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110. Re: ... Jun 19, 2007, 01:21 JD
The post is about Valve and Steam
No, it isn't, you stupid fuck. It is only about five specific Valve games bundled in one retail package. FIVE. I'd ask you to name the five, but you obviously can neither read nor count that high.

Since when does liking certain Valve products make me a Valve lemming? Oh yeah, it doesn't.
That is not what makes you a Valve lemming. It's a combination of things like the fact that you praise Valve and its games including those not even released yet at the expense of games from other developers such as Quake Wars which you have never even played (see . Another is the fact that you are so stupid and lazy that you would go to Valve's website or Steam to buy Telltale's games instead of going Telltale's website directly. You are so conditioned to love and follow Valve that it's the first place you think of when you think of games. From your comment you apparently don't even realize you do these things. That is what makes you a Valve lemming.

So buying games is bad for the developer?
No, dipshit. Read EVERYTHING I wrote on that and think about it. It is bad for the developer when you go through a middleman to buy its game when you could buy them just as easily directly.

If the developer didn't profit from the deal then they wouldn't be doing it.
Developers do it because they know there are fucks like you who are either too stupid or too lazy to go anywhere but Steam to buy their games rather than going to their own website. So, they figure they would rather get a piece of your money than none at all. But, if you weren't such a stupid and lazy fuck, developers wouldn't have to use Valve as their pimp and have it take a good portion of their earnings.

How mature. You can't think of anything intelligent to say so you resort to a quip about Valve raping me. That's rather pathetic.
hahahahahaha! Just when I thought you couldn't be more of a stupid hypocrite, you just outdid yourself. Let's recount some of the pathetic, immature, and juvenile insults you have slung at me in this thread:

I hope you inhale a brick and die.
Still, at least I don't get raped by my father consistently.
it must be inconvenient writing all these insults with a throbbing black cock in your mouth.
(By the way you must think the notion of it being black makes it extra insulting, you racist prick.)
And I've heard that even rapists avoid your mother because she's so much of a slut.
And now you have the stupidity to think that what I wrote was immature? You initiated that shit, and now that my retorts have made you look like a bigger fool, you try to take the high road. You just can't get any more hypocritical than that. God damn that's funny.

In fact my comment about Valve in this thread talks about how I think Ep1 is shit and how Valve can't deliver games on time.
You are like a wife you fusses at her husband all the time but still goes to bed with him every night and would never leave him. You can protest all you want, but you know you are a Valve fanboy at heart, and your post history proves it.

You've launched this great crusade against me for no particular reason.
It was you who initiated a crusade against me after I insulted your boyfriend Dacock for his Steam ad spamming.

Please find one place where I suggest anyone buy ANYTHING from Steam. Oh yeah, you can't.
I don't have to look very hard. In trying to justify why you (and by inference anyone else) would buy the Sam & Max episodes from Steam, you wrote the following in post #76 in this thread:

Because I am familiar with Steam and like the way it organises games I own. I was waiting for the episodes to be bundled at retail but Steam allows me to get the episodes without having to leave the house. I don't game that much and I really can't be bothered having 15 different applications open to run my games... the more I can run through Steam, or a Steam-rival, the better. I have no particularly loyalty to Valve but Steam works and I haven't had any problems. If it ain't broke don't fix it
That right there is an endorsement ad for Steam, and it does "suggest anyone buy ANYTHING from Steam." Valve should actually use it and get a young woman to play your part. Your lines wouldn't even have to be changed much. I can see it now. "Oh between shopping and getting my hair and nails done, I don't game that much and I really can't be bothered having 15 different applications open to run my games. Steam allows me to get my games without having to leave the house so I can spend more time making out with my boyfriend, Valve." I especially loved how you try to make it more credible by adding "I have no particularly loyalty to Valve", but then of course you followed it with "but Steam works...". Now that's some good shilling!

So repeatedly stating I get raped by Valve reflects positively on the company?
I never said you were getting raped by Valve. Valve is not raping you. You are gladly sucking its cock and letting it fuck you. You simply don't want to admit it, so you pretend that it is rape.

So Valve proactively getting its corporate penis out and inserting it up my tender, juicy ass doesn't say anything negative about Valve at all? All your comments paint Valve in a VERY negative light and whilst you might not have stated you hate them the effect is the same.
The effect is NOT the same at all. Valve is a business, and as such of course it is going to take advantage of fools like you. I admire Valve as a business, and Valve has made some good games. However that doesn't mean I approve of all of its business practices. Valve is becoming no different from any of the big greedy publishers like EA in screwing small developers like Telltale out of the profits they deserve. It's a sad state of affairs that so many gamers like you are so hooked on Valve and Steam that they won't look to the developer's own website for their download purchases.

Look, I may disagree with you and what you're saying but promoting Hitler and the Nazi philosophy here is just plain offensive and completely off topic.
I know you are frustrated that you can't best me in an argument and that I have repeated made you look stupid and hypocritical, but you have reached a new low with that fake quote about Hitler. I'm all for free speech, but when you libel someone as you just did me, you deserve to be banned from this forum. I don't know if Blue has a policy for bans, but making up offensive speech and falsely attributing it to me as you just did certainly deserves you being banned.

By the way I have wasted way too much time on your sorry ass, and I am not going to waste any more. Valve can have your ass back. You're too stupid, lazy, and dishonest to learn anything anyway.

This comment was edited on Jun 19, 08:52.
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