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26. Re: Steam Beta Allows Custom Installation Locations Sep 12, 2012, 20:44 Dev
CJ_Parker wrote on Sep 12, 2012, 18:58:
Dev wrote on Sep 12, 2012, 17:15:
3) Steam controls like crazy? WTF? They are some of the least controlling out there.

I'm speechless... this must be a case of someone being controlled so hard that they have lost all sense of being controlled... or something like that.

Seriously, I have come to appreciate Steam over the years but contrary to some propaganda victims like yourself I'm not blind to the fact that Gabe & co are all about controlling a major share of the digitally distributed gaming content on the PC platform (= what you'd usually expect from the platform leader or OS maker a.k.a MS but MS is apparently too busy with their Xbox control freakage to bother just even generally farting in Valve's direction).

Also, speaking in principle, every restriction of Steam (and there are shitloads when you think about it) is in effect an exercise of control.

Steam in and by itself and in its function as a digital distribution tool of publishers does indeed control like crazy. I find it outright scary that some people don't even realize that anymore. It reinforces suspicion that too much gaming might not be good for one's IQ.
Seriously. Open your eyes, people. And use your brain for more than just thinking about whether $9.99 is a good deal for Crysis or not. Jeez...

Propaganda victim? Do you bother to read anything I post? I'm one of the most vocal critics of valve and steam. Even in this very thread I criticized them.
Here's something I said in this thread:
"Gabe and his obsession (his word not mine) with employee health has led them to this flat no management structure where all desks have wheels and they mostly only work on things interesting to them."
Does that really sound like I'm a blind fanboi of gabe and valve? That kinda company structure is awesome for working there. Not so much for customers.

As a gamer, heres what I'm mostly concerned with. Can I play the games I paid for whenever the frack I want, on whatever computers I want. If I lose the disk can I still play the game? If my computer gets wiped, can I install and play the game? If I change a video card can I still play a game? On many DRM schemes, the above answers are no.

When I want to play a game, I run steam and the game runs. When I want to play a game on my laptop, I run steam and the game runs. If I want to play a game at a friends house, I run steam and the game runs. If the game needs to be installed, it installs. If I make a backup of a game so I don't have to download, it uses the backup. If I can't connect to the internet, I can still play single player games, which is to be expected. It would be kinda hard to play multiplayer games online without actually being online. Steam fixed some bugs with offline recently, and yes the offline mode works. You don't have to be online first to go offline.

Now compare that to my experience with GfWL in the past. When I've installed it, it crashes, not just the game, but bluescreens in some cases. When I've tried to update it, it freezes the game (even if I leave it on an entire day). I've had to reboot multiple times to get GfWL updated before. And that doesn't count countless rebooting from uninstalling and reinstalling and trying to fix things. Things like MS deciding to start hiding a program that needs to be updated from the uninstall list, so you have to go install and uninstall other programs, like live messenger, and hope that updates the component in question. Incidentally, I'm still curious as to why windows update is a hidden process that accounts for a computer being at 100% CPU load but when you open the task manager, nothing it over 5%. I've had to spend probably 50 hours on fixing problems with GfWL preventing me from playing my games when I want to play them on various computers. I've had problems on every OS I've used with GfWL, from win XP to win 7. Everytime a new game with GfWL comes out, I have more problems. I think this last time is the only time I haven't had to fix problems (when I bought dead rising 2 off the record), and thats only because I already had GfWL updated from the another game I had that used it, I think one of the warhammer ones. Can you tell I hate GFWL?

Then there's the always on DRM like ubisoft. Installing rootkits and secret web browser controls. Making it so when I want to play settlers 7, it will only let if me their servers are up. They STILL had problems with authentication last time I played settlers years after it came out, problems that prevented me from playing the game I bought.

Thats what I compare steam to. That level of control. Its mostly transparent to the average gamer (unless publishers force 3rd party DRM layers on top). Thats what I want. I want DRM that doesn't bother legitimate customers (most forms of DRM, thats all they do, they don't stop anything but the most casual of piracy, unless they are draconian always online ones, and even those don't stop it all).

BTW, one thing steam can be very effective at, is stopping piracy before the release date. Namely because of games that use the steam platform properly to unlock the game and download the last exe file etc after a release date. And if a platform can stop that kinda piracy, thats about as good as you can hope for for most protection.

This comment was edited on Sep 12, 2012, 20:59.
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