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26. Re: More Big Picture Details Feb 28, 2013, 08:53 RollinThundr
HorrorScope wrote on Feb 28, 2013, 07:51:
Beamer wrote on Feb 28, 2013, 07:24:
RollinThundr wrote on Feb 27, 2013, 19:00:
wealth redistribution.
Says the guy who is a die hard fan of the party responsible for the most wealth redistribution this country has ever seen?

Which, incidentally, put us in a massive economic downturn?

That is total bullshit. The issue that hit us was the housing crash, which led to the stock market crash, nothing more. I went from 150K ahead to 100k down on my house. We are still recovering from that. Now ultimately I blame the banks on that one, but if you had to blame the president during that period, then that would have to fall on a Republican. It is still not that long ago to remember what the current president inherited along with gridlock. Gridlock alone is a large enough problem.

I would say if all businesses paid the actual taxes they say they do, to the country/state they should be paying, things would be normal. To me that is the current issue, tax evasion, we aren't over taxed, in fact we are under taxed when the NET result is calculated. I have a company that continues to state publicly they pay a high 34% tax rate, but that is before all the write offs, when that is applied they pay a paltry 4%. So I see what they are doing there.

Then you have companies using Ireland to screw countries/states out of billions. Or some states that let you incorporate in them while their entire workforce is in another. This to me is the single biggest issue we have right now. Collect the money THEY SAY they are paying... and all the public needs will be satisfied and deficit reduced. But their goal is to bring the whole mother down so corporate gov't can take over, then they can rid the bill of rights, pay less and escape lawsuits and more. They are jelly of China. That is why for decades we wouldn't do business with a commi country because it would be selling out our own workforce, which means selling out ourselves. Surprise! But no, we let or ideals down, sleep with the enemy and now the rich should be richer and factory workers shall live there, with no rights at all. You get killed, sweep'em up, you are now a flesh robot.

Right now big business is sitting on more money then they ever have and it's chocking us. They say it is because of uncertainty, which I don't believe, there are always some uncertaintys, but when you have more money than ever, what's this new founded fear amongst the brave? I think it's more pouting because they aren't getting what they want and they are being dicks about it. This continues, we deserve to fail as a race.

And what the fuck is this Wealth Redistribution lie? I don't see wealthy becoming poor and poor becoming rich. Or is wealth redistribution the new politically correct way of saying "collecting a pay check?". Again it's pouting because they aren't getting everything they want right now and they need to sell fear. It's their only chance right now to get back in total power. Fear.

Actually the blame for the housing crash was ultimately the Clinton administration's deregulation in regards banks to lending money. It happened on Bush's watch so of course he got the blame for it.

I agree with you Horror business' should be paying what they're supposed to. It's why I ignore anything Warren Buffet has to say about taxes since one of his companies owes billions in back taxes and his isn't the only one.

Though trying to put the blame solely on businesses not spending right now isn't totally fair. We haven't had a budget passed in the country for 5 years, it's still sitting on Harry Reid's desk you see while the democrats blame the republicans for it. If I'm a US business, and I'm watching a dysfunctional white house, senate, and congress bumble around the way they're all going, I would want to sit on my money too.

Beamer wrote on Feb 28, 2013, 07:24:
RollinThundr wrote on Feb 27, 2013, 19:00:
wealth redistribution.
Says the guy who is a die hard fan of the party responsible for the most wealth redistribution this country has ever seen?

Which, incidentally, put us in a massive economic downturn?

No fan of Reagan should ever, ever claim wealth redistribution is a bad thing. That stupid fucking asshole changed it so that 1% of Americans had 19.5% of the wealth to 1% having over 40%.

And only idiots like you, far outside the 1%, defend this as a good thing. For every fucking dollar this country owns 1% of us owns 40 cents. And people wonder why our economy is shitty, but somehow they don't see this goddamn connection between earning power shrinkage and Reagan's wealth redistribution.

Fuck it, I should put you on ignore just for using that idiotic weasel term. But you're nothing aside from weasel terms. You CONSTANTLY discuss things both sides do but always use the terms your party favors even when they do it.

How about that Conservative group whining that Geico commercials promote bestiality? Where is RollinThundr to whine that they're too politically correct?

That's nice Beamer, atta boy, fall back on name calling. Hey go all out, call me racist and homophobic while you're at it. It wouldn't be the first time anyway. Seems I struck a nerve, humorous, though not suprising.

You apparently miss it often enough when I say both parties suck and both do and say stupid fucking things. However liberals and economics don't mix so I'm kinda forced to vote republican. Sorry cupcake.
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