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47. Re: Epic Assisting Big Huge Games Jun 6, 2012, 00:29 RollinThundr
Beamer wrote on Jun 5, 2012, 19:33:
Agent.X7 wrote on Jun 5, 2012, 11:24:
RollinThundr wrote on Jun 5, 2012, 10:20:
Beamer wrote on Jun 5, 2012, 09:44:
The idea that "anyone can rise above" is such "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" garbage. I believed it, too, until I moved to the slums of Newark, NJ. Trust me, no one there can do any such thing. Go find yourself an inner city teacher to talk to and ask what kind of opportunities their kids have. Most of them live in slums with used needles in the hallways, used condoms in the stairwells and gunshots in the walls. They come home to parents passed out on the couch from drugs. Do you actually think an elementary school kid coming home to this is thinking "gee, I better learn my multiplication tables!" No, they're not, and no one is guiding them. By the time they realize, if they ever realize, it's far too late. No school will take them, odds are their family has already pushed them to drop out to supplement the income...

Yes, poor life choices, but these choices are often made for them before they have an idea they're being made.
It's a ridiculously privileged thing to say "they made poor life choices, but anyone can change that." No, some people can't. Your comment is like that 50 year old white dude that wrote the Forbes article "if I was a poor black teenager I'd spend every free hour in the library so that I could get an education." Great. If I was a parrot I'd learn to speak Arrested Development quotes so people would feed me more often.

I lived in a shitty low income neighborhood while down in Va Beach, working retail for 3 years. Most of the people there were too busy gambling on the lottery, or getting into fist/gun fights in the little strip mall across from where my complex was to give a shit about having a better life.

And any single time the cops would show up to break something up, all you heard was "this is racial profiling" etc.

Again yes it sucks to be born into low income, but a person always has a personal choice if they want to stay in that sort of life or not.

This whole libral mantra that the government needs to take care of people using other people's money is the biggest sham known to man.

Let's face it, personal responsibility is dead, it's always someone else's fault, heck just look at Obama, It's Bush's fault, it's Congress' fault, his failures are everyone's fault but his own.

I grew up on a farm, dirt poor. I own my own store now. Your belief that poor people cannot better themselves? Wrong. My wife was an inner city teacher. Teachers tell kids all the time that they need to better themselves. Some kids listen and better themselves. My wife has kids that were living in tenements who ended up going to Ivy league schools on scholarships. And she has kids who are right where their parents were. Whose fault is that? The kids. You can make all the excuses you like, but at the end of the day everyone is responsible for themselves.

And don't BS me about people not wanting to be on welfare. I grew up around people who were overjoyed to be allowed to sit and do nothing day after day because the government was paying for their existence. And I see those same people in my store every week. If you believe all this bleeding heart BS about poor people it's because you've never actually met one in your life.

If you lived on a farm you weren't the same kind of poor.

Speaking of "haven't actually met one," go drive to Paterson, NJ and spend a day in the criminal courthouse. Meet the defendants. Meet their toddlers. Tell me if you think those toddlers have a chance.

I agree there's no personal responsibility, but some people never had a chance to be responsible - they were ruined before that.
And why are we looking at the lack of personal responsibility and choosing to solve it with a lack of social responsibility?

Regardless, whatever, do away with welfare, I don't particularly care, I'm more interested in doing away with the extremely rich being the only people in this country with any wealth at all.

Problem with that is Beamer, alot of the "social responsibility" as you call it, is what created the whole entitlement garbage in the first place.

It's to the point where kids never learn a damn thing because they're coddled to the point of thinking the real world is sunshine and roses. Every kid gets a trophy for showing up, schools are so focused on making sure little billy doesn't get bullied that actual important things like reading and writing and math are put on the back burner. Hell words like retard are pretty much swear words at this point.

The whole Political Correctness batshittery has turned this country into a bunch of entitled spoiled brats who wouldn't know a day of hard work if it ran up and kicked them in the face. Good job liberals!

That's really your problem right there in a nutshell. Not the big bad evil rich people, and small business owners who you know.. create jobs. But hey, lets go after the rich people, and when they ship all the jobs to China and move out of the US when they're taxed to death we'll have even less jobs to cry about.

Why not do the logical thing instead, eliminate all the tax loopholes for corporations, and cut out all the ridiculous spending we do?
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