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78. Re: Steam Top 10 Jul 16, 2012, 13:41 Eirikrautha
Creston wrote on Jul 15, 2012, 23:21:
Been playing Space Marine.

It's a fairly decent title, but it seems to wobble between fun and just annoying. There are some fun levels where you can lay waste to entire armies of orcs in fun and spectacular ways, and then there are levels where every room you enter has 10 snipers, hallways where a bomb-hound drops basically right on top of you (which kills you at difficulty normal or higher), areas where rocket nobs are shooting at you and you can't kill them (which has to be my absolute favorite.)

It also has absolutely bizarre pacing issues. You'll be fighting orcs for a good ten minutes straight, and then suddenly you go into a ten minute stretch where all you do is walk into a room, go to the door with the green button, hit the green button, watch it open, go into the next (basically identical) room, go towards another door with a green button, hit the button, watch door open, go into 3rd room, look for door with green button, etc.

The game helpfully auto-saves in about every other room, because God forbid you lose progress in empty rooms. Then you come upon a mega battle, followed by a miniboss at the end, and it refuses to auto-save anywhere, so if you die, yeah, you get to kill all the 2000 orcs again before you get another shot at the miniboss.

And then there's the elevators. About a million of them. Each of them goes slower than Mass Effect's elevators, and especially in level 5 or 6, you have to go onto about 12 of them in fairly short succession. I think I spent three hours just standing on a fucking elevator...

Combine that with the rather inane method of healing: I don't mind that your space marine doesn't regenerate health (even though he DOES regenerate armor? WTF?), if the method for regaining health wasn't so nonsensical. In order to regain health, you have to execute an enemy. How do you execute an enemy? Well, first you have to stun them by using a combination attack + stun. The combo for these is fairly finnicky, as you need to time them quite precisely, otherwise the combo doesn't work, and you just do a normal attack.

So here you are, low on health, in the midst of an orc horde, and you need to regain health. Okay, chop chop stun. Shit. chop stun. shit. Chop chop chop stun. Hey, a stun worked!

Then, the enemy that you stunned (and is ready for execution) typically falls at least 10 feet back from where he was standing, so you need to run over to him and execute him. The execution typically takes 5 or so seconds (10 in case of a Nob), during which you happily continue to take damage from the 30 other orcs around you.

If you're lucky, you will regain a nice chunk of health. (a nob will completely heal you, but smaller enemies give you about 25% or so) Most of the times, however, you'll regain a little bit and you need to start to try to stun something again.

It's beyond me how on earth a developer came up with that system and didn't think "you know... if a player is low on health, maybe forcing him to run into a horde of Orcs and try to pull off our finnicky combo's in order to regain some isn't really the best system..."

Also, in chapter 2 you get a jump pack, which is glorious, GLORIOUS fun. Raining death from above on your enemies is fantastic, it controls like a charm, it's awesome. Seriously, it was at that point where i was like "Okay! Now the fun is STARTING! THIS GAME FUCKING ROCKS!"

And then five minutes later you have to take it off again, and then you get it back... well, I dunno, really. I'm in chapter 10 now, and I've still to see it. Same developer: "Hmmm, the jump pack is WAY too much fun. Let's immediately take it away again! PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS GAME!"

Fucking hell...

It looks nice, the fights are fun if you can avoid getting slaughtered (which isn't easy in the later levels) and some of the weapons are pretty cool. I paid 15 bucks for the whole pack (not realizing that all the DLC is multiplayer only. Sigh) and I think if you get it at the 7.50 or 10 buck mark you'll get your value out of it. But it definitely seems like one of those games that was designed by a checkbox committee, and nobody ever actually bothered to test and make sure it was FUN to play.


Er... what he said!

I didn't buy the DLCs, so I think I paid a fair price for what it is. I do hate the difficulty swings (which you so eloquently related in your post), but what I'm really missing is the drive to play it. The WH40K universe is cool, so I should be chomping at the bit to play again. But not so much. In fact, I'm thinking of restarting the game in easy mode, just so that I can enjoy the feeling of badass I expect from an Ultramarine...
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