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Steam Top 10

Here's Valve's list of the ten bestselling titles on Steam for the past week:

  1. Borderlands 2
  2. Torchlight II
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  4. FTL: Fater ThanLight
  5. Borderlands 2 Season Pass
  6. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  7. Arma II: Combined Operations
  8. F1 2012
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard
  10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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56. Re: Steam Top 10 Sep 23, 2012, 22:54 jimnms
I played BL1 exclusively coop with two friends from start to finish. We explored every inch of each map, and did every side quest.

I've been playing BL2 solo since release. I was worried I wouldn't like it solo because I thought the coop was what really made the first one enjoyable, but I'm having a blast in BL2 solo. I played a hunter in BL1, so in BL2 I decided to go with the assassin. At first I didn't like him, but I think it makes a great solo characters to play. His hologram/invisibility skill comes in handy when you get in trouble and need to retreat to get your shields up or heal. His skill's and ability doesn't seem to have much to contribute to coop though, other than one skill that gives you bonus damage to an enemy attacking another player.

One of my BL1 friends did get it and we started playing a new game tonight. His connection is crap at his new place, but it seemed to play fine. I chose the siren for our coop game, and I think it too would make a good solo character as well. Her ability and several skills also come in handy for coop as well as solo. One of the first ones you can get is health from killing a phaselocked enemy.

My friend is playing as the soldier and the turret gun is much nicer than the one in BL1. It seems to stay out longer and do better at targeting and killing. I believe he can unlock some skills that upgrade the turret to do ammo/health regen while deployed which cane come in handy for coop and solo.

I was lucky to find a class mod that gives a small health regen for my assassin. I've had my shields knocked out and health down near death several times, and dropping my hologram I was able to get to cover, let my shields recharge and get back in the battle.

SpectralMeat wrote on Sep 23, 2012, 17:07:
Yeah I guess that mission really depends on your weapons and combos, I guess my weapon combos so far just plain suck! I've had 2 shotguns and a sniper. Do not have anything that does corrosive so I went with explosive shotguns since the robots are immune to fire.

By the time I finish off those robots the builder shits out there's a whole new army of them built up again, I never get a chance to even start shooting the constructor robot. The reloads on the shotguns also suck rocks. They do a lot of damage but take forever to reload, and with all those flying repair drones and the suicide robots that mission is a bit overwhelming for me.

Like I said I guess I just haven't figured out the right weapon combos yet to nail those dang robots.

I just did that mission today, I didn't find it that hard. I'm carrying three sniper rifles, one that does fire, one that does electrical and a regular one. The regular sniper rifle has higher damage than the elemental ones and seemed to work best against the robots. I knew from preview videos that the robots were weak to corrosive, but I figured shock would work as well, but the regular (non elemental) sniper rifle worked the best against them. I can one-shot kill most of the robots by hitting the red eye.

When I got to the constructor robot, I just shot it's eye for crits, ignoring the robots it spawns until it spawns the suicidal ones. Then I dispatched those and continued to pop that weak spot. I had to stop and deal with the little robots three times before I was able to knock out the big boss one.

jacobvandy wrote on Sep 23, 2012, 14:23:
I found the assault rifles to be somewhat disappointing, as well. It's cool that they made a bunch of unique types and all, but there are no GOOD, REGULAR assault rifles that I have seen. Only Torgues that shoot rockets or lob grenades, or semi-auto Jakobs's, mini-gun-like Vladofs or Bandits that are slow to spin up and/or shoot 3 bullets at once while being horribly inaccurate... I guess they wanted to really differentiate them from SMGs, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

Assault rifles sucked in the first BL. As I said earlier, I played a hunter in BL1, and I used sniper rifles, SMG's and shotguns. As an assassin in BL2 I'm using sniper rifles, pistols and shotguns this time. I haven't found a decent SMG yet. I have a pistol I found somewhere around level 8 that I'm still using at level 15. I accidentally used one of my damn golden keys at level 10 to open the chest in New Haven. I stopped playing when I got there, and when I spawned I saw the chest and just by habit ran over and opened it not realizing it was the one that took the key. I wish they'd have given you a prompt to confirm you want to open it because I got a couple of crap pistols. One had explosive damage and the other fire damage. They both have the same base damage, but the fire pistol's accuracy was crap. The explosive pistols bullets are so slow it's only good at medium to close range. The level 8 pistol I got I think was a random drop and didn't realize I picked it up until I was selling crap. I decided to give it a try before selling it and I'm glad I did. It does electrical elemental damage, and it's accurate, has a scope, high fire rate and decent size magazine. Even though it's a little over half the base damage of the ones from the golden chest, it seems to be more effective.

So far as the siren in coop I've used sniper rifles, assault rifles and pistols. Again, every SMG I've come across is crap. I didn't plan on using assault rifles, I just happened to find one that did decent damage with a good accuracy, fire rate and large magazine.
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MeanJim on Steam
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