorite moments in the LotR beta was finally seeing Weathertop in the distance.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Age of Conan Specs
20. Re: They missing one! Mar 10, 2008, 15:46 Paranoid Jack
I guess most of us testers fell into the "this game is crap" category. Which hampered the launch or lowered the sales.

And as far as I know the only difference between AADD & ADD is that with ADD not only are you having a hard time staying focused you're also having a hard time sitting still. With AADD most have the staying focused issue and instead of having a hard time sitting still we have a hard time staying awake.

This comment was edited on Mar 10, 15:51.
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News Comments > Age of Conan Specs
18. Re: They missing one! Mar 10, 2008, 15:24 Paranoid Jack
I don't think any developer is creating newer MMOs with dial-up even being considered. Though they may put some thought into it I'm sure they aren't wasting much effort there.

As far as beta testing... I am almost to a point where I am glad not to get in on so many. Because most of the games I've tested lost that brand-new feeling, lose their novelty. Hell, a good many were so bad I didn't even help finish the beta process because it was too painful or I felt that it was a waste of my time.

Even if you love the game and beta for months. Helping with the whole process and you want to give something back to the studio by purchasing the retail version. Yeah, you reward the developer for their time and effort... or for allowing you to help them test but the game is no-longer special in anyway. In most cases you've seen it all or more than enough to know you're not going to subscribe for long unless you get involved with a good clan/guild. Or your friends are interested in grouping or guilding.

Brings me to my next point. Tabula Rasa. They even made an attempt to use the beta testers as a reason the game didn't sell so well. Too many testers burnt out before the release which lowered their possible target audience?

It can happen. It has happened to me... more than once. And yes, I was in the TR beta. I just didn't like the game. I never reached burn-out like in some others.

Besides WoW the only other game I tested and stayed around for several months after retail was LotR. And you know why WoW was so great and still is? The content. They hit you with a ton of content. Not just a few areas you can chose from to level in each region. Hell you got a few different areas in the region your in plus the other regions have numerous other areas.

So when one area gets stale you move on to another that freshens things up some. For me that was important. I have AADD (adult attention deficit disorder).

One thing I like about AoC from what I have seen the game-world isn't cartoony and it's not like being in Disneyland. It's more... not realistic, but still life like. Yeah, it's a game. But hopefully you get my meaning. The gore, the adult themes, and the combat seem to lend to that effect.

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News Comments > Evening Previews
1. AoC Mar 8, 2008, 13:02 Paranoid Jack
A good debate about the combat system in this thread:

Here's a good post from page 4. It's a damn long thread with quite a few trolls sticking their noses out from under the bridge....

"Hmm... where to start.

I too have game design experience, I only bring it up because you did. Though I have to admit I'm jealous of you working with Sid and Brian. Alpha Centauri is probably my favourite 4X game of all time. Anyhoo...

Let me try and tackle your points one by one.

Originally Posted by blindhammer
1. There are no auto-attacks.

This is cosmetic, really...

Nope. This is not purely cosmetic. I'll stick with WoW jargon since that seems to be both familiar to you as well as being familiar to a majority of the other readers of this forum. In AoC, since there is no auto-attack, we've essentially removed "white damage" from the game. Yes, there is still "white damage" from the weapons being swung, but now that damage is independent of class (since all classes in AoC that can use a given weapon are equally proficient in it's use) and based solely on the weapon itself and/or the statistics of the character that modify damage (i.e. high str increases melee damage for instance). From a class balance standpoint this is a godsend; now when trying to determine and balance class DPS hierarchies for instance, we can fully concentrate on combos (i.e. "yellow damage"), that's where all the balancing can be done.

From an item creation/balance standpoint, the elimination of "white damage" is also helpful. Now when we create a weapon, with some rare exceptions, we can again ignore the class of any potential user and just concentrate on the statistics of the weapon itself. For example, in WoW, one handed swords were usable by a great number of classes, but itemization of one handed swords had to take into account the varied use of one handed swords by the different groups of classes. Mages, warlocks, and some paladins were only looking for spell damage on their sword. Rogues looked for the highest dmg (probably combined with the slowest delay) for their mainhand to maximize sinister strike damage, while choosing the fastest off hand for the most applications of poison. Hunters looked for stats; +Dex, +AP, +Crit (I won't talk about melee hunters...). Tanking paladins wanted the sweet spot dealy of 2.0 to maximize the number of Reckoning hits they got. Mortal Strike warriors wanted the absolute slowest sword they could get to maximize the damage gained from AP. Etc, etc, etc. But now in AoC, by eliminating auto attacks, we've tied the "delay" of all weapons expressly to the speed of the attack animations themselves, which all classes use, so the only thing that really matters with the weapon is the raw damage it does. So now when we create an item we don't have to worry about offhand vs mainhand, rogue weapon or tanking weapon, etc, we just go ahead and create the weapon and then sprinkle in whatever bonus stats we want. So come loot time, we've gotten rid of all the rogue swords, or the hunter swords, or the int caster swords, or the tanking swords, it's now just swords. (Exceptions being of course some rangers and some casters who might take an inferior damaging weapon in favour of bonus stats granted.)

Originally Posted by blindhammer
2. When I attack with a Polearm, it does damage to all mobs in front! This is realistic!

While realistic, this is not new. All MMORPG's have AoE melee attacks...

Yes, this part of the combat system in AoC isn't truly spectacularly ground breaking. But it's definitely going to change the way groups interact with mobs. In standard MMO gameplay, we generally follow the pattern of: 1) Pull, 2) CC, 3) Assist maintank/main-assist and then kill each mob individually in a specific order. Yes there exists AoE melee attacks such as Cleave and Blade Flurry, and Whirlwind, but those abilities are (in general) on long cooldown timers and are not a staple of combat, but something we throw out now and again for flavour, or as "oh-s**t" burst damage options when things go bad. Now in AoC, with the combination of collision detection between mobs/players and this AoE cone melee attacks, things like CC and assisting the maintank/main-assist, and what not are going to be, if not more difficult, at least more challenging for groups. More interaction. More situational awareness required. More fun.

Originally Posted by blindhammer
3. I can swing in different directions!

From a code perspective, you're not doing anything new at all. All you are doing is providing a damage modifier depending on a mob's weakness or state. ..

Again, not revolutionary, but combined with collision between players/mobs, will change the pace of combat for all non-rogue players (who are used to doing the good old back attack dances from other MMOs). Now it's going to matter where you as a melee attacker are in regards to your party members and the position of the mob. Is this going to make or break most fights? No, but it's a nice addition to the genre. Now positioning matters for everyone, not just rogues and tanks. Now we as players have another option to play with and tweak to maximize our DPS

Originally Posted by blindhammer
Taunting / hate lists really are an extension of limited technology... EQ and AC used the same system but in a three-dimensional world... We've moved to the point where AoC has collision detection (technology has caught up) but it has kept the same system as EQ and diku muds, from what I have observed... If AoC really did have a unique combat system, they would eliminate all taunting and instead rely upon tactics and collision / blocking...

Yep, I'm not a big fan of hatelists/taunting but...

We're not at the point were truly adaptive AI can make it's presence known in an MMO (let alone a single player game), it's just too prohibitively computationally expensive. So we have to rely on dumb AI; essentially nested 'if' statements or even the case of MMOs and multiplayer games, a truly simplified system like a hatelist. You, as a game designer, know that you always have to balance fun versus features. Yes it would be really cool if we had intelligent AI/mobs that properly choose targets, but from a fun point of view, having the healer or mage die on every pull or in every fight... nope, not fun. So unfortunately there still is a need for dumb systems like hatelists and the ubiquitious taunt button/key.

Now, that being said, in AoC we can now have the opportunity to completely ignore taunting and/or hatelists in a lot of situations, expressly because we've got collision detection between players/mobs and the AoE nature of attacks. Now mages can hide out there in the back and lob the ol' fireball in there. And tanks can actually stand in front and *gasp* protect their friends who are behind them.

Is it perfect? No. But it's a step in the right direction.

Originally Posted by blindhammer
This is why AoC is generic. It's a boring system and an extension of code from 1991. And this is why I'm disappointed with the game. From a code-perspective, the combat system is pretty close to WoW... Again, this is no reflection of how AoC will be as a game. But, I don't find the system to be "revolutionary" at all.

I think you should take another look at the combat system and give it another think through. Yes, each of the various features of the combat system you mentioned are not all the different from things we've seen before, but the combination of all these features is going to fundamentally change the way most groups tackle fights in AoC. Situational awareness and positioning are going to be important for every single person in a party not just the 'rogue' players. Gone are the days of pulling mobs into the corner, and then autoattacking and watching TV. Gone are the days of pulling mobs into the corner and then playing whack-a-mole as you click the buttons on your hotbar as you cycle through the cooldown timers of your abilities.

Personally, I'm greatly looking forward too it.

I'm at a point were I can't say too much... and the servers are down for an update.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Trailer
3. Don't care about cartoon breasts... Mar 2, 2008, 12:35 Paranoid Jack
Edited to protect the not so innocent.
This comment was edited on Mar 2, 12:37.
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News Comments > New NVIDIA Beta Drivers
15. Re: Are all their drivers beta now? Sep 11, 2007, 00:26 Paranoid Jack
Damn, now you went and made him madd...

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > WoW Patches
13. D' oH! Mar 7, 2007, 22:06 Paranoid Jack
Any other Vista users having issues with the auto patches not installing properly?

Ah, well I was about to suspend my account again anyway.

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News Comments > UFO: Afterlight Q&A
6. Re: Well.... Mar 5, 2007, 09:52 Paranoid Jack

I ordered it from CD-NOW and got it in 7 or 8 days. The price was great with free shipping to boot. Via Hong Kong no-less. Had never heard or used them until now but I can honestly recommend their services now.

Great game so far and by far the best in the series. And to me far better than X-Com. Of course my nostalgia for the game may not be as great as yours.

Even more shocking is that me and Cheese are in agreement again.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bit
28. My Daughter would say... "Like Whatever" Feb 19, 2007, 23:44 Paranoid Jack
"If MS really cared about PC gaming they would have offered a version of Vista that turned off most of the junk services to improve performance and free up RAM. Something funny I had heard recently was that the Vista business version was actually better performing out of the box than ultimate because it doesn't eat up as much in resources."

I guess you got a different version of Vista than I did. But then there are numerous version anyway, hehe.

I have an upgrade version of Ultimate on my system and it runs just as well if not better than my XP installed on the same hardware but in a Raid 0 array. It's fast and I have yet to see the RAM indicator go above 40% usage.

I installed this upgrade as if it was a full version by wiping the hard drives after swapping the SATA cable from Raid to normal SATA connectors inside the box. I would recommend everyone install it on a clean HD.

I had installed it previously as an upgrade on my XP Raid 0 set-up and it took two hours to install and had several issues. Since then I've only had a video glitch if the monitor goes into sleep mode.

I'm very happy with it. It's a nice improvement over XP. But if you don't need to update don't. Just like buying a car. If your happy with your old one don't go purchasing a newer model.

"BTW: Golem, stop being such a MS shill. Change purely for changes sake is not a good thing. Had WinFS and all the other significant changes promised actualy been included in Vista, then maybe you'd have a point. Right now, Vista is merely XP+DRM+aero."

MacD, I take it you haven't seen or used the OS yet? There is quite a bit more to it than XP + DRM + Aero = Vista. I have a friend with a huge music library of downloaded oldies and they all play just fine on his Vista Home Premium edition with no down-grade in sound quality.

But hey, believe what you will. Nobody, to include MS is forcing you to upgrade or purchase anything. Even if you trying playing the DirectX 10 card it won't float since there are no exclusive DirectX 10 PC titles out as far as I know. Hell I have yet to hear of any even in pipeline yet.

Again it all comes down to what you want or like.

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News Comments > Jade Empire: Special Edition Preloads
16. Re: No subject Feb 17, 2007, 11:37 Paranoid Jack
Damn Staunch, I would rarely buy a game if they went for $80 regularly. I've bought a couple CE's higher than $60 but usually I buy games here in California from $50 to $5 depending on their shelf date.

I guess if games were higher priced I would have to be much more selective. I just bought Brigade E5 which has some good round-based combat in it but the over-all game couldn't really justify a $40 price point. I bought it at $20 and feel less ripped-off since I've had numerous hours of semi-fun game-play already.

As far as Jade (PC) I'm just not sure I will be able to get into it. Would anyone say it (Jade X-Box) was better than KotoR? And why?

Not much of a Star Wars fan and KotoR just felt too shallow. I never got more than ten or so hours into it both times I tried. So I gave it to my brothers son.

I think if I am going to roll the dice and gamble on another game soon I would go with Stalker. At least it will be something fairly different for me. I haven't bought a regular FPS in years. Though I was temped to buy Prey for $20 the other day.
This comment was edited on Feb 17, 11:40.
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News Comments > Brigade E5: New Jagged Union Sequel
3. Re: NOOOO Feb 16, 2007, 20:09 Paranoid Jack
I picked it up for $19.95 since I love turn-based/round-based games and I am almost ready to set it aside. It really has a lot of frustrating features (for lack of a better word).

Who knows maybe the sequel will be much better.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Jade Empire: Special Edition Preloads
4. Re: Release Date Feb 16, 2007, 20:06 Paranoid Jack
$40? You mean $4? Or is there some CE version going for$75.95? After seeing the price of that Vanguard CE I nothing would surprise me...

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News Comments > Gears of War PC... Eventually
8. Re: Pass Feb 15, 2007, 00:37 Paranoid Jack
"Halo was a big seller on PC"

Huh? It was? What are we calling a big seller now?

I also agree and would bet big money on the fact M$ paid them for a specific 360 exclusive time frame. Then they will announce it is being ported over to PC and how close to done they are. But since Halo was a two year exclusive by the time Gears hits PC everybody will be yawning while reading that news flash.

Besides we already have R6V that has as good or better game-play minus the monsters. Plus GRAW 2 is coming soon which will most likely inherit a lot of R6V's game-play style but in the Ghost Recon setting.

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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
6. Re: No subject Feb 11, 2007, 10:46 Paranoid Jack
What the hell? Did Tweakboy change his name or has fredrickson joined the hammiestudio club?

I think they are all one in the same.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. STALKER Feb 10, 2007, 13:03 Paranoid Jack
I was hoping the beta coming soon to Fileplanet was actually the single-player but it makes more sense that it is the multi-player component.

After reading their emphasis on reality in physics I am looking forward to this beta. Though I doubt they will capture the feeling of team based games like RvS I am still hopefully.

Avatar 11537
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