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31. Some last remarks Jun 28, 2006, 03:04 Creston
I remember someone once wondering if the game had random mobs. I can confirm that it does. I had to restart because of the ALT-TAB thing (restart from the last rebirth shrine), and the mobs around it were very different from what I'd had there first.

There are many things this game does that it does better than Diablo. Better skill optimization, ability to have more skills going at the same time, far more skillsets to choose from, more varied monsters, obviously better graphics etc.
It also has things it does worse. The backpack still doesn't auto-optimize, which is the biggest fucking annoyance in the entire game, and I can't fucking BELIEVE that they still haven't fixed that (since everyone complained about it after the demo). Diablo also had better pacing. In Diablo it seemed as if you were ALWAYS fighting, here I often have to run for 10-20 seconds before finding a new mob. Maybe I remember Diablo wrong though.

It's hard to say if this game is better than Diablo, but I think for it to be mentioned in the same breath as Diablo is already a lot of praise.

I LOVE the fact that you find tons of loot in this game. I've found 3 uniques so far, 2 of them were bows, but the last one I found was an armor designed for Warfare users. Armor 46, +10 str, +32 health, -5% to all warfare requirements and +1 to all warfare skills. Obviously this armor is very powerful for the level that I am, but I enjoy that. I got lucky, and now the game is easier for a little bit until the monsters have caught up in level.

I can understand that that's not everyone's cup of tea, some people don't like being able to find stuff that powerful that early on (to be honest, it's probably a low level unique, but for my character it's very powerful), but I enjoy it. I hate games where they force you to play for 60 hours before they finally give you something good. I play games to be entertained, not to be strung along by a carrot on a line.

Also, the magical items in this game are POWERFUL. Since the last game in this vein that I played was Guild Wars, where every single bit of loot is absolutely fucking WORTHLESS (I think artifacts in GW give +5% damage or something, woopteefuckingdoo), this is a nice breath of fresh air. I found my first green item (ie, powerful magic item), and it gave +32% to piercing damage, +48% to health regeneration, +8% chance to dodge projectiles and +37% damage resistance vs beasts.

THAT'S a magic item. The yellow stuff beneath it is hit and miss, but even there you can find powerful stuff. I got a ring that gave +52 energy and +48 health.

All in all, that stuff adds up, and it makes mobs easier for a bit. I like that, but I can see how some people wouldn't.

Finally, I have absolutely no problem with the static world vs the random environments of Diablo. Diablo's "Random" environments were basically the same nine map pieces with the empty hut and the fallen ruin etc pieced together in random ways, and always having to walk around trying to find the ladder got annoying pretty fast (one reason why nearly EVERYONE used maphack). Here, your path is pretty straightforward, you pass beacons along the way to show you're going the right direction, but there's enough open areas for exploration and such, and all in all, the world is so frigging large that I doubt anyone's going to really remember any particular setpiece until they've played through 3 or 4 times.

I've just played for 7 hours straight, I'm level 12, and I'm probably barely halfway through Greece.

I'm really enjoying this game. If you like tons of character optimization/building, absolute loads of loot to be found, fun combat which can vary in difficulty depending on the loot you find, and pretty graphics, I can heartily recommend it.

If you're the old skool kinda gamer that doesn't want things to become too easy for awhile because you got lucky, and want a constant challenge level, the item system here might annoy you.


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