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News Comments > New America's Army
2. Huh? Oct 9, 2008, 23:11 Paranoid Jack
Look Turddies, cheating with hacks in any game is lame. If you can't play and be competitive without the hacks you should just move along. Installing downloaded skillz is as low as it gets when it comes to Internet gaming of any kind. Cheating in a single player game is lame too in my opinion but then to each his own...

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Damn we're all getting old... Oct 9, 2008, 01:42 Paranoid Jack
Thanks for being one of the best sites for gaming news for so many years. Hell, you've been doing this longer than Duke Nukem Forever has been in development... that's amazing!

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News Comments > Free Full Spectrum Warrior
17. My Take... For What It's Worth Oct 4, 2008, 01:23 Paranoid Jack
A friend and I both bought Full Spectrum Warrior hoping to play it Co-Op.

First problem. Co-Op didn't work at all. We only once got connected for roughly five or ten seconds before the game disconnected us. Usually the games both crashed or never full connected. If I wanted to play with complete strangers it was about a 50% chance I could connect with somebody before a crash or disconnect from the servers.

Second Problem. No support what so ever for the game. After purchasing this game my friend and I repeatedly called tech support concerning our connection issues since we were able to play a dozen other games without problems. Tech support told us they had no info on the game because it was so new. Over a three week period we were repeatedly told that or something similar because they had no info on the game. I have since followed a strict ban/boycott of any purchases having anything to do with Pandemic. Now Biowares owns them...

Third problem. Brain-dead AI at times. Tell a trooper to throw a frag or shoot an enemy that is within five feet of him, popping in and out from behind cover like a trash dumpster, and he will refuse to do it repeated. This didn't happen a lot but enough to ruin the game-play for me.

There were other issues but those are the main reasons the game's name brings up bad feels toward Pandemic.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Warhammer Online Patched
20. Best MMO to date. Oct 3, 2008, 01:18 Paranoid Jack
I'm loving it. And though it's not perfect it's damned fun. PvE is as good as any before it. Better than most. PQs add to that. But like everyone else has stated the PvP game is over the top. When your fighting to take a Keep or defending it and there are way over a hundred PCs & NPCs in the battle it's just tremendous fun.

There are lower level instances/dungeons in the cities also. Not sure how deep they are but I've seen them briefly before running for my life.

Has anyone noticed drops are better when grouping?

At one point during a PQ with a small Warband we were getting nice drops every dozen or so kills. And since then I haven't seen the items dropping so frequently. Yeah, a lot of the stuff is class/race specific but that is the nature of any MMO.

One of WAR's best achievements is that there is so much variety in their characters. They play so differently. Not just a different race with the same spells, buffs, and combat moves like other MMOs.

I'm very much looking forward to the add-on races/classes and areas. I plan on playing this on a regular basis for quite some time.

And if you think the low level RvR stuff is fun wait until you see the variety in the upper levels. Four tiers with three different types of RvR instances plus the huge RvR battlefield all over the game-world.

This game is not for the solo minded player though it still can be fun for those who enjoy mostly solo game-play. What I mean is WAR shines when you're playing RvR/PvP in a group. The larger the better...

This comment was edited on Oct 3, 01:22.
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News Comments > Age of Conan Server Merges Coming
20. AoC Negatives/Positives Sep 30, 2008, 11:35 Paranoid Jack
I'll start a list though from my experience it was and is a good game. I had very few issues during and after beta. Compared to others it was a good launch.

Again not all of these are my views just some/most I remember from friends and others on these forums.


* Lack of high end content. Mid to high end levels only have one or two areas to level in and the quests available are not sufficient. I'd say you notice this trend about level thirty and beyond. Though some may notice a slight decrease in content beginning in the mid to high twenties.

* Being forced to repeat the Tortage area ever character. Some people would like to skip the Tortage area saying it was too repetitive. Not sure why but that was a complaint.

* Features listed on the box are not fully implemented. The PvP combat is in but the benefits and consequences have yet to be fully fleshed out. Maybe somebody else can add to this since I was beta and didn't read the box I'm not sure about other features that are supposedly missing.

* Game is a resource hog. Graphics look like ass on low end systems and the game chokes the CPU/GPU. Nothing new here. Most PC gamers know this one already. If you want to play the latest and greatest on highest settings you have to invest in your system or upgrade periodically.

* Most zones or levels are smaller not wide open. Like the old days of EQ the zones are walled in some instances. Mountains and other obstacles create a funneling effect. Instances/buildings are small and require portaling in. The developers had larger more connected levels (especially the underground areas) but broken them up and made doors that portal you between sections. This broke up the smoother game play and added to the disconnected feeling while playing/zoning between levels.

* Broken/bugged quests. I'll leave the details to those who want to flesh them out.


* By far the best PvP combat of any MMO. Action and location oriented combat adds to the ultra violent content of the game world. I remember doing a lot of running because I was taking on higher level characters. Then I figured why run and die running? So I started standing my ground or using that ground to my advantage. I was pleasantly surprised to find out (depending on character types) I could take on two and even three opponents in PvP and kill most if not all of them. There were times I was taking on a pair of gankers two and three levels higher than me and winning just because I was active in the battle. Moving and taking advantage of location was key. Great fun.

* Great animations, finishing moves, character deaths are better than most MMOs.

* Some of the best graphics of any MMO if you have a system capable of showing them.

* Adult content to some extent less care-bear oriented questing.

* Full voice acting for the first twenty levels of game-play. Some of it may sound a bit cheesy to some but I thought it made the game stand out above the rest. Bad news is you miss it after leaving Tortage.

* Combat seemed a bit more random than most MMOs where all it takes is a glance at the NPCs level and type to determine if you would be successful. In AoC characters that are several levels below you can and will take you out if they get lucky and/or have skill in combat. This applies to both PvE and PvP from what I experienced. Though more so PvP.

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 11:43.
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News Comments > WAR: What is it Good For? 500K Subscribers
64. I ate my Cat? Sep 27, 2008, 10:07 Paranoid Jack
Damn, my wife told me it was just stringy beef in that stew. Wait a second... we don't own a cat. And my Chihuahua is still sitting there on the floor shacking like a little meth addict. So who's cat is it? The neighbors? Good, I hated that damned thing... always pooping in my yard.

Funny how the gov't keeps trying the Jedi mind trick on us... "What recession? There is no recession." Then Dubya says he (the gov't) has to bail out all those crooked lenders who made bad loans to people who couldn't afford these houses that are vacant all over the place... not to mention they couldn't afford the couple hundred thousand cash-out they got on top of the home loan.

But it's all good. Out here in Cali those same people are buying a second house that they can afford before they foreclose on that huge loan they should never have been given in the first place. So we the tax payers can pick up the tab once again...

Ah, I love Capitalism.

This comment was edited on Sep 27, 10:10.
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News Comments > WAR: What is it Good For? 500K Subscribers
60. G got Pwn'd Sep 27, 2008, 00:59 Paranoid Jack
Did you catch that debate? Grandpa stomped him. I'm Independent and an equal opportunity hater of both parties.

As far as WAR goes I am thrilled with it. From beta to retail I loved WoW but hated it equally over time. So far no negatives for WAR. Will it keep me playing for months? I think so. The ease at which you can participate in RvR battles makes this a great alternative to other team games like TF2. You can just jump in game and play fast.

And yes, at the lowest levels you can enter into meaningful RvR combat. Not that your level two given a RvR level boost is going to be able to take out a level ten or twelve without some help.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Q&A
13. Re: The Witcher Sep 26, 2008, 18:36 Paranoid Jack
It wasn't very buggy to begin with if you ask me. I had little to no problems running it. Can't even remember if it crashed to desktop. I played Act I three times through and the entire game as a semi-goodie-two-shoes character with nothing that stands out as a show stopper or even a bump in the road. But then I am a thousand times more understanding than 90% of the posters here...

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Metaverse
1. Verizon FiOs is throttled to some extent Sep 25, 2008, 13:32 Paranoid Jack
One larger fiber feeds a set number of houses which basically divides or throttles that prem to a set bandwidth. Of course the speeds can be moved up or down to some extent depending on needs or usage. I can't remember the specifics. I think it's one large fiber (1024MBs) feeds thirty two smaller fibers (32MBs). And don't quote me on this since I don't work for Verizon. But out west it's going to be divided like this for now. One 10MB Data (DSL), up to four HDTV signals, and four VOIP signals... per prem. Again all those presets can be changed from what I understand. So yeah, you could say your not limited or throttled by today's standards but that is only half the truth. Again that is my understanding for FTTP. FTTN or fiber via VRAD will be allotted similarly if not the same.

This comment was edited on Sep 25, 13:47.
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News Comments > Spore Sales
8. Want to try it but no rush. Sep 24, 2008, 22:16 Paranoid Jack
There are plenty of great games out right now that don't include the digital version of AIDS... SecuROM.

So I'll try it out a bit later when the smoke settles and they've finally removed it. Maybe a Steam version?

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > On Fallout 3 Mod Tools
29. Re: Verno Sep 24, 2008, 21:39 Paranoid Jack
I can't go into all the bullshit they put out in the media that turned out to be false but let me touch on a few. I won't even mention the game was playable at level one from start to finish...

I know, I know... mods made Oblivion the best game evar. So some people say. If I'm not mistaken about 101 Reviewers and Previewers said that about the original version. I can't get past the old been there done that feeling the last few times I loaded it up so I can't say just how great mods have made the original turd shine.

I'm talking about Bethesda and vanilla Oblivion. I have yet to try it with a gig of mods to make it into a great game... so I can't comment on the Radiant AI after modding. But I sure as hell remember the Retarded AI before modding.

So number one for me was the BS about how good the Radiant AI was supposed to be. Those statements and videos alone should piss off most people who bought Oblivion. The AI was not even close to being what their scripted events in demos showed it to be. Remember Todd talking about walking near NPC having a conversation and over-hearing some info that would lead to a quest? I may be wrong but I took it he was insinuating that was normal for their Radiant AI. As long hours of game-play and the dozens of YouTube videos showed us it was all hype.

After hearing NPCs with multi personality disorders talk about Mudcrabs a hundred times I never wanted to hear them say shit... ever again. In fact I made it a part of the game to kill every NPC who even mentioned those horrible Mudcrabs. Was it fun? Yeah, but was it deep game-play? Not even close. Not what they promised. Not even close.

So besides the horrid Radiant AI and terrible voice acting (done by the same three actors I might add) which was applied to 95% of the NPC population you also had the lack of any meaningful consequences.

After the novelty of the games graphics wore off. After playing the Dark Brotherhood quest line you realized you had seen the best the game had to offer, why continue? Unless you just had nothing better to do. After realizing you could join every guild (all at once) and work your way through their quest line to their top positions without effecting the other guilds who supposedly were at odds with several you were a member of... well if it took you that long to figure it out you probably don't really give a damn about choice and consequences.

Without meaningful choices that have consequences an cRPG is more like a First Person/Third Person Action Adventure with cRPG-Lite elements tacked on as an after thought. Oblivion was good for that. It was a beautiful Disneyland game-world that had great exploration for a few dozen hours. And you could find a ton of things to do to amuse yourself in the game-world not to mention the quests. But the game-play was all bling. After you looked past the shiny graphics you started to notice it was all a shallow studio setting. Like going to Universal Studios and driving through a set. Everything was a facade. Nothing was deeper than image. And without the action hero actors it's little more than a fake environment where something great could happen if you get the right script, the right director, and the right cast involved. That's where the modders stepped in.

The game had huge potential but fell flat for me. And I know they are claiming to have created F3 to actually have choice and meaningful consequences but I'll wait and see now that the modders may not be able to fix it if it's another Oblivion.

I realize this all boils down to personal tastes and opinion is certainly a huge factor but that is after you get past the lies and deceptive marketing that was put out for months prior to it's release. Plus the tons of reviews that all said the same things and stamped the game with near if not perfect scores.

So yeah, I'm just a bit jaded. I was forgiving afterward but now I'm wondering if the righting is on the wall concerning F3. Yet we just refuse to read it for what it is.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > On Fallout 3 Mod Tools
23. WTF? Sep 24, 2008, 19:38 Paranoid Jack
This has been one over the top drama filled development and we have yet to see the release. What next? I've lost track of all the ups and downs since 2006. Frankly I'm tired of the bullshit. After watching the demos from the trade shows I finally got semi-excited about this release. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I settled with the fact this was F3 in name alone. I even pre-ordered the CE (not that Survival Edition). Now this shit.

I fully understand the animosity and mistrust toward Bethesda. I think it is warranted after the false advertising concerning Oblivion's features and depth of game-play. But I don't hold a grudge well... so I was going to purchase the game to find out for myself. Measure it on its own merits. Not anymore.

I intend to cancel my pre-order unless I see a confirmation that tools of some-type will be released eventually... if not soon after the game goes retail. After Oblivion I'm just not going to purchase a Bethesda game because they use to make good games years ago. That doesn't cut it anymore. Same with Biowares... if Dragon Age sucks I'm done purchasing out of good faith. We'll shift to bargain bin or late purchases after months of Metacritic scores are tallied.

Call me jaded....

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News Comments > Vanguard Wants You Back
3. Re: Thanks But NO Thanks Sep 24, 2008, 02:51 Paranoid Jack
Yes and No.

Yes, I haven't played the current version. But I have plenty relevant to say. In one sentence... This game is a step backwards in modern MMO design and execution. Are you saying it has somehow become an awesome game since I last tested it?

And to turn your statement back toward you... actually your shorter comment has little of relevance. At least mine had twice as much info as yours.

This comment was edited on Sep 24, 02:53.
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News Comments > The Witcher Strands of Destiny: Deception Mod
1. SaWEET! Sep 24, 2008, 02:40 Paranoid Jack
Loving it. One of my all time favorite games just keeps getting better.

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News Comments > Vanguard Wants You Back
1. Thanks But NO Thanks Sep 24, 2008, 00:29 Paranoid Jack
I beta tested for a few days... then months later gave them a second chance by purchasing a reduced priced copy for $20... that was several long months ago. I still feel ripped off.

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News Comments > WAR Banhammer Striketh
38. Yep -3 Sep 24, 2008, 00:26 Paranoid Jack
"They are both saying they have no interest in this game... which shows their intelligence + 1. "

What makes it even funnier is that somebody actually thought he was two separate posts. So that means forums intelligence as a whole dropped.... -3

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > etc.
1. Well... D'ah! Sep 21, 2008, 14:24 Paranoid Jack
"-- but I don't see that as a threat or a signaling, we're not backing away from it at all."

"We've taken a lot of the PC games where we kind of had them on a gondola, from a space perspective. But we've just realized, this is too important of a category, so we've put a lot of them up on the wall again where there's stronger representation in our stores."

These guys must be idiots. Over the years they have reduced the PC Games section of their stores down to a rack or two and then wonder why sales are down in their stores?

Let me give you a fucking clue... It's because every PC gamer who uses your stores on a regular basis already knows that if they didn't pre-order it the manager got maybe a half dozen copies if anything. So they go someplace else. Someplace where they have a better chance of finding a copy on the shelf. Someplace that has sales on opening weekend for major titles. Imagine that?

It's morons like these managing companies that drive their business away... to the competitors or the Net.

Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Warhammer Online EU Woes Continue?
17. Re: No subject a.k.a. Huh? Sep 20, 2008, 03:33 Paranoid Jack
I won't even go into it. Sounds to me like you went into a PvP battlefield filled up on all the green quest icons you could without reading or thinking that maybe since you entered into a PvP area they may be PvP quests? But I'm just guessing since your sentence structure hurts my head.

Yes, there are a few quest to lead you to the PvP content just like there are quests to lead you to the capitol city and the other regions. Do you have to do them... well no. Either way I can understand you being upset because you can't swim below the water like you did in WoW. That was a nice touch.

Which two characters did you play to level ten and explain how they are cookie cutter, please?

This comment was edited on Sep 20, 03:47.
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News Comments > Warhammer Online's Cut Content to Return for Free
27. I wonder why they did it? Sep 19, 2008, 21:11 Paranoid Jack
Most likely the numbers are not matching. I know I get the pre-order cards from GameStop without ordering all the time. I'll later return to pay for the future delivery. But then I'm a preferred customer there. They know I won't take a promotion item on a game I have no intention of buying. The guy who gave me my CE code card months ago wanted to give me a chance to see what the game had to offer after we talked about the negative comments from supposed beta testers on the Net. He basically sold me on the game by giving me those codes.

I got one for the CE and the SE later only putting down money on the SE because the CE orders had already been stopped. I told the managers and half the guys in there to call me if they had any CEs come in that weren't picked up.

And they just got three in this mourning. So I jumped on it. I love the game and won't regret the purchases anymore than I regret the WoW CE purchase four years ago. Or the Diablo II CE years before that. I loved them all for better or worse.

Anyway, seeing how this store got in three more copies of a supposedly sold out CE I'm betting the numbers were off. My guess is that a lot of people got their pre-order cards and were hoping to play the Closed Beta/Open Beta/Early Access and then go pick up the game a week or so after launch... if at all.

Hell, I've done it myself on several games. I pre-order and something last minute changes my mind. Like all the negative PR for Spore just a week or two prior to release. I never picked it up just moved my pre-order money to another title.

So hopefully those of you who haven't yet picked up your copy and want to continue playing will actually find a copy waiting for you at the store. Of course they will have a steady stream of copies trickling into stores for months to come.

This mourning my friend was told if he hadn't called first thing this mourning before driving out to pick-up his copy later today that it may have been sold. The store manager had already told employees to sell the copies not yet paid for or that had not already been arranged for pick-up today.

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News Comments > Enhanced Edition Patch for The Witcher
12. Overload Sep 19, 2008, 20:34 Paranoid Jack
PC Gaming goodness is at an all time high... at least for me. We have several great releases just out and several due next month. I'm downloading the patches now but will most likely sit on them for a while. Plus I plan on ordering a EE Import from GoGamer. Some nice goodies in the box and it goes to a great cause.

These guys should have a press release about their next project soon, I hope.

Avatar 11537
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