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38. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 17, 2013, 07:38 Rigs
Wow...just wow...I'm talking about some of the comments here, not the trailer, btw...

What we need to do is just agree here and now that, like every other geeky/nerdy debate (Mac vs PC, PC vs Console, Apple vs MS, Coke vs Pepsi, Black vs Whi...wait...) some of us are going to like the new Star Trek movie(s) and some of us aren't. Personally, I liked it very much and it's a fav of mine. I thought the TNG movies just didn't have the 'punch'-factor like the previous TOS/TMP-era movies did, for whatever reason. There were nice glimpses and near misses in all of them but not one movie that people can stand up and say, 'Yeah! That kicked ass!'.

Generations was ok, in parts, glaring plot holes excused. It was nice to see the 'D' in movie form, but it kinda pissed me off that they turned around and blew the damn thing up! They get themselves out of tight squeezes for over 7 years in the series and in one movie, they manage to blow the damn thing to hell?! It felt forced and really unnecessary to me. It was cool, no doubt, but sad that they had to take it that far for their first damn movie...

Then, of course, the 'fan-fav' of the TNG movie circuit, First Contact. You know, for me, personally, the Borg were never a big draw for me to watch. Yes, BoBW was cool to watch, if for seeing all the ship kitbashes all blown to pieces that you'd never seen before, but the Borg themselves were kinda...'meh'. I get it, they're evil. Fine. But it seems like they try to stuff it down my throat whenever they get a little screen time. Dark, moody theme music, funky dark, mechanical look. All well n' good. Just the premise of what they are and how they work in the universe is just kinda plain. You see it in the games, they're always the 'evil race'. No if's, and's or but's about it. No room for much character development. The space combat scene in the beginning is awesome, yes. Of course it's the highlight but the rest of the movie kinda drags on after. And, once again, some of the plot leaves itself looking like Swiss cheese when looked at more closely. This would probably be the closest to TNG's Wrath of Khan as Nemesis just totally missed any redeeming qualities that put it any where near there...

The movies after FC seem to blend together and really aren't very memorable or likeable. Insurrection I found to be on par with TMP's Final Frontier (ouch), just not very enjoyable and certainly not something I'd grab to introduce someone to the Trek universe. Nemesis was a little better but still not that memorable. They had such a diverse history from the series and the TNG universe itself to pull from, like exploring anything for any of the episodes in the TNG series and yet they kept thinking NEW things up instead, which I thought was just dumb. Why no go back and explore some of the more memorable episodes and expand on them? They had the chance to really do some good stuff and choose to just be ho-hum about the whole thing. Not to mention actually going out of their way to retcon some serious head-scratchers. The one that sticks in my mind the most right now is the use of a fucking JOYSTICK in Insurrection to control the Enterprise! That right there showed how much the producers really cared about what they were doing and the movie they were making. I have no doubt the cast would have loved to go back and do something from their series past but Mr. Bigshot himself, Rick Berman, always had the final say in everything and he decided to just pour mud on something that could have been great... (I liken him to Brain Fargo, whom I will NEVER forgive for killing 'Secret of Vulcan Fury' and canning the 'Klingon Academy' dev team just a month and a half after release, shortly after the second patch. Not to mention FORCING them to use the practically broken 'Starfleet Academy' code to build 'KA' from in the first place...)

As for this game, it looks pretty interesting but seeing how the industry as a whole and recent big releases have been lately, I'll hold my opinion until there's something more substantial to give it on...

nin wrote on Feb 16, 2013, 14:54:
How about a kickstarted updated to egatrek? That was the shit back in the day...

Funny you mention that, nin, as I've been working on an 'update' to it for a while now. Just design wise as I don't know programming but I have a lot of ideas on how a modern 'EgaTrek' could look like and work. There have been other fan-made games out there in the same spirit as 'EgaTrek'. Check out TrekCore and this list for more. Actually, I feel that the game 'Rules of Engagement 2' is very much in the spirit of a Trek type of game. I play it quite a bit still today, albeit in DOSBOX, but it runs fine and is very detailed. I once had the physical version of it, which had three manuals, one being like over 200 pages and the other around 100. Wish I still had it now! I can't find the manuals anywhere online for 'ROE2'. The first one, yes. Not the second. But if you guys are looking for something like 'EGATrek' just maybe a little better graphics and a little more depth (including managing captains, ships and combat strategy), you can't go wrong with 'ROE2'....

Avatar 14292
'Now, we gave you a promise and we are bound by that promise and damn you for asking for it! And damn me for agreeing to it! And damn all of us to Hell because that is exactly where we're going!'
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