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7. Mass Effect 3 ending May 1, 2012, 21:57 Enahs
Ok, so, here is my response to everybody bitching about the ME3 ending.
I know it is passionate to many people.

I am NOT saying you are wrong for not liking it. It is an opinion. I just wish people would admit that; and not write all these long articles about why it is technically wrong; when it is just their opinion. ALL of the reasons I have seen posted about why the ending is so horrible are just flat out technically wrong and completely illogical fallacies.

Note. HUGE SPOILER WARNINGS!!!! Also note, I wrote this on my phone while pooing, so please forgive its roughness!

I enjoyed the series immensely. And I am not in anyway affiliated with the makers. But I just wanted to state my opinion on the ending, and counter all this, in my opinion, undeserved and unwarranted negativity.

I will first say, that the ending is NOT great, but it is not horrible as everyone is making out. The worst part and biggest insult about the ending was the horrible voice acting at in the cut scene after the credits.

On to the actual ending.
The game is about making choices, yes. But the choices you make throughout the game are about how you experience the universe, not about how the game ends. Your choices are to get you to your goal (stopping the Reapers). If you romanced Li'ara or recruited the Elcor into your battle armada, that is irrelevant to the end, why on earth would anybody expect that to make a difference? It is only how you experience the universe. You had ONE goal from the beginning of the game, stop the Reapers. You knew from the first game that ultimately you would get there.

Throughout the series you learn that there is a galactic cycle of destruction brought on by the Reapers. Your goal is to stop the Reapers; if you do not agree with that goal then you can not play the game!
You learn how powerful the Reapers are, and you even learn and realize that even with the entire galaxy working together you are not powerful enough to stop the reapers! You learn the only way to stop the Reapers is to build a device from schematics you found. None of the brilliant scientists in your cycle are able to understand what the device does, they only build it! This device was designed by countless generations of cycles before you. The story dictates that your only hope for defeating the Reapers is this device! This device, designed over many generations of cycles; how is it even possible to have different ending then? Your choices you make throughout the game are about how you experience the universe and how you choose to get this 'all powerful' device! There is NO middle ground here, there is no legitimate way to envision you should have multiple ending based off of your choice unless you completely ignore all the major aspects of the story! If you do that, then why play the series?

But, brilliantly, you do have three choices in the end! You do have the Paragon and Renegade choice, and some other choice in between. This confuses many people that just can not comprehend ideas I guess, and since these choices are not color coded, they do not realize they have the choice. Further, people are too locked into certain ideals, and do not understand what the actual choices in the end are.

The twist ending is that, throughout ME3 you are trying to stop the evil Illusive Man, who ultimately wants to control the Reapers. But of your three final choices in the end, controlling the Reapers IS the Paragon choice! By taking control of the Reapers you can stop the cycle, make them leave the Galaxy alone. After that choice, the entire rest of the galaxy is left to their own devices. No more interference with evolution, no forcing choices on other societies, they do from that point whatever they choose. Just because the Illusive Man wanted to control the Reapers, does not mean the only reason to control them is for evil purposes. You can use a hammer for building a house or killing somebody; it is ultimately your intent and actions with those tools that dictates what happens, not just that the “bad guy” and “good guy” both can control the tool!

The Renegade ending is destroying the Reapers; what you have been trying to do the whole time! If you decide that they HAVE to be killed right away, you must take out all synthetic life with them. This is clearly the renegade ending. This powerful device that was designed by many generations before you, and that nobody in your cycle has the knowledge to understand; you have to accept that as a consequence. It can not be a magic device that turns the reapers into candy canes! It does what it was designed to do, and not designed by you! You came to the conclusion through the series that this was the only way to stop the Reapers! Why would the designers of this device through numerous cycles be able to predict that you, Shepard, had found the magic wand of wizardry and completely change what the device does? It makes no sense to expect this device to be able to do anything other then its intended goal?

Then there is this weird hybrid between the two. That one is just silly and should be left out, leave just the Paragon and Renegade ending. I like to pretend that ending does not exist.

There is then the complaint that the Mass Relays are destroyed. This is a GOOD thing, and actually forces you into a Paragon ending no-matter what choice you make. It is often said that when the Mass Effect Relays are destroyed, this huge fleet is trapped in Earths solar system. Hello? You are flying around the galaxy and exploring solar systems with your FTL drive. FTL stands for Faster Then Light! And lets get technical about this. The “average” distance of stars in the milky-way are 3.5 light years apart. When you are traveling from star to star throughout the entire game, you are traveling from one star system to the next in a matter of seconds. You are on average traveling 1 light year in 1 sec! Thus, it would take ~28 hours to travel across the entire galaxy if you did not have to stop for fuel! Ok, so lets say I have speed off by a factor of 10, perhaps the star systems you explore in the game are 10x closer then “average”. If that is the case, you are moving 10 times slower then I just stated, and baring not stopping for fuel, you could cross the entire galaxy in ~12 days. This is hardly stranded.

How is this forcing a Paragon ending? Now the galaxy is forced to use technology they understand; this has huge implications on evolution. If you are just magically given technology and advanced hundreds of thousands of years in technological evolution, but do not progress in that time in cultural evolution; your evolutionary tract is being dictated. It is explicitly stated in ME2 that the Mass Effect Relays are their to dictate how the societies of the galaxy evolve. Eliminating them eliminates this factor.

It also greatly favors peace over war. With the Mass Effect Relays, travel over great distance is resource free. Want to wage war? Load up ships with troops, and they are nearly instantly ready for battle. If you have to travel for longer periods of time, and account for resources such as fuel, food, and water; war is not as viable as an option. Having to really work and pay for everything (i.e. no Relays) makes war a much more impractical option. You are in many ways forcing ideals towards peace on the galaxy no matter what you choose! But this SO often repeated idea that you are stranding all these people in the Sol system is just laughable! “You” clearly have not been paying attention to the game you have been playing then!!!!!

As far as the god child, it is clearly an ascended being and your mind has to interpret it as a energy child. Just as how you had to interpret the Geth collective as how one can understand the collective. This is a tenant of almost all science fiction. If you are not happy with it, fine, great. But trying to take it so literally means you clearly were not paying attention to the story, universe and how perception of things really matters!

Just my 2 cents. But yeah, the voice acting of the very final cut-scene was just horrendous!

This comment was edited on May 1, 2012, 22:04.
Avatar 15513
I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.
- W. C. Fields
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